Bad weather over the weekend meant a drop in the amount of anglers seen on the beaches and on the sea, but the excellent fishing throughout the week definitely made up for it.

Rock n Surf:

Zululand and surrounding areas all produced a good number of fish in the early days of last week. A fair amount of edibles were landed close to the weekend as well. The Maphelane area did most of the damage, with some of the anglers boasting catches of Kingies, Bonefish and Stumpnose in a variety of sizes. When there are a number of edibles around as there have been, be sure to take extra care with bait presentation.  It will often be the difference between a smaller fish and a good sized fish, or the difference between a few fish and many fish. The use of the freshest bait available to you will also drastically increase your catches and the quality thereof. A sharp hook that holds its edge well will ensure a perfect hookup even after a few fish. Mustads Ultra point technology allows their hooks to be used for longer without getting blunt.

Cape Vidal – Has had rods bending throughout the week with Sand Sharks, Blackfin Sharks and Honeycombs, all in the 80-90kg mark, which is exceptional for the anglers on grinder outfits. There are also hundreds of Shad in the Vidal area as well, which are hopefully still there by the end of the month. The fish around Richards Bay have been far smaller but abundant nonetheless. Sand Sharks up to 20kgs were landed, as well as Brown Skates and Snapper Salmon during the evenings.

Zinkwazi –  Also showed anglers what it is capable of last week, yielding a number of species such as Sand Sharks, Lesser Sand Sharks, Blue Rays, Brown Rays and Grey Sharks.  Most of these fish were caught on fresh Mackerel and Red Eye baits.

Blythedale Had a few good catches, including some awesome Pompano and Kingies. Many anglers have been moving over to braided line for edibles over the last few years, and have experienced the good and bad traits of using these lines. When using braid for soft mouthed fish such as Grunter and Pompano, extra care should be taken to fish a long leader to absorb more shock, and to ease off on the pressure when the fish are in the shore break to avoid pulling the hook loose when the fish takes a sudden run.

Durban North – Anglers who have been spinning for Kingies, Garrick etc. along the Virginia stretch over the last week have been met by a huge presence of Shad, which are still providing hours of fun on the light tackle. Blue Lagoon had few reports of decent fish over the last week, besides the odd Sand Shark being caught during the evenings.

Durban – The piers and beachfront have both been productive, particularly with Grunter and Stumpnose on Sardine fillets and Sardine head.  These fish also require a rod which has a softer tip, in order to avoid hooks being pulled. The Daiwa Saltist 13’6″ boasts a set of Fuji Tangle-free guides, Fuji reel seat and the perfect amount of forgiveness in the tip for a variety of edible fish and even small to medium flatfish. The stretch from Ushaka Beach to Addington Beach produced some good Sand Shark, Brown Skates and plenty Bone Fish as well as the edibles such as Stumpies and Grunter.

Bluff – Anglers on the Bluff have reported a large number of catches over the last week as well as the weekend. Black Tip Kingies and some smaller GT’s have been caught daily on live bait, with a fair amount on artificials such as McArthy Paddle tails and also Rattler Poppers. The number of Blacktail and Stumpies being caught on the Bluff has also increased substantially. Further down towards the Toti area, catches of Grey Sharks, Brown Skates and some smaller Honeycomb rays were seen throughout the week.

Umkomaas Has got anglers itching, with an excellent catch of a 31kg Kob, which certainly means there will be more in the area. With the good weather predictions and good catches of Grunter, Browns, Blues and Grey Sharks, Umkomaas may be the spot for the weekend.

Port Shepstone This area has seen some decent Garrick sessions recently, with the Kob making a return as well.  There have also been regular catches of Bronze Bream ranging between 2-3kgs.  Lower down the coast, there have been good reports of Brusher being caught in the gullies on Red Prawn and Chokka baits which have been thrown for Bronze Bream.  Most of these fish have been landed due to the fact that anglers have been using good quality hooks such as Mustad Chinu and Big Gun. Munster has seen some lovely Blacktail and Wildeperd in the 2kg range which have also been caught on small Red Prawn and Chokka baits.

Port St John’s Is still producing healthy Kob, some of which have weighed well over 20kgs. Garrick have fed well in the Westerly winds, being caught on live bait mainly. All of the Estuaries in the Transkei area have produced a number of Garrick and Kingies on artificials such as Strike Pro Taisticks and Halco Rooster Poppers.  North of Port St John’s near Nkombati, anglers have been racking up the Bronze Bream catches as well as some monster Shad on live baits (remember the CLOSED season guys). Hole In The Wall has seen some good Cape Yellow Tail caught on live bait. Raggies are on the loose again and have all been of good size too.

Harbour – Catches of Kingies and Pick Handle Barracuda have been far more impressive over the last weekend, and with the tides looking good this week, anglers should take a look at getting their spinning kit together and stock up on a few lures. The most productive lures have been Spanyid maniac spoons, Strike Pro Gobi Poppers, Strike Pro Taisticks, Halco Rooster Poppers and of course, small Kingfisher Buck Tail Jigs. Most catches of the species in question occur in the mornings on popper or surface presentation, and later on in the afternoon and into the evening on spoons, drop shot, Poppers and more productive than most, the McArthy Paddle tails in white or amber.

Ski Boat:

Zululand – Adverse weather patterns have really hampered anglers over the past week with big swells and persistent South winds, however as the weather eased up the few boats that did manage to venture out were well rewarded. Average size Couta were caught quite liberally at Cape Vidal and at Sodwana. Good numbers of Billfish have also been hooked, lost and landed at both venues. Dorado and the odd Wahoo make up the bags here. The Richards Bay and Mapelane areas should come into their own during the course of the week end as weather reports for these and as a matter of fact the entire KZN coastline look very favorable.


Durban and South Coast – Much the same can be said for these areas as far as the weather was concerned for the past week. As conditions settle anglers can expect some good angling. There have been some reports of the odd Couta being bagged on the South Coast and anglers fishing with fluorocarbon for Yellowfin could be in for a surprise or two when their traces are bitten off.


The Aliwal Shoal has been quiet as strong currents and dirty water have made this famous ground virtually unfishable but conditions should favour this venue over the week end. Snoek have also made a late appearance with some good numbers being reported from the Umkomaas area, these fish are a bit late this season but anglers should at least try for them when launching early, particularly in areas that are known to produce Snoek.


This week end sees Durban Ski Boat Club’s Jet Ski Fishing Bonanza taking place. This venue will be a hive of activity for the two fishing days and could well be a good venue for spectators and anglers alike. The main target specie at this stage would be Yellowfin, Dorado and Snoek but there could be some nice surprises at the scales.


As far as bottom fishing is concerned, there has not been much action due to conditions but one could expect to still find some Daga and Geelbek Salmon around.


The Durban Ski Boat Club is hosting Durban’s first Jet Ski Fishing Bonanza on the 22nd &23rd November. Prizes worth R290,000.00 up for grabs and the main prize is a Yamaha VX1100 Jet Ski,  Visit their website for an entry form or for pre-entries

Fresh water:
Bass – After some pretty serious winds in the PMB area, there was a limited amount of fishing being done over the last week; however a fair amount of fish were caught at Inanda, Albert Falls and Shongweni dam.  As the wind picks up, the light penetration in the dams drops drastically and baits such as spinner baits, crank baits and rattle traps need to be utilised more.  The constant tension on the line during the retrieval will also assist in bite detection, instead of having the lines bowing on the surface with the wind.

Carp – With the water heating up nicely and with good water levels, Shongweni has fished well and should remain doing so for the remainder of summer. There have been reports of good fish being landed with the larger being 11,6kgs, which was caught towards the opposite banks off the reed lines. Inanda has had some exciting fishing recently and has produced some Monster Carp up to 16,2kgs!  This fish was caught on a whole Brazil Nut soaked in Hemp seed oil and FX flavouring. Albert Falls has fished surprisingly well considering the fast dropping water levels. Dozens of fish ranging between 1-3kgs have been landed off the Ntuli camp sites towards Pelican Bay and off the day visitor’s site as well.

Fly fishing – A facet of fly fishing that is often overlooked by the average fly angler but can potentially provide more fun than most other styles of fly fishing, Carp on fly is something we all need to try at some stage.  Targeting Carp on fly can be very exciting, day or night, and with care taken not to spook the fish, hookups are almost guaranteed on small dry fly patterns such as DDD’s etc. Carp feed on the scum lines on the surface of our dams throughout the day and if the angler is able to sneak up on the feeding fish and present a fly on a very light tippet,  hold on tight and settle in for a fight to be remembered. A 4/5 or 5/6 wt. rod such as the Poseidon Fly matched with a suitable floating line and reel, using 4-8lb Siglon tippet material will work wonders. Cast your fly into the scum line around the feeding fish and wait patiently for a bite.

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