With some good weather in the beginning of last week, a lot of the spinning enthusiasts were out trying their luck to target some Snoek from the beach. From Thursday onwards the weather took a turn with stronger winds and rain. This did not allow for too much fishing but those that ventured out did land a few fish, so well done to the true Anglers. Pretty much along the entire coast it€™s a duplicate of last week as the summer season continues.

Rock and Surf

Kosibay €“ With the large amount of three-spot Pompano or Wave Garrick still in the area, some of the Bassing fraternity have started to use their Daiwa 2500 sized Reels as well as the Crossfire or Laguna 7ft medium-heavy Rods. The Wave Garrick gives a very good account of itself, especially on light tackle using smaller McArthy Drop shots.

St Lucia/Cape Vidal €“ Probably one of the better spots for the non-edible Anglers who have managed to get their hands on some Snoek heads (thanks to the Paddlers). Black Fin Sharks often jump and spin when hooked so make sure that your line is tight and be prepared for a strong fight. There are also some fish as yet unidentified which local Anglers have €œnamed€ uncontrollable.

Richards Bay €“ Probably my pick of the week, as there have been various species coming out. Grunter on Cracker Shrimps whilst Kob, Brown Skates and Milkies have all come out on Chokka combo baits. Just to mix things up there have also been a few big Sand Sharks when the conditions have been right. 

Zinkwazi €“ Locals here are still getting a few Grey Sharks, although not as plentiful as last week, this could be due to the adverse weather although the water is quite a bit cleaner. With the past bad weather hopefully this spot will pick up and return to its former glory.

Umhloti/Ballito €“ These two areas are still a bit quiet for summer time with reports of only a few Grey Sharks, the odd Brown Skate and the typical summer Sand Shark. This is a definite area to watch in coming weeks especially on the right tide in the late afternoon sessions.

Umhlanga €“ Anglers have still persisted and it seems that persistence does pay off. A local Angler using Redeye cutlets and Chokka landed a beautiful Stumpy of just over 5 kgs. The non-edible Anglers still using the Saltwater Sport Grey Shark Trace have been having a bit of luck especially late afternoon/early evening.

Beachwood/Virginia €“ Virginia saw a lot less action with the Snoek off the beach, possibly due to tides changing with lows and highs not quite falling into place. The Beachwood area saw a bit more action with evening sessions being more productive. There were also a few Grey Sharks caught at both spots. These being smaller fish up to about 6 kgs.

Durban Piers €“ Anglers fishing off the Piers have managed to get some better sized Grunter and also a nice Pompano of just over 2 kilos. Maasbunker and small Red fish have been stripping baits and the odd juvenile Skate has also been caught. South Pier is still fishing very well with a good number of Stumpies and the odd big Grunter. Please remember that you do require the correct permit in order to fish off of this pier.

Durban Beachfront €“ Has also been very quiet, with only a handful of Grunter coming out.  The stretch in front of the hospital seems to be the most productive with Cracker and Japanese Mackerel being the preferred baits. There seems to be a lot of Maasbunker and smaller bait fish which are stripping even well-presented baits without the Angler feeling it.

Bluff €“ Has been cleaned up nicely and Anglers have been able to fish in their favourite local spots. Karanteen and some Stone Bream were the main species caught whilst one Angler on a light outfit fought a Blacktip Kingfish for over 20 minutes, until he was unfortunately cut off on the rocks.


Toti/Winkelspruit €“ Both areas still off the bite compared to this time last year. The only fish reported are the odd Brown Skate and a handful of Grey Sharks in the late evening. Winkelspruit bay area is known for the bigger Sandies so watch this spot in the weeks to come.

Umkomaas €“ Anglers fishing at the mouth have had a mixed bag with small Grunter and the odd Snapper Salmon. Strangely enough the Saltwater Sport Stumpnose trace which has been used to target Stumpnose is working very well in this area. The Ledges have not seen much action with only a few small Skates and a Lesser Sand Shark.

Scottburgh €“ Another spot which seems to have had a mixed bag €“ Blue and Brown Skates as well as a few small to medium sized Sand Sharks. Due to it being closed season the large amount of Shad in the area have really been a pest, biting Anglers off that aren€™t using wire.

Port Shepstone €“ With water still quite dirty in the area, not many fish have come out. Main species have been Bronze Bream and the odd bigger Stone Bream. The area in front of the station produced some bigger sized Blacktail in the beginning of the week.

Port Edward €“ Here too Anglers are suffering with the closed season Shad, yet the good news is that there are only a few more days until the magical 1 December open season. Most of these Shad have been caught on Slide-baits such as whole Mackerel or bigger Redeye in the hope of targeting Grey Sharks or maybe a magical Couta.

Transkei €“ Reports received indicate that there are still Sharks on most of the deep water points. There are also some Kob around with the Port St Johns area still producing fair numbers of these fish. Anglers have targeted bigger Greys using a whole Mackerel or if lucky enough to get their hands on them some smaller Bonito.

Ski-boat and Paddle-Ski

Paddlers and Skippers suffering the same fate as the Rock and Surf Anglers were left doing maintenance for the greater part of the weekend due to the adverse weather. For those Paddlers and Skippers able to get out during the earlier part of the week there were some Snoek and the odd Blacktip Kingfish. Hopefully the next few weeks will see less wind and better weather patterns and enable the guys to do what they do best.

North €“ The North Coast has produced a mixed bag of species, such as Dorado, Wahoo, Sailfish and the odd Couta. Many of these fish have been caught using artificial baits such as trolling lures such as Kingfisher Rattlers and H2O€™s, especially the blue and white mirror-jet. Another lure which is working very well is the Mahi. This could be due to the colour of the water as not many fish were caught on baits.

Central €“ Guys fishing the central area have still been able to land some Snoek with smaller Shoal Couta also in the mix. Skippers fishing deeper have also landed some Daga and Geelbek with the odd bigger Yellowfin Tuna also being boated.

South €“ The Aliwal Shoal has produced a couple of lively Wahoo. Preferred bait for these fish has been Bonnies. The small Yamashita lures have really started working well to catch the Bonnies. The Protea banks are also fishing well for Yellowfin Tuna. Unfortunately, Sharks have been out collecting tax so a hard pull and fast wind could perhaps stop you from being audited.

Durban Bay €“ Make sure you have got your entries in the Christmas Bay Classic in order to qualify for your goody bag. Fishing has improved in the bay with big Grunter in amongst the smaller fish. Anglers from the side have seemed to be on a par with those fishing from boats. The Canal entrance has seen a lot of Mullet activity with some lovely fish up to 2 kilos being caught on a drift trace. Although not particularly edible, they are great fun on light tackle.



Fly-fishing €“ It would seem that with no reports of big fish coming out this past week, it has certainly been the week for Stockies and smaller fish throughout the Midlands. These smaller fish have reportedly come out on the summer streamer patterns such as Woolley Bugger, Mrs Simpsons and Hammels. With the recent rainfalls, the previously closed river sections are now open and fishing well. On the salt water side, anglers with access to boats have been fishing centre bank in the harbour and have caught a few Springer while the BAT centre area €“ big eye and green spot Kingfish have also fallen to the fly. Please be aware of the areas you are fishing as the regulations are still in place.

Carp €“ During these months where the temperature changes rapidly, fish are not caught on a consistent pattern or bait. The best method or technique to target fish is to vary your presentation. Do this by using multiple baits in your swim for example, four Rods with a combination of Boilies, Tiganuts, Maize and Popups. The Korda Goo is also great to add to your spread as the different flavours will entice bites at different times of the day as well as pressure patterns. Once you have established which baits are most effective try changing two or more Rods to the preferred pick of the day.

Tiger-fishing €“ The dam level has risen quite nicely €“ the inlets still fishing well, whilst some Anglers have had good catches in the deeper channels. Live baits are by far the top choice for the bigger fish. Average size fish are still falling to the Copper Spoon with either Sardine or Chicken fillet tied to the hook.

Bass €“ Some tips when using plastic lures for Bass: This time of season, use a big 10.5 or 11 inch worms. If the water is clean, go for natural and not €œin-your-face€ colours like water melon seed. Also an alternative is to use the various flecks like red/gold, Madris Gras, etc. If the water is discoloured go for darker colours such as Dune Bug, Black or Green Pumpkin. Crank baits are also productive when you have selected your lure €“ think of the shape and profile of the smaller bait species and mimic them with your lure. Spinner baits can also be very productive now as there are shoals of bait fish around. Remember the difference between Colorado and Willow blade patterns. The Colorado is a slower retrieve, whilst the Willow is fast.

Fishy Fact

2013 may have been quiet in your neck of the woods, but think of these monster catches that have been caught this year. A 434 Pound, 150 year old Halibut, caught in Norway, a 220 pound Cat fish caught and released in Slovakia and a 1323 pound Mako Shark caught off Huntingtons Beach, California €“ This Shark was 11 feet long and 8 feet around its midsection. This catch is set to be the new world record replacing the existing Mako record of 1221 pounds caught in July 2001 off the coast of Catham, Massachusetts.

Any info about fish caught or competitions in your area please email to mike.pereira@kingfisher.co.za or fax 031- 368 4007.

There are a few great TV fishing shows on at the moment, here are a few that are certainly worth watching.

1) The latest series of Hier Gaan Ons Alweer with Petri de Wet premieres Monday evenings at 17:30 on kykNet, channel 144 and there are a number of repeats during the week. Series 12 runs for three months, ending on the 30th December 2013. As most of you know, Petri and his guests cover various angling styles in and around southern Africa.

2) ASFN Season 2 premiers on Monday nights at 19:30 on Super Sport 8, channel 208. Be sure not to miss it, this show covers a variety of angling facets every week and there are six rebroadcasts during the week.

3) Freespool, presented by Mark de la Hay premiers Thursday nights at 19:00 on channel 208, Mark is a very talented angler and covers most facets of angling in and around southern Africa.

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