A tough weeks fishing all round and a cold front over the weekend proved to be detrimental to angling but with most holiday makers filling the beaches, at least some fish were brought to sand, including some nice Garrick.

Rock n Surf-

Kosi Bay – Kosi Bay had many anglers targeting Kingfish and other bigger species during the week, with little success. Anglers fishing light tackle with smaller baits hooked into a few edibles such as Cave Bass and Stumpies.  Very few Shad to be seen but the little that were caught had fallen victim to baits early in the mornings.

Cape Vidal- The only spot that really produced fish in the Cape Vidal area was the bay itself  and the only species that was in abundance were the Wave Garrick, which were caught mainly on small baits but also found the new McArthy 2″ Paddle tails irresistible.  Remember that when these smaller species are being targeted, fine wire jig heads need to be used to ensure easy hook set.

Richards Bay The North Pier area has produced a fair number of Milk Sharks and also Half Kob. These were caught mainly on Red eye baits. The Bay fished a lot better than previous weeks with good reports from local anglers of Grunter, Kob and Snapper Salmon. Most Salmon species being landed on Red eye baits, with most Grunter being landed on Black Cracker and White Cracker.

Ballito – Thomson’s Bay and Salmon Bay were the few places where the odd Grey Shark and Shad came out, other than that, not many anglers were seen on the beaches rod in hand. The odd Bronze Bream was landed on smaller baits.

Blue Lagoon – Not too much has happened at Blue Lagoon over the last week apart from a few Shad, a handful of Grey Sharks and a Stumpnose or two between the quiet spells.

Durban Piers – Anglers are catching plenty Shad off the Piers but unfortunately most have been undersized but the bigger Shad seem to be coming out on bait. Other smaller edibles have also been caught close to the piers.

Beachfront – The Odd Grey Shark was landed near Addington into the evenings on Red eye baits and Mackerel head. Very few Shad were caught on the beach stretch but the average size has been better.

Bluff – Very few Shad in comparison to the previous weeks on the Bluff, with more Bronze Bream in the west than anything else, most of which being landed near the car park at Buccaneers.

Toti – With lots of holiday makers in this area, it has been pretty crowded on the beaches. There was a shortage of Shad in the area which meant that there were fewer anglers targeting Garrick. There have been lots of Karanteen and small Black Tail around so this is the next best bet,  remember when using a smaller bait, size 2 or 4 Mustad trebles are preferred to singles.

Umkomaas – The river mouth and pier are being targeted as go-to spots by anglers and parks board alike. Very few Shad in the area but the water seems to be cleaning up nicely, so keep an eye out for Kob, Garrick and Shad.

Scottborough – Shad, Blue Rays and Grey Sharks have made up the majority of the reports from Scottborough over the last week. Most of the Shad are just size and the Rays are after medium sized Chokka baits.

Port Shepstone – The odd Kob at sandpit area but most of the popular points are producing Shad, hopefully when the weather improves the fishing will become more productive.

Port St John’s – Kob have been landed in the evenings, Garrick in the mornings on live bait and Bronze Bream throughout the day. Lots of Shad have been landed at Poenskop and Mpame as well. Hole In The Wall has been relatively quiet.  Mazeppa Bay is fishing well, lots of Sharks which is typical for this time of the year. There have been rumours of Sardines around but we will see what happens after the cold front.

Harbor – Reports of big fish in the Harbor have been scarce over the last week but if it’s just the bite you’re after then you would have been in luck, as thousands of small edibles were landed all over the harbor before the front pulled through. Many anglers made their way over to the deeper water to target larger fish but only one or two bigger Grunter have been reported. After this cold front we could be expecting our Garrick which will be more than enough of a reward for our cooperation with Cape Town’s weather.

Ski Boat – Most ski boat anglers will know the saying “best before the west” which in simple explanation means that the fish feed well before the cold front moves through. Most of us will jump at the opportunity whenever possible as these pre frontal conditions can prove to be some of the best times to fish.   On our North coast just before the weekend we had anglers fishing these conditions and have had reports of some good sized Tuna being caught on Rattlers in the Maphelane area, as well as Snoek in good numbers. The Snoek seem to prefer small Strike Pro Magic minnows or Halco sorcerers. There have been very few Couta but the ones which have been landed are no less than 15kgs.

Locally, the Tuna game continues on all bait marks and anglers presenting baits, Rattlers or Poppers amongst the Dolphins.  It has been nice to hear reports of more Tuna in the 5-8kg class which means more fish will be landed in areas full to the brim with Sharks.  The Snoek seem to have gone a bit quiet with only a handful being landed during the week. The jet Skis have been doing very well recently with Tuna and the odd Couta as well, most have been targeting the bait marks.

Conditions down south were affected sooner than we were by the cold front which hit our coast which meant less fishing was done over the weekend. The Shoal has been producing some good fish such as Wahoo, Tuna and the odd Kingie as well.  Bottom fishing has stepped its game up as well and reports of all species being caught.

Fresh water-
Carp –  Shongweni seems to be the dam of choice recently as good numbers and much bigger fish have been landed throughout the week and the weekend. Anglers fishing at the Bush camp have caught some beautiful fish on boilies.

Inanda dam has produced some lovely fish but most have been landed around deep water points which have lots of snags. In these conditions be sure to fill your spools with Daiwa’s range of Sensor line. The 15lb in this range is unbreakable in the trees and has been a favorite for many years because of its low vis presentation, excellent knot strength and awesome power. Most anglers have had success spreading their rods out and feeding multiple areas, deeper points, mouse trapping and fishing opposite margins.

Bass – With some of the coldest weather this winter, most of our dams saw few boats and anglers early in the mornings throughout last week and the weekend. Despite this, there were good reports of Bass caught at Albert Falls on very large lures such as Magnum Flukes and ol monsters. Inanda produced decent fish but again, lots of smaller fish along with them. In this bitter cold, almost as important as a slow retrieve, one needs to remember to add some form of Garlic, Aniseed or crawfish scent to the rubbers to give them the edge in winter. Rattles can be the difference between catching nothing and winning a competition, most lures can house a glass rattle in the tail and when used with any rig these rattles make a world of difference.

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