Congratulations to our August winners for the biggest Shad competition, the winning fish was 1.8 kilos, whilst second and third prizes went to the same Angler with two fish one of 1.6 and 1.5 kilos. The September competition has got off to a flying start with a lovely fish of 2.94 kgs currently topping the leader board.  Anglers must keep in mind that the Shad season closes at the end of the month and also to be aware of size and bag limits when targeting these fish. Other news from North and South is mixed catches with some spots producing fish using unconventional fishing methods.

Rock and Surf

St Lucia/Cape Vidal €“ Both areas have seen some edible fish, mainly at night, especially at Vidal, south of the Lighthouse. Cave Bass, Stumpnose, Kob and a few small Kingfish have all come out.

Mapelane €“ Shad here are out of control, but the majority of these fish are still undersized. Reports of good catches of Kob in the 20 kilo range were also received.

Richards Bay €“ Having a better run than last week, with Milkies, Shad and Kob of all sizes being on the bite. Obviously these fish are being caught when the conditions are right.

Zinkwazi €“ Besides the two beautiful Shad that came out here in late August, there has not been much fishing being done and only a handful of Grey Sharks have been caught in the evenings.

Ballito €“ Another area which has been popular for Shad as well as some Bronze Bream in the daylight and early morning hours. The evening session has produced the odd Blue Ray although more plentiful towards the end of last week. These Rays have been caught using smaller size Mustad Big Gun hooks on Kingfisher leader line traces as no wire is required.

Umhloti €“ Although recently off the boil, some Anglers testing for the upcoming postal weekend managed to land some small Brown and Blue Skates and with spring upon us hopefully this area will pick up.

Umhlanga €“ Another area starting to pick up and although a definite summer area, can provide good spring fishing. There have been some Shad and the odd Stumpnose if you are prepared to put the time in and target this species.

Durban Piers €“ With the opening of South Pier there has been an influx to this popular spot with a mixed bag being caught, although Shad has been the main species with Anglers often being beaten by bigger unidentified fish. The rest of the piers have seen action in the form of Shad and smaller bait fish.

Beachfront €“ Has seen not as much action as the piers with the odd Grey Shark and some Blue Rays at night. Early morning has seen a little bit of Shad activity with very few edible fish coming out at night.

Toti/Winkelspruit €“ Both of these areas are still picking up Garrick on live baits, yet the Winkel area is still top of the pops for number of fish caught. The Garrick seem to be feeding only in the early mornings €“ at day break. As Anglers targeting these fish in the evenings after work have not had much success.

Umkomaas €“ Home of the big Shad. The September Shad competition leader board fish was caught here over the weekend. Reports have also been received of nice catches of Shad with a few Kob also coming out and very small Grunter, using the Kingfisher Saltwater Grunter trace with Cracker Shrimp as bait.

Scottburgh €“ There are still a few Shad coming out in the early mornings for the Spinning enthusiasts. The Kingfisher S-bend spoon, still rated tops on a slow retrieve, in order to give it the right action.    For inedible Anglers the odd Blue and Diamond Skate have also come out.

Port Shepstone €“ Still a fair number of Shad coming out for the early morning risers. The evening sessions have seen a few Kob caught on Rapala€™s or the ever Green McArthy 6 inch paddle tail using a one and a half or two ounce Kingfisher hook jig head. Remember when fishing a paddle tail it is a very slow retrieve in order to keep the lure as low in the water as possible.

Port Edward/Margate €“ Has seen a lot of Anglers up with the sun targeting the Shad, the traditional Shad traces seem to now have been swapped for a drift bait system in order to target these fish. Some exciting fishing has been experienced by fishermen there and a lot of activity is taking place in our sea. On the backline bait fish are very present even with birds diving and much whale and dolphin activity. Shad are still biting well yet some days a bit scarce, no doubt that they have been drawn away by baitfish which at times are close enough to cast into.


Kite fishermen have had a lot of action and Yellowfin Tuna  the target as one of 15kg’s came out amongst many strikes made. Another angler landed a Prodigal Son  of 18kg’s from Splash Rock and a few Garrick  are also being caught. With the warmer months approaching the estuary will start producing more fish and if anything like last season, top water lures will be the way to go.

Transkei €“ With Postal coming up this weekend, a lot of Anglers are keen to know what is coming out. Reports received are of some nice Kob, Garrick, and bigger sized Shad for the edibles; whilst some big Sharks have also been around, preferring bigger slide baits or smaller swim baits. 

Ski-boat and Paddle-Ski

With strong winds at the end of the week, it seemed that the weekends fishing would be lost, yet certain spots did allow Skippers to launch and target the plentiful bait fish in the form of Red eyes and Mackerel. Generally the fishing has been good and with the start of spring can only get better into the summer months.

North €“ Reports from the North are of improved Snoek fishing with some good daily catches for both Paddlers and Skippers alike. The Daga and bottom fishing has also started to improve, with some of the more unusual suspects also coming out. There have also been a few Garrick coming out on live baits as usual, near the river mouths.

Central €“ Local Anglers Lloyd Pereira (of ASFN fame) had a very good weekend, landing a beautiful Rubber lips of 6 kgs, a Daga of just over 18 and a magnificent Mussel Cracker measuring 30+ kgs. Well done Lloyd on some excellent fish. The Blue Lagoon area has also started to pick up as it usually does this time of year. Anglers can now target Garrick as well.  The Geelbek and Daga are coming out, yet there are still problems with the Taxman who seems to be doing extended audits.

South €“ Reports have been received of good catches of Garrick. Both live baits and artificial are holding their own. With the abundance of Shad this is still proving to be the best live bait around. Bottom fishing in this area has been very productive with the usual suspects Slinger, Soldiers, Rock Cod and the odd Mussel Cracker also coming out.

Durban Bay €“ Confirmed reports of two lovely Garrick caught on live Maasbunker by Mike Pereira over the weekend has definitely seen bay fishing conditions improve. Sunday afternoon near the centre bank saw 3 Grunter in the 2 to 4 kilo range come out. There are still a large number of juvenile Grunter on the bite as well.  For Anglers fishing from the side in the newly opened areas, there have been some Shad, small Stumpnose and a few Sand Gurnitts.



Fly-fishing €“ Fly fishing news this week. Alex McMullen from The Kingfisher fished at Carpetbaggers in the Midlands. He had some very good fishing with all the fish averaging over 2 kilos. Otherwise in general the Berg has been fishing very well, with lots of orange being used in the various fly selections. Closer to home, Hazelmere dam saw some good Bass coming out on the far side up against the cliffs. Most of these fish were targeted on dry poppers.

Carp €“ With a good cold, chilly winter behind us and some really stunning fish caught by guys putting in the time. Spring is now here and the fish will be going into spawn. They will be dropping their eggs, so Anglers should capitalise now before they lose all their winter weight. With spring will be warmer water so steer clear of fish meal baits and move back to particles as the Barbel will be rampant. The sweeter summer flavours will come into their own and bright bottom baits should be used. The more time spent at the water the better the results.

Bass €“ The recent Albert Falls Bass competition held over the end of August weekend was well attended. Congratulations to all that took part and the winning fish weighed in at a wonderful 4.4 kgs. Before planning your next outing, to the local dams which are producing some quality fish, be sure to contact Msinsi Officials as some of the dams do close for the annual Bass spawn period.

Tiger-fishing €“ A lot of Anglers have started planning their trips to Pongola/Jozini to target Tiger fish. This is the right time of year before the water gets too dirty when the summer rains arrive. It is also prior to the fish moving into the rivers to spawn.

Fishy Fact

The Spotted Climbing Perch aka the Climbing Gourami or Walking fish, is a truly unusual fish in that it can leave the waterhole once it has dried up and walk to another waterhole. This fish that lives in oxygen poor water therefore cannot receive enough oxygen is able to breathe airs for hours at a time in order to supplement their oxygen intake, which assists them when they use their strong pectoral fins to crawl overland in search of better water.

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