With 2014 well on its way and most of our locals back from holiday, it is nice to see the fishing starting off strong. Despite weather conditions this last week some good results have come through.

Rock n’ Surf.

Kosi Bay €“ Kosi is known this time of the year for its massive Kingfish smashes and excellent Shark angling, however things have been in favour of the light tackle anglers over the last week, with plenty of smaller species keeping the anglers occupied. Bone fish, Stumpies, Grunter and smaller Kingies have been the top contenders thus far.

Cape Vidal – Vidal has been producing numbers of Sandy’s and Honeycombs on slide baits as well as throw baits. Get in on the action and try out some of these fish on spinning outfits for some great fun! Good reports of bigger Kingies coming out on live baits more frequently, with a few of these specimens tipping the scales at over 20kgs.

Richards Bay – With the NE winds blowing as strong as they have been, the Brown Rays, Honeycombs and Sandy’s have really turned on. Smaller edibles have been coming out in between the flat fish. 

Zinkwazi – A steady run of Grey Sharks and flat fish of all sizes have been coming out from this area even with the with the sea up and winds blowing.

Umhloti – Water conditions at Umhloti have been up and down, with the dis-coloured water moving in, the inedibles are sure to come onto the bite shortly. With a 2,5m swell and strong currents, very few paddle skis launched.

Umhlanga €“ Anglers fishing off Lighthouse have pulled out some impressive Sharks and edibles too. Stumpies have been the main target species and some good specimens of over 3kgs coming out on sea lice.

Virginia – Over the last week some very nice Pompano and flat fish have been landed. Due to the heavy  side wash, large sinkers or grapnels had to be used by anglers to secure a bait in the zone.

Blue Lagoon – Unfortunately due to all of the rain waters washing down the river, the water in the Blue Lagoon area was very discoloured, however a few anglers were successful using red eye Sards as bait and hooked into a few flat fish and Grey Sharks. Fishermen walking north and south to find cleaner water were rewarded with some Kingies on Sea Iron spoons and Kingfisher Pro Jet spoons.

Durban – Being somewhat sheltered from the north and south east winds, seemed to be the most pleasant of areas to fish. Anglers using red-eye sardine and Chokka baits were successful with not only inedibles, Stumpies, Pompano and Grunter too.

Bluff– A few Shad and Rockcod to show for the efforts of the Bluff guys, with some big inedibles around to stretch the arms of the unexpecting angler. A nice Kingy of 13kgs was landed on live Blacktail on Thursday.

Toti – Expecting to pick up shortly, with no real catches to write home about. Shad still around.

Port Shepstone – Bronze Bream, Shad and Kingfish in the area. Bronze Bream seem to be in abundance, but remember- if a Bronzie is being released back into the shoal, it will spook the rest and turn off the bite, so release any fish into rock pools or away from the area being fished. And remember, although excellent eating, always stick to bag limits and size restrictions.

Port Edward – Terry Nel reports that the endless hot sunny days have encouraged many to go fishing and the points and beaches in and around Port Edward have been busy with fishermen. A number of fish have come out including larger Shad and some good sized Bronze Bream. Estuary fishing is really active with large Rock Salmon taking lures such as the strike Pro Arc Minnow ark minnows and poppers. One remarkable fish was a 5kg Rock Salmon by young Aron Pretorius on the boat with his dad Craig.(“On Dad’s” brother).

Transkei – good fishing at the moment in the Transkei, with a lot of big Sharks coming out at Port St Johns and the Gap. Edibles such as Bronze Bream on the bite too. Here€™s a tip for you guys, try dipping your Bronze Bream Prawn bait in “Supercast” banana scent for increased bite rate. 

Ski Boat.

Seas have been big and winds strong, currents screaming and green water has resulted in far less launches than previous weeks. However still a number of successful anglers have found fish.

North –  With the seas being calmer up north than in Durban, more boats were on the water and more fish were landed. Maphelane, Vidal and Richards Bay all seeing good catches of Dorado and Marlin, with some good bottom fishing in between. Vidal seems to be heating up with Couta and with some catches over 20kgs, a good season seems to lie ahead. Richards Bay seeing some good bottoms and game fishing, and the Marlin guys happy with the results they have got.

Central. With the huge reverse current at the moment most guys struggled to get a working pattern. Dorado, Couta and Tuna catches have slowed down substantially but this is partially due to the fact that less boats are launching. Our most productive Tuna ground, Umhloti, has quietened down with the green/grey water moving in, but the odd fish has still come out. Many Marlin sightings at the moment in the deep, with a surprisingly large number of Marlin hook-ups this season.

South – Despite the current, good catches of bottom fish have been seen throughout the week, with Geelbek and Daga still around. Yellowtail have been coming out on Kingfisher Rattlers on the trawl, and live baits intended for Geelbek. Transkei region relatively quiet with the odd Yellowtail.

Durban harbour– Durban bay has been the “go-to” for many anglers with permits. Boats are present in the harbour on any given evening, getting their share of Grunter and other edibles that latch onto their cracker. The Art lure guys having great success with species such as torpedo Scad, Oxeye Tarpon, Kingies, Rock Salmon and Pickhandle Barracuda. Good bites on Strike Pro “Gobi Popper” Halco “Rooster Popper 60/90” and small Rapala/Rattler diving baits.

Fresh Water.
Unlike the conditions  at the sea, fresh water anglers have had their fair share of good angling and pleasant weather over the last week.
Good pre frontal conditions really turned the fish on the bite and many anglers left the water happy with their catches. Early morning next to any dam is a beautiful sight, with all the schools starting again, the dams will be quieter and one can focus on that “big fish” again without too much interruption in and out the water. Some waters have remained stained due to the rains but are showing signs of clearing up.

Some good carp at Inanda dam up to 15kgs have been landed. For the guy just looking to do some standard bank angling, Albert Falls would definitely be on the list with a lot of smaller carp and a handful of really large fish, keeping one busy during the day and throughout the night. Baits like FX, Honey, Juana and Aniseed seem to be producing good numbers in our waters last week. With water temperatures almost peaking, Tigers seem to be on the bite thick and fast. Many anglers getting away for a quick weekend at Jozini Dam, (this is just 3hrs north of Durban on the N2) were pleasantly surprised with the fishing that was experienced and not only did good numbers come out, but decent size fish as well. Two specimens of over 5kgs that have been reported, both came out on live baits towards the dam wall.

Bass anglers around KZN will have long days in the office thinking of the good fishing to be had this coming weekend. With such good fishing being had at Albert Falls and Inanda, who can blame them for wanting to go back for more. Bait fish numbers are high and with the flooding of most bays in Albert Falls, sight fishing in the shallows has been only way too exciting. Spinner baits, crank baits, weightless flukes and top water baits such as Strike Pro’s ” Thaistick” have been producing the goods in the shallows. Reports of a 4,5kg bass from Albert Falls landed on Daiwa Sensor 8lb line and Daiwa Laguna 6ft rod, this is an eexcellent catch on light tackle.

Fishy fact – Fish can taste without even opening their mouths.

Any info about fish caught or competitions in your area please email to mike.pereira@kingfisher.co.za or fax 031- 368 4007.

There are a couple of great TV fishing shows on at the moment, here are a few that are certainly worth watching.
1) ASFN Season 3 premiers on Monday nights at 19:30 on Super Sport 8, channel 208. Be sure not to miss it, this new season will have more time spent on each angling facets every week and there are six rebroadcasts during the week.
2) Freespool, presented by Mark de la Hay premiers Thursday nights at 19:00 on channel 208, Mark is a very talented angler and covers most facets of angling in and around southern Africa.

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