The biggest Shad competition for the month of August got off to a somewhat slower start, but has picked up along the way. Currently the first place is 1.8 kilos, second 1.6 kilos and third 1.5 kilos.  Usually late August will produce bigger Shad so come on guys keep on trying. There are some really fantastic prizes up for grabs. Some of the subsistence Anglers have already received their permits to fish along South Pier and have been putting them to good use. Please remember to ensure to clean up after yourselves so that the same privilege will be afforded to future generations.

Rock and Surf

St Lucia/Cape Vidal €“ With bigger seas during the week and unpleasant conditions on Saturday for the competition these two areas were some of the few that actually produced some nice fish. Reports are of Shad, 3 spot Pompano and Rock Cod. Mission Rocks also produced a nice Kingfish of over 20 kilos which kept some club members in the running.

Mapelane €“ Is still fishing quiet well and like most places the weekend weather took its toll. Good reports of Shad and Kob, some of which weighed up to 30kgs, whilst the non-edible Anglers can perhaps target the odd Zambezi Shark in the area.

Tugela €“ The Tugela North Bank, when weather conditions are right has also been producing some nice Kob ranging anything from 5kgs to a beautiful specimen of 38kgs.

Richards Bay €“ Being somewhat open, this area also produced a fair amount of Shad, smaller Kob and Milk Sharks when the wind and weather fall in line.

Zinkwazi €“ With the weather not being so good, various clubs decided not to travel and fish locally. This once popular spot seemed to be off the boil with only a handful of Sharks coming out.

Ballito €“ For the spinning enthusiasts this area has produced some Snoek. Once again the Kingfisher Bullet spoon, in Pink and White or Pink and Silver, is doing the damage.  A local Angler put his Daiwa Exceler Saltwater Rod and Exceler Z Spinning Reel to the test by landing a lovely 6 kilo Snoek in the early hours of Sunday morning whilst spinning from a point.

Umhloti €“ Somewhat off the boil last week, although there were a good couple of people fishing, with a few lonesome Grey Sharks and 1 small Skate being the only fish that came out. With spring coming next week, hopefully these conditions will improve the fishing here.

Umhlanga €“ The usual honey pot aka Lighthouse area was also very quiet during the week and only came alive on Sunday morning with the better weather conditions. This allowed some Anglers to catch some nice size Shad and the odd small Spinner Shark in the mix.

Durban Piers €“ Majority of the piers were fairly quiet with only a couple of nice Shad, yet on Thursday evening some lucky Anglers fishing off Snake Park Pier managed to catch a few Geelbek, and there were unconfirmed reports of some of these fish actually floating in the water.  Local Angler Carl Klopper also managed to land a Bek off the newly opened South Pier.

Beachfront €“ The beachfront was also somewhat quieter and although some of the teams decided to fish the safety zone near the Ski-boat club, Saturday night proved to be no-bite bay with no fish being caught.

Bluff €“ With sporadic catches of Shad during the week in better weather conditions, there was obviously a larger contingent fishing the Bluff. On Sunday during the better weather a fair amount of Shad were caught during this session. Sunday afternoon just before dark an unknown Angler tried his luck with a McArthy Paddle tail and landed a beautiful 6 kilo Kob on a Kingfisher Poseidon 12ft Rod and a Daiwa AG 4500 Reel.

Toti/Winkelspruit €“ Both of these areas have seen heavy traffic during the last week or two. The main target species being Garrick on either plug, artificial lure or live baits. The latter have been somewhat scarce and once again Anglers targeting Garrick have had to €œimport€ live baits from surrounding areas to target these fish.

Umkomaas €“ Like most areas this is another spot that has been hot and cold during the week.  There have been some Shad, the odd small Kob and a few Skates in and around the mouth area €“ reports are that the ledges to the right have been very quiet of late.

Scottburgh €“ Due to inclement weather, not many Anglers have fished this area, yet the over 60 club have done a fair amount of spinning using white metal and copper S-bend spoons with a mixed result targeting Shad in the early mornings.   

Port Shepstone €“ Port Shepstone has seen a large amount of Bronze Bream and Shad, so why not put the Saltwater Bronze Bream trace to good use? This fished with a red Prawn can be deadly for the Bronze Bream. Some Shad have also been caught and these have been put out as live baits with a few Kob happy to devour them.

Margate €“ There are still some good Shad to be caught down here and those willing to slide one instead of taking it home, could possibly catch a Garrick as was the case last week, when weather conditions allowed for sliding.

Transkei €“ With some of the braver clubs that had pre-booked accommodation travelling down, it was somewhat disappointing for them. There were not many fish that were caught and with the bigger swells and stronger winds, the fishing conditions were very difficult indeed. Early reports are of a few Shad, 1 Brusher and very few Sharks. 

Ski-boat and Paddle-Ski

When Neptune and Poseidon have an argument, it seems Skippers and Paddlers bear the brunt of it. With not many good fishing days last week and Saturday a total write-off except for the really early birds, there is still some good news of some fairly good catches coming out, with Snoek, Daga and some Bek all coming out and a few Garrick on the backline areas.

North €“ Skippers and Paddlers alike up North have not had a good go of it- with only a few Snoek and the odd Yellowfin Tuna being caught. Garrick in this area are very scarce indeed with Mapelane being one of the few areas, where Skippers and Paddlers could possibly catch one of these fish.

Central €“ Reports indicate that there have been good Daga catches. These fish have mainly been feeding at sunrise and sunset. One or two of these fish have exceeded the 35kg mark. Best baits to target these fish are fresh Shad and Mackerel fished on the Kingfisher Daga trace with Mustad hooks and luminous glow beads. There have also been good catches of Garrick, especially on Maasbunker, Shad and Maria top water lures.

South €“ Yellowfin Tuna are still around the Protea Banks area. Although not plentiful there are definitely there for Skippers who want to put the time in. The Kingfisher Rattler lures are still proving deadly in this area, especially when trolled at a slower speed.

Durban Bay €“ Where there are Shad, there will be Garrick and a few lucky Skippers were able to catch some Maasbunker and Shad and put these out live to target the Garrick. For those jealous Anglers that fish from the side, there were also a few small Shad, undersized Grunter, lots of small Blacktail and Sand Gurnitts.


Fly-fishing €“ For those lucky enough to travel to the highlands, here is some news from Lesotho. Katze has been fishing well as well as the two main inlets. Guys have put their Explorer float tubes to good use and have got a mixed bag of Trout and Yellowfish, with the different bays housing either one or the other species. The fly that made the most arrests was the Speed Cop in size 10. In some areas guys were catching three species, namely; Trout, Yellows and Muddies. The Midlands has produced more fish after the cold front of last week. Fish were taken on Hammels Killers in sizes 2 and 4 long shank, fished fast on sinking lines.

Carp €“ Due to the low pressure front and cold water conditions, there were very trying fishing conditions and not many fish. With the spawning season about to start the best advice is to fish the reeds as tight up against them as you can. Use a tight line and drag for quick bite indications. Be as stealthy as possible when fishing in the margins as any noise will scare fish away for sure. If you need any further advice, please feel free to call The Kingfisher or pay them a visit at the shop.

Bass €“ Albert falls is by far the pick of the week and even though there were colder conditions, Anglers using smaller Flukes in watermelon red fleck, managed to land a few smaller Bass with mainly reaction bites. These Anglers admitted it was heavy going especially in the colder weather.

Tiger-fishing €“ Deeper and deeper, harder and harder, that sums up the last week from the Tiger-fishing fundi€™s. The fish seemed to be very deep and very lethargic. A few smaller specimens were caught on strip baits and smaller live baits, mainly in the deeper water.

Fishy Fact

The Parrot fish known for its beautiful colours (Blues and Greens for the Boys and Pinks for the Girls), has an unusual sleeping habit. The fish secretes a mucous like layer which forms a cocoon around it. This unpleasant tasting safety device, warns it of predators and those unlucky predators trying for a free sample are hastily put off Parrot fish and pasta.

Another interesting defence mechanism of the Parrot fish is that it bites and grinds chunks of coral, which it is able to expel as a cloud of chalk dust – similar to an Octopus ink cloud.

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