Locally, conditions have kept most anglers at home as the seasonal wind and rain are spot on for this time of the year. However, some hardened anglers are seen along rocky ledges fishing for Brusher. When targeting these fish your tackle should be stepped up a grade or two. These fish are found amongst rocky ledges and points and for this reason you should use heavy tackle. Your nylon should be around the 35lb range, the Kingfisher Giant Abrasion is very strong and a heavy action rod like the new Poseidon Coastline 13’6” Heavy is advised. Hooks should range from a 6/0 to a 8/0 Mustad Kendall Round and your trace line should be no less than 50lb. Reels are also very important and should be in good condition. Machine reels, the Daiwa SL50SHK and the Daiwa Grandwave 50SHVK are ideal as they have the pulling power to get big specimens out and away from rocks. Baits can vary, as these fish are not fussy eaters. The main bait however is a live Crab, but Sea Lice, Crayfish, whole Mussels, Chokka and even Sardine heads work well. Don’t forget that the Crayfish season closes on the 31st of October and permits will have to be renewed again next year when the season opens again. We will remind you closer to the time.


Rock n Surf:

Kosi Bay – Speckled Snappers on Prawn and Chokka baits as well as a few smaller Kingfish have been coming out in the Kosi area. There have also been a few Honeycombs around as well, so take out the heavy tackle and give these hard fighting fish a go.

Sodwana / Vidal – Sandies, Brown Skates and Bonefish are the order of the day for the anglers up in that area, but if you are after Bonefish, you will find them more active in the early morning and late evenings.

Richards Bay – Brown Rays, Spinner Sharks, Snapper Salmon and a few Honeycombs also in the mix as well. The Bay has handed over many a Snapper Salmon to anglers fishing from boats and from the side, most of which have been much larger than previous weeks.

 Zinkwazi – Grey Sharks have been targeted in the evenings by anglers using spinning outfits and medium sized throw baits. Quite a few fish have been caught, mostly coming out in twos and threes. Brown Skates and a handful of Honeycombs have also come out. The fish are not always on the bite so some patience is required.

Ballito – Anglers in the Ballito area have been landing Grey Sharks, Brown Skates and plenty of Shad (typical for closed season). There have also been a few Kingfish in the early mornings.

Durban Piers – Blue Rays, Brown Skates, Shad and Grunter have been caught on a number of different baits. Redeye, Chokka and Sardine fillets have worked the best. The beachfront saw a few Grey Sharks and still plenty of Shad; the few Brown Skates that came out were caught on the change of tide.

Toti – Has been a bit quiet last week, we have only heard of some smaller Grey Sharks in the evenings on Redeye belly.

Scottborough – The big seas kept anglers away from the point earlier in the week, but as the sea settled some nice fish were landed, Greys, Blue Rays, Sea Pike and the ever present closed season Shad.

Port Shepstone / Trafalgar – Catches of Bronze Beam, Garrick and Brusher have kept the edible anglers busy and the non-edible anglers have got some Browns, Grey Sharks and the odd Sand Shark.

Port St Johns – Kob and Garrick have been plentiful especially on live baits and McArthy Paddle Tails. The majority of the fish are in the 10 kg range although some, good fish of over 20kg were also caught. One unlucky angler had his Kob taxed in the shore break by a Shark. The non-edible anglers have had good catches of Zambezi Sharks and few Spotted Raggies as well. There were also plenty of “spooled” reels when the big boys have taken slide baits.

Durban Bay –

Predictable for this time of the year, the smaller Kingfish species such as Black tip, Blue spot and juvenile GTs have really been harassing the Glassies and smaller bait fish. Small spoons, drop shot Minnows and very light plugs can pass a few memorable hours targeting these species. The water seems to have cleared slightly although with the recent rains a small amount of debris can be expected. A few minutes spent patiently watching and looking for the tell-tale splash with an accurate cast could get your rod bending.



North – Sodwana Bay has produced a couple of early season Dorado. Most of these fish are being caught on feathers and Kingfisher Rattler 150. When the Dorado is in the area it is a good idea to use straight Siglon fluorocarbon and avoid the use of wire.

The Marlin should come on the bite soon. November basically sees the start to the Marlin season off the KZN Coast Line. A good way to target these fish is to find some live bait such as small Tuna and Dorado then proceed to pull lures and Coners until you get a strike. Once you find the fish you can use your dead bait to entice a bite.

South – Aliwal Shoal down to Park Rynie has produced good catches of small Yellowfin Tuna and the odd Dorado. There have been some big Sharks in the area, so when you go on with a fish make sure you wind as fast as possible. There still some decent catches of Geelbek on the deeper spots off Umkomaas. When targeting the Geelbek you will always have a chance of getting a Musclecracker which is a very sought after table fish.


Inanda – With the weather being not the best, the Carp have been a bit harder to catch. Reports of a 12kg and plenty of 6-8kg fish have been received.

Shongweni – With the return of plenty Barbel, guys are finding it a bit harder to get quality fish, anglers persisting and fishing tight ground baits have done well, boillies will account for Barbel so stick to maize and Tiger Nuts.

Alberts Falls – Guys fishing light tackle off the boats have landed a lot of fish, some of these fish weighing up to 5kg, all on conventional tactics. Super Cast Oozers doing most of the damage.


Albert Falls – Has had some amazing fishing lately, soft plastics worked slowly on the bottom with a Mustad Ultra Loch 4/0 or a 5/0 hook will get you the fish. The past weekend Jesse Schubach landed a fish of a lifetime a 5.5kg beast, well done Jesse, that will certainly get the guys fishing.

Midmar – Slow as always but the guys in the know have had some good fun with fish ranging between 1.5 to 2 kgs.

Inanda – This time of the year Inanda goes wild and some really good fishing can be had, fish close to structure and you will be sure to get some good action.

Fly-fishing – It would seem that summer has arrived early, as all the local dams are fishing well, with the typical summer patterns. The Fly-fisherman have also taken note of what the report said, and have started targeting some Carp on the scum lines using a stealth approach and well directed casts.


Tiger Fishing – We have heard that at Jozini, a strip bait tied onto Copper Spoons is a definite must. During the early morning sessions the Strike-Pro Arc Minnow (redhead) lure could be an option to turn to but definitely don’t forget the live baits. Trolling lures like the Kingfisher Rattler should also come into their own in the upcoming weeks. The lure of choice would be120mm long, the colour is red with black stripes and a dive depth of 5m.


PETRI DE WET’s Hier Gaan Ons Alweer fishing show is back to kykNET, channel 144. This series runs for the next three months, the primer is at 17.30 on Mondays, with re runs during the week. The first show, this Monday the 6th, is catching Tiger Fish (the cover of this month’s Stywe Lyne) and Bream with Daiwa Laguna rods and reels. The new series has been filmed in HD so should be great. Also, check out ASFN on Monday evening, this is a great fishing show that is aired weekly on DSTV. It premiers on Mondays, Super Sport 8, channel 208, 19:30 to 20:00.

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