Well it was a very quiet week for the Rock and Surf Anglers, a few of the lucky ones landed some small Shad but other than that the fishing was very quiet indeed; the lower South Coast produced majority of these fish. Now for our Stop the Press item, the greatest Shoal on Earth has been spotted near the Kei river mouth and hopefully this years€™ annual Sardine run will be the stuff that dreams are made of, such as lots of Garrick, Kingfish, Couta and all the table specialities.

Rock and Surf

Kosi Bay €“ Has seen lots of small edible fish which his typical for this time of year – Stumpnose, 3 Spot Pompano or Wave Garrick and Bonefish being the most predominant. This is a good area for scratching or light tackle.

St Lucia/Cape Vidal €“ Still the odd Stumpnose and Lantern fish yet they do not seem to be feeding as quickly and often long spells are required in order to catch these fish.  Evening sessions have seen some Eeltail Barbel especially on low tides in the dark.

Richards Bay €“ There are still plenty of Milkies and small Spinners for the non-edible Anglers and Anglers targeting the Kob on the south side have often had their hooks bitten off because of this.

Ballito €“ Although with a large number of Anglers fishing this area, the results have been somewhat disappointing with only less than a handful of Greys. On the whole not a good spot last week.

La Mercy €“ Was very quiet indeed with only a solitary juvenile Skate reported, the species not identified.

Umhloti/Umhlanga €“ For the Rock and Surf guys, was very quiet with only a few Shad for the Spinning guys in the early morning.

Virginia/Umgeni North Bank €“ Saw a fair amount of anglers in the early mornings targeting Snoek on Kingfisher Pro Jet Spoons and although one or two fish came out, we can only hope that fishing will improve in these areas and entice more anglers to the beach.

Durban Piers €“ The Piers have allowed anglers to get baits into deeper water and the tides last week were probably better fished in deeper waters. Small Red Fish and some Pompano were all that were caught with a Stumpnose of just over 2 kilos making this the pick of the week.

Beachfront €“ Sadly like most spots there were very few fish around last week. Spinner Sharks and undersized Shad were the only rewards for long hours fished.

Toti/Winklespruit €“ Seemed to go off the bite with very few fish coming out and the Garrick all but forgotten. Sporadic Shad shoals have been in these areas, yet all these fish seem to be undersize.

Umkomaas €“ Snapper Salmon have kept the anglers on the beach and lots of juvenile Grunter in the 20 to 25cm range.

Scottburgh €“ Being a deep water point, this has allowed anglers to land the odd big Grey Shark in the 10 to 15 kilo range and smaller Flat fish. Stone Bream and Shad have been the more popular species.

Trafalgar €“ Bronze Bream heaven especially in topsy turvy water, when using the Saltwater Bronze Bream trace and fishing the white water. Although opinion varies, Pink or Red Prawn and Chokka blob baits have proven themselves the most effective.

Port Edward –   Apart from rough seas late last week, the water has been good and lent to perfect conditions for fishing. Shad are well on the bite and the rocks here are often full of fishermen fetching their bag. Even in the estuaries south, numbers of good sized Shad are being caught. Terry Nel reports that Bronze Bream are still eating well with sizes up to 3kg often filling the reports. Evening fishing is producing mixed bags with Hound Sharks, Diamond Rays, Grey Sharks and Blue Rays heading the line. Reports of Sardines at Mazeppa Bay raises expectations for action in the next fortnight. Meantime theories and predictions over these fish are the topic of most fishing conversations. Good news leading up to the Cuta Classic on the 14-16th June is that Cuta are here with one boat landing seven fish two of which were 26kg’s. So get ready for action.


Transkei €“ Although there are still plenty of Kob around they aren€™t excessive in number. Some big Hammerhead Sharks were landed in the deep water points. With the Sardines just around the corner maybe it€™s a good spot for the upcoming holidays.

Ski-boat and Paddle-Ski

Last weeks€™ weather enabled Paddlers and Skippers alike more time to spend on the water, which resulted in some better catches. There are still some Snoek around so it€™s worth the early rise. For the Skippers targeting fish in the deep, a few Geelbek and Daga have been boated.

North €“ The North Coast has produced some good catches of Yellowfin Tuna with the Kingfisher Rattler trolling lure still deadly in all its colour patterns. The Yellowfin have been between 5 and 10 kilos with the odd big brute tipping the scales at just over 30. Although the Couta are quieter, some better size fish in the 15 to 20 kilo range and above have been coming out.

South €“ The South Coast reports good catches of Snoek, mainly being caught on Sardine fillets with a duster in front. The popular colours are Pearl, Pink, Blue and Green. There have also been some Queen fish around and these fish prefer live baits such as Shad, Mackerel and Mozzies. There are still some nice Yellowfin Tuna and tax season is once again open as a number of Skippers and Paddlers are complaining about lost lures and lost fish.

Durban Bay

For those prepared to put in the long hours, there are still some sizeable Grunter up for grabs. Anglers targeting the fish at night have seen some shoal Kob and a few Snapper Salmon. The artificial anglers are still having great fun targeting Kingfish species on both top water and drop shot lures. Some good news is that there have been Shad and Mackerel in the basin near Durban Ski-boat club. If these bait fish move into the bay area, hopefully the Garrick will follow them.



Fly-Fishing €“ Trout seem to be on the loose, last week saw fish caught throughout the Berg due to the favourable weather conditions. Some good news from the Glen Rock area is that quite a few fish around the 3kg mark came out. Fly patterns for this time of year put some colour in it. Yellow, Orange and Red such as Yellow Matukkas etc did the damage at Glen Rock. Rivers are now closed and will only reopen on the 1st of September so bear in mind the rules in the areas you are fishing.

Bass €“ Bass fishing seems to have improved substantially in the past week. Some good catches in all the main waters, such as Albert Falls, Inanda and Midmar. Shongweni has been quiet and this is the norm for this time of the year. There are definite signs of the winter bite resulting in the summer techniques not being as effective, so time to slow down.

Tiger Fish €“ In terms of Tiger fishing, generally when the weather gets colder, it is time to fish deeper with artificial lures. With the fantastic conditions last week this was not the norm, with some lovely fish coming out still on the Sardine fillet and small live baits. 

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