The Kingfisher wishes all it€™s patrons happy holidays and a prosperous New Year. On the fishing side the Rock and Surf guys have had a real good run both North and South with good catches of Sand Sharks, bigger Grunter, Shad and Pompano. The weather seems to have settled down and for most, the holidays have already begun and the Christmas shopping is a thing of the past.

Rock and Surf

Kosibay €“ The edible Anglers are finally getting their turn with some lovely Speckled Snappers as well as some big Blackfin Sharks for the non-edible Anglers. There are also various Kingfish species, which are great for light tackle angling.

St Lucia/Cape Vidal €“ This popular holiday spot is literally fully booked and the up country visitors have put the Kingfisher spoons to good test. The V-back Spoons are working well for Shad and the Jet Spoons for the smaller Kingfish species. Typically a 9ft Rod such as the DAIWA Megaforce with a 3000 size Reel and appropriate braid is giving the guy€™s hours of fun.

Richards Bay €“ The beach area like most spots in the North produced some good sized Sand Sharks, although not as many as other spots. Late afternoon Anglers caught a few nice Shad with some small Milkies amongst the Shad.

Nonoti €“ This spot is on fire! Those in the know have begged, borrowed or bought cars to get there. The Sandies are loose with many Anglers catching a number of fish during a session. Local Angler Alex van Rensburg caught a beautiful male Sandie of 60 kilos on Saturday. Other unnamed Anglers also got their fair share on Sunday morning using whole Redeye as bait. The DAIWA Windcast reel filled with 600m of 48lbs Gator braid and Poseidon 3 Medium Spin Rod has proven to be a fantastic outfit for targeting these fish.

Zinkwazi €“ There were also a few Sandies caught here although smaller fish by comparison to Nonoti. There have also been some Shad in the mornings for those up early and the late evenings a few Grey Sharks. 

Umhloti/Ballito €“ Both spots proved a lot less popular due to the restrictions on fishing hours and lack of parking due to visitors. Those in the know fished the quieter spots and managed to get some Skates and a few small Sand Sharks.  Ballito also saw a few Pompano for the early morning risers.

Umhlanga €“ Somewhat off the boil this week, there were some Grey Sharks early in the week and a few Shad in the morning, whilst the end of the week saw a lot less activity with only a few small Shad and the odd Grey Shark being reported.

Virginia/Beachwood €“ As these beaches are fairly close together, many Anglers are not sure exactly where they fish. There have been some bigger Shad at Virginia whilst Beachwood which is closer to Blue Lagoon saw some good sized Shad although only in ones and twos.

Blue Lagoon €“ The North bank has seen some good activity with bigger Shad as well as a few Grunter in the 4 plus kilo range. This spot is tide governed as crossing the river on high tide is not always the easiest. Due to the restricted parking area this spot has not been fished as much as usual.

Durban Piers €“ Anglers fishing off the pier have also managed to get some better sized Grunter and they too have seen their fair share of the big Shad. A local Angler named Ronny caught a lovely fish of just over 6 kilos on a Sardine drift bait.

Durban Beachfront €“ With the vast amount of beach goers, Anglers have been forced to seek alternative spots to fish away from the crowds or to wait until bathers have left the beach. Some swimmers that have been amongst the Anglers have been shocked to see Sand Sharks, small Grey Sharks and the odd edible being caught where they were swimming.

Bluff €“ The Bluff is still holding its own with some Shad in the morning session, whilst on the low tide Kingfish can be seen chasing smaller bait fish. There are still a few Stumpnose around. This safe spot is ideal to take the younger Anglers as the Karanteen and Blacktail are plentiful and this keeps the kids engaged as they are not having to wait for a bite.

Toti/Winkelspruit €“ Toti beach front especially the swimming pool is a very popular spot and has not let down locals and visitors alike. There have been Shad in the morning and a few Greys in the late evening. Junior Anglers have had great fun with Dropshots, especially the McArthy Bloodworm targeting Blacktail and juvenile Stumpnose.

Umkomaas €“ Fishing definitely improved this last week, especially in the €œSlipperies€ area with some good catches of Grunter between 2 and 5 kilos.   The river mouth has also seen a few small Sand Sharks in the 5 to 10 kilo range, whilst the ledges have had some fish hooked but unfortunately cut off on the rocks.

Scottburgh/Umdoni €“ Both points are back to normal and fishing well. Typical for this time of year, there are some small Shad with a few bigger Shad in between. Not many Sand Sharks down South here, but hopefully these areas will see them soon.

Port Shepstone €“ A bit tight this last week with small Kob and some Shad as reported by locals. There have also been a few small Sharks probably Milkies or juvenile Grey Sharks.

Transkei €“ With plenty of locals leaving the crowds behind this is definitely my pick of the week. Reports received are of good catches of Garrick still, whilst there are also lots of Kob and big Shad. The estuaries have also been producing fish. For the non-edible Anglers the sky is the limit especially Hole-in-the-Wall and Mazeppa bay as the summer months produce the bigger Sharks.

Ski-boat and Paddle-Ski

What a week. Whether it be paddle power or horse power, everyone has got their fair share of fish. Some taxed heavily whilst others have gotten off lightly. Tuna, Dorado, Wahoo, the odd Snoek and good bottom fishing were the talk of the town.

North €“ The Skippers saw some Stripey and Sailfish activity as well as some Blue Marlin. Bigger Yellowfin Tuna have also come out and the Kingfisher Rattler lures have come into their own. Most of the fish either being caught on Conas or bigger Rattler lures. Those lucky enough to have caught some good live baits have also been successful.  Umhloti and Zinkwazi have proven good hunting grounds for the Paddlers with the odd Snoek and big Yellowfin Tuna as well as dodgy Dorado.

Central €“ Yellowfin Tuna in the top 20 kilo range as well as some nice Dorado have been caught off the bait marks. Skippers have also still been getting good catches of Dorado amongst the ships and especially around floating debris. The bottom fish Anglers have caught some nice size Reds as well as a few big Rock Cod over 5 kilos.

South €“ Reports have been favourable in and around Aliwal Shoal and the Pennington area. Yellowfin Tuna which have been feeding on bait balls. Dorado on Halco Poppers and the new Halco Skim Stick. Bait fish being a lot more plentiful down South are being put to good use too.

Durban Bay €“ With the better weather it seems that the better fish have also arrived. Anglers have reported good catches of Grunter, especially on the Cracker Shrimp baits, in and around centre bank. Anglers from the side have used small StrikePro top water lures to target blue and green spot Kingfish as well as a few €œMike the Pike€. An excellent spot to take the youngsters as it is not usually crowded and even with Dropshot to target Sand Gurnitts a great time can be had.



Fly-fishing €“ With the holidays upon us, many Anglers are going to fish new waters. One of these popular spots is Sterkfontein dam. The main type of angling done here is naturally Fly-fishing for Yellows both small and large mouth. This venue is one of the best in the world for sight fishing and must be experienced to appreciate it. A 4/5 weight Kingfisher Mayfly Rod and floating line with small beetle patterns or dry fly€™s work exceptionally well.

Carp €“ With a number of the dams inundated with visitors, Anglers will try their best to protect their swim. The warmer water generally pushes fish into deeper spots where the visibility is not as good. Scented baits come into their own and presentation is not so critical. A good amount of ground feed will also keep the fish in your swim.

Tiger-fishing €“ Jozini being far North, experiences a lot warmer conditions and hence fishing is restricted to early morning and late afternoon in order to evade the heat. Copper spoons in the early morning as the sun comes up are very effective as the fish cannot easily identify these spoons. Another trick is to fish the late afternoon in channels of deeper water using Poppers or surface lures to draw the fish up.

Bass €“ For Art lure Anglers wishing to target Bass, be aware of water temperature and colour. This last week saw little rain so water should be clearer although getting warmer throughout the day. Start the morning sessions with top water lures and move onto deeper lures as the water temperature rises.

Fishy Fact

With Sand Sharks being the most popular non-edible specie at the moment, here is some interesting information. A Sand Shark which measures 75cm was caught on the Durban Beachfront. This fish was hooked a year later at Umkomaas and had grown to 125cm. Although the distance travelled was not great, the fish had obviously been feeding quite well.

A year after its second re-capture it was caught a 3rd time on the North Coast and had grown to 155cm. Is this a local fish or what?

Any info about fish caught or competitions in your area please email to mike.pereira@kingfisher.co.za or fax 031- 368 4007.

There are a few great TV fishing shows on at the moment, here are a few that are certainly worth watching.

ASFN is taking a well-deserved break and will be back on the 13th January 2014. Freespool, presented by Mark de la Hay premiers Thursday nights at 19:00 on channel 208, Mark is a very talented angler and covers most facets of angling in and around southern Africa.

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