What a week for big Shad! Currently the third place is held by a fish of 3.64 kilos, while both first and second are tied at 4.28 kilos. The weather also played ball this last week, which allowed Anglers more time at the water, with a mixed bag of catches being caught up and down the coastline. It seems though that the bigger Shad have moved up the coast with Westbrook/Zinkwazi being their prime hunting grounds. There are still some good catches of Garrick and a few Kob also hanging about.

Rock and Surf

St Lucia/Cape Vidal €“ The predominant species is still the Shad, with some smaller reef species also making an appearance. There are also some Zambezi Sharks still around for the non-edible Anglers wanting to have a good fight during the school holidays.

Mapelane €“ A lucky Angler, who got in before the holidays started, got his just reward in the form of a 25 kilo Kob caught on a Chokka slide-bait, using a Kingfisher Saltwater Sport Slide trace. The unusual thing about this catch was that the Angler duffed his cast and the bait while being slid out pulled the sinker free – lucky catch indeed.

Richards Bay €“ Things are starting to pick up in the Bay, as there have been some good catches of Garrick and better sized Grunter. There are still a lot of smaller fish, so put in the time and get your prize fish. The beaches are also starting to produce more fish, with some Kob and more plentiful Garrick than in the last weeks.

Zinkwazi €“ This spot is also still fishing quiet well with Blue Skates, a few Stumpnose and some Shad in the early morning. With the holidays upon us, it might be a bit busier, but most Anglers have their €œsecret spots€ that they can fish even in a crowd.

Ballito €“ Another area that is also starting to come right, there have been a few Shad in the mornings and Anglers sliding out live-baits and haven€™t made use of American Fishing steel wire have been bitten off €“ so perhaps there is something here for the inedible Anglers to target.

Umhlanga €“ There were more Stumpnose being caught in and around the Lighthouse area than most other spots during last week. Late evening sessions saw smaller Grey Sharks. The Spinning enthusiasts have also tried their best to target some Snoek, although these seem hard to find.

Durban Piers €“ All the Piers report good catches of Shad and smaller bait fish. The new Pier in front of the Hotel saw some big Shad during the early morning. The early evening and into the night sessions produced some Grunter and also a number of various Skate species.

Beachfront €“ This popular holiday destination could be a hit and miss affair due to the large number of bathers that are expected. Perhaps target the Shad in the early mornings and then on higher tides put out Prawn/Chokka baits to target some Stumpies and maybe a Blue Skate or two.

Bluff €“ Anstey’s has produced a fair amount of Shad during the week, whilst those in the know have started targeting the Brusher using heavy duty Kingfisher leader line and anything from a 5/0 to 7/0 Mustad Kendall hook.  Best baits for these are Mussel man Crab or Ghost Crab, whilst a fresh Mussel also can€™t be left alone.

Toti/Winkelspruit €“ For those that are prepared to put the time in, there are still some Garrick around although live baits seem to be in the water a lot longer than is expected. With a few Shad coming out at both spots, Anglers have switched to live Mullet which are netted in nearby rivers to try and improve their chances.

Umkomaas €“ A few small Skates seem to be coming out near the mouth area. There are still some Grunter although mainly juveniles. A lucky local landed a 15 kilo Kob using a Kingfisher Poseidon Medium Rod and Daiwa SL50 with a Chokka/Redeye combination as bait.

Scottburgh €“ With the recent South Coast League competition, the boundaries were from Acid Pipe to Scottburgh point with very few fish being caught. A non-competitive Angler did manage to get 2 Grey Sharks at Scottburgh on Sunday morning. 

Port Shepstone €“There are definitely still Kob in these waters with the purists still using their good old Chokka baits and the Paddletail Pundits still getting their fair share as well. Charlie Blackmore bagged himself a nice Garrick using a white McArthy paddle tail on Saturday at the sand spit, other than that not much came out. For those targeting inedibles, one or two small Grey Sharks have been happy to eat bigger baits and harass the non-ed Anglers.


Port Edward –  Terry Nel from Tacklenet in Port Edward reports that, large Shad are biting and fishermen can be found standing shoulder to shoulder at the spots producing Shad. For the evening fisherman, some action lies on the beaches where Blue Skates and Lesser Sand sharks are eating well and news of a large Kob caught off the Casino beach has also come in. There has also been Bronze Bream activity in the area and when Shad season closes next week, no doubt reports of good fish of the reef dwelling species will be the order of the day from now on.

Transkei €“ The river mouth as well as Skimmingtons are still reporting good catches of Kob. The Estuaries have also started producing better sized Grunter with the odd Kob happy to take a StrikePro Top Water lure. Bigger Shad are also on the prowl and the non-edible Anglers aren€™t complaining about the various species of Sharks which they are catching.

Ski-boat and Paddle-Ski

With the odd days allowing Paddlers and Skippers to get onto the water, all have put the time to good use. There have been a few Tuna still around, with a rare Snoek, although Garrick seem to be quiet abundant as usual near the river mouths. The good news is that the Garrick aren€™t deep and this allows both Paddlers and Skippers alike equal opportunity to target these clean fighting fish.

North €“ Zinkwazi, Westbrooke have seemed to be the most productive for the Garrick, the majority of the Skippers and Paddlers are targeting these fish on the ever abundant Shad and live Maasbunkers. Once again Skippers and Paddlers should be aware when fishing the backline to look out for that rogue wave, as it could seriously ruin a good days fishing.

Central €“ With the ever hopeful night rated Skippers trying their best to target Daga and Geelbek, very few of these fish have been boated, due to the heavy presence of Sharks. The deeper wrecks seem to have a few less Sharks, so why not give these a try. The well-known bait marks are not producing large quantities of Tuna but definitely quality over quantity as most of these fish are 20 plus kilos.

South €“ The Protea Banks area has been producing some nice fish and Aliwal Shoal area has not been too far behind. There are still fair amounts of bait fish, although smaller baits seem to be snapped up very quickly by the Shad.

Durban Bay €“ Bay Anglers who are in the €œright clique€ have found a few Garrick on live Maasbunker. The Grunter gunners have also seen some better sized fish coming out around the centre bank area. Anglers fishing from the side have also managed a few better sized Grunter with still a few pesky Shad taking any non-Cracker Shrimp bait.



Mnini Dam, located within 15 kms from Amanzimtoti, is hosting its 7th Annual Bass Classic over the weekend of 5th and 6th October 2013. Thousands of Rands are available for the biggest overall bass and the heaviest bags of 5 bass on each day. Lucky draw prizes will be handed out on presentation day, the 6th of October. Entry fee is R350 per 2 man team and covers both days and use of own boat. Boats and motors are available for hire as well. Entry and rules forms are available at bait and tackle shops in the ‘Toti/Warner Beach/Montclair area. Entry on the day at dam possible as well.

For more information phone Ron Wilson on 083 300 7528

Fly-fishing €“ It would seem that summer has arrived early, as all the local dams are fishing well, with the typical summer patterns. The Fly-fisherman have also taken note of what the report said, and have started targeting some Carp on the scum lines using a stealth approach and well directed casts.

Bass €“ Goudetrou by far is the pick of the week with some lovely sized fish coming out. These fish do not seem fazed by what type of lure and have taken anything from top water lures to bigger flukes fished deeper in the water column.

Carp €“ The recent Mt Edgecombe competition took place last weekend. Although well attended, there weren€™t too many fish that were caught; this is probably due to the weather conditions not being too favourable. Well done to all the winners.

Tiger-fishing €“ A fair amount of activity took place as a number of people extended their weekends to make a long weekend. Reports received were of good catches, mainly caught on Tigga-wakka spoons, either fished plain or with a Sardine fillet/Chicken Breast attached. These holidays are probably a good time to plan a trip here as the fish are on the bite and the rains have not yet come.

Fishy Fact

What happened to the Sardines this year? The annual phenomenon did not make a huge appearance this year, and after speaking to the fundi€™s their info was: due to the water temperature not dropping quickly enough as well as a significantly colder current deeper out to sea, the fish may have indeed passed us by, although too deep for the netting boats to get them. This is further supported by some of the local boat Anglers catching a few €œNatal Sardines€ when fishing for bait.

Any info about fish caught or competitions in your area please send to mike.pereira@kingfisher.co.za or fax 031- 368 4007.

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