If anyone said that October would be this windy, people would laugh at them. Although towards the end of the week, the winds did kick up, we did have some time this past week where the weather was amicable to those wanting to throw a line. With the Shad season closed, Garrick have been caught on various other live baits including Karanteen and Blacktail. With a large number of Brown Skates around, summer is definitely here.

Rock and Surf

Kosibay €“ Is definitely getting off to a great build-up for summer. Some of the clubs who fished this area in the recent Postal event, saw some nice edibles, small Kingfish, the odd Pompano and a few Stumpnose were also in the mix.

St Lucia/Cape Vidal €“ These were popular spots this past weekend, due to Anglers being well aware of big winds coming through on Sunday. There were large numbers of Brown Skates, some Honeycombes and giant Guitarfish or Sand Sharks, which kept the various Anglers on their toes.

Richards Bay €“ Also seeing the same summer seasonal fish: Brown Skates, Honeycombes, with the odd Raggy. The edible Anglers are still trying their luck with the Paddletails and Saltwater Kob traces to target the few Kob around.

Zinkwazi €“ Fishing has improved here a bit with a few Brown Skates and the odd Honeycombe also coming out. A lucky Angler also managed to land a beautiful Stumpnose of just under 4 kilos, using a Mole crab or Sea lice as bait.

Ballito €“ A handful of Grey Sharks were all that were reported during last week in this popular spot. As the weather warms up, this is definitely a spot to watch, especially on an incoming tide.

Umhlanga €“ The edible Anglers have started fish here with a lot more enthusiasm and there have been reports of Stumpnose, bigger Blacktail and still some nice Brusher coming out.

Blue Lagoon €“ This spot is my pick of the week for targeting Garrick as Anglers are able to net live Mullet in the river, a few metres away. These live baits are often slid on the Saltwater Garrick trace, which has been used to great effect in landing the Garrick that seemed to have camped in this area.

Durban Piers €“ Although the majority of the Anglers fishing here have been targeting edibles, they too have come up against the Brown Skates and smaller Honeycombes. These fish usually come into shallower waters seeking warmer water in order to try and target smaller bait fish.

Bluff €“ The Ansteys€™ area last week saw some Bronze Bream, although not plentiful. Anglers fishing in the dark have also been catching some nice Lantern fish or Cave Bass using the smaller Mustad hooks, size 1 and 1.0.

Toti/Winkelspruit €“ Although very quiet of late, a beautiful Kob was caught here which although not confirmed was estimated at over 30 kilos – truly a very memorable catch for the Angler.

Umkomaas €“ The river mouth has seen some Brown Skate activity with a few juvenile Grunter also making an appearance. Late evening has seen some smaller Snapper Salmon and the Ledges on the right hand side, also seeing some good Skate activity.

Scottburgh €“ Still seeing some good Grey Shark activity with some Blue Skates making an appearance. Edible Anglers have landed the odd Stumpnose with either a small Prawn and Chokka combo or whole Sealice bait.

Port Shepstone €“ Although not fishing as well as earlier weeks, there have still been some Kob coming out and typical for this time of the year the Flat fish have started coming out as well.

Transkei €“ The Hole-in-the-Wall area and many of the further South points have seen lots of action from Hammerhead Sharks and bigger Grey

Sharks. Edible Anglers are still catching the odd Bronze Bream although plenty of Shad have resulted in a lot of bite offs. There are still some Kob around for those Anglers wishing to fish for the Pan.

Ski-boat and Paddle-Ski

Sighting Snoek has left Skippers and Paddlers tearing their hair out, as these fish seem to be sunbathing, as they will not eat fillet, spoon or anything else presented to them. There has however, been some good catches of Garrick and still a few big Yellowfin Tuna hanging around the bait marks.

North €“ There have been very good catches of Garrick along the North Coast, these fish are still being targeted right on the backline with live baits such as Mozzies etc. Reports have also been received of some nice sized Daga Salmon. Most of these fish are being hooked just as the sun sets. Although the Sharks are a problem, a quick fight and hasty retrieve is your best option to this fish on the boat in one piece.

Central €“ The bait marks have still produced the odd big Yellowfin Tuna, although they are definitely not as plentiful. The deep wrecks are also good to Skippers that are night-rated in the form of Geelbek and Daga, either on whole Sardine or fresh live baits.

South €“ There are still some Snoek at Greenpoint, although they are there, they seem to have a case of lock jaw. The few that have been caught have fallen to either fillet or spoon, especially in the early mornings. The bottom fishing has also been good, with some Geelbek at night and the odd Musselcracker €“ all of these fish being caught on live baits.

Durban Bay €“ The bay has been somewhat quiet for Anglers targeting Garrick and the Grunter fisherman have seen smaller sized fish than to that which they are accustomed. It seems that the Brown Skates have also found their way into the Bay and these fish on a Daiwa 7ft Rod and 3000 size Reel can be exceptional fun, especially on 10 or 12 pound line. A slightly looser drag with the initial run could save you from being snapped off.


Fly-fishing €“ For those fly-fisherman fishing still waters, now is the time to be using floating and intermediate lines as the Trout are more active during the cooler parts of the day i.e. morning and evening. If there are midges hatching, then try a White Death on a floating line as this can be very productive. During a Midge hatch these fish can ignore everything except a Midge imitation. A Minnow pattern is also a very good bet, so keep this in mind when targeting still water.

Bass €“ With many stories of good Bass coming out all over the country, the local Natal waters seem to produce the bigger fish. Both Goudetrou and Inanda have been kind to Anglers with many a €œPB€ being broken. The post spawn Bassing has been better than the last few years. The water masses have also been heating up much faster due to some early warmer days in September and October. Five fish bags at Goudetrou has seen some 12 €“ 17kg totals being put on the board.

Carp €“ With some of the dams still experiencing an active spawning session, fishing can become quite difficult. Usually spawning lasts a month, but can change from venue to venue. When this occurs, try fish tight up to weeds and if you notice any action, try and fish as close as you can to its proximity with strong scented baits to raise their interest. Use ground feed sparingly and the Korda Goo as well as Marukyu SFA430 are good choices during this time. Another trick is to try and soak hook baits before a session so that they start creating a scent as soon as they hit the water.

Tiger-fishing €“ Anglers made good use of their time at Jozini during the last week. Favourite lures have been the Strike-Pro surface lures and Sardine fillets fished on an African Lure Tiger spoon and for those in the know smaller live baits. Some nice fish have come out, ranging in the kilo to 4 kilo range and an unlucky Angler lost a beautiful fish estimated at 4.5 kilos, while trying to net this beauty.

Fishy Fact

Talk about a diverse diet. A scientist overseas who has bisected over 200 Mako Sharks has listed the following items as some the stranger items being found in their stomachs: a 200lb Sea-lion, 24 Pork Chops (wrapped in paper), a salad, and a bullet. Great Whites have also been found to contain number plates, pieces of net, beer cans and soft drink bottles. How is that for eclectic?

Any info about fish caught or competitions in your area please email to mike.pereira@kingfisher.co.za or fax 031- 368 4007.

There are a few great TV fishing shows on at the moment, here are a few that are certainly worth watching.

1) The new series of Hier Gaan Ons Alweer with Petri de Wet premieres Monday evenings at 17:30 on kykNet, channel 144 and there are a number of repeats during the week. Series 12 runs for three months, ending on the 30th December 2013. As most of you know, Petri and his guests cover various angling styles in and around southern Africa.

2) ASFN Season 2 premiers on Monday nights at 19:30 on Super Sport 8, channel 208. Be sure not to miss it, this show covers a variety of angling facets every week and there are six rebroadcasts during the week.

3) Freespool, presented by Mark de la Hay premiers Thursday nights at 19:00 on channel 208, Mark is a very talented angler and covers most facets of angling in and around southern Africa.

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