Anglers far and wide have had yet another week of excellent angling from big Black Fin Sharks to Grunter, Sailfish to Daga Salmon and everything in-between. There was little to no bad reports over the last week and it€™s been an absolute pleasure to hear of all the fun being had by families and serious fishermen alike.


Rock ‘n Surf-


Kosi Bay/Maphelane– The non-edible anglers have been kept well entertained by a good few Black Fin Sharks on bigger slide baits and swim baits. Some anglers have been treated to fish over 100kgs! The anglers targeting GT’s on live bait have been hugely successful in many areas but Banga Nek in particular has been firing on all cylinders with two Giant Trevally (Caranx Ignobilis) over 30kgs being landed last week. This is surely the spot to visit if GTs are on the target list!


Cape Vidal– has proven popular with the drop-shot anglers as usual, providing many fishermen with hours of fun with Three Spot Pompano and Blue Fin Kingfish. These species have been caught mainly on McArthy 3 and 4″ Minnows in a variety of colours, fished on a 1/8oz- 1/2oz jig head, depending on the rod that is being used. Generally the lighter the jig head the better as the action of the minnow improves drastically with less weight to sink it. At the Cape Vidal ledges, there have been a lot of hook-ups with Raggies but very few being landed as these Sharks become close to impossible to land over the rocks with light tackle and thin leader.


In cases such as these, the best thing to do would be to use a main line no less than a high abrasion resistant line such as Giant Abrasion in a diameter no less than 0,50mm. Leader line less than 1mm will cut like cotton against sharp rocks under tension, therefore Tapered leaders or 1mm minimum will be on the menu.


Richards Bay – Richards Bay Harbour itself has produced more than its fair share of good sized Grunter recently, caught on a variety of baits including Sand Prawn, Mud Prawn, Chokka and Ginger Shrimp. The incoming tide seems to be favourable of late, with most fish being caught during the first two hours of the incoming water.


Off the beach, good catches of Sand Sharks have being reported throughout the day and into the night. Most of these fish have been caught on big Chokka throw baits or slide baits.


Mtunzini– has been the talk of the town over the last weeks fishing, having seen more big Diamond Skates being landed than anywhere else on our coastline. These big Diamond Skates will readily feed on a fleshy bloody bait such as small Bonito head or cutlet, Mackerel head, Shad flapper, Shad cutlet, Red Eye baits and even bigger Chokka baits. Fishing in that area on Thursday, Lloyd Pereira landed a GT of just over 35kgs and his dad Mike, landed a Black fin Shark of around 50kg€™s, both of these fished were released safely.


Salt Rock – Salt Rock has produced a fair number of Grey Sharks on throw baits when the sea conditions permit for decent angling, with the odd Brown Ray and Honeycomb being landed on smaller baits that were originally intended for edible fish such as Stumpnose, Black tail and Bronze Bream, which have also been on the bite. For the youngsters starting off with the whole surf spinning scene, there have been big shoals of Torpedo Scad present in the Ballito/ Sheffield area that will feed on smaller bait fish such as Anchovy and Sprat. Small spoons are the secret to hooking into a good few of these light tackle fish.


Umhlanga – Has consistently been producing a variety of flat fish and decent edibles at the Lighthouse and last week was no exception. The usual suspects being Honeycombs, Brown Rays and Sandies have been present, with a lot of Snapper Salmon and Shad pulling through with the colder currents we have been experiencing. At Eastmore in the late afternoons there have been an impressive amount of Pompano being landed on smaller Chokka baits and Sea lice, mostly fished on a small hook such as a Mustad Big Gun 2/0 on straight nylon trace.


Durban – All of the Local Piers have been hammered with smaller Grunter recently, with a few baits being picked up by the more powerful, unexpected Rays. Needless to say, most of these fish have not been landed as the tackle being used is not up to the test. Good to see a few of the local spinning gurus targeting Snoek off the piers again and best of all is that they are getting some decent Snoek out. Kingies, Snoek and the odd Salmon are not uncommon for this style of angling and is good fun for anybody. Best is to plan your fishing around the high tide as there is little water to fish on the low tides.


Our beaches saw almost four days of North Easterly winds last week and this was taken advantage of by many anglers trying to get in on the action at Ushaka and Vetches. Funny enough, yet another Bow Mouth Sand Shark was landed in the area, and many other big flat fish up to the 80kg€™s. Great fishing to be had not even five minutes from home! For the kids, a small rod and reel such as a Daiwa Megaforce 9ft rod, paired with a Daiwa Crossfire 3000 reel will be the perfect outfit to use for the amount of Snapper Salmon being landed on these beaches on small Red Eye baits and Sardine baits.


Toti/Umkomaas – From Toti to Umkomaas, the pattern has not changed much at all, with good numbers of Sandies, Browns, Greys and the odd Honeycomb being landed on anything bloody and fleshy. If one can get their hands on Shad cutlets or Red Eye then the game is on. Umkomaas has been producing many Grunter on Sea lice and Bay Squid if one is lucky enough to get their hands on a few!


Port Shepstone/ Transkei – The fun continues with the number of Blue Rays, particularly in the Munster Area, a few Hound Sharks and many an Eel Tail Barbel. Further down the Coast the anglers using bigger baits have got themselves into some time consuming fights with some excellent specimen of Hammerhead Sharks in the evenings.


Bronze Bream seem to be feeding well on Red Prawn and Chokka baits. ( Pink prawn being less oily and smelly, will not entice a bite as quickly as Red Prawn). Early mornings seem to be producing most of the bites.



Ski Boat-


North – Maphelane has been on fire as far as reports from the locals go, with countless Marlin hook-ups over the last week. One of the boats saw four hook ups, three Marlin landed and one lost to a hook pull. In between the Marlin in the deep, two specimens of Wahoo were landed on the 50m mark at Maphelane, one of 23kgs and another at 28kgs. These two fish were landed on baits that were being trawled for Couta.


In most areas between Maphelane, Vidal and St Lucia have reached water temperatures in excess of 29 degrees which will make for even better angling over the next few weeks. Nice to see some very large Snoek being landed on the Onda spoons on the North coast, mainly at Vidal and St Lucia. Some respectable Couta were landed at Maphelane on live baits and trawled baits, and the odd big Tuna on Kingfisher Rattlers.


Durban –  Has been fishing well, with game fish and bottom fish. Some of our local charter boats managed some very good hauls of Dorado, Tuna and even Marlin. The guys going for bottoms managed some very good Daga Salmon and Rock Cod on the deeper reefs which fell victim to whole Mackerel. Red fish such as Englishman, Slinger and Soldiers have been plentiful on the northern reefs and marks.


The ships produced a number of Dorado, Wahoo and even Sailfish which have been taken on Rattler 150s and Williamson Dorado/Sailfish catchers. Along the scum-lines around Durban there has been a lot of bait activity and Dolphin sightings, which are a good indication of fish in the area. Tuna have been sighted feeding on the surface here and will readily take Rattler poppers and stick baits as they have been doing over the last week. Live bait will be a good way to target these fish on the scum-line as well.


South – Shelley Beach was on fire over the weekend and many an angler took part in the action. Amberjack were caught by most of the boats that fished live bait and big bottom baits. The Amberjack and Yellow Tail have also been taken on heavy buck tail jigs and drop shot fished deep, jigs however, being the flavour of the day. Game fish such as Wahoo, Sailfish and Tuna have been landed on Protea trawling lures such as Halco Max lures and Rattler 150s.



Fresh Water-


Carp- Inanda has been doing exceptionally well over the last week as we have heard from the Carp kings that frequent the area, but with the news of masses of underwater grass and weeds being plentiful.  Most anglers fishing specimen will be able to adapt by using Chod rigs and float rigs but as far as conventional anglers go, the only thing would be to locate an area of shoreline that has less growth and a lighter weight should be used, longer hook snooting€™s and pop-up baits to raise the baits above the weeds.


Albert falls is also doing well with smaller fish on conventional tackle with baits such as mielies and floaties, reports on flavours working are still the range of Super Cast products in the FX, Honey, Gum tree and Juana. 

Bass – For the last two weeks, the size of the baitfish have been noticeably increasing, with the Bass fry now between 5cm and 10cm, which make for a tasty meal for a bigger more experienced Bass. With the increase in size and confidence, these fry venture more into the deep water, now in full view of all predators. These fry now swim with a very erratic jerky movement which throws the predator off slightly.  This is now the ideal time to target Bass on weightless fluke presentations and top water imitations like the Strike Pro Thai Stick.


A reminder that the 2014 Inanda Bass Classic is to be held early May 2014. There are plenty of great prizes to be won, Open, Ladies and Juniors categories, with many more lucky draw prizes. The dates are: Captains meeting Thursday 01st May, first day fishing from 06h15 to 16h00, Friday 2nd May, second day fishing 06h15 to 15h00 Saturday 3rd May, prize giving  +- 16h30 Saturday 3rd May. Visit the Website on www.inandabassclassic.co.za all entry forms and details are on the website. Phone: Ken Ainslie 031 €“ 205 3777 or, Raymond Horner 031 €“ 266 9815, for more info.

Fly Fishing – With the heat of summer on, the Trout fishing has slowed down and a lot of anglers have moved their attention to Scalies, Carp and Bass.Some Bass were taken at Inanda on top water flies. A very respectable bass of 2,5kgs was caught near the Slipway on a 2/0 flipper at Inanda.


There are some great fishing shows that are being aired on DSTV. Please check out your TV guide, sometimes Super Sport will change the channel that it is supposed to be aired. ASFN premiers on Mondays, Super Sport 8, channel 208, 19:30 to 20:30, and FreeSpool Angling premiers on Thursdays, Super Sport 8, Channel 208, 19:00 to 19:30.Check out the new Kingfisher web site: www.kingfisher.co.za and become a member. Membership is totally free and there are great prizes to be won every month.

Any info about fish caught or competitions in your area please email to mike.pereira@kingfisher.co.za or fax 031- 368 4007.

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The Kingfisher wishes all Anglers Tight Lines.


Photo attached: Lloyd Pereira with his 35 kg GT.

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