Many a weekend Anglers plans were put paid to due to the cold front moving in. Some lucky Anglers that could fish on Friday night did manage to land a few fish. It seems that the typical winter species have now arrived, with more Kob and Garrick being caught in more locations. It might be dark and slightly colder in the morning but definitely worth the sacrifice of the warm bed and 2nd cup of coffee. North and South have been producing fish so there is no excuse no matter where you stay.

Rock and Surf

Kosi Bay €“ This last week produced some small Kingfish species as well as a large number of Wave Garrick or 3 Spot Pompano. These fish emerged only in the early morning sessions and were happy to strip any bait presented to them, much to the anguish of Anglers targeting other species.

Tugela €“ Conditions here have improved here somewhat due to cleaner water and this has allowed Anglers to target Spinner Sharks and one lucky Angler a dream fish in the form of an 80 odd kilo Black tip Shark.

St Lucia €“ The Shad have arrived in their multitudes, although majority of these fish are just making size, the bigger fish can be reached on a better cast using bait, seems like these fish have learnt those shinny things falling short should be left alone.

Mission Rocks €“ Those in the know will tell you it€™s a fair walk to the good fishing grounds, but definitely worth it. There are still plenty of Cave Bass about, with small Kingfish and a few Grey Sharks catering for edible and non-edible Anglers alike.

Richards Bay €“ A few small Kob were caught off the beach, most of these fish not yet making size. There are also some Shad about although mainly in the early morning whilst late afternoon has seen some small Spinner Sharks and the odd Skate.  


Tinley Manor €“ One of the spots that can blow hot and cold definitely had a warmer spell during the week and weekend. Some nice Grey Sharks as well as a Diamond or two were reported. Unfortunately no weights for these fish were supplied.

Ballito €“ The popular spots along this stretch lived up to their good reputation Diamonds, a few small Grey Sharks as well as juvenile Honeycombes were the order of the day. Due to cut off times for Anglers these fish were caught during the evening periods only.

Tongaat/La Mercy €“ La Mercy mouth was a good spot for some in as much as there were regular bites, yet not many of these fish were landed as they were just too strong for the Anglers. Possibilities are big Sand Sharks or big Skates as info received is of €œI couldn€™t stop that fish€.

Umhlanga €“ Somewhat disappointing this usually productive spot was unusually quiet, the only highlight was on Friday evening with some small Grey Sharks before the cold front and heavier winds picked up.

Durban Piers €“ Fished quite well even during these adverse conditions. A number of nice Grunter in the 3 odd kilo range, juvenile Skates and a Grey Shark caught on Siglon Fluorocarbon and a 3.0 Kendall round whilst targeting edible fish just goes to show that Fluorocarbon can help you out in a toothy situation.

Beachfront €“ With a lot more edible Anglers making use of the Beach Front as a safe alternate fishing ground, a fair number of edible fish such as Grunter, Pompano and Wave Garrick were all caught during the week. The non-edible Anglers saw a few more Flatfish and Grey Sharks in the 5 to 7 kilo range. Amongst the edible Anglers the Mustad Hoodlum and Big Gun range have become popular due to a shorter shank and very sharp point.

Bluff €“ For the Spinning enthusiasts and Drop shot fundi€™s reports of a fair amount of Shad both size and undersize have been caught on spinning tackle in the early mornings. The evening to dark sessions with Paddle tails produced some small Kob and a handful of Snapper Salmon.

Toti/Warner Beach €“ Shad Place or Nyoni Rocks lived up to its name with some nice catches of Shad, although a lot of these fish were undersize, they are fantastic to target on light Spinning outfits or McArthy 3 and 4 inch Minnows fished with lighter jig heads.

Winkelspruit €“ Has seen some more Garrick activity during the week with a few more of this splendid table fare coming out. Maybe it is time for the guys to dig out those Plugs and start targeting these fine fish on artificial lures rather than the traditional Slide baits.

Umkomaas €“ Definitely my pick of the week irrespective of weather conditions, a fair number of Snapper Salmon, some nice size Kob and for the non-eds some Skates and Grey Sharks kept this spot firing all week. Although a bit slow on the bite the bites were steady but sure during early morning, late evening and into the night.

Scottburgh €“ Traditionally a westerly point and when the wind is not blowing, this stretch still produces some fish. A few Milkies, some Grey Sharks and the odd Diamond were all up for grabs this week whilst over the weekend the fishing was very slow, with a handful of fish and no edible fish.

Sizela €“ Not mentioned often in fishing reports, this tucked away gem is definitely a must go to as the Garrick favour this rocky stretch and often push Shad to the edge of the rocks in order to feed.  A good cast with a 12ft Rod and 2oz Plug can get you amongst these feeding game fish.

Margate €“ When all else fails you still can€™t beat a well-presented Chokka bait which was proven this week. A fair number of fish were caught during the week in the white water just in front or behind the banks. Persistence pays off and for those using artificial, put the time in and you will be justly rewarded.

Transkei €“ With just over a week after the recent flooding of a number of areas, the water is still off colour and cleaning up nicely. Some nice catches of Kob were reported in the Skimmingtons and Port St Johns mouth area. Mazeppa Bay saw some Shark action in the form of spotted Raggies and a few small Hammerheads. One can only hope with cleaner water that more fish will come on the bite.

Ski-boat and Paddle-Ski

With the Wednesday mid-week public holiday, a number of Skippers and Paddlers alike, took full advantage and headed out to sea. Nice catches of Yellow fin Tuna, Snoek as well as some rare Croc Couta were reported. The weekend was a definite no go with big swells and strong seas making launching and fishing an arduous task.

North €“ Up North saw some good catches of Snoek in the Cape Vidal, St Lucia and Mapelane areas. Once again these are typical shoal size Snoek with a very rare Couta being caught in between. Some nice size Mussel cracker have been targeted by bottom Anglers and are guaranteed to give you a good stretch. 

Central €“ The Durban area has been producing a few Cat face Rock cod on the bait marks. It is fast becoming time for the Geelbek and Daga Salmon. The Geelbek have arrived already with some Skippers getting some 3€™s and 4€™s. Game fish are somewhat scarcer with big Tuna in and around the bait marks. The stretch between Blue Lagoon and the Umhloti river mouth, have seen scattered Snoek with some Croc Couta€™s falling to fresh dead baits or live baits fished deeper down.

South €“ The South Coast has been producing some very good bottom fish catches with good size Reds. Smaller Yellowtail and Tropical Yellowtail have been coming out of Protea banks, as well as juvenile Yellow fin Tuna. Couta are very scarce and the taxman seems to be auditing again.

Durban Bay

With the colder water moving in, it seems the cold water and winter species have come into the bay. Snapper Salmon and small Kob have been caught whilst targeting other species. There are numerous small Grunter which are happy to take either a Cracker or Sardine bait. Although juvenile fish, pound for pound they put up a great fight on ultra lite tackle and are definitely worth fishing for. Walla Walla are still plentiful and a great opportunity for a family outing provided all are dressed warmly for a night on the water.



Fly-Fishing €“ With a cold weekend up in the Berg due to a front moving through, some tough fishing conditions were experienced. The Midlands has seen a few fish starting to come out using typical winter patterns such as Pankar, Woolley Buggers, Jansens Dragon, Orangeade, Adolfs and Orange Woolley Buggers. Now is the time to stock up and if you tie your own flies to practice the winter patterns in order to target the fish.

Bass €“ Albert Falls has produced some decent fish up to 3.7kgs. Lots of the bigger fish have been targeted with the new StrikePro Walking Stick lure. Inanda is still producing smaller sized fish with the exception of 3 quality fish caught during the mid-week public holiday. After the rains Shongweni dam is somewhat silted up with Bass being few and far between.

Carp €“ With typical winter Carp fishing, fish are definitely slower to eat. These fish definitely need a lot more enticement, careful selection of scents as well as bait presentations being at the forefront of importance. Try using pop-ups and brighter coloured artificial baits in order to catch their eye.

Tiger Fish €“ Suffering the same fate due to adverse weather the Tiger fish also experienced a minor case of lockjaw over the weekend. Nothing spectacular was reported with plenty of small fish feeding in the warmer periods towards midday, in and around shallower areas. These lazy fish seemed content to only target baits and Tiga-Waka spoons were shunned.


Barometric pressure or €œbaro€ pressure is one of the tools all fishing fraternities make use of to predict how good their next fishing trip will be. Barometric pressure is easily explained when thought about like this. When barometric pressure is high the air is being pressed down and has to eventually rise as it has nowhere else to go. When it rises, air cools down, moisture develops and the barometric pressure drops i.e. the baro is dropping. This usually indicates poorer weather conditions. This affects Rock and Surf as well as Fresh water Anglers as the shallower waters feels the effects at a quicker rate. This is due to the fact that the majority of fish species swim bladders are affected by this pressure, just like us, when it cold and miserable, we generally move slower and try to €œhibernate€. So just like us the fish feel the cold and are not active at all.


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