Countless flatfish over the last week, along with Sharks of all kinds, all along the Natal Coast. The fish seem to have arrived just in time for the holiday makers.

Rock n Surf:

Kosi Bay –
  Kosi has fished very well over the last week with smaller edible fish, but with the North Easterly winds predicted to blow the whole week, anglers can expect some explosive fun with a variety of Sharks and flat fish. Last weekend there were reports of Sand Sharks, Blackfin Sharks and Brown Skates, which is a good start for the week already.

Cape Vidal – This area has seen some very big Zambezi Sharks being landed throughout the course of last week, most of which have been landed near the river mouth. With the reopening of the Shad season, anglers have become more versatile and have been able to target a wider variety of inedibles on live Shad, Shad head and also Shad cutlet baits.

Richards Bay – Richards Bay North has produced some very nice Sand Sharks and Honeycomb rays last week, as well as a few Diamond Rays, all of the above have ranged between 20kgs and 50kgs. Richards Bay South has seen good numbers of Spinner Sharks, Milkies, Brown Skates and Shad.

Zinkwazi and Blythedale – Seem to be doing better than most spots, with many good reports of edibles and non edibles.  The top species have been Sand Sharks, Grey Sharks, Diamond Rays and Brown Skates.  There have been plenty of Shad around too, which have been well utilised as bait. There have also been good reports of Kingfish from the area, also taken on live Shad.

Ballito – Saw some Grey Sharks and Sand Sharks in the evening sessions, along with some excellent Stumpnose. The number of Diamond Rays in the area has increased as well, providing good fun for anglers on light tackle.

Umdloti – Further South there has been no shortage of action for anglers using heavier tackle and swim bait outfits. Zambezi Sharks up to 200kgs have been hooked, some landed and some lost. Make sure to use only the best equipment when targeting larger species as such. Mustad Hoodlum 10/0 and up, heavy gauge steel trace, a decent leader and a minimum or Giant Abrasion 0,55mm main line. Also make an attempt to head down to your local tackle store and ask for a demo on knot tying, which will not only help with your heavy tackle, but throughout your fishing styles.

Umhlanga – Light house saw good catches of Shad and Grey Sharks over the weekend, but did not fish as well as Beachwood and Virginia which produced the goods throughout the week and weekend. Grunter have become more prolific in these areas as well, but have been selective with their bait of choice. Most anglers using Sea Lice or Sardine filler have been successful.

Durban The beachfront will be heating up during the course of this week with the NE winds predicted.  We have already seen catches of Pompano, Grunter and Stumpnose from Addington and Ushaka beaches on light spinning outfits. The beauty of this area is that the angler never knows what they will be catching; the amount of fish in these areas which feed on Sea lice is phenomenal. The possibilities range from Grunter, Pompano, Stumpnose, a variety of Flatfish and also other edibles such as large Blacktail and Wave Garrick.

When targeting these species which have relatively delicate mouths, the angler needs to make a decision whether he/she fishes with nylon or braided line. There advantages in both and disadvantages in both. Firstly, braid has zero stretch,  which means that a lot more pressure will be out on the hook at all times, resulting in hook pulls when the fish shakes it’s head hard etc. Nylon on the other hand will stretch and absorb the shock, and be more forgiving than the braid. Braid will also require the angler to learn new knots in order to tie leaders on etc. Braid, however, casts like a dream and will out cast any nylon in an equivalent breaking strain. It also has less drag in the water due to its lower diameter, more braid will fit onto the spool making for a larger line capacity, and it also will allow for the angler to detect a bite easily.

Triple Fish Gatorbraid is available in a 4 and 8 weave and is perfectly suited for the angler on a budget who does not want to settle for substandard product.

Bluff – The Bluff has been a bit quiet of late, but will be on fire towards the end of this week after the NE winds.

Toti and Warner Beach This area has also been quiet, but has been picking up consistently as the week goes by. Grey Sharks have been the main target species in these areas.

Scottborough – Has been on fire, with most of the anticipated species coming out in good numbers. Brown Skates, Grey Sharks, Diamond Rays, Sand Sharks and good Shad have all been caught and will remain on the bite in the NE winds this week.

Margate – The beaches have seen quite a few anglers and a showing of fish to match. Shad have been caught regularly, Grey Sharks, a handful of Blue Rays and also some nice Raggies.


Transkei – Fishing in the Transkei region has been productive and only seems to be getting better.  With flat seas, anglers are finding it easier to slide large baits out and are enjoying the Shark and Garrick fun now that the Shad season has been reopened. The Kob have been relatively quiet, but anglers have been happy to target Yellowtail instead, which has been a blast. Raymond de Bruyn and a few mates were at Hole In The Wall for a few days and had some great fishing. Ray landed a 154kg Bronzy on his Daiwa Saltist BG 40 and .45mm Giant Abrasion line, a great fish on that tackle, they also landed a number of edible fish on the Daiwa Exceler 11 foot rods. They had over 50 Shark pulls in two days as well as 14 Yellowtail and 9 Garrick between the guys, that area certainly seems to have turned on.

Ski Boat:

North – Fishing up here, particularly the Vidal and Sodwana areas have really started producing some class fish. Weather patterns and current have played a huge part in making the start of the season a huge success. Persistent NE winds, high water temperatures coupled with a with a fairly strong Northerly current makes these venues highly desirable.

Reports of shoal Couta, Dorado, Tunny and some big Wahoo, some touching the 40 kg mark have been taken at both these venues by both Ski Boats and Fishing Ski anglers alike. Marlin have also been very active here and Ski Boats have had some good fishing as far as mainly Black Marlin are concerned, quite a few Blues and Sailfish have also been accounted for.

A little further south, the Mapelane area has lately produces some outstanding catches of big Snoek. Some of these fish have pulled the scales to the 12 kg mark, which is quite uncommon for this specie but none the less they are there and reports suggest that the average size here is around the 7 kg mark. A trip to this venue to target Snoek would be a good call.


Central – High temperatures and clean water should be accounting for more fish that are really being caught in the Durban and North Coast stretches. Sporadic catches of mainly Yellowfin Tuna are being made and the odd report of Dorado is also filtering through. There has been some encouraging catches of Snoek along the Umgeni and Umdloti stretches but the average size of these fish are still a little on the small side. Bottom fishermen are getting amongst the Geelbek Salmon on the deeper wrecks but the Shark problem here still persists. General bottom fishing has also picked up a little with good reports of big Redfish and Rock Cod.



South – Here some better fishing is being experienced particularly in the Aliwal Shoal, Scottburgh and Park Rynie areas where some excellent catches of fair sized Yellowfin Tuna are being made. Clean warm water and favorable currents have made this stretch produce not only Tuna but reports of Dorado and some big Wahoo are also coming through. A little further south, the Protea Banks are also producing much the same catches. The Port Edward area has been steadily producing some good catches of Cape Yellowtail off the deeper wrecks as well as good general bottom fishing.


Fresh water:
Carp – With our local dams starting to become more popular at this stage of the year, it is no wonder that reports of Carp catches have increased so much. Anglers using conventional tackle have managed to land some lovely Carp over the last week and weekend. With the water being so clean at Shongweni at the moment, anglers are forced to downsize their terminal tackle but have managed to land some good fish even on 6lb hook snooting’s. Maize has been responsible for most catches, but anglers using specimen tackle have also caught some larger specimen on 12mm boilies and tiger nuts. Albert Falls seems to be slowing down with the bigger fish, with reports of smaller fish up to 5kgs being received this week.

Bass – Albert Falls has slowed down somewhat over the last week and has fished well only in the mornings and late afternoons. Spinner baits have worked well in the shallows in the mornings. Shongweni has had an average performance recently with most fish being landed on plastics in the clean water; Mustad Ultralock hooks with their fine gauge wire have been helping out with the presentation of the soft plastics.
Hazelmere is very low at the moment but is still producing fish on Spinner baits and larger soft plastics. Darker colours such as Black and Junebug have been producing the goods.

Fly fishing Fishing in the Midlands has slowed down substantially over the last month or so, due to the rising water temperatures. Most fishing should be done early in the mornings before the shallows heat up,  and a floating line will increase your chances of a bite as the fish will be feeding on the surface White Death or DDD patterns will be a good choice at this part of the year, and need to be fished extremely slow. If the wind picks up, try fishing with an intermediate line and tungsten weighted fly, the fish will become more active as the wind cools the surface temperature.

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