Definite climate changes can be felt as we move slowly into Winter, which means most anglers are cramming in as much summer fishing as possible before the cold. Ski Boat anglers are looking for every weather gap possible to get a Dorado or two before they head back up North, and Rock and Surf anglers have been spending as much time as possible with their lines in the water with a big bait on, hoping for that Honeycomb or Giant Guitar Fish. With the last few weeks of warmth upon us, let’s see what we can pull out of the hat!

Rock n Surf –

Kosi bay– had a quiet run last week but a high volume of anglers on the weekend made up for the lack of catches during the week, with edibles making up the majority of the haul. The sea conditions have not been favourable but seem to be improving by the day.

Cape Vidal– fished better this week and saw lots of small to medium sized edibles being landed on the Northern parts. Two very nice Blackfin Sharks were landed last week on larger baits too. There has been no shortage of edible fish, but what has stood out has been the catches of larger Speckled Snapper also Rock Salmon.

Hlabane- saw plenty of good angling on the weekend with plenty of Flatfish coming out on throw baits.  The bulk of the catch was made up of smaller Brown Skates and Diamond Skates. Anglers have had huge success using Mustad Circle hooks when targeting Diamonds, which helps not only with the effortless hookups, but also with the removal of the hook once the fish has been landed.

Richards bay– has seen plenty of Milk Sharks and Brown Skates which fed well throughout the week. Richards bay South side saw very little fish and due to the sea not playing it’s part, very few anglers as well.

Zinkwazi– also saw few fish with slightly off coloured water. Some decent Stumpnose came out in the evenings on Sealice.

Ballito- anglers had fun with Grey Sharks off the deep water points. Stumpies are definitely getting bigger and more abundant, and have fed on Sardine head or Sealice.

Blue Lagoon- had some good action on the inside of the river section, mainly with Grunter and Stumpnose.  Kingfish have been caught by the bridge on Maria diving baits.

Durban– has seen hundreds of small Grunter and Pompano between Blue Lagoon and North Pier.  Smaller Grey Sharks have also been caught on throw baits during the evenings.

Toti– fished very well with Grey Sharks,  Spinners and also a few Honeycombs.  Most of the fish have been coming out on fleshy baits.

Rocky bay– saw good numbers of Pompano and Stumpnose with the odd Snoek on spoon in the mornings at first light.

Port Shepstone– saw a lot of cold water which has meant lots of Hound Sharks and Blue Rays. Again, Mustad Circle hooks doing wonders in this region.

Port st John’s had a large amount of Raggies in the Northern parts, with Hound sharks taking fresh Mullet baits in most of these areas too. On the South side, Kob seemed to be plentiful,  as well as Shad and even Raggies.


The Harbour saw very few anglers last week and weekend, leaving most of the reports coming through from the charter boats and one or two anglers who made it onto the water and managed to land some good fish. The deeper spots produced a few nice fish and a good variety of species as well. The game fish were plentiful around the Coaling wharf and were caught on dropshot and small poppers.  Live bait has also been used to target these fish and has been hugely successful.  Smaller Blacktail, Perch and even Glassies work well on a small float, 15lb Fluorocarbon and a small size 8 treble hook or a fine wire circle hook such as the Mustad Demon fine wire circle. This allows the hook to penetrate without much pressure. Make sure that the live bait is pinned just under the skin so that a safe release can be made if the bait is not taken.

There is no worry of the bait flying off the hook on a cast because these fish are close to structure and are usually right at your feet or within a few meters. The variety of fish that can be caught with this rig is endless. Last week alone, one angler managed to land a variety of Kingfish, Springer,  Rock Salmon, Rock Cod and even a decent sized Shad at the mouth. Off the banks, this technique is not as popular but has been used in winter for Garrick with a live Mullet or Pinkie.


With a week of Up and down conditions,  anglers did very well to get the amount of fish that they did. Surprisingly good catches were seen by the anglers in Sodwana and Kosi bay areas. Wahoo have been in full force and have taken almost any bait in the water. Live baits have been getting the bigger bites but most fish have been taken on shallow diving Rattlers or feathers. Dorado have also been plentiful in these areas and have been seen in large schools off the colour lines and debris.

Trawling a 2m Rattler off these colour lines had produced excellent catches of both Dorado and Wahoo.  Further south at Maphelane, the Snoek were seen in large numbers. Sprat spoons were the flavour of the day and managed to provide anglers with hours of Snoek catching fun.

The greater Durban area produced many Tuna, particularly in the Ballito area on live baits. Couta were seen throughout the week at Seabelle and were taken mainly on paddle Skiis. Dorado have been taken on live baits off the Ballito wreck, as well as off the Dolphins with Poppers and Live baits.

Number one produced good catches of Tuna and a few Billfish too, which also took baits. Couta have been seen off the Bluff by Spear fishermen and have also been speared in the process. Small pockets of Snoek have been spotted off backline in the Toti area as well as large shoals of Tuna jumping with the bait balls. Further south, reports indicate that there have been plenty Yellowtail as well as Bonito, which the Wahoo have been feeding on.  Almost every bait pinned at the Aliwal area has got a game fish of sorts.

Fresh water
Carp – A long and somewhat frustrating week has gone by for many Carp anglers in KZN. Many anglers have reported a lack of productivity in our larger and more renowned Carp dams such as Albert falls and Midmar. Shongweni and Inanda produced an average catch of around 4kgs which were taken mainly on conventional tackle using maize as bait. As with most fish, the week after a bad week of fishing is normally filled with hungry fish, so we can all be expecting a good weeks fishing ahead of us.

Bass– Bass fishing over the last week was a bit quiet on most of our dams but picked up nicely over the weekend in time for the weekend warrior as well as for the New Hanover Prep Bass Comp, which took place on Saturday in the New Hanover /Dalton area just outside of PMB.  The Competition was a huge success with over 300 anglers competing against each other on a selection of 18 dams which are jam packed with good sized Bass.  Anglers were supplied with a map of the area with all dams included,  and have an option of fishing any of the dams or multiple dams within the time limits.

The winning fish per dam as well as overall are measured in length instead of weight, and have to be weighed with the weighmaster at each dam. Most anglers managed to catch a few fish at least and some lovely Bass of around 50-58cm were landed too. The winning fish measured just over 58cm.

In our main dams, fishing has been good for the exception of a day or two of strong winds. Inanda has had an excellent run on top water lures including frogs, Poppers and Buzz-baits. There has been a decrease of algae in the water and most of the areas are clearing up nicely. Albert falls saw a few nice fish off the ridge and close to the dam wall between the Yacht club and the marker bouey line. Brush hogs with chartreuse dipped tails fished slowly on mojo rigs worked well, with Watermelon red flukes coming in second best. Most of the fish which were landed have been fat and feeding well.

Fly fishing – A style of fishing which is often overlooked by many but is hugely underestimated, Night time fishing can be hugely productive, and if done properly, will produce more fish than day time fishing. Before going onto the water after the sun has set, go through the rules of the area you wish to fish as some waters restrict fishing after sunset. Most predators are much more active at night. This is applies for bass as well, and Bass on popper at night can be some of the most exciting and heart stopping fun one can experience.  They move into shallow waters to feed during the evenings and can locate a fly much faster in these sort of depths. This requires the use of a floating lure which creates noise. A floating popper with a concave face and multiple rattles is ideal. Keep the action of the lures constant so the fish can locate the source. A constant movement will produce lots of surface action. Another tactic is to place reflective tape on your lure and charge it with your torch. This serves 2 purposes; one, for the fish to see the lure and two, for you to be able to locate your lure in the water. It’s recommended to give this new way of fishing a try. It is also recommended to Take a partner with for company as well as safety.

ASFN, season 4 premiers on Monday nights on Super Sport 8 (channel 208) at 19h30 be sure not to miss it, there will also be six rebroadcasts during the week.

The Kingfisher’s trading hours are Monday, Wednesday to Friday 8:00 to                           17:00, Tuesday 8:30 to 17:00 and Saturday 8:00 to 13:00, closed on Sundays.

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