With the weather settling down nicely into the typical winter patterns, bar a few cold fronts, anglers can look forward to consistent weather and some good days fishing. The nip is definitely in the air for those getting up early to target Shad and the elusive Garrick. The Sardines have also started to inch their way up the coast and good sightings of these fish at Hole-in-the-wall and Mazeppa. A reminder to all for the Kingfisher rod sale starting from the 21st of June, there are some great bargains up for grabs.

Rock and Surf

Kosi Bay €“ Although somewhat quiet with not too many fish reported, some Wave Garrick and smaller Kingfish species have kept the local Anglers from wanting.

St Lucia/Cape Vidal €“ Both these areas have had reports of good Shad and it seems as though these fish are in full swing along the whole coast. Cape Vidal producing a lot more fish although majority of them are small and should grow in size in the upcoming weeks. Best to target these fish in the early mornings on S-bend spoons with Sardine fillet on Saltwater Shad traces.

Richards Bay €“ Like Vidal and surrounds still producing a fair number of Shad with the odd Garrick to boot. There also seems to be a lot of Spinner Sharks and small Milkies pestering inedible Anglers targeting bigger fish with Mackerel baits.

Ballito €“ Saw some good action last week with nice size Grey Sharks in the 15-20+ kilo range. Shad flap baits as well as whole Mackerel slide baits or whole Chokka were what did the trick. There have also been some nice Stone Bream in amongst the rocky areas for the edible Anglers to have a go at.

Umhloti/Umhlanga €“ This time of the year usually sees a lot more activity from non-edible Anglers targeting the Black tip Sharks and various other species of Shark. Although this fantastic fishing hasn€™t kicked off as yet some Grey Sharks and the odd Skates are maybe a taste of things to come for this area.

Virginia/Umgeni North Bank €“ Being in close proximity to each other Anglers that have fished have been able to look down the beach and see fellow Anglers also catching Shad and a handful of Stumpies that came out last week.

Blue Lagoon €“ With the parking lot still not yet opened Anglers have made use of various other parking sites in order to get to this popular spot. Some nice sized Shad as well as a few small Grey Sharks from the beach side have proven that this spot could possibly be back to its former glory.

Durban Piers €“ Has seen some action in the form of small Shad and the odd Stump nose. A few Milk Sharks have given the edible Anglers a hard time if they haven€™t been using wire on their traces.

Beachfront €“ With only a few undersized Shad and some Honeycomb Skates caught last week, not much really to report. Other sources have confirmed some small Greys, the Massbunkers and Red bait fish in the early evening will happily strip any bait presented as a result Prawn and Chokka is probably a better bet, to prevent your bait being striped.

Bluff €“ My definite pick of the week as there have been Shad, Kingfish and a few Kob all caught in this area. The Shad have mainly been caught on bait, whilst small live baits have been fantastic for the Kingfish. Live Shad slid out have also produced the odd Garrick, although Anglers should be patient as there are not a lot of these fish about.

Doonside/Warner Beach €“ Both areas producing Shad in the early mornings with only a handful of those caught making size. Anglers must ensure that they have the correct measurement from tip of nose to end of tail, in order not to fall foul of the law. The Doonside area has been seeing a bit more action in the late evenings with some small Grey Sharks in the 5 €“ 8 kilo range.

Winklespruit €“ This area came to light last Sunday with some beautiful Shad and a few Garrick up for grabs. Although the Shad spree was short-lived, lovely specimens in the 1 to 1.5 kilo range were beached. We have just heard that nine Garrick were landed on Wednesday, all on live Shad, this is a great sign for those targeting this magnificent game fish.

Umkomaas €“ Smaller Grunter seem to have moved off and made space for Kob and Shad. This weekend saw a fair number of Anglers on the beaches targeting these fish. Although not quite biting at first light, those who put the time in can be justly rewarded with the bigger fish coming out later in the morning.

Scottburgh €“ The usual Shad stomping ground in front of the popular hotel has not disappointed and Anglers fishing here have been greatly rewarded. Shad in the morning whilst Paddle-tail enthusiasts using McArthy 6-inch have landed a few Kob in the late evenings.

Hibberdene/Trafalgar €“ These popular holiday destinations have always been good to holiday makers during June, July and August and what can be better than being able to catch Shad at 9 o€™clock in the morning which is what happened this last weekend. A definite must for the school holidays which are just around the corner. Trafalgar has also produced some nice Kob targeted with either Chokka or Paddletails in the rolling white water.

Margate €“ Reports received were of a fair amount of Shad coming out, although many of these fish were undersize and a fair number of baits could possibly only see one fish of size. However, it is great fun for the junior Anglers if Dad doesn€™t mind baiting up in order to give them some experience and hone their skills.

Transkei €“ With the Sardines just a bit further down at Mazeppa and Hole-in-the-wall and the recent Postal competition, there was a lot of fishing activity in this area. Local Angler Riaan was really lucky and got 2 big Spinner Sharks of over 100 kilos. These fish area also known as the Long-nose Grey Shark. For the edible Anglers there have been lots of Kob at Port St Johns€™ and Shad in most of the bays along this coastline.

Ski-boat and Paddle-Ski

The recent Port Edward Ski-boat Comp saw 14 fish weighed and congratulations to all the Winners and well done on their catches. With bait fish around we should definitely see some more fish and with fair weather this is a good sign.

North €“ Mapelane and Richards Bay still getting the odd Snoek and Couta. It would seem that all of these fish have gone off artificial lures and either want strip baits or live baits. The Yellow fin Tuna are still being caught in and around, yet they are still happy to take artificial lures. 


Central – Zinkwazi, Umhloti and Ballito have all produced some Snoek and the odd Couta. Yellow fin Tuna although not as plentiful have been coming out on Wilddog Poppers fished around the bait marks. For those Skippers rated to go out at night, a few Geelbek and some Daga Salmon have also been coming out.

South €“ From Toti to Umkomaas, has seen some good bottom fishing with nice sized Rock Cod and plenty of other table fare. Some Wahoo and the odd Couta have also been in the mix and these areas are teeming with bait fish. Aliwal Shoal and surrounds has also produced the odd big Couta and some nice size Yellowfin Tuna.

Durban Bay

Seems to have also been affected by Shad, there have been plenty of juvenile Shad caught with Anglers targeting Grunter on slightly bigger hooks which prevented the Shad from biting them off. Centre bank has produced some Grunter, majority of these fish in the 1 €“ 3 kilo range. The Coaling Terminal area saw a few Kingfish species for the Light Tackle, Dropshot enthusiasts.



Fly-Fishing €“ Typical for this time of year, all the dams are working really well, whilst the rivers are closed. Swartberg area producing some lovely sized fish on the Speedcop and large Hammels Killer patterns. For the rest of the dams the usual winter pattern suspects are still working exceptionally well.

Bass €“ Albert Falls was a popular destination for the long weekend and there were a number of fish caught on flukes. While the Carolina Rig fished around structure saw some nice fish being landed.

Carp €“ Shongweni and Albert Falls reported a good tempo with the rate of catches. Although a lot of these fish were not huge, with the good tempo it kept Anglers busy all weekend and what can be better than that.

Tiger Fish €“ With the cooler water, deeper diving lures are your best bet as the fish seem to sit lower in the water column. Another alternative is a live bait which is rigged to swim deeper down. 

Fishy Fact

Ever wondered why Salmon flesh is pink? Well it€™s actually due to their eating Crustaceans who have been eating algae, which contains beta-carotene, the same compound that makes your carrots orange.

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