Last week was somewhat disappointing in as much as the weather was perfect, there were very few fish around.  The morning sessions are still proving more fruitful for the edible Anglers and the evenings for non-edible anglers. The North Coast was somewhat quieter, whilst a few spots on the South produced fish. Before we get into the report, a little bit about the Sards, thanks OJ for sending us this info. €œMembers of the public interested in Sardine Run updates can follow @HillsHaveEyes on twitter and Hills Have Eyes €“ Marine Wildlife Spotters on Facebook. They have been posting daily updates free of charge on social media detailing the Sardine Run action, which is currently in the East London and Transkei areas. There was some bait ball action earlier in the week and Tuesdays update (28 May) said that they saw more than 5000 common dolphins and Gannets south of the East London harbour to Kidds beach. For the TV crews and divers in the water, the visibility dropped to less than 2m on Tuesday€.

Rock and Surf

Kosi Bay
€“ A really good time of year for the saltwater fly-fishing enthusiasts to target the 3-spot Pompano as there are multitudes of these fish in and around the white water and shallow banks.

St Lucia/Cape Vidal €“ There are vast numbers of undersized Shad and although not yet quite pan size, are really great fun using the Daiwa Megaforce Medium to Medium-Heavy Rods and small S-bend Spoons.

 Richards Bay €“ Seems to have been invaded by small Spinner Sharks and Shad. Although typical for this time of year, the Shad will grow quickly and should reach size limits in a few weeks.

Ballito €“ A bit more action this week in the form of smaller Grey Sharks at night €“ during the day and early morning some Yellow fin Kingfish and the odd Bronze Bream being caught on the Kingfisher Bronze Bream trace.

La Mercy €“ A quiet week here with only an odd Grey and no Skates reported. Perhaps a big Easterly could get the fish back on the bite.

Umhloti/Umhlanga €“ Probably the pick of the week as this area was more consistent than other spots. Grey Sharks have still been around and with Mackerel and Redeye becoming more available these baits have definitely been put to the test.

Virginia €“ Although the Shad are not as plentiful as last week a few mornings yielded some Shad that were over size but still very skinny.

Durban Piers €“ The small Red bait fish made an absolute nuisance of themselves; and happily devoured any bait presented to them. A few Bar tailed Flatheads or Sand Gurnitts were also caught off the Sunkist Pier. 

Beachfront €“ Although quite popular did not seem to dazzle. Juvenile Grunter were happy to take any bait, if they weren€™t beaten to the hook by undersized Shad.  A few Maasbunker were also caught when anglers used Mustad size 2 and 4 hooks.

Bluff €“ There are still Kingfish around although bait fish are not as plentiful. The various Kingfish species are more at home with live bait than artificials, so for a guaranteed hook-up go on with a live bait.

Toti/Winklespruit €“ The Garrick seem to have quietened down and not many fish were reported for last week. Maybe the spring tide had something to do with it as the water was a lot shallower on low tide than normal.

Umkomaas €“ There are still a few rare big Grunter left from last week, and this very popular spot fished prodigiously €“ also seems to have gone off the boil.

Scottburgh €“ This deep water point not adversely affected by the spring tides, still allowed anglers the ability to target some Duckbill Rays and a few Grey Sharks, whilst the edible anglers were quite happy to catch the Stone Bream on offer.

Port Edward €“ Terry Nel from Tacklenet reports that the Port Edward and surrounding areas have been producing plenty of Shad and over the past few days, the sea is in perfect condition so we can expect to see game fish in the area any time now. Hound and Grey Sharks are on the bite and some really good sized Bronze Bream. The estuary has also been alive and Rock Salmon and Perch are heading the catch of the day, many taken in the evenings. News has come in of a man who was caught in possession of 77 crayfish. Let’s hope that he faces the full brunt of the law in this case because there can be no excuse for such extensive poaching.

Trafalgar €“ Aka the home of the Bronze Bream has definitely not let anyone down. There have been some nice Bronze Bream in the 2 €“ 3 kilo range and hiding amongst them have also been some Hound Sharks. Target the Bronze Bream near rocky outcrops and in turbulent water as these are their happy hunting grounds.

Transkei €“ Although a fair number of clubs from the NCAU travelled down for the postal competition, the results were slightly disappointing as not many Sharks were caught and a number of anglers resorted to scratching for Bronze Bream and Black tail to try and make up points. Perhaps the full moon had something to do with the fishes€™ appetite.

Ski-boat and Paddle-Ski
With weather that Skippers and Paddlers alike can only dream of, last week did not see a lot of fish coming out. Some Snoek and the odd big Couta in the local waters saw some Paddlers on the water and only a few Skippers.

North €“ Mapelane and St Lucia area are still producing some Couta as well as catches of Yellow fin Tuna, although not as plentiful as in previous weeks. Skippers are finding it hard going to track down bigger fish and are heading into deeper water to do so.  

Central €“ Some Geelbek have been making appearances in the deep although there have been plenty of sharks with them. The bait marks have been producing some good size Tuna and Queen Fish; some nice Couta off Umhloti on the drop-off between 15 and 20 kilos. Zinkwazi also saw some nice Couta.

South €“ Seems to have become the home of the Yellow fin Tuna as both Protea and Aliwal producing large numbers of fish. Sadly the bigger fish seem to be taxed which results in a hard fight with the return of maybe a head. There have also been some Wahoo caught on the Kingfisher Rattler lures on a medium to fast troll.

Durban Bay
With near perfect weather, there have been a lot more anglers trying their hand.  There have been reports of small Shad and plenty of Mullet with the latter having anglers scratching their head, as to why these fish will just swim past perfectly presented bait. The spinning enthusiasts have had mixed luck from the side with the smaller lures being happily destroyed by the abundant Shad. A lucky angler fishing near centre bank boated a lovely Grunter of just under 3 kilos.


€“ Although the weather has been unseasonably warm, the fish still seem to prefer the typical winter patterns. Nottingham Road has seen a number of fish still being caught on Woolley Buggers and Dragonfly patterns. The Underberg and Swartberg areas have seen trout preferring Pancora and full Orange Woolley Buggers, as well as famous Egg patterns.

Bass €“ Both Inanda and Albert Falls have been producing a fair number of fish. Albert Falls is still the dam of choice for the serious weekend warriors, using big Crank baits fished slowly. It seems smaller fish are less prevalent in these two dams. Shongweni was the pick of the week with 2 fish over 2 kilos. Both these fish were caught on jigs fished around the wall.

Carp €“ Midmar dam has been unusually quiet with only the odd Carp and Barble for the bank anglers. Whilst the other dams have seen more fish, yet a lot slower to the bite with many day visitors only landing 2 or 3 fish.

Tiger Fish €“ Experiencing unusually warm weather, the fish seem to have stayed on the bite with surface type lures and strip baits, and we can definitely see a change coming up when the cooler weather comes in.

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