Get your fishing gear ready; Wednesday and Thursday are going to be Gun smoke for anglers targeting inedibles! With the first half of the week being set up with North Easterly winds, anglers can expect Wednesday and Thursday to be on fire, producing most of the Flatfish species such as Diamond rays, Brown Skates and Sand Sharks. This is not one to be missed , so prepare for a smash.

Rock n Surf :

An excellent week for Rock n Surf anglers yet again, with strong North East winds blowing for long enough to really put the fish on the bite. With some very good conditions predicted for this week, anglers can expect the same action.

Kosi bay had an amazing run last week, producing a good few Sand Sharks over the 100kg mark. James Van Rooyen managed an absolute stunner of a Sand Shark weighing in at 136kgs! In the same area, anglers had good fun with the edibles such as Rock Salmon and Speckled Snapper up to 4,5kgs.

Cape Vidal has had an influx of edible fish, and although the banks are a bit sanded up, small white baits are producing the goods.

Richards bay has also been fished a lot, with Bkacktip sharks, big Diamond rays and some very impressive Shad being the most commonly caught. Lower down the coast at Mtunzini the game was on with countless catches of Diamond Skates and Brown Rays.  This is common after three days of the North East and with the weeks wind Predictions, Wednesday as well as Thursday will be the same.  Some clubs managed to catch more than 5tonnes of Flatfish, with certain anglers managing up to 15 fish alone.

Ballito has seen the odd Grey, Brown and Snoek off the points on spoon. Water has been very clean and warm.

Umhlanga lighthouse has also gone off the bite and only a few grey sharks came out.

Central: Virginia / Beachwood are seeing a few smaller shad in the mornings on spoon.

Blue Lagoon has lots of Shad and Stonebream as well as Lantern fish. There have also been a few honeycombs for the non-edible anglers.

Durban beachfront is still seeing a lot of pompano and grunter being caught on sealice and redeye baits.

Bluff area has still produced a few kingies on live baits such as Karanteen or Blacktail.

Toti / Warners has also had some Greys and a few diamonds. Umkomaas lots of juvenile Grunter and the odd smaller Shad. Some Brown skates in the late afternoons.

South: Scottborough has been the hotspot for Grey sharks as well as brown skates. Bonefish have also been caught on chokka and prawn baits. Hibberdene is seeing better size Shad in the early morning sessions as well as just before Sunset.

Port Shepstone Kob, Shad, Bronze bream but not many fish being caught due to the warm water conditions.

Transkei North deep water points have produced a few hammers. The water is clean and on the warm side. PSJ water is also clean and thus the Raggies have fed at night. During the mornings Bronze bream and Shad have been prolific.

Harbour: Some anglers have had good fishing in the Harbour on the weekend, trying to escape the rough seas off Durban. Grunter seem to be on the bite and there is no doubt that the amount of Kingfish being caught has not declined in the last week. Anglers are still flocking to the Bay to try out the light tackle fun and many have been successful, mainly early in the mornings at sunrise using small lures.

Trips down in the afternoon do not need to be limited to spinning for game fish, as the same spinning gear can be used for targeting Grunter and a variety of different species off the Piers and Sand banks.

The standard running trace which consists of a 1/4- 1/2oz egg or ball sinker, 10-15lb leader and a small Mustad size 4 or 6 Carp hook is utilised.  Cracker is used by the majority of the harbour fishing fraternity, due to its high success rate and the ease of use. It is not a messy bait and can be relatively easily to acquire. A permit is required; however it does not cost much and can be obtained from your closest post office. 90% of the fish species in our harbour feed on Cracker as a staple diet and will not be able to turn up the opportunity to snack on these tasty treats if used as bait.

Sardine head is a popular bait for those who wish to target Stumpies,  Rock Salmon, Rock Cod and the larger Grunter. A larger hook is required for this bait, normally around a 4/0 Mustad. Thicker leader between 20lb-30lb is preferred for the abrasion resistance against teeth, rocks and anything else that may get between you and your catch. Heavier tackle such as a size 4000 reel and heavier braided line around the 20-30lb mark will also land more of these larger species.

Ski Boat – Our Northern stretches have been relatively productive recently, with anglers catching more Couta by the day. The weather over the weekend did not pan out in the anglers favour, however most boats managed to launch during the week and had quite a few catches to brag about. Couta and Dorado seem to have been all over the show,  allowing 99% of boats to go home with multiple catches.  Most of these fish were caught on live baits, however some of the larger fish off the Cape Vidal area were caught on Rattler 150’s on the 40m mark.

Marlin have not been scarce and some lovely specimens have been landed, including the new South African record Black Marlin caught by Franscois Engelbrecht. A 396.6 kg Beauty. Well done to the skipper Leon vd Vyfer and well done Franscois. This was Franscois’ first salt water fish! This goes to show that no matter how much you know, how much you do not know, or how much you think you know, fishing is fair game and any angler has the opportunity to hook into record size fish.

For the anglers who had dinner in mind instead of records, there were plenty of Yellowfin Tuna around between Richards bay and Zinkwazi, which were caught almost entirely on lures.

Ballito Anglers had a slightly different approach and have managed to boat good numbers of Dorado and Tuna on live bait. Less is more when targeting these fish, so eliminating as many components on your trace will end up increasing your catch rate.  A straight single hook onto a fluorocarbon leader or even a size 2 or 4 Treble hook does extremely well.

Blue Lagoon has seen some large Snoek, but few of them.  The best results have been seen on the outgoing tide in slightly off coloured water. Tuna and Dorado have both been caught in the deep off Durban, on live bait on the bait marks and on Konas or Rattlers off the ships. There are still plenty of Dorado around and the size of these fish is definitely increasing.

Fishing near the ships with a live bait will get a larger fish 9/10 times. All of the bait marks such as the Caissons, the Barge and the Containers have been holding some excellent Tuna up to 35kgs.
The Bluff had some good Game fishing last week, with most of the game fish species caught mainly on feathers or Rattlers. H2o feathers worked wonders and have been accountable for 3 Sailfish off the Bluff in one week.

Greenpoint and Hibberdene saw the odd Snoek and Couta, lacking in numbers but making up for it in size. Wahoo catches have started to increase on Aliwal Shoal, having been caught on live Bonito mainly. Unfortunately, big seas made weekend anglers change plans and the usual bunch were not able to see what the Tuna were up to at Shelley beach.

Fresh water

Carp – From the start of last week reports had been horribly slow and most anglers had not heard of many catches from our dams at all. It was only by around Friday that reports started to come in thick and fast, from most of our dams. The two dams which stood out over the rest were Shongweni Dam and Nagle Dam.  Both dams have a good water colour and are not dirty as many of the others are. Fish have been caught on conventional tackle and Specimen tackle right through the weekend and it is refreshing to hear of the fun that a group of children had in the shallows at Albert falls with nothing more than a simple Rietvlei trace and Almond flavoured Mielies as bait. This is the ideal way to get fishing into a youngster as there is no way that they can deny the fun they are having!

Albert falls has always been an incredible Dam for good numbers of smaller Carp to keep the family busy, whereas Shongweni and Midmar have made excellent waters for larger fish on specimen tackle.

Bass – Good to see that there is a continuous filling up of the dams in the Natal region. After the recent pollution problem, Shongweni is starting to fish well again and has seen good numbers of Bass in the 1,2-1,8kg range. Hazelmere has still been slow but is more accessible now with the water level increasing to 48.03%. With the rising water levels, the dam will begin to clear up and fishing will be incredibly exciting once the fish begin to become more comfortable in their new surroundings.  Anglers who have not already made use of the low water levels should get down to the dam and mark off coordinates for drop offs, rock piles and any structure at all in order to be successful when the dam is full.  It will not take long for the fish to move back to their original territory, and targeting them in the process is easy, provided you have a contour map or a good knowledge of the contours.  Fish will follow any contour and try remain in the same depth for as long as possible to avoid pressure changes. Once the fish have found the correct location, it will move extremely slow, vertically into the depth of water which it feels comfortable in. Albert falls saw a lot of smaller fish being landed close to the camp sites by campers and their children, which were using small plastics such as Zoom Fish doctors and C- tails in Electric Blue or Chartreuse.



Come and join us for a fly tying demonstration during the morning of 7th March. This will take place in the FLYFISHING section of The Kingfisher, 53 Hunter Street Durban from 8.30 to 12.30 and will cover fresh and saltwater flies. Watch flies being tied in sizes from 5 mm to 100 mm by the members of our club and hopefully we can attract you to join.

The Matatiele Mountain – Lake Fly Fishing Competition is on again this year, fishing will be on Sat the 21st and Sun the 22nd March. 1st prize is R3, 000.00, 2nd is R2, 000.00 and 3rd is R1, 000.00, plus many more prizes. Entry fee is R 425.00 and that includes Saturday dinner, Sunday breakfast as well as tea/ coffee and Rusks. There is a very limited cash bar and camping and ablutions are available. For registration of enquires contact Lionel Whittle on 039 737 3170, Shane Sweetnam 083 299 4996 or Dale Tribe on 081 401 0027.

ASFN, season 4 premiers on Monday nights on Super Sport 8 (channel 208) at 19h30 be sure not to miss it, there will also be six rebroadcasts during the week.

The Kingfisher’s trading hours are Monday, Wednesday to Friday 8:00 to                           17:00, Tuesday 8:30 to 17:00 and Saturday 8:00 to 13:00, closed on Sundays.

Please send any info about fishing, fish caught or competitions in your area to or fax 031- 368 4007 and for the latest KZN fishing news presented by O.J., tune into East Coast Radio at 5.40am Monday – Friday.




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