A very happy new year to all of our listeners and readers! With the school holidays rapidly drawing to a close, local anglers have noticed a long awaited drop in the number of people on the beaches and at dams, and for most this means one thing… Time to get back to the summer fishing!

Rock n Surf:

Kosi Bay- This area has surprised many anglers during last week’s smash up of edibles and non edibles which took place during the end of the week and over the weekend. Nothing exciting as far as species count goes, but the sheer numbers themselves were enough to cause huge excitement amongst the anglers who were lucky enough to find themselves at Kosi.

Dozens of reports of edibles in the lakes were received from a number of anglers who tried out the lighter tackle, with the major species being Kingfish and Rock Salmon all on Strike Pro Thai Stick top water baits and the Halco Rooster Poppers. Some fairly large GT’s have also been landed on live baits on the surface. On the surf side, all of the expected species showed face, but Bonefish, Kingfish and Blackfin Sharks came out tops for this week.

Cape Vidal -also had good reports of Kingfish, and although not as large as the trophies up north, made decent size and made up for it in numbers. Many fish were caught on McArthy drop shot lures of the 5″ variation; including some good Black Tip Kingies and some good sized GT’s.  Small Chokka baits and Mackerel baits managed to land a large number of Sand Sharks on the sand banks during the day and in the evenings.

Richards Bay – Reported catches of Honeycombs and Diamond Rays with a fair amount of Raggies at night too. Many anglers have been successful using Mustad Demon circle hooks for all of the above mentioned species but in particular the Raggies which have been targeted with these hooks for a number of years already. The areas south of Richards Bay have also fished particularly well and many fishermen have spent hours on the beach landing countless Milk Sharks,  good sized Diamonds, Honeycombs and even some very nice Grunter on lighter running sinker traces. When the Grunter are on the bite, be careful to present your baits very well and make sure that only the best Mustad hooks are used, this will increase your catch rate.

Ballito- In the Ballito area the reports of inedibles have been impressive, mainly Sand Sharks, Brown Skates and smaller species if Sharks such as Milk Sharks and Grey Sharks. Sheffield has been quiet recently, but anglers who have persisted with the spinning have managed to land a handful of Snoek and Kingies from the rocks fishing into deeper water. Most of these fish have been caught on McArthy drop shot and small spoons.

Umhlanga – Umhlanga and areas south of the Light House had good catches of Blacktail, Stumpies and Grey Sharks throughout the day and Grey Sharks into the evenings.  The bait of choice has been Chokka and Prawn baits.

Local – Blue Lagoon had anglers bending with Shad for the majority of the week, on bait cast out on the high tide. Smaller flat fish were also caught on the weekend by anglers using the new range of Poseidon Coastline 12’6″ Medium action rods. This range of rods really packs a punch and is surprisingly affordable. Durban Piers and beachfront have both been good to our anglers recently and have produced fish all week.  Shad have been landed consistently throughout the week too, by anglers using bait on the high tide. Fishing early mornings produced many fish on glow foam top bungs with Japanese Mackerel.  Snapper Salmon have also been taking most smaller baits in the shallows.

Bluff – On the Bluff side, the usual suspects, the Black Tip Kingies, have been very active and managed to be landed only on heavier tackle such as the Daiwa Saltist 4500 or 6500 spinning reels with 80lb Sunline Super PE braid which is excellent against the bricks.

Toti – Toti anglers stacked up their Shad catches, which were unfortunately smaller than before but still fun nonetheless.  Other edibles in the Toti/Warner beach area include Stumpies, Stone Bream, Rock Cod and also some nice Grunter. It is nice to see that a lot of these fish have been released to fight another day. A good option for your hook selection when it comes to catch and release is the Mustad Demon circle fine wire, which is strong enough for most fish but still fine-gauged enough to penetrate like no other.

Scottborough – Scottborough Point was quiet compared to its surrounding areas but still managed to keep anglers busy with a few good inedibles and some nice Stumpies too.  An angler using slide Chokka was given a proper hiding straight into the nets fishing off the pool. There seems to be some larger fish around which will surely be landed in the weeks to come.

Transkei – Further down the coast at Port St John’s, the Kob and Garrick have slowed down substantially but the Kob are still the main target species, being caught on most days. Live baits are working very well and accounted for most of the catches.  Back to back Mustad Hoodlum hooks have been deadly for this rig. Most reports from the Transkei region consist of large edibles such as Kob or Garrick with some lovely rock species being caught as well. Larger Sharks have been targeted flat out and without doubt has been the most productive spot along our entire coast.

Ski Boat:

Zululand – As far as consistency is concerned, the Zululand coastline has for the past month or so been very productive with game fish and Billfish. Couta have finally made their presence felt and are being caught in fair numbers in the Cape Vidal and Sodwana areas. Along with the Couta anglers are also catching fair numbers of Dorado, Tunny and the odd big Wahoo. Billfish have been very active at both these venues with weekly reports of Black, Blue and the odd Striped Marlin coming through. Sailfish have been caught in fair numbers as well but the Mapelane area has been the most productive in this respect.


Durban – Sea temperatures in and around Durban have leveled out at a consistent 24 degrees and with it came the long awaited Dorado. Not only are they being caught on the deeper ‘reefs’ off Durban but some Fishing Ski anglers managed to bag a few in the Sea Belle area during the course of the week. Ski Boats fishing around the Ships in the outer anchorage area have also had some success with the Dorado as well. The Tunny have gone off the boil in the Durban areas but there are quite a few Couta being boated by Ski Boats and Ski anglers alike. Bottom fishing is still doing well off Durban with boats reporting some good catches of Geelbek Salmon off the deeper wrecks. Charter boats are also reporting some excellent catches of Slinger, big Soldiers and Rock Cod off most reefs in this area.


South – This area has also proven to be possibly the most consistent and productive area on the KZN coastline. Clean water and rising water temperatures seem to have kept fish lurking here. Apart from the Aliwal Shoal and Protea Banks some good fish have been caught on the Bluff and ‘Cutting’ areas, here some nice sized Couta and Tunny have been caught during the week. Big Snoek have been seen by divers in the Treasure Beach and Isipingo areas. Further South there has been some Couta action in the Scottburgh, Park Rynie, Mtwalumi and Hibberdene areas. The Aliwal is still producing a variety of fish as it has done for the past few weeks.


Ski Boats and Jet Skis are consistently getting good catches of Yellow Fin Tunny, Couta, Wahoo and Sailfish. Here the lure of choice has been the Kingfisher Rattler series and Halcos. The Shark problem is still very prevalent here with anglers not only losing their catch but the Sharks now have taken a liking to anglers lures which is not only costly but very frustrating. Further South the Protea Banks at Shelly Beach is producing much of the same fish species as the Aliwal but the Tunny here seem to be in a much bigger class.


Fresh water:
Carp – It is without doubt that the level if our dams is raising a fair amount of concern amongst anglers and holiday makers in Natal. With some main waters as low as 20% full at this point in time, it is no doubt many anglers are worried. Shongweni is the recommended dam to fish in these times as the level is healthy and has no issues thus far, unlike Inanda, Albert falls, Goedetrou and Hazelmere.  If you find yourself in the situation where you are forced to fish a dam which is low, there are tecniques which will benefit the angler. If the water is low, chances are good it is clean too, due to the fact that the rivers do not pump in dirty water and the sediment has time to settle. This allows anglers to sight fish, and to use a wider variety of rigs, such as the chod rig. Smaller baits can be used with the same effect as bigger baits, but will entice a larger more skittish fish to feed. Fluorescence is more visible and will work better in the clean water.  And the main advantage of lower water is that the water temperature heats up during the day and remains warmer at night, causing fish to feed more readily.

Bass- Inanda came out on top this week with dozens of good reports with the parents and the children getting involved. With the water temperature up and baitfish in the water, shallow water fishing has been explosive and has produced hundreds of keeper sized Bass on flukes,  Spinner baits and Strike Pro crank baits in the white/ shad colours.  Albert Falls has been equally as productive but in the deeper water away from activity. Most anglers fishing with heavily weighted Carolina rigs have had excellent catches. When fishing deeper Carolina rigs, braid is a must, and the Sunline super PE 40-80lb is ideal for this application. The most versatile test would be around 50lb, which leaves your outfit available for Frogging and Pitching too. When using braid, make sure to use stronger hooks in the deep to avoid straightening of fine wire hooks. Mustad had an excellent range of hooks such as the Ultra Lock and the Big Mouth which will not fail under heavy pressure.


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