The Rock and Surf Anglers have had more than their fair share of Shad both – North and South. From August remember the Kingfishers€™ biggest Shad competition will kick off for the next 2 months, with some fantastic prizes up for grabs. Hopefully some bigger Shad will also be around.

Rock and Surf

Kosi Bay €“ There seems to only be small specimens around, mainly 3 spotted Pompano or Wave Garrick, some Spade Fish and Rock Cod species. For the inedible anglers it has been quiet indeed with both live and dead baits spending long hours in the water with no bite.


St Lucia/Cape Vidal €“ Both of these areas have been inundated with Shad, and early mornings can lead right up to lunchtime, while these fish are still on the bite. Other fish that have been caught are some Kob; drop shot enthusiasts have had great fun with the Wave Garrick and the odd Black fin Shark has kept the non-edible anglers on their toes.

Mapelane/Richards Bay €“ Mapelane has seen a lot of Shad activity where it is literally throw for throw; whilst a few Garrick have also come out – smaller sized Kob and a few Milk sharks in the late afternoon/evening sessions.

Ballito €“ For the non-edible anglers, this would be my pick of the week, some nice size Grey Sharks and a few Black fin Sharks have all been caught during last week and the weekend just gone by. It looks as if this pattern may stay for a while so a definite spot to keep in mind.

Umhloti/Umhlanga €“ These are another spot for Shad, although somewhat smaller than most other areas. There has been a few Grey Sharks in the late afternoon/early evenings; most of these being caught on Mackerel throw baits. Shad in the mornings have been caught on either S-bend spoons or traditional Kingfisher Shad traces.

Virginia/Umgeni North Bank €“ These two areas seem to have quietened down a little bit with only a handful of Shad being caught in the early morning. With calmer seas expected maybe a throw with a plug in the early morning, could possibly land a Garrick off the North Bank.

Durban Piers/Beachfront €“ Unusual for this time of the year, is that there seems to be no really big Shad, most fish are undersize or just making size, and feeding very sporadically. The guys on the Piers using smaller Mustad hooks have managed to land a few smaller Grunter and there seems to be a fair amount of Maasbunker in the water, happy to take any bait.

Bluff €“ Still fishing very well for the Kingfish on most live baits. The hit and hold approach is the only way to go to prevent these fish from cutting you off on the reef. Shad are also quite prevalent although amongst the rocks which leads to a fair amount of tackle being donated to Poseidon.

Toti €“ Shad place has been a hot spot, as there have been large contingents of anglers here targeting the Shad, which seem to be a bit bigger than their city cousins. On Wednesday last week a lovely Garrick of just over 10 kilos was also caught. Night sessions have also produced the odd Kob.

Winklespruit €“ Is definitely only firing on only one cylinder. The Shad have been very very quiet and no Garrick to speak of.

Umkomaas/Scottburgh €“ Umkomaas river mouth as always during winter produces some nice Kob and there have also been small Grunter. Scottburgh point has seen the odd Diamond Skate and a fair amount of Shad in the early morning sessions.

Hibberdene/Trafalgar €“ Both of these areas producing some lovely size Shad with Trafalgar producing some good size Bronze Bream as well. This trend should continue into August/September for the Bronze Bream.

Margate €“ Reports received are that the Bronze Bream and Shad are also feeding quite happily down here. Anglers lucky enough to fish the evenings have also landed some nice Kob on Paddle-tail and Chokka baits.

Port Edward –  The rocks  on the Port Edward waterfront are busy with fishermen catching plenty of Shad. Terry Nel reports that the deep water points also have a number of live bait rods out with some Garrick landed over the last few days. The game fish should start moving in now even there has been no evidence of sardines yet.


 Transkei €“ The silver demons are still holed up here and don€™t seem to be moving too far. Hopefully some cooler weather will drop the sea temperature and send them up the coast. Fishing in this area is still very good with Kob, Shad, Garrick and some Sharks all coming off the various points. Estuary fishing is also very good with juvenile Kob and a few Garrick being caught on Strike Pro top water lures.

Ski-boat and Paddle-Ski

With fantastic weather last week, skippers and paddlers were able to get out on the water and do what they do best. With not much Couta around, but very nice size when they are boated, some fair catches of Snoek and the Taxman doing heavy audits it hasn€™t been a bed of roses being out on the water.

North €“ Ballito/Zinkwazi area saw some Snoek activity and a few rare Couta. Local skippers have also had some luck catching Garrick on the backline, especially fishing near river mouths with plentiful amounts of bait fish, live baits have definitely not been a problem.

Central €“ All of the bait marks are being put to good use and most of them have seen bigger Yellow fin Tuna, in the 15 plus kilo range. Reports from skippers fishing at night for Daga and Geelbek have been somewhat disappointing due to the large amount of Sharks taxing their fish. Heavier tackle and quicker retrieves are the only way to get these fish on board.

South €“ There are still some nice bottom fish in the Toti/Umgababa area, whilst the Yellow fin Tuna are still plentiful further down the coast. The odd croc Couta still coming out at Hibberdene and further south.

Durban Bay

Like most areas, small Shad have made their way into the Bay as well. The Grunter are still around although no real big fish to speak of. Anglers fishing from the Bank have also got a few small Grunter and the odd Perch.



Fly-Fishing €“ The winter fishing is in full swing with the Males being in full colour and quiet aggressive to attack the fly. The Speedcop fly stripped fast is doing very well for the less aggressive fish being caught on small GRAF and Hotspot Nymphs. The Greytown area has seen a number of Scalies being caught. These fish have been taken in the shallows in around the fringes of the rapids and have eaten the fly in very shallow water. Aggravators being used and a normal Olive Damsel Nymph hard up against the sides could see some fish. Fishing has generally been good all over, with nice catches recorded throughout the Midlands and surrounds.

Fishy Fact

The annual Sardine run which usually takes place during the winter months sees approximately 80 to 100 ton of these fish swimming past our coastline. Of this large number even on a good Sardine run approximately 20 ton will be caught by the netters.  On years when the Sardines pass by without being netted, this figure drops to a staggering approximate 2 tonnes.

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