Winter fishing has been a bit of a here today gone tomorrow, as reports received have been of fish coming out one day and nothing the next. The lower South Coast is fishing very well whilst the mid and North Coast are still not producing the fish that would be around this time of year. The Sardines are still in the Waterfall Bluff area, although large pockets of Red eye Sardines have been mistaken along the South Coast stretch.

Rock and Surf

Kosi Bay €“ A lucky Angler managed to land a Java Shark of just over 80 kilos on a Mackerel Slide-bait during last week. There are still some Wave Garrick and Bonefish up for grabs in this area. Perhaps the Salt water fly-fisherman could give it a go, now that the kids are back at school.


St Lucia/Cape Vidal €“ Both areas are still producing large amounts of Shad in the early morning sessions with lesser catches in the late afternoon. Strangely there seems to only be Shad and not the usual game fish such as Kingies and Garrick which often chase these fish inshore.

Mapelane/Richards Bay €“ The Mapelane Bay area produced a few small Kob last week and like most areas there are still plenty of Shad around, although smaller than at Cape Vidal. Once again putting in the time will get you well rewarded as a local Angler landed a Garrick on a live Shad slide-bait.

Tugela €“ This time of year often sees many Anglers targeting North and South bank at Tugela as it is also a popular holiday destination. Reports received were of some Shad and a few juvenile Grunter, whilst the inedible Anglers have struggled a bit with a rare Black fin Shark being caught.

Umhloti/Umhlanga €“ Both of these areas last week were a case of hit and miss. Ballito produced a few bigger Grey Sharks in the 15 €“ 20 kilo range, whilst Umhlanga saw much smaller specimens. Artificial enthusiasts have tried their best for Shad and very few have been rewarded. 

Virginia/Umgeni North Bank €“ Early last week Virginia saw activity in the form of some nice Shad and for some unknown reason the next day was very quiet. Late afternoon has seen some Anglers putting in a throw after work with very few takes and only a small Spinner Shark coming out.

Durban Piers/Beachfront €“ Activity on the Durban piers has picked up a bit with bigger sized Shad and a few Grunter around. Anglers have also reported a few juvenile Skates with the odd Stumpnose being caught just on sunset.

Bluff €“ The Kingfish Kings are still at their game although many are being beaten by these strong fighting fish cutting them off on the sharp bricks. There are still some Shad down at Anstey€™s, although not a good area to target on spoon due to the large amount of rocks. A whole Sardine on drift bait is probably a better option for this area.

Toti €“ A very popular holiday spot and it did not let the upcountry visitors down. Most mornings saw plenty of Shad and live baits such as Karanteen and Blacktail are also plentiful. A lovely Garrick of just over 10 kilos was caught on Wednesday last week by a local Angler.

Illovo Beach €“ Due to a popular holiday resort, this somewhat quieter spot was well fished last week. Wave Garrick, Shad and some small Grey Sharks were the main species that were caught whilst a live Shad that was put out had the nylon bitten clean through, perhaps a bigger Shark?

Umkomaas €“ The North bank and Pier still producing some small Snapper Salmon and in the late evenings Kob that are just on size. Amongst these fish was a lovely Kob of just over 9 kilos which was caught on a Kingfisher Poseidon Rod and Daiwa SL50 reel.

Scottburgh €“ This favoured spot for Anglers targeting inedibles is unusually quiet with only a rare Brown Skate coming out of the point. The Bay area has seen some Shad in the early mornings and other than that there has been little activity in this area.

Hibberdene/Trafalgar €“ Both areas are still producing fair amounts of Shad and it seems that they are all above size which is a good sign for this time of year. The Bronze Bream have also started to gain in numbers and size. A beaut of just over 3 kilos was caught by a holiday maker on Tuesday afternoon using a Prawn and Chokka bait. 

Margate €“ The pier seems to be fishing a lot better than the beaches with Shad and some nice Stone Bream also coming out. Life should return to normal as the holidays are over and some more elbow room should be up for grabs.

Transkei €“ Typical for this time of year, the points are still fishing very well and with the Sardines last reported as at Waterfall Bluff. This could mean a bumper Sardine run if the water temperature locally drops down. There are still very good catches of Kob, big Shad and some Garrick. One can only hope that the right conditions will prevail and these fish will come up the coast so everyone can share in the bounty.

Ski-boat and Paddle-Ski

With the spring tides a thing of the past, the sea will definitely start to settle and Paddlers and Skippers should be able to launch a lot easier. There have been good catches all along the coastline, although the Skippers really feeling the heat from the Taxman.

North €“ The Richards Bay area is starting to see some nice catches of Snoek, as well as Cape Vidal and Mapelane. Couta have become somewhat scarce and if you are lucky to catch one it is always a good size. Bottom fishing is still a bit quiet although should pick up soon.

Central €“ The main headline for this area would be the Yellow fin Tuna, it is not unusual to catch these fish around the bait marks but there have been some real beasts around lately. Many of these fish are well over 20 kilos and have given Paddlers and Skippers a case of the deep burn when fighting these fish. There has also been some Garrick coming out at Zinkwazi on the backline. And unusual for this time of the year, the Umgeni stretch is somewhat barren bar a few Snoek.

South €“ Even though Anglers fishing off the prominent spots on the beach have been catching Garrick, the Skippers and Paddlers have had a tougher time of it, targeting these fish. There have been a fair number of Blacktip Kingfish and Yellowfin Tuna especially in the Pennington area, but no good reports of Garrick being caught. The bottom fishing is coming along nicely with good catches of Reds and some good size Rock Cod as well.  

Durban Bay

Is there no where that the Shad have not got to? Reports received are of large amounts of Shad from centre bank to T Jetty. These fish seem to eat anything from the traditional Cracker Shrimp to any form of Sardine type bait. A few lucky Anglers have managed to catch something other than Shad being small Grunter, Sand Gurnitts and some Natal Stumpnose. Anglers from the side being somewhat restricted in areas to fish have still made a good go of it with a nice Perch of just under 2 kilos coming out on Tuesday afternoon, last week.



The local Dams are definitely feeling the winter time sessions and conditions. The fish have been smaller and are taking longer to feed, although a well organised swim, good bait presentations and a bit of patience has seen some nice catches at Albert Falls, Midmar and Inanda. Shongweni Dam has also produced some nice Bass and these fish preferring deeper water and lots of structure. Although not readily taking the bait, good saturation of likely spots can get you the bite. Reports from Jozini are that the fish are deeper and trolled baits are working well as opposed to surface baits. Good reports for the fly-fishing guys is that most Dams are producing good size fish, so maybe it€™s worth making a flask of coffee and heading up to your favourite spot.

Fishy Fact

The Remora fish which is often associated as a €œsucker fish€ to Sharks can also be used as a lure. In some parts of the world, fishermen tie a line to its€™ tail and then once the Remora has sucked onto a fish it is pulled back up. Classic renewable bait source

We have had a sudden announcement from SuperSport about our local fishing TV shows. SuperSport will be launching a new channel Super Sport 8 dedicated to South African content and will carry the content specifically for the South African market. This new channel €“ SuperSport 8 launches on 23 July 2013 (Channel 208).From this date all local programs will be broadcast on this channel. Having an extra channel will enable them to attempt to adhere to premier slots as well repeat slots which has often not been possible previously due to live events that are added at short notice. We are also assured that SuperSport will to the best in their ability try and add another two rebroadcast to the premier slots. We have also been assured that SuperSport will promote and market the new channel.

Promotion will also be done from ASFN’s side to insure that viewers are aware of the new channel and broadcasting changes.

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