Extremely cold conditions left most of our fishing spots rather empty over the last week, but despite this, anglers who braved the cold were successful in their efforts.

Rock n Surf:

Kosi Bay
was the last spot to be hit with the cold front, this meant that over last week, quite a few anglers were seen on its shores. Not much has changed from the previous weeks reports of edible fish catches, besides more reports of game fish such as Kingies being landed on Onda spoons. Some decent Shad have made their way up there and we are sure to see more of them in the weeks to come.

Cape Vidal – After much anticipation, Cape Vidal has seen a consistent supply of Shad which are making size. Prior reports suggested many Shad under 300mm were being landed. After our most recent cold front, one could expect the Shad to be here for good. Most of these fish have been caught on S bend spoons being thrown with light outfits. An 8ft rod with a 3000 size reel is more than ample for the task.

Richards’s bay- A bit of a break from the shoals of Shad, Richards Bay has had its fair share of Spinner Sharks, with most of these catches being in the evenings. The bay itself has been fishing well with good catches of Kingies on Strike Pro Thai Stick and Gobi popper lures.
Zinkwazi seems to have been relatively quiet with only a few reports of Grey Sharks and some Shad for the early risers. Most Shad have been on spoon but Sardine bait has also been working well.

Salt Rock – The bay to the right of the swimming pool saw a very nice Black tip Kingie of around 4kgs come out over the weekend. These fish have been spotted more frequently feeding in the white water near the ledges and rocks. Shad have been landed off Dave’s Rock in the mornings, mainly on spoon but the anglers who persist with bait have still got their fair share.
Umhlanga – Eastmore is fishing well as reports from last week roll in, with a few good sized Shad and some Grey Sharks. The odd Stumpie and bigger Blacktail has also been landed, most of the fish have been landed in the evenings.

Virginia / Beachwood- These areas have been quiet of late but towards the end of last week started to gain a bit of momentum with the Shad catches. By this weekend, the Shad and possibly Garrick could be expected in this area

Durban – Blue Lagoon is starting to become a more and more popular spot by the day, despite “the walk” one has to endure from the car park. King fish of all species and sizes have been landed on the new range of McArthy 3″ Paddle tails. Most fish have been in the mouth area, and to the right of the point. Shad have also been taking baits on a more regular basis recently. Soon enough we will be seeing more Kob being landed at the mouth on lures too. Other species to be landed over the last week include Stumpies, Grunter, Wave Garrick and Salad fish.
Durban Piers – has seen plenty of Grey Sharks at night for the Shark anglers, but Shad have been on the bite throughout the evenings and in the mornings to.
Beachfront – angling has been a bit quiet but this is usual throughout the cold front which hit us quite hard.

Bluff – Kingies are still on the prowl, for those who can get the right live bait. Live Karanteen or Pinkies will do the trick. Kob in small numbers have been present, but a promising sight for the weeks to come. Spearos have spotted big Kob and Garrick near Cave Rock area

Toti saw some Garrick action on Saturday with two smaller fish being caught; both fish were caught on live Shad

Umkomaas – Some Snapper Salmon and small Kob on McArthy paddle tail, the odd Garrick on live Shad and a Kingfish or two have been reported over the weekend.

Scottborough was fairly decent over the week, with a few anglers hooking into good sized Kingies on drop shot and spoon. Shad have been in the area too which gives anglers something for their efforts if no Kingies or Garrick are landed.

Hibberdene has seen better size Shad and Bronze Bream as well, in that area the Shad seem to prefer Sardine bait.

Transkei – Quite a few Kob have been reported and good catches of Garrick on live Shad. Hammer head Sharks have been present as well but for the anglers looking at edibles, Shad have all been a good size.

Harbor- With the introduction of McArthy 2 and 3″ Paddle tails to the shelves, our harbor spinning enthusiasts have fled to the waters in search for Kingies, Pick Handle Barracuda, Rock Salmon and other predators alike.  So far the success on these small paddle tails has been mind blowing as the reports from many anglers using these lures pour in.

Most popular spots have been the tip of the yacht moll, Bat Centre Pier; the usual spots around Royal Zulu and of course the boat anglers that have been lucky enough to fish the Coaling terminal area as well, with success. On the bait side of things, we see that the Grunter have remained on the bite, with some excellent specimen being landed on the weekend. There have been many big smashes on the surface near the center banks which could be Garrick feeding, with only one report of Garrick being landed in the Bay so far.

Ski Boat –

Conditions have not been too good over the last week; Sodwana has produced the odd Tuna and Couta. Tuna seem to be hitting the Rattlers where as the Couta have been taking live baits. Maphelane fished decently with a variety of fish being landed, the majority of which being Snoek and Couta.
Zinkwazi is still producing one or two big Couta, the bite has come from slow trawled dead baits and live baits of the bigger variety. Deep off Umhlanga there has been good bottom fishing, with species such as Rubber lips, Rock Cod and Slinger being in abundance. Octopus tentacle or a full Squid on the bottom hook has got the bigger fish.

South – The Bluff has produced one or two Snoek per session for some anglers over the last week. With sea temperatures still being in the low 20’s, these Snoek can vary in size. Most of these fish however, have been of the larger size and have been caught on Strike Pro Magic Minnows, Clark spoons and also fillet baits.
Umkomaas / Aliwal Shoal area has given the anglers a bit of hope with some nice King Fish and Tuna. Most fish have been caught on artificials.

Lower South coast leading into Transkei will see some good Garrick fishing in the next two weeks or so, as well as some Sardine activity. We look forward to this occurrence on a yearly basis and hope to see this year’s Sardine run in full force.

Fresh water:

Trout- The Karkloof area was fished on the weekend and reports from the anglers suggest that fishing had been relatively slow, apart from the few fish caught in the deep on an extremely slow retrieve. Successful flies used include Olive Wooly Buggers, Peacock Wooly Worms and large Papa Roach’s. All fish were caught on sinking lines in the deep.

Remember that the most essential part of the sinking setup is the fluorocarbon leader material. This allows the fly to sink at the same rate as the line, allowing for better presentation, less bow in the line and of course better abrasion resistance from that trophy fish’s teeth. Kingfisher fluorocarbon is available in the perfect diameter for the application.

Carp – With the cold snap coming through late last week it seems that most shallow dams such as Hazelmere and private dams went into shock. Many reports of fish feeding in the deeper, larger dams such as Inanda and Albert Falls. Inanda produced some fine catches over the weekend of Carp ranging between 6 and 12kgs.  Hazelmere proved relatively quiet with larger fish but with the amount of pickups with no hookups, it is evident that there were many smaller fish present. Bites were all on Spice or Aniseed Boilies.

Bass- Over the weekend, anglers did extremely well at Hazelmere dam on their kick boats, particularly on fly. Zonkers and large Wooly Buggers seem to be doing the job!  Great reports from Inanda dam with catches of Bass on top water early in the morning, most were taken on Strike Pro Thai Sticks. A good report from a local angler using Mustads new Kevin van Dam signature series hooks. These hooks have a unique hold on the eye of the hook which holds the lure in place so well that even after 3 or 4 fish on the same lure, the lure does not slide down the shank. This not only works out to be cheaper on plastics, but also improves hookup, as there is no bunch up of rubber in the bend of the hook when the angler strikes.

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