There is a definite nip in the air which is a sure sign that winter is just upon us. Fishing has definitely improved and the Shad seem to have come of age as well. Most fish are now legal size and can be targeted early morning and sometimes right up to as late as lunchtime. The silver demons are still in the Transkei and Rock and Surf Anglers are praying for big storms and cold seas to bring them up the coast.

Rock and Surf

Kosi Bay €“ Very quiet, however for the non-edible Anglers a few Black fin Sharks came out using whole Mackerel slide baits and smaller swim baits.

St Lucia/Cape Vidal €“ These two areas are synonymous with Shad and definitely did not disappoint last week. The typical Kingfisher Shad S-bend spoon was put to good use, with most Anglers easily catching their quota with a handful of throws. Some Black fin Sharks were also caught in the Cape Vidal Bay area.

Mapelane/Richards Bay €“ The Kob and Spinners are on the bite in this area. Whilst early mornings have seen some nice Shad, late evenings have seen a few Kingfish amongst the Shad. Majority of the fish are being caught on bait, especially in the late afternoon sessions.

Ballito €“ A very uncommon occurrence happened last week in this area, as there were a fair number of Bronze Bream which were caught. These fish do not usually occur in this area, so well done to those anglers who managed to get a few.

Umhloti/Umhlanga €“ Both areas having been off the bite seemed to have started coming back with a few Grey Sharks on baits and Shad for the guys spinning before work.

Virginia/Umgeni North Bank €“ Virginia saw some lovely action with Shad in the 1 to 1.5 kilo range during last week leading up to the weekend. Unfortunately with the foul weather coming through not many more of these fish were caught. Umgeni North Bank saw a few nice size Shad and the odd Grunter in the 2 to 3 kilo range.

Durban Piers/Beachfront €“ Both the piers and the beachfront are fishing very well, with a fair number of Shad coming out. Anglers must be aware of the bag limits and ensure that all fish are over the 300mm size limit. Some small Grey Sharks have also come out although these have been caught on or near the 8pm mark.

Bluff €“ Still getting a fair number of Shad, being used as live baits for the Kingfish with a €œhit and hold€ and thick line is the only way to get these fish out.

Toti €“ Also a very popular Shad spot so make sure you have your fishing permit with you. There has been the odd Garrick around in the early mornings especially on the low tides.

Doonside/Warner Beach €“ aka Pensioners Paradise, these golden oldies went back to yester-year last week when they were able to dust off their spinning equipment and target some Shad for their supper. The younger retirees chanced their arm and a lucky member had a Garrick to brag to his son about.

Winklespruit €“ Is blowing a bit hot and cold at the moment, there have been days of plenty and days of none with the Shad coming and going. With the Shad have been more Garrick and it seems that this trend is going to continue.

Umkomaas/Scottburgh €“ Scottburgh point has seen the odd Garrick on live Shad, although the majority of the Shad were caught at Umkomaas and transported via live bait containers to Scottburgh. Umkomaas river mouth is still producing some Grunter although smaller in size and some Kob, with the heaviest for last week, just over 10 kilos.

Hibberdene/Trafalgar €“ There has been yet again a bumper week in the lower South areas. There are plenty of Shad at Hibberdene whilst Trafalgar has been producing some nice Bronze Bream. Most of these fish tipping the scales between 2 and 3 kg€™s.

Margate €“ Margate piers and beachfront have also seen a fair share of the Shad. Anglers targeting Bronze Bream have had great success using Pink Prawn and the Mustad Big Gun range of hooks with their shorter shank and very sharp points, these hooks are fast becoming Bronze Bream Slayers.

Transkei €“ Is a definite pick of the week and if you€™re not there already during these school holidays what are you doing here. Garrick, Kob, Shad and Sharks have been coming out on most points, so whether novice or expert, everybody can get amongst the fish and create some real holiday memories. Added to these could be sightings of plenty of Dolphins and the start of the annual Sardine Run on the KZN/Eastern Cape coastline.

Ski-boat and Paddle-Ski

The winter species have arrived for Paddlers and Skippers alike. There have still been some Snoek around and some Yellowfin Tuna also getting the rods bending. More predictable weather and a nippy start could well be worth breaking the weekend routine and ending off with a fresh fish feast.

North €“ Reports of some good catches of Snoek on the North coast, these fish weighing between 4 and 6 kilos. Strip baits and spoons seem to be working well. Good catches of Geelbek in this area have been coming in with an early start as these fish are feeding from about 4am to 7am.  The taxman is still auditing, so if you do get a fish on, try to get it into the hatch as soon as possible. 

Central €“ The bait spots have been producing the odd Yellowfin Tuna whilst the abundance of Mackerel has allowed Anglers to target Geelbek and Daga using whole fresh Mackerel for bait. For the Skippers and Paddlers, the pesky Shad are still around. Bottom fishing is still good with Rock Cod and a few Stumpies, whilst in deeper water some Bronze Bream have been caught.

South €“ There still seems to be the bigger Couta on the South Coast, although they have moved into the deeper water (about the 30m mark). Bigger baits such as Bonnies and Walla-Walla are working very well. Majority of these fish that have been boated are in-between the 12 – 18 kilo ranges. Yellowfin Tuna have also been boated and the Kingfisher Rattler lures still working very well indeed.

Durban Bay

The Bay is still seeing a fair amount of action, although the Grunter seems a lot smaller and less likely to bite. Some small Shad are still making a nuisance of themselves. Walla-Walla is plentiful and the Drop shot guys are still having a good go at the juvenile Kingfish species.



Fly-Fishing €“ Kamberg area is still the hotspot on all the local dams in this area. The fly patterns working well are still the big Streamer patterns, which is surprising for this time of the year. Castleburn has consistently been producing lots of good fish, most of these in the 2 to 3 kilo range. Once again the Black Woolley Buggers and Speedcop are doing all the damage. The Hardy Saltwater Fly fishermen, who have been braving the cold and crowds, are also getting their share of some nice Shad. The Gully fishing has also been very good with many species of smaller reef fish eagerly eating the fly.

Fishy Fact

One would think that the Protea Bream would be our National Fish; however the Galjoen is our National fish. This fish only occurs along our coastline and when close to rocks it is more blackish in colour and more silver-bronze in sandy areas. Its€™ diet consists of Red bait, small Mussels and Barnacles. This fine table fish can gain size of over 7 kilos whilst the majority that are caught are in the 2 to 4 kilo range.

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