With the weather eventually playing its part, anglers have had more than enough time to get on the water, which has resulted in many fish being landed throughout the course of last week.

Rock n Surf:

Kosi Bay – Conditions on the North Coast have been pleasant, with winds moderate and water colour close to perfection. There has been no shortage of reports from the Kosi Bay, Sodwana and Banga Nek areas, mostly regarding Flatfish or Sharks. The few edible species which have been caught have been mainly Bonefish, Kingfish, Springer and Pompano.

The edibles at this time of year are targeted mainly on Chokka and Red Eye baits or Chokka and Prawn mix, however if you are able to get your hands on Octopus tentacle or Mussel, your species count will increase, which also increases the chance of catching more fish.

The slightly off colour water along the KZN coast has done wonders for Shark angling and there have been a variety of species landed from Zambezi Sharks to Milk Sharks.  The amount of Black Fin Sharks has been phenomenal, on slide and throw baits. Some anglers have had multiple hookups in one session, but due to the athletic nature of this species, less than half of the fish hooked have been landed.

The Zambezi sharks seem to have headed in the same direction; however this was due to the beastly size of the fish being hooked. Anglers had 250lb nylon coated wire bitten through like nylon, which serves as a reminder to always carry a spare extremely heavy trace or two in your kit. Bait size is also extremely important when there are large Sharks in the area. Larger species of Sharks will be more willing to feed on a large bait, as it lets off more smell as well as coming across as a more substantial meal.

Richards Bay – Richards Bay fished well too, seeing plenty of Diamond Rays and Honeycombs in the evenings. Spinner Sharks and Milkies have been on the loose again, which isn’t good news for the anglers fishing for edibles. Mtunzini continued to impress, with excellent catches of Sand Sharks, Brown Skates, Diamonds and Honeycombs. Again, anglers fishing for edibles had a ton of Milk Sharks all over their bait, but the odd edible was landed.

Zinkwazi – Zinkwazi was the next spot which stood out over the last week, and surprisingly enough, had very few anglers on its shores. After a combination of the perfect winds and low swell, the Diamond Rays were gale force and were being caught on everything and anything, including Shad traces. With the Diamonds there have been Honeycombs, Sand Sharks and Brown rays. Shad have been present, and although quite small, have still made excellent baits.

Salt Rock – Salt Rock saw a few of the spinning enthusiasts on the rocks, who managed to land some lovely fish, including Snoek and a variety of Kingfish species.  The new range of Maria Blues Code Slim baits have been put to the test and have been hugely successful.

Umhlanga/Blue Lagoon – Umhlanga and surroundings areas saw plenty of Grey Shark action in the evenings, with some anglers catching as many as 10 in a session.  Mackerel head and larger Chokka baits have done very well. Stumpies have been landed off Virginia and Glen Ashley on the weekend by anglers using Sea lice as bait. Blue Lagoon had some Kingfish action earlier on in the week, with anglers using 4″ Mc Arthy Jerk Minnows on light spinning outfits. Wave Garrick have also been caught, along with a few undersized Shad on bait and spoon.

Durban – The beachfront has also produced the goods for many anglers fishing for edibles and inedibles.  Grey Sharks, Honeycombs, Sand Sharks and Brown Rays have been plentiful, with Stumpies, Grunter and Kingfish also present. Smaller baits have been catching a wider variety of species.

Bluff – The Bluff has had reports of Snoek very shallow, that were spotted by Spear fishermen during the week. These fish are not out of reach, however very light braid on an 11′ rod like the Excelers, will get the distance to hook into a fish or two. Remember a fast retrieve is required.

Umkomaas – Umkomaas is by far the most productive spot along the South Coast, with more fish being landed than most other spots. Most places between the Bluff and Umkomaas have been relatively quiet having only seen a few Shad and Stumpies. Umkomaas has had an excellent run of Kingies over the last week, which have been caught almost entirely on bait. Live bait has been king; however they have not turned down a well-presented Chokka and Red Eye bait.  Grunter and Stumpnose have been caught on Sea lice and on Chokka baits, with Shad coming out on conventional Shad traces.

Scottborough – Scottborough Point also saw some Kingies on artificials such as McArthy drop shot and small spoons.  Grey Sharks have been landed on live baits and larger throw baits. Some nice edibles were also landed off the point over the weekend.

Transkei – Port St John’s saw no fireworks but still produced a fair amount of fish, particularly over the weekend. Some serious Grey Sharks were taken on large slide baits, a few Hammerhead Sharks on the spinning setups and also a few Kob on Chokka baits. Hole In The Wall saw anglers struggling to hold onto their rods with the amount of large Sharks in the area, some up to 220kgs. Raggies have been plentiful and have really helped anglers enjoy themselves with spinning outfits. Kob and smaller Rock fish such as Galjoen and Zebra fish have been feeding well in the excellent conditions.

Harbour – Throughout the week, mixed reports have come in regarding fishing in Durban harbour, however towards the end of the week it became clear that there were definitely a large number of fish on the bite. Charter boats reported good numbers of Rock Cod near the harbour mouth, being caught on Cracker surprisingly. Kingfish have been caught unconditionally on small poppers and drop shot, and occasionally on small spoons too. The majority of catches have been Big Eye Kingies, so do not hesitate to spend more time on the water and fish into the dark, as these predators have excellent vision even in the dark.

Plenty of fun is still to be had on the banks, in the form of Brown rays and Diamonds.  These Flat fish have been taking Cracker rigged on a standard Grunter trace with a size 4 or 6 Mustad Carp Bait holder hook. This allows the bait to have a more natural presentation. Grunter have been plentiful for around half the week, and virtually nonexistent on others, which meant the anglers with baits in the water had the lion’s share.

Ski Boat:

North – An excellent week for ski boat anglers last week, with many reports coming in of Sailfish, Marlin, Snoek, Couta, Tuna and also Yellowtail and Kingfish. Zululand anglers had excellent fun over the weekend with Couta and Sailfish in the deeper water, whilst anglers in the shallows hooked into dozens of Snoek as well as some lovely Kingfish. The Snoek have been shallow; however the larger fish have been feeding deeper on down rigged fillets. A few Couta have been landed this way too. Tuna have loved the shallow diving Rattlers in about 50-80m of water. Yellowtail off Cape Vidal have been plentiful and have taken lures as well as live bait. Further south, Zinkwazi fished well too, having anglers stuck onto a few huge Tuna on live bait.

Local – Durban is where it all happened, with countless Tuna over 30kgs landed with the Dolphins and on live bait on the bait marks. The Couta have moved in and a number of anglers have caught fish on live baits.  Most fish have been between 6-15kgs with the odd specimen weighing in at around 15-20kgs. Bottom fishing off Durban has been spectacular, with good numbers of Santer, Slinger, Rock Cod and even the odd Geelbek still being around.

South – On the South Coast, anglers have had more than enough action with smaller Tuna between 3 and 10kgs particularly in the Shelley Beach area. Yellowtail have been caught on jig in certain areas as well, most of which have been over 6kgs.  After last reported 24kg Yellowbelly Rock Cod off Rocky Bay, we thought we would not hear of another “wow” fish. Roger Davison managed to boat a once in a lifetime Crocodile Couta of 45kgs!! The amazing part is that the fish was weight after being gutted. Well done on the fish!!!


Jet Ski:

This Jet Ski report from well-known Durban angler, Fritz De Koker. Not much going on as the most of the guys are off to Ponto this week end for the 6th Annual Racetech competition. Go Fish whom are the organisers are looking at getting more than 130 Jet Skis to this year’s event. Ballito area has been producing some good Tuna, Dorado and even some Cuda. Durban has not had much success other than some smaller Tuna and the odd Bonnie that have been coming out. Further down south at Umkomaas and Shelly Beach, the guys have had better luck with plenty Tuna and Dorado coming out with some reports of some nice Cape Yellow Tail in the mix. If anybody is looking at getting into the game of Jet Ski fishing they are welcome to contact Fritz via email at


Fresh water:
Bass – Another week of good fishing has gone by and after a slow start to the week at Albert Falls and Inanda, both dams have finished off strong and have sent anglers home happy. Albert Falls had good reports from anglers fishing on the North side of the dam near the river mouth and the flats. The fish have been holding tight to structure and have preferred slow moving baits. The water temperature has risen slightly, leaving most anglers puzzled. In these conditions anglers need to remember that the fish have not got lock-jaw, they simply do their absolute best to use as little energy as possible, so the same rules apply as with winter conditions and frontal conditions. Slow moving, larger than average baits in deeper water.

Deeper water takes longer to heat up, therefor holding higher levels of oxygen. With the plant life on the shallows at Inanda Dam, oxygen levels have not been an issue and the fish have continued to feed even at mid-day. Frogging has still been the approach of choice, and has produced more fish than anything else. Again, a reminder that anglers need to use the algae in Inanda to their advantage, instead of keeping clear of it. Competitive anglers have proven time and time again that the best results have been in the thickest mats of algae in each bay. A Horny toad or Hollow Body Frog dragged over the mats will prove irresistible to many lunkers.

Tiger Fish For anglers looking for something a little different to do in the last few months of summer, look no further that Jozini Dam. This jewel of a destination has not only proved to be an excellent spot to take the family for a holiday, but is also only a few hours from JHB or Durban. Families can enjoy the experience of Botswana or Zimbabwe on our own doorstep. Summer months prove to be best for Africa’s most aggressive and hardest fighting game fish, the Tiger fish, and Jozini does not disappoint. These beasts can be targeted on a variety of lures and baits, and will take almost anything that moves, from live Tilapia to Chicken fillet, spoons, spinners, crank baits and even fly.

Standard Bass outfits in a medium heavy to heavy action are preferred, such as the Daiwa Tiger Tamer 7ft, paired with any size 2500 reel up to 4000 with 15-25kgs line. Braid is preferred, however needs precision knot tying to ensure the best results. The best quality hooks are required, along with steel trace and decent leader material to increase the chances of landing a decent sized Tiger. Mustad Red Tarpon size 4/0 and 6/0 have proven themselves over and over again, with size 4, extra strong trebles being extremely effective too when used with light enough bait.  Currently, many anglers have been successful using live bait and Africa Lures Spinners fishing drop offs and the river mouth section.  Most fish have been caught later in the afternoons.

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