Excellent reports from all over the Natal coast this week, with a definite increase in our summer species being seen particularly in the Durban and Zululand region.

Rock n Surf:

Kosi Bay – Good fishing all round for the Kosi stretch, but particularly impressive was the Banga Nek area, producing excellent numbers of Flatfish and a fair amount of Sharks such as Spinner Sharks and Black Fin Sharks.  Best of all was the number of Honeycomb Rays caught throughout the week which ranged from around 20kgs all the way up to 90kgs. It is good to hear that most of these fish have been landed on Grinder outfits with a firm favourite being the Daiwa Saltist 6500 matched with a Daiwa Saltiga HMG Spinning 6-8 Oz rod.

Cape Vidal – A fair number of catches have been seen north of Vidal Bay on small Chokka baits. The bulk of these catches have comprised of edibles such as Stumpies and Wave Garrick.  Some smaller inedibles have moved in around the Vidal area, most of which are Brown Skates and smaller Honeycomb Rays.

Richards Bay– Some light at the end of the tunnel through these tough conditions which have been experienced lately, with plenty of choice for anglers in the Richards Bay area.  Most anglers targeting Sharks have been lucky with the amount of Raggies in the area, which have ranged between 30kgs and 120kgs. South of Richards Bay has produced some bigger flat fish, predominantly Browns and Honeycombs.  Bigger Sand Sharks have also been landed on bigger, fleshy baits.

Zinkwazi – Some good general catches including a very nice Cape Yellowtail which has been unheard of in this area for some time now.

Ballito – There have been decent showings of Grey Sharks in the Ballito / Salt Rock area, as well as some small Sand Sharks. Shad have been caught on baits thrown for other species.

Blue Lagoon – Small Sand Sharks were caught throughout the week on small baits and spinning outfits, with some bigger Shad caught accidentally as well.

Durban – In the bad weather experienced over the last week, many anglers had an extremely good time catching a variety of inedibles from the Durban beaches, including a few Sand Sharks measuring over 180cm. Blue Rays have been caught as well, but far smaller and lower quantities.

Toti – Toti has fished well, with plenty of Shad teasing anglers throughout the day, being caught on spoons and baits used whilst targeting other species. Sand Sharks on bloody baits and Blue Rays on smaller cutlet baits.

Scottborough – Still a fair number of Grey Sharks off the point, caught more frequently by anglers casting further with Grinder setups.  The Blacktail have been on the loose, cleaning up most baits in the water. Small Kingfish have been landed on smaller spoons and McArthy dropshot.  Shad have been caught whilst targeting Kingfish on Price Jet spoons.

Port Shepstone – Some very nice size Kob reported from the Port Shepstone area, but the Garrick have been wild on live bait and with the weather expected for the next week, we will be sure to see some more action shortly.

Port St John’s – Garrick and Kob have been prolific in most of the popular bays and a surprisingly high number of inedibles such as Raggies, Bronze Whalers and large Grey Sharks. Reports are filtering through of Garrick being taxed by big Sharks whilst being fought off the rocks.

Mpolompo has been producing good catches of Albacore as well, and most rivers are fishing very well for species such as Kob, Garrick, Springer and Kingies. Most of these fish are being caught in small Strike Pro Poppers.

Durban Harbour – When there have been gaps in the rain and wind, the Harbour has been fishing very well. Anglers using small spoons, poppers and dropshot have caught plenty of Kingies from the Pier as well as boats around the moorings and the Coaling Terminal.

Small Strike Pro Goby Poppers have been getting a more aggressive bite and better size fish too. Sea Pike have also made an appearance and have been taking most lures used for Kingies. Remember to slow your retrieve down somewhat when targeting the Sea Pike.

On the Grunter side of things, some anglers have been lucky, fishing on the eastern side of the sand banks using Cracker. Some nice fish up to 3,5kgs were landed in the rains last week.

Rock & Surf Fishing Clinic – Come experience a Rock & Surf Fishing Clinic with a difference (This info sent in to us from Buds). The uniqueness of this event is that bait presentations and traces will be target specific and identifying what is best suited for KZN’s shoreline. So no longer will you have to incur large costs to travel far and wide to enjoy your favourite sport. Great prizes to be won. Largest fish in length wins. Prizes allocated for the top 3 anglers: Learn how to prepare the best baits. Learn how to tie traces, plus plenty of tips ‘n tricks shared. Learn how to read water. Having trouble casting, or just want to improve on distances – come along as we have KZN’s finest anglers to assist you!

Venue: Laguna Beach Durban

Date: 15th November 2014

Time: 7am to 3pm

Entry Fee: R50pp

Bring the family and friends along and make this day, a day to remember.

For ticket queries contact anyone of the following preferably closest to your area:

Buds (Shallcross) 074 244 1259 or;

Leon V (Umhlatuzana) 079 273 8093 or;

Cyril (Havenside Chatsworth) 083 780 1239 or;

Brendon (Hillcrest) 083 381 3493;

Preggy (Phoenix) 084 444 7808;

Viv (Hillary) 083 308 5965 or

Ski Boat:

North As with the Rock n Surf angling, offshore fishing has been blessed with the arrival of the summer species. Various catches of Dorado, Sailfish and Wahoo have been reported from the Zululand stretch between Sodwana and Zinkwazi, with the odd Yellowtail being landed as well.

Cape Vidal has seen plenty of Dorado, which have been caught along the colour lines, trawling small Kona’s and Rattlers.  It is from this point on that anglers should be concentrating on the Dorado, which will start to move down the coast and hold tight to any form at structure such as buoy lines, floating logs,  bottles etc. Make sure that there is always a rod on the boat rigged with a popper to have a cast at these items of debris.

Local – Durban has started to heat up, with catches of Sailfish and Dorado near the ships.  Most of the Dorado have been landed on Kingfisher Rattlers and live bait. Tuna have been landed off the Barge, as well as a number of Garrick north of Durban. Flat seas in the weeks to come will surely produce Snoek.

South – Further down the coast, anglers have caught Yellowfin Tuna as well as a number of larger Kingfish on poppers and live bait. The bottom fish are feeding well if heavier sinkers are used to combat the strong currents.

Fresh water:


Albert Falls – This has been producing a decent amount of fish off the Ridge and to the back of Pelican Bay on Baby Brush Hogs and finesse worms, both in watermelon red colours. Fishing in the off-coloured water towards the river section with a Strike Pro spinner bait proved effective during the week as well. Tim’s trees are now exposed and have begun fishing very well.

Inanda – Due to the low water level, anglers have struggled to land decent fish as they have been searching for new offshore structure.  In these conditions, anglers should make a point of spending time on the water searching for new spots to fish. It is the ideal time to scan the surroundings of the dam and learn the structure. The majority of competitive anglers will use this to their advantage when fishing in competition, so there is no reason why it will not benefit the average angler.

Hazelmere – For the select few who were willing to launch a boat at Hazelmere over the last week, well done. The dam is extremely low, sitting at around 44% capacity, with chocolate brown waters. There are a few fish that are being landed, however, a rattle and shake approach has been taken in order to get a bite. Fine wire Spinner baits, buzz baits, large crank baits and curly tails with rattles in them are the only items that will get a decent bite in this dirty water.


Shongweni Dam – This dam has already started to see a drop in the size of fish being landed, due to the rise in temperature. The early summer bite of about 6-8kg fish is on, and although these fish are smaller, there are a fair number of them which are being caught with relative ease.

Albert Falls – This has provided ample fun for anglers around the slip ways at the day visitor’s site, as well as good fun on fly when the flying ants are out.  Most of these fish range between 1-5kgs and are plentiful.

Tiger fishing:

Now that the dust has settled from this year’s Tiger Fishing Spring Festival at Royal Jozini, here is a brief report back on what took place over that weekend. Fishing was fairly slow and not much activity to report despite concerted efforts. With the water still being fairly dirty from the recent storms, Tigers of up to 3kgs were being caught on live bait, lures, sardines and fly. A handful of barbel were also landed.

All was quiet in the reserve on Friday night with the competitors waking up in showroom condition on the Saturday morning .The sun rose steadily and started beating down through the clouds making that SPF40 with UV protection seem like a wise purchase! Reports from this day indicated limited numbers of fish once again but more weight. 3pm came and prize giving was next in line.

After calculating the score cards of all which showed catches of Tiger fish ranging from 500g to over 4kgs and barbel of up to 11kgs.  2nd Prize for biggest bag went to the Father & Son team Rochester’s, 1st prize went to another Father & Son team + 2 on the boat Mvubu, congratulations to the skipper Mike Oldfield.  Biggest tiger was 4.15kgs caught by Wimpie Bouwer on live Bream for bait.

Other News:

Petri De Wet’s latest series of Hier Gaan Ons Alweer fishing show is back on kykNET, channel 144. This series runs for the next three months, the primer is at 17.30 on Mondays, with re-runs during the week. The first show, this Monday the 6th, is catching Tiger Fish (the cover of this month’s Stywe Lyne) and Bream with Daiwa Laguna rods and reels. The new series has been filmed in HD so should be great.


Also, check out ASFN on Monday evening, this is a great fishing show that is aired weekly on DSTV. It premiers on Mondays, Super Sport 8, channel 208, 19:30 to 20:00.


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