With most of our holiday makers making their way back home over the weekend to get back in time for the opening of schools and work, the local fishing spots resembled ghost towns. This was a big relief to our local boys but it was sad to see all our up country visitors departing.


KOZI BAY €“ Kozi Bay seems to have cooled down substantially since last week€™s Black fin and Zambezi smash. However, things on the edible front seem to have heated up with a few Bonefish and the odd Stumpie landed. Grunter are still on the bite and some have been a very nice size.

VIDAL €“ Shad activity at Vidal / St Lucia still seems to be attracting anglers from all over South Africa but the numbers seem to have decreased from last week. Luckily the presence of Stumpnose and 3 Spot Pompano has been keeping the guys busy.

RICHARDS BAY €“ As with last week Black fin Sharks have been giving the guys a hard time due to their aerobatic display of wrapping and snapping line, seconds after being hooked. With inedible still being the flavor of the week, many Diamonds and Sandy€™s have been landed and have fallen victim to bloody, fleshy baits such as Shad belly, Red eye, etc.

ZINKWAZI €“ As expected, Zinkwazi has been fishing well over the last week with the endless north east winds. Be sure to take a drive up and get in on the action. Grey Sharks, Sandy€™s and Brown Rays have been plentiful, especially when offered a nice juicy bait mixed with Chokka.

UMHLOTI €“ The mayhem continues, after the news about dozens of Sharks taxing Ski-Boaters. The guys have made a few attempts at heavy sliding and swim baiting. Needless to say, they were up against some beasts that would have the upper hand. A few fish were taken on heavy tackle but even more lost to opened hooks and parted knots.

UMHLANGA – With the warm water arriving, so have the Honeys and Sandy€™s. These fish are coming out frequently on slide baits, here€™s a useful tip from a successful angler: dip a chokka/prawn bait into €œKingfisher Anchovy Mix€ for added smell; this should get you a quicker bite.

BLUE LAGOON €“ The guys spinning on the Surf and Pier have been getting the odd Kingie and Shad on the Maria Duplex casting lures and Max Raps.

DURBAN €“ Durban beach front has produced far less than neighboring beaches but still in the game with some Browns, Sandy€™s and Duck bill€™s coming out after dark on throw baits. Spinning outfits such as the Daiwa Windcast Z5000 spinning reel, loaded with 48lb Triple Fish Gator braid and a 14€™ Daiwa Saltist Spin 4oz rod, seem to be doing the trick.

BLUFF €“ The heavy tackle users have been taken to the cleaners by what are possibly big Honeycombs or Ribbon tail Rays and in the Toti area Sandy€™s and Browns are giving the guys a very good run for their money.

UMKOMAAS €“ Most areas are covered with Anglers due to the good fishing stories and Sand Sharks seem to be the main target.

SCOTTBURGH €“ Grey Sharks have moved into the area and are quite keen on any fish bait. These Sharks are all between 5 and 15kgs and are great sport on spinning tackle.

TRANSKEI €“ Transkei has seen great fishing as far as inedible fish go with a number of Hammer heads Sharks that readily take slide Chokka baits.

SKI BOAT €“ Fishing has slowed down over the last week due to the strong East winds. The water has turned green and choppy but for those with 4- Stroke motors willing to run deep have reaped the rewards.

NORTH €“ Areas such as Sodwana, Maphelane and Richards Bay have been producing a decent amount of Black Marlin between 70 and 130kgs. Couta are still around but in small numbers.

CENTRAL €“ There has been a lot of talk about The Kingfisher€™s range of Rattler lures. These tried and tested lures have outperformed or equaled the performance of all diving lures on the market, the only difference is the price. Rattlers are half the price of other leading diving lures, which means two things. Firstly one can have double the variety in the tackle box for less and secondly, you don€™t cry when your favorite lure and currently hooked fish is being taxed. Durban Anglers are quickly learning this and now move whenever the Sharks are present. The fish in the deeper water are few and far between but are not troubled by Sharks. Last week most Anglers got bites at Umhloti but most were taxed. The good news is that Dorado have been moving with the warmer water out deep.

SOUTH €“ The Bluff has surprised us with some quality Dorado and Couta. The Bluff area has seemed to warm up faster than surrounding areas and this leads us to think that is the reason for the sizeable catches.

DURBAN BAY €“ Our Harbor really comes alive this time of the year with everything from Grunter to Springer, Rock Salmon to Sharks. We have had reports of a few nice flat fish; some anglers have hooked into over 5 in one session. Grunter are plentiful on smaller baits such as cracker. Kingfish seem to be frequently in the shallows around structure and readily take top water lures such as the Strike Pro Tai Stick and Mc Arthy Drop Shots.


FLY FISHING: The good warm water has meant good fishing for Scalies at both the Cascade and Midmar. # 12 and # 14 Black Nymphs seem to be doing the damage. Trout are eating but mainly in the mornings and late afternoons in the shallows. During mid-day hours when the day and water heats up, try the deep water, Dragon patterns fished deep and slow will produce a bite during the mid-day period.

CARP €“ With a few hot days experienced, the water has heated up and the Carp have been active feeding on the surface. Shongweni has been producing good fish and a lot of good results using Korda Goo in the sweeter variations. Tiger Nuts seen to be working in flavors such as Aniseed, Almond, Honey and FX.

TIGERS €“ Jozini has seen a lot of anglers from all over S.A. fishing there, so it is no surprise that there are dozens of fish coming out. Silver and Copper spoons seem to be the winning lures but the number one is live bait, that will get you the lunkers.

BASS €“ Inanda Dam really came to the party this last week, both with size and numbers. All fluke patterns and cranks seem to be doing the job. Albert Falls Dam get terribly hot this time of the year and only the early birds are getting any numbers, it€™s the guys from the boats that will be more successful later on in the day.


The Adipose fin absent on the majority of fish, found on less than 1% of all fish, is a soft fleshy fin located behind the dorsal fin. To date, scientists are unaware of the purpose of the small fin but recent studies show that there may be a connection between the fin and the nervous system.

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There are a few great TV fishing shows on at the moment, here are a few that are certainly worth watching.

ASFN is taking a well-deserved break and will be back on the 13th January 2014. Freespool, presented by Mark de la Hay premiers Thursday nights at 19:00 on channel 208, Mark is a very talented angler and covers most facets of angling in and around southern Africa.

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