The September Shad competition seems to be on fire compared to the August Competition: the heaviest Shad so far is 2.94 kilos, 2nd place is 2.10 kilos, 1.52 filling in the third spot. The son of last months€™ winner is currently holding on to 2nd place, talk about Anglers keeping it in the family. On the fishing side, the North coast seems to be quieter than the Central and South coasts, with not many fish coming out; the South coast has been producing various species with lots of Shad.

Rock and Surf

Kosi Bay €“ Is still somewhat quite with the only small fish and no inedible fish being reported. Cave Bass, juvenile Kingfish and under-sized Grunter in the estuary about sums up the area.

St Lucia/Cape Vidal €“ With the Shad still prolific in both areas, the good news is that these fish are above the legal size limit. Anglers have put the Falcon spoon and Saltwater Sport Shad traces to good use, even novices and juniors have got stuck in. 

Richards Bay €“ Pretty much a repeat of last week, in that there were still Shad in the early morning sessions and Milk Sharks and Kob taking advantage of baits in the evening sessions, there were no reports of any other species caught off the beaches. The harbour has also been quiet with a few small Grunter and a rare Kingfish also in the mix.

Zinkwazi €“ Although suffering with bigger seas as it is not that protected, those that put in the time did get a few fish with some nice Shad and the odd small Grey Shark.


Ballito €“ Suffering the same fate as Zinkwazi with the big seas, those that fished in the earlier week days saw a few small Blue Skates on Red Prawn and Chokka combinations, and very few Sharks were caught.

Umhlanga €“ A few more Stumpnose were also caught during the week, but due to inclement weather later in the week, not much angling was done. Early risers on Sunday morning would have had a beautiful sight of a Whale swimming passed, fairly close to shore.

Durban Piers €“ The Piers are still seeing a fair amount of Shad. The smaller bait fish though seem to have the knack of stripping smaller baits clean without Anglers even feeling it. Late evening sessions have had a few big bites so make sure that if you want to target the big Shad you using a steel wire trace.

Beachfront €“ Anybody that drove passed Blue Lagoon this last week, could not have missed the Bamboo forest. On some days there could possibly have been 200 odd Anglers crowding this once again popular spot. Plenty of Shad came out, whilst due to the crowds it was difficult to slide a bait for Garrick. Two lucky Anglers that did manage to get bait out caught Garrick of 6 and 8 kilos €“ well done Guys.

Bluff €“ Before the wicked west came through on Sunday morning, Anglers made good use of their day off with a fair amount of Shad coming out at Anstey€™s and a good sign was a nice Brusher of just over 3 kilo€™s also caught here.

Isipingo €“ Home of the big Shad. Two of the top 3 Shad for this months€™ competition so far, have been caught here. These fish seem to prefer a bigger bait such as half Japanese Mackerel or a whole Red Eye as opposed to Sardine fillets. Early morning sessions have proved to be most fruitful. This could be a good go to spot if you looking to catch the big one and win a prize in this months€™ competition.

Toti/Winkelspruit €“ Toti seems to have been slightly luckier than Winklespruit, in that more Shad have been caught, which has allowed Anglers to put a live bait out to target Garrick. Winkelspruit has not seen much live bait. Both spots should improve as we move further into September; bearing in mind that closed season for Shad is 1 October.

Umkomaas €“ Umkomaas River mouth still producing some Kob, as well as Shad in the morning sessions, tides are important here as the Shad move off on the low tide or outgoing tide, when the river has made the water dirty.

Scottburgh €“ With not much fishing being done here, the only info received was of some Blue Rays and the odd big Kob coming out at night.


Port Shepstone €“ The ever green Sandspit area is definitely a go to spot, as there have been reports of Kob on the Rapala lures as well as McArthy dropshots. Early risers have also been getting some Shad on traditional Shad traces with Sardine as bait.

Port Edward €“ Has seen some better sized Shad than up the coast and although there seems to be fewer Garrick down here, there is still plenty of Kob around the Trafalgar area, especially late evenings on a low tide.

Transkei €“ This passed weekends Postal €œMeetings€ saw local Angler Michael Rodgers doing very well with Kob in this area. His fish weighed from 3 kilos to 7 kilos, caught on Baby Elf McArthy Paddletails. Michael uses a Poseidon Gold Class, 12€™6€ light rod and Daiwa Emcast 4500 spinning reel, filled with Triple Fish Gator Braid. 

Ski-boat and Paddle-Ski

Sharing the same fate, as the Rock and Surf Anglers, the last few days of the week meant not much fishing was done. During the week there were some nights when Skippers could go out to target Bek and Daga. The Paddlers were lucky to squeeze in some early morning paddles before work and with the sun coming up that little bit earlier; I bet they can€™t wait for summer to really get here.

North €“ Mapelane, St Lucia and Cape Vidal, has seen somewhat slower fishing with a fair amount of Tuna around, although they don€™t seem to be as hungry as a few weeks ago. Hopefully with better weather and getting along further into spring, conditions will be more stable and improve and the catches will also be better.

Central €“ There have been some good catches of Geelbek although in the deep at 150m, with them are also the resident Shark friends. Daga have also been caught on the bait spots, whilst Paddlers and Skippers alike, have been able to target Garrick at Zinkwazi. Some Snoek have been caught on first light off Umhloti.

South €“ Seems slower than the Central and North areas, although some nice Tuna have also been caught here, but there are plenty of bait fish around, so maybe the Game fish are eating too well and don€™t want to target a Rattler lure.

Durban Bay €“ With good catches reported last week, the bay was somewhat off the boil this week €“ with only a few Shad and small Grunter being caught. The ever popular Central bank yielded some really small Grunter whilst Anglers fishing from the bank had pretty much the same to say, although their main complaint seemed to be smaller fish stripping their Cracker Shrimps without them feeling the bite.



Fly-fishing €“ This weekend saw another good weekend of Fly-fishing. Locally some nice Carp were caught at Inanda dam on fly, which is a bit early, but due to the warm weekend weather, these fish came to the surface and some lovely fish between 2 and 4kgs were caught. The fly doing the damage was a number 12 Peacock Woolley Worm and Zulus. In the Bergville area, some Scalies were caught in the rivers using Black Flashback Nymphs and Zacks, most fish were caught at the head of pools below the rapids of each section. Trout fishing has been good all over. The rivers are now open and full. The Umzimkulu area has also been producing some nice fish – funny enough a Gentleman reported getting most of his fish on a sparsely tied Olive Woolley Bugger in no.12. This fly caught a lovely fish of over 2 kilos in one of the pools. All the dams also fished well due to the good warmer weather between the two fronts turning the fish onto bite.

Bass €“ All of the waters have been producing better sized Bass over the past few weeks. As the water temperature starts to climb, more fish will definitely come out. Nice fish of over 4 kilos have been caught in the main water bodies, although Inanda and Albert Falls are the pick of the week. Strangely the bigger fish have fallen to smaller baits, such as 3 inch Jerk baits and finesse Worms fished dropshot style. Shallow waters have been heavily targeted with a lot of bites coming in low light conditions. Top water baits seem to also have increased their number of hits, once again due to the warmer water. Fish will start moving onto Flukes now, so why not have some light tackle fun.

“Mnini Dam, located within 15 kms from Amanzimtoti, is hosting its 7th Annual Bass Classic over the weekend of 5th and 6th October 2013. Thousands of Rands are available for the biggest overall bass and the heaviest bags of 5 bass on each day.

Lucky draw prizes will be handed out on presentation day, the 6th. Entry fee is R350 per 2 man team and covers both days and use of own boat. Boats and motors are available for hire as well. Entry and rules forms are available at bait and tackle shops in the ‘Toti/Warner Beach/Montclair area. Entry on the day at dam possible as well.

For more information phone Ron Wilson on 083 300 7528″

Tiger-fishing €“ We have seen a large number of customers have been coming into the shop for Tiger fish lures and equipment. It is probably a good time to start planning a trip to Jozini as the day time temperatures are bearable and the first rains have not yet come. The dam EFFZET spoons, Blue Fox spinners and Africa Lures have all arrived At The Kingfisher and a large range is available in the Tiger department to choose from. For the fly-fishing Anglers, one can get away with a 7 weight outfit to target these smaller Tiger Fish, so why not give it a bash. Anglers wishing to target Tiger on bait can make use of smaller live Bream, caught at the dam and fished with a small float to target Tiger Fish in slightly deeper water.

Fishy Fact

The term €œreturn Garrick€ does not mean, that a lucky Angler that caught the fish has safely returned it to the water. Garrick usually travel up from the Cape to the far North Coast with the annual Sardine and Shad migrations. These fish while getting fat on the way up return back down to the Cape to find healthier estuaries to spawn. These bigger sized Garrick are usually not caught on the way here, but rather on their way back to these spawning grounds.

Any info about fish caught or competitions in your area please send to mike.pereira@kingfisher.co.za or fax 031- 368 4007.

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