We have had Surprising catches by many anglers over the last week causing excitement throughout the fishing community. Massive Shad and Sharks galore, things only seem to be getting better, so hold on tight.

Rock n Surf –
Kosi bay – Kosi bay had mediocre catches from the surf over the last week, with nothing really happening besides a few edibles and smaller Shark species. Anglers using live bait caught some decent Black Fin Sharks.

Cape Vidal – Due to most of the regular spots being sanded up, only a handful of smaller edibles such as Shad were caught off the ledges.  Most other species were caught on the high tide when the water filled the shallows and allowed for movement.

Maphelane – Also heavily affected by the sand build up, Maphelane fished slow with the exception of a couple of Garrick on live Shad. There have been smaller Shad around, most of which are not making size.

Richards bay – Good reports from the local anglers of Richards bay over the last week, with plenty of Shad and Kob being landed all around. There is a strong South to North wash and only anglers with heavy Grapnel sinkers have managed to get the job done.  With this strong wash, be sure to use Korda anti tangle sleeves and 3 way power swivels which eliminate the tangling and twisting of the trace.

Ballito – Ballito has fished superbly over the last week and has seen good catches of Grey Sharks, Blues and Browns all being landed at night. There have also been bigger fish hooked but not landed, possibly big Flat fish or Black Fin Sharks.

Umdloti – Raggies are An uncommon catch at Umdloti, but have met the hooks of 6 anglers in the last two weeks which is a good indication of a drop in water temperature and possible Sardine activity. These fish are not the strongest of fighters and will be enjoyed on heavy Grinder setups. Look no further than a Daiwa Saltist 6500h filled with 600m of Triple fish Gatorbraid 48lb. This, paired to a 14ft heavy spinning rod will do some serious damage to most fish which dare challenge it.

Blue Lagoon – Blue Lagoon has been the best Shad spot along our Durban and surroundings for the last few months and has showed no signs of slowing down. The fishing seems to improving daily and with the size of the Shad being landed more recently, there are surely some buses ready to be caught in the days to come. Along with the Shad, there have been good catches of Sand Sharks and Grunter too.

Durban– A large concentration of flat fish and smaller Grey Sharks have made their way into our local waters here off Durban which have been spotted by Spear fishermen and anglers fishing off the piers. Around the North Pier/Ushaka there have been some good catches of Kob and Various Flat fish.  There have been a few Grey Sharks on Mackerel baits as well. A few anglers caught Stumpies off Vetches reef all around 1,5- 3kgs on Sardine head and Sea lice.

Bluff– A very quiet week off the Bluff, with far less anglers taking to the beaches. With the abundance of bait fish in the water one could only assume a large number of fish will be on the bite, however, reports suggest otherwise. There have been few Shad and only a handful of edibles around.

Toti – Nyoni Rocks fished well over the weekend and anglers had good Shad to take home. Garrick were scarce despite the amount of bait in the area. Anglers caught good numbers of Grey Sharks in the mornings too.

Winkelspruit – Garrick have been on and off the bite throughout the week, taking live Karanteen or Shad. The Shad have been going string mainly on the low tide in the mornings.

Umkomaas – Umkomaas has produced a very respectable Shad of over 4kgs late last week, and some decent number of fish over 1kg as well. The Grunter and Kob have been biting steadily into the evenings, taking Red eye and Chokka baits. A few smaller Skates were caught in the evenings on Chokka /Red eye baits and Prawn/Chokka baits.

Scottborough – Plenty of Blue states around and Grey Sharks and Browns have also been caught during the weekend. The best bait so far has been Mackerel cutlets and bigger Red eye baits. Red eye belly and fresh Chokka seems to be the best bait, presented on a thick chunk of glow foam secured to a Mustad big gun 4/0.

Port Shepstone – A lack of live bait has resulted in few catches of Garrick, however Kob have been plentiful along with Brusher and Bronze Bream.  Paddle tails once again being used by most anglers to catch these Kob at night and early hours of the morning. Be sure to make use of small glass rattles inside your Paddle tails to further increase your chance of a bite, especially if the water is off colour.

Margate– Orange rocks has produced good Garrick on Plug and live bait. Big Bronze Bream, Black tail and Zebras have been caught on Prawn baits early in the morning. Good size Shad on drift bait as well as spoon.

Port st John’s – Hammer head sharks have been present in large numbers, caught on live baits and on Mackerel baits.  Some anglers are catching up to 10 of these sharks in one session in certain areas.  These Hammers have also been picking up Kob baits and if you find decent yourself getting bitten off often, then a short bite trace of 60lb carbon coated wire will help you go through less hooks. General edibles have been feeding well, with reports of Bronze Bream and Galjoen in good numbers.

Harbour– Garrick in the harbour were slow to bite throughout the week however with the cold water moving through to Durban anglers can expect some good fishing in the next two weeks.  Kob have been coming out around the mouth and around the Coaling terminal. Smaller Grunter have been plentiful on Cracker and bigger Grunter have been caught on small crab and also Sardine head or fillet. Mackerel, Shad, Maas bunker and other baits are being caught daily around the NSRI base.

Ski Boat –
North – Charter boats around Sodwana are boating a wide variety of fish from Dorado to bonito. Many reports of Smaller Shoal sized Couta were caught over the weekend on live baits and on Rattlers. Maphelane saw few boats for the week, but the boats which did launch hooked into some great Tuna and Bonito up to 10kgs.

Cape Vidal and St Lucia– produced decent Couta on baits in around 30-50m of water. Along with these Couta, many anglers have caught bigger Yellowtail. These fish seem to be loving the pink Rattlers and a live mozzies as well.

Durban – fished well with a variety of species being landed on the Skiis and off boats. The bottom fishermen have come out on top with more Geelbek and Daga than any other week this year thus far. A double hook trace with long snootings and two 9/0 Mustad Kendal round hooks will do the trick for these fish.

Number one– fished well for a number if anglers who managed to hook into some decent Tuna and also Yellowtail. The odd Black tip Kingie was caught as well. The bigger Bonito that are around seem to be enjoying live bait more than anything at the moment and can be caught on light tackle if one passes a school of them. A Daiwa Laguna 3000 filled with 300mm of 15lb Triple fish Gatorbraid will do the job for these fish. Small spoons, Onda Onda spoons and McArthy dropshot works wonders.

Fishing down south has cooled off somewhat and mainly reports of Bottoms have been received. The odd Wahoo and the Masses of Tuna are still around but the amount of bait in the water may be effecting the bite. Bigger examples of Cracker have been landed recently along with some huge Rock Cod on live baits.

Fresh water –

Carp –

Albert falls- has fished extremely well from the Pelican bay section, with some unusually large Carp being landed on convention tackle. The old river bed which flew down the back of Pelican bay is an excellent spot to target these bigger fish.

Shongweni -has seen a decent amount of fishing pressure and has still produced the goods. A local angler landed a beauty of 16kgs on specimen tackle.

Inanda -has not fished particularly well over the last week but had some nice fish being landed on the weekend on conventional tackle in the camp site area. Most of these fish have been caught on tiger nuts.


The Albert falls locals will be in their element with the Albert falls classic at the end of the month. The dam is fishing well and has produced no bad reports over the last week. Bigger fish have been landed in the deeper water around the trees and they’re of choice seems to be the Crank bait or jig beefed up with a McArthy Paddle tail for added vibration. With the Bass Classic in our midths, be sure to change line to ensure optimal performance and no chance of snapping off on the competition winning fish. Daiwa Sensor is an excellent option for those who need good abrasion resistance,  ultimate strength and low memory.  These are available in a 8lb, 10lb,  12lb and 15lb all in quarter Pound spools.

Inanda has seen less anglers due to the fisherman practicing at Albert falls which has allowed for more available spots. Anglers concentrating on Taxi bay and Duzi point have landed massive fish on flukes fish weightless.   Not many fish were landed but the fish weighed in bent the scales to over 4kgs.

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