It would seem that the last week has seen the weather Gods, taking poor Poseidon to task. There have been some big seas and strong winds, which haven€™t made for ideal fishing conditions. That said Anglers are still putting their best foot forward in terms of the August Shad competition. The current leading fish is 1.60 kgs. So come on guys and girls, with awesome prizes up for grabs, bring the fish in so we can weigh them for you.

Rock and Surf

Upper Zululand area €“ Reports received have been more positive for the edible Anglers. There have been a number of Stumpnose, nice size Shad and some Garrick that were caught last week. So maybe an unplanned weekend trip is on the cards.

St Lucia/Cape Vidal €“ There seems to be a few more Shad coming on the bite and at least these fish are bigger than their cousins in the Durban Central area. The 36 gram Toby Spoon is by far the weapon of choice as this spoon can often be thrown with smaller 8 and 9 ft Rods, right up to the 12 ft Aqua pack combo.

Maphelane €“ There are still good reports of Shad and Garrick coming out. Whilst the younger Anglers have also had good fun targeting some Wave Garrick and smaller bait fish on light tackle when the wind conditions have allowed for this.

Richards Bay €“ Good reports of Garrick and obviously where there are Garrick there will be Shad, for Anglers targeting table fare. The odd Zambezi Shark has come out off the beach, mainly on slide baits.

Ballito/Zinkwazi €“ Both of these popular beaches seem to be having a mini Shad run of their own and the current record holder in the Shad competition was caught at Zinkwazi. Amongst the Shad with Anglers using smaller size Big Gun hooks with Prawn baits, the odd Bronze Bream has also come out.

Umhloti €“ Although there are still Kingfish around, they are not as plentiful with only a handful coming out last week. This could be due to the weather conditions. Some nice Stumpnose in the 4 kilo range were also caught in the late evening sessions.

Westbrook €“ This is another spot that went off the boil and last week saw some nice catches of bigger Shad in the morning, whilst late afternoon and into the evening, small Gray Sharks and the odd Flat fish were also caught from the beach. Anglers please be aware of the time restraints when fishing this beach.

Umhlanga €“ Although the Grey Sharks are still here for the non-edible Anglers, their numbers too dwindled last week. Early morning Spinning enthusiasts were rewarded with some nice Shad, and a lucky Angler was shocked to see a Garrick chasing his 1 ounce white nylon plug.

Durban Piers €“ Shad fishing has definitely picked up on the Piers, with more prolific catches as well as better sized fish. The smaller bait fish aka Red fish are a sure indication that the Shad will be on the bite shortly. So don€™t be disheartened when you hooks are cleaned off in the first couple of throws. Perhaps a 3.0 Mustad Kendall Round (Bent to a slight off-set) could do the trick for the Shad on the Piers.

Beachfront €“ With the beachfront not offering deep water points, there has been the odd Blue Ray coming out as well as smaller Grey Sharks. Remember the old adage €œwhen in doubt put some wire out€.

Bluff €“ Reports from this area are of good catches of Shad, although limited to morning sessions only. There have been sightings of Garrick, especially on artificial lures, yet it is somewhat frustrating to watch them chase a plug or spoon and turn away at the last minute. Perhaps live bait would do the trick?

Toti/Winkelspruit €“ The weekend saw a fair amount of activity, especially Saturday morning, where Garrick were caught on live baits. There has also been the odd Kob caught at night on Chokka throw baits. Local Angler Michael Rodgers put his day off to good use, while fishing with an Exceler Road and Ballistic Reel landed a beautiful Garrick on plug during an early morning artificial Spinning session.

Umkomaas €“ Recently both Shad and Grunter have been coming out with the Grunter being relatively small. During the week some smaller Kob were also caught near the river mouth and an unlucky Angler bringing in a Shad lost his entire trace etc, to what could be presumed as a big Grey Shark.

Scottburgh €“ There are still a few skates in the area and some smaller Grey Sharks off the point. The bay area has also produced some Shad although very sporadically. Most of the fish have been coming on the bite just at the onset of dark, and then only much later again in the night. 


Uvongo €“ Has also come to the fore with some nice catches of Kob on McArthy Paddletails, once again late evening and into the night with a few rare catches during the daylight hours.

Margate €“ Although this popular spot was quiet over the past couple of weeks, life seems to be returning as there has been a fair number of Shad and like in most places bigger than those on the Durban Beachfront area; as well as the odd Garrick coming out near the Orange Rocks Area.

Transkei €“ With the Sardines all but gone, fishing is returning to normal with most of the deep water points producing Sharks of various descriptions, with some nice size Greys and Hammerheads in the mix. It seems that the Kob are still working their way to the river mouths in order to travel up and some good catches of these fish were reported after dark.

Ski-boat and Paddle-Ski

Suffering the same fate and possibly to a worse degree than the Rock and Surf Anglers, Skippers and Paddlers alike have also battled with the conditions. There have been reports of some Snoek coming out with some areas producing more fish than others and bottom fishing with swirling currents etc. has not been the best.

North €“ There have been a few Garrick on the backline, once again typical spots would be: river mouth and target these fish on the backline, using live baits. The best baits for these fish have been live Shad, whilst a few have also fallen prey to S-bend Spoons. There have been some Daga being targeted at night with the shallow wrecks producing some of the better results.

Central €“ Due to the unfavourable conditions, not many boats and paddlers took to the water with the result that only a few Daga as well as Snoek of Umgeni were caught when the weather conditions and waves allowed for launching.

South €“ The Greenpoint area produced a couple of Snoek last week. These fish seem to all be between the 3 €“ 5 kg ranges. Smaller Strike-Pro lures and Spoons have done well to target these fish.  The bottom fishing has unfortunately been very difficult due to currents etc.

Durban Bay €“ due to adverse weather conditions, this somewhat secluded spot can always be relied on to produce some fish. Anglers using Crossfire 5ft6 Ultralite Rods with the Crossfire 1000 size Reel had fantastic fun targeting the Sand Gurnitts, small Stumpnose and very juvenile Grunter with either Cracker Shrimp or very small McArthy Blood Worm imitations. For a treat, go light and enjoy the fight.



Fly-fishing €“ Some good reports during the past week with both Bass and Trout coming out on Fly. This is probably due to better, warmer weather, prior to the front moving in. Hazelmere saw some Bass being caught against the cliffs and inlets on the opposite side to the entrance. The Swartberg area also fished well with the fish still strangely, taken on large summer patterns. The winter session has been particularly good with all the local dams fishing well. River Anglers can look forward to the opening on the 1st September so make sure to book for the early eager fish.

Carp €“ With winter hopefully soon a thing of the past, some good catches are still coming out, although Anglers have to put in longer hours and persevere just that bit harder. The Kingfisher has recently got a new consignment of boilies, dips and fantastic new Korda products including the new Korda Goo. So when you have the time, pop in and see our new selection.

Bass €“ It is a long slow struggle but well worth the effort when the Rod bends and the line goes tight. The best advice that we can offer is to target your fish with methodical casting patterns and be prepared for unexpected bites due to fish being lethargic and not hitting lures as hard.

Tiger-fishing €“ With the water temperatures being a lot cooler than during the summer months, many of the fish seem to be deeper in the water columns. Try using deeper diving Strike-Pro lures on a slower troll, or alternatively, allow your Tiger Spoon to sink lower and retrieve slightly slower in order to keep it lower in the water column.

Fishy Fact

Talk about a hearty fellow. Octopuses have three hearts and have no hearing organs. They very good vision and can even detect colours €“ hence, their ability to camouflage themselves with their surroundings. The largest Octopus is the Pacific Giant Octopus, when born this pea size runt soon makes use of its local gym facilities and bulk up to 30 ft across and 150 pounds in just on 2 years. Talk about a weight gain. When annoyed, these creatures will often shoot out a cloud of black ink allowing them to make a hasty get away.

A reminder to all that this month sees the start of The Kingfisher Biggest Shad Competition. All fish must be weighed in at The Kingfisher, The Tackle Centre or The Fishing Tackle Shop during normal shop hours. Remember that as always no frozen fish may be entered. The heaviest Shad for each month (August and September) will receive a Daiwa SL 50SHK Reel, valued at R1395.00 second heaviest shad will receive a 13€™ 6€ Kingfisher Poseidon Deep Blue 3pc Graphite Rod, valued at R998.00 and third heaviest shad will receive a Daiwa Opus Plus 6000 Reel valued at R740.00. Please remember there is a bag limit of four and the minimum size is 30cm.

ASFN Season 2 premiers on Monday nights on Super Sport 8 at 19h30 be sure not to miss it, there will also be six rebroadcasts during the week.

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