Our local scribe Wayne is away on holiday for a few days so please accept our apologies, this report will be a little shorter than normal. Sardines should by all accounts lift angler€™s spirits somewhat as there are favorable reports of these fish being sighted in the Transkei. There is a lot of bird activity along these particular parts of the coast but as yet there is no confirmed beaching or netting as the shoals are staying out at sea. With current conditions being experienced along the coast things seem to be going the way for a hopefully good run. We will, once there is confirmed movement of these fish let readers know exactly what is going on.

Apart from that anglers are now going to have to get their tackle, cast nets, as well as €˜Jig and Drop€™ traces ready for the imminent sardine run. The Kingfisher have a range of made up traces called Salt Water Sport, one is a Jig & Drop trace and sells for R33.00 for two traces, it is great idea to keep a few of these in your bag. Anglers have also changed their tactics quite a bit this year and plenty of anglers are now seen throwing spoons/plugs and getting wonderful results.

Fair enough the €˜jig €˜n drop€™ method is a winner but if you are targeting edible fish you could be disappointed when sharks and skates gobble up your bait. The advantage of spinning is that you are almost guaranteed a good edible fish when you get the pull and this is what spinning is all about. This year in particular a lot of fish, especially Snoek have been caught all along the coast and not just in the traditional areas such as Scottburgh and Umdoni points.

Other fish that were caught by using this method were Garrick, Prodigal Son, Couta, Queen Fish, Kingfish and Kob. This method works very well but a lighter rod and thinner braid gives anglers the advantage of distance. An ideal set-up would be a 11€™ Daiwa Exceler Elite rod  and a  Daiwa Ballistic 4000 spinning reel, braid as mentioned earlier should not be too thick and the Daiwa Tournament 8 weave 30lb would be ideal. Spoons should be the €˜V€™ back, or bullet and weigh around 1 ½ to 2oz (56g).

Zululandalthough things seem to be slowing down is still producing some good catches of flatfish and Sharks. There is some encouraging news from the Tugela area in that quite a few Lobotes have come out there recently, on believe it or not chicken fillets. Grunter and smaller Kob have been on the bite but it is the small Spinner Sharks that have become a menace here for anglers targeting edible fish.

The Durban area and the Umgeni North bank-have produced some good numbers of Shad and a few fish in the 1 kg mark were landed. As far as the flatfish season goes things have slowed down quite dramatically although there are some reports of Sand Sharks and the odd Diamond Ray being landed. Other good winter fish that are coming out now are small Kob, Grunter and some very nice Stumpies. A few nice specimens of around 4 kg€™s have been landed along the coast before the cold water moved in.

There are also reports of some good Grunter and the odd Grey Shark in the river mouth areas as well as along the Durban beaches and the Umgeni North Bank. Some nice size Grey Sharks of around 15kg€™s as well as a few Black Fin Sharks have been caught in the Umhloti area.

 Middle South Coast areas– recently had some good Garrick angling. These fish were the pilot shoals and they disappeared as quickly as they came so anglers should be ready when they come back and take this opportunity to see if they can get one or two of these great game fish. As far as bait goes, live Shad does the trick but anglers should be aware that a lot of Shad at this time of the year are undersize so be careful to check your shad 1st. A plug might be a very good option if you find live bait hard to come by, the Strike Pro Popper works particularly well.  Anglers are urged to heed the law of two Garrick per angler per day. The authorities have recently been ruthless on offenders and it is just not worth the fine and above all the hassle of not obeying the law.

The same applies to Shad; you may only catch four of these fish per angler per day. Other than the Garrick and Shad, there is still other edible fish on offer. A lot of good size Pompano were landed in the upper South Coast. The main bait that was working was whole mussels but anglers that used small strips of prawn were also successful.

Port Edward- Terry Nel reports that due to the predicted bad weather last Sunday the Zululand teams fished both their annual meet rounds on the Saturday but didn’t manage to make much of a weight. Local team Marlin fished the postal round here the day before and found some fish, mainly Barbel, Cat face Rockcod and Flap nose Hound sharks. A Thorntail Ray of 18,5kg was also landed by N. Smit fishing in the team. Shad are very much on the bite, the popular spots up the coast are producing many of these tasty eating fish and those who have not tasted well smoked shad are missing something.

Transkei- is also fishing well with favorable reports coming in from the Port St Johns and Hole in The Wall areas. With the recent cold water spell quite a few big Ragged Tooth Sharks were landed at these spots along with Hammer Head and Black Fins. Shad angling down here is as good as it can get with some very good reports of some nice size fish coming out in the Brazen Head and Poenskop areas.

Port St Johns– Anglers fishing in the river reported some excellent Grunter fishing and fair size Kob are also being landed at night. But this is big shark country, so be prepared, some specimens that were caught at Mazeppa Bay area were over the 150 kg mark. If you intend fishing for these sharks, really big baits and top class heavy tackle should be used to subdue these big fish. The emphasis on shark fishing is the fight these big fish give anglers and more importantly is that it gives anglers great pleasure in releasing the fish alive. This is why we say that if you target these fish use the heaviest tackle and subdue the fish as soon as possible. A very good combination to use is the very strong Daiwa Saltist BG50  or Saltiga 50 reels filled with 600m of 48lb Triple Fish Braid and just less than 200m of 52lb Kingfisher Giant Abrasion Nylon. Strong rods like The Kingfisher Poseidon HMG Heavy or the new Daiwa Saltiga 50 Heavy would work well.

For those competitive anglers the results for Postal Round 5 have been posted on the Union€™s website. www.kzncau.co.za

Ski Boats are now getting some good bottom fish as well as game fish.
General bottom fishing has picked up with the Geelbek and Daga salmon
being reported. Couta, although slowing down a bit are still being caught on
both north and south coasts. The Aliwal shoal has over the past few months
really produced some great angling as Wahoo in particular have given
anglers some great fun.

Couta and Yellowfin Tunny are also still coming out but Shark activity has also increased and a lot of fish are now being eaten by Sharks. On the North Coast the Zinkwazi area seems to be producing some very good fish with the Westbrook and Umdloti areas not far behind. Fishing skis are also in on the action and reports coming from the Toti and Scottburgh areas suggest that fishing has definitely picked up with some good bags of Couta being reported. Ski€™s operating the Zinkwazi area are also getting some big Couta and the Westbrook area is also producing some Couta along with quite a few Snoek.


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