The closing in on some of South Africa’s most popular fishing competitions has set most anglers into competition mode and left the house empty over weekends, which has led to some excellent catches over the last week throughout KZN.

Rock n Surf:



Kosi lakes– have fished much slower than usual for this time of the year, which has meant most anglers have resorted to light tackle rock and surf angling. Over the last week however, the lakes have come to life again and anglers have found themselves fishing more frequently in the lakes than before. A wide variety of species have been caught, with the two main target species being Grunter and Rock Salmon.


Spinning enthusiasts have struggled somewhat, whilst anglers using Prawn, Sardine and even Cracker have had some extremely pleasing results. In the surf, most reports have been of small Brown Skates, smaller edibles and the odd Black Fin Shark.


Cape Vidal– saw plenty of edibles at night, along the sand banks shallower in. Most of the fish caught were small Stumpies, Grunter and Pompano.  Very few fish made size apart from a few good Pompano of around 5kgs. The only inedibles apart from the Milkies were the Honeycombs Rays and Brown Skates which were few and far between, but made good size.


Richards Bay– had a very good run of flatfish which were surprisingly caught on mainly Mackerel as far as reports indicate.  The bulk of flatfish landed were Brown Skates and Diamonds, with a few Honeycombs in the mix as well. Edibles were scarce and despite the high number of anglers fishing for them, only a few were landed. These few were mainly small Grunter and Snapper Salmon.


The bulk of the flatfish that have been frequenting the Mtunzini area seem to have moved slightly further south and have been caught in large numbers around Amatikulu. Reports from the locals indicate catches of Diamond Rays and Brown Skates were not uncommon. Anglers in this area using the Daiwa Catalina and Daiwa Saltist Grinders have managed to land these fish in half the time and have lines back in the water, meaning no time is wasted and more fish are landed per session.


Ballito– had an excellent run of Grey Sharks towards the end of the week and over the weekend, with a fair amount of Diamond Rays being landed too. Nick Strauss sent in this bit of info “I fished at the tidal pool below the Salt Rock Hotel yesterday (12th) and got stuck into small Grey Sharks, they were thick!!!. Most fish took Mackerel head baits rigged on Mustad Circle hooks.  These baits have a much better hookup ratio when bridled with Dacron.  During the day, anglers saw quite a few catches of Pompano on Sea lice.  This is a good sign as these fish were late to arrive in our waters.

Central – The entire stretch from Blue Lagoon down to the Bluff has fished relatively well and had yielded decent catches of edibles such as Grunter, Cave Bass, Snapper Salmon and Pompano.  The water has been somewhat off colour and has not been that productive with flatfish or Sharks.  The unusually high water temperature may also have something to do with this. The only inedible to be caught were the odd Milkies and Brown Skates.  Lucky anglers managed a Diamond Rays or two over the weekend.


Toti and Winkelspruit– have both produced good Diamond Rays and the odd large Honeycomb on bigger baits. Some very nice Shad were also caught it Winkelspruit.

Umgababa saw a wide variety of species as well as good sized Grunter caught on Cracker and Sardine baits in the mornings.  As usual, Umkomaas produced the goods and most anglers who paid the river mouth a visit did not come home empty handed. Both Kob and Grunter have both been around the 2-3kg mark and have been present the entire week. The larger fish seem to be feeding in slightly deeper water which means anglers are forced to make extra-long casts. Braided line is important here, and many anglers have opted to go down to as little as 20lb Gatorbraid to increase casting distance.  The odd Grey Shark has also been landed around Umkomaas, with baits which have been stuffed with floatation.

Hibberdene has been fishing very well and has produced many rock fish such as Bronze Bream and Stone Bream. The best bait in these areas has still been Red Prawn or Cracker. A mixture of the two on a Mustad Red Bait holder is deadly.

Umzumbe had quite a bit of action off the point with Grey Sharks on Mackerel head baits. Smaller edibles such as Grunter were also caught in their area fishing into the evenings.

Port Shepstone had good numbers of Hound Sharks at night and plenty of Bronze Bream and Hammerhead Sharks during the mornings and into the day.

Port St John’s had produced some good fish on larger slide baits throughout the week, mainly Grey Sharks and Hammer Head Sharks. The deeper water points seem to producing better bites. The water south of Port St John’s is starting to cool drastically but is still very clean, which means that fish will begin to make their way back up the coast for their annual trip.

KZN Fishing is hosting a Casting Competition on the 18th April at the Cator Manor Sport Ground starting at 7am. The competition will judge contestants on distance, skill, accuracy and consistency. All casts must be within a parallel boundary and an average of 3 casts will determine your end result. All rules are available on So if you fancy your ability at casting massive distances or if you want to test your personal skills, make sure you don’t miss this fantastic event. All enquiries: 083 494 8934.

Harbour: As the seasons change and anglers find themselves waking up later and later for their weekly fishing excursion, the fish are busy fattening up for winter and can be found feeding well in all estuary and harbour systems.  Along with Richard’s Bay harbour, Durban harbour has been firing on all cylinders recently and after recovering from an oil spill, is doing exceptionally well. Grunter of 4kgs have been a common catch over the duration of last week, as well as good sized Rock Cod and Stumpnose. The boats fishing at the Coaling terminal have found themselves into some good fish on a regular basis, whereas the boats fishing the center banks did well during the evenings using Cracker. The Brown Skates are still frequenting the banks and are more than happy to feed on any size Cracker.


North –

Ski Boat angling on the upper North Coast has been an absolute joy of late, and has produced hours of fun (sometimes on the same fish) throughout the week in areas such as Sodwana Bay,  Maphelane,  Cape Vidal and Richards Bay. The amount of Marlin hookups over the last week has been phenomenal, leaving very few boats fishless.  Sodwana has had the best results and has seen dozens of Marlin catches in the deeper water. Sailfish have also been plentiful and have both been caught on Konas in most depths of water.

For the anglers targeting something to take home, the Couta have also made a fair appearance and have averaged around 15-20kgs. These have been caught on dead baits or lures in relatively shallow water. The best tackle for these fish still remains the trusty Daiwa SL50 paired with an 8ft rod such as the Poseidon Offshore Couta.  No more than 30lb line is needed.  If anglers are finding themselves in a spot of bother with line capacity, then 600m of a decent long lasting braid such as Triple Fish Gatorbraid 4 weave can be used as backing to ensure there is enough line for any fish.

Richards Bay saw some good Tuna of around 89kgs and 75kgs being landed in the deep on Konas trawled for Marlin. These were two of four fish that did not get burnt off during the hookup.

Zinkwazi has been the Couta hotspot recently, with more than three quarters of reports coming in from anglers in the Zinkwazi area. Dead Mackerel, Walla Walla and even Sardine has got a bite on most days. These fish have been of substantial size, so put the light tackle away and pack the big guns as the Sharks will be waiting to take their share.

Local – Umhlanga also saw a fair number of fish caught off boats and paddle Skis this week, with Paddle Skis seeing more of the action. A handful of Queen Fish were landed on the Skis during the week off the Barge in the mornings on live bait.  Along with these, some good sized Bonito and a few smaller Tuna were landed too.

Westbrook had good results from boaters who managed to land good numbers of Wahoo and Couta on rod and reel and on the spear, which has given anglers hope for the upcoming Ski Boat Club Festival. Umdloti had action with Wahoo and Couta, however the action was short lived and produced only the odd Snoek for the remainder of the week. The higher concentration of Snoek was seen around the Virginia and Glen Ashley areas, and were taken on Strike Pro Magic Minnows and smaller Halco lures. Fresh Red Eye Sardine fillets trawled slowly close into backline worked early in the mornings too. There have been some bigger Snoek around too, so the use of steel trace is recommended on smaller spoons. Isipingo area and the pipe have produced some massive Yellowfin Tuna and the best bait for these has been a smaller Mozzie.

South – For the anglers targeting croc Couta down the coast, now is the time to get in there as reports have started to come through of good sizes specimen between Port Shepstone and Port Edward. Smaller Bonito have accounted for the majority of the catches thus far.

Fresh water:
Carp – There have been various reports received over the last week, most of which have been of good sized fish in Inanda and Midmar. Inanda seems to be picking up the pace somewhat in terms of quantities landed, as one angler managed to land 8 fish between 2-5kgs from his camp site in one evening. The following morning produced another 5 fish and would have kept on producing had the angler stayed longer. The standard Kingfisher Freshwater Sport (readymade) Carp traces were used, with Supercast Mielies in custard flavour.

Albert Falls had a high volume of Bass anglers along its shoreline, which made Carp fishing a bit of a tricky affair. Anglers who fished around the Ntuli campsite area managed to land a few fish during the evenings, but the lack of anglers means a total of around 15 fish were landed in total.

Shongweni Dam had a decent run and had a number of anglers fishing the reed line across from the camp site. Fishing this area means a lot of hard work, and the need for good quality tackle, many catches are made in this area. A good quality line such as Daiwa Sensor Monofilament is used for its extreme abrasion resistant qualities and its good knot strength.

Bass – Anglers have enjoyed some excellent fishing all round over the last week, but the dam that has stood out over the rest has got to be Albert Falls.  Albert Falls has produced 10 fish between 4kgs-5,3kgs in the last week alone, as reports indicate. Three of these fish were landed by one angler alone fishing deeper water with Crank baits. This was a pattern picked up on early on in the day and was used throughout the day to rack up numerous catches of good fish.

Strike Pro Cranky X50 crank baits were used in a few of the farm dams around the PMB area over the weekend and managed to land a few fish over 2kgs, which is an excellent catch for the dams being fished.  At Shongweni Dam, the Kick boat anglers who were not involved in the competition spend a day on the dam to enjoy some lovely weather and some good angling too. Some very nice fish were taken on artificial frogs earlier on in the day and then crank bait and spinner bait seemed to do the majority of the damage from that point on. The reed line to the left of the club house held some quality fish and the biggest reported was around 2kgs.

The 18th “Inanda Bass Classic” angling tournament will be held on the Inanda dam which is situated 42km from Durban in the Valley of a Thousand hills, on the well-known (dragon dam). It will be held on the 2 & 3 may 2015.  Friday the 1st May is a public holiday and our registration day, the captains meeting will be held at 7pm that evening. This popular bass fishing tournament is one of the biggest in South Africa and has attracted anglers from all over South Africa and neighboring countries.  In past years some features of our classic event are free “t” shirts and clothe badges for each competitor, tackle and all fishing gear on display and on sale in our giant marquee on registration day, full catering and bar facilities are available.

The first prize of R60, 000 and many other prizes will be on display on registration day. Weigh site to handle and weigh the bass which are released immediately back into the dam, specially organised split starts for quick get a way’s each morning, split finishing times to ease congestion and delays. Efficiency and good organising is planned throughout the tournament. The competition is for the largest bass and prizes will be given down to 15th place, the main prize for the largest bass will be R60, 000. Total prizes are valued at approx. R140, 000 and include sneaker motors, generators, fish finders, camping equipment, fishing tackle and many other fabulous prizes. Prizes will also be given for team bag prizes.  Ladies and juniors will also qualify for all prizes, spot prizes and raffles are also to be won.  Boat live wells are required on all boats to keep the bass alive and in good condition only live bass will qualify and all bass will be released after weighing. Camping is done by booking with Msinsi. There are plenty of camping sites available with plenty of room for everyone at the Msinsi Mahlabathini camp site which have the usual toilets and showers for your convenience. Book early to avoid disappointment. Entry forms are available from our web site & entry fees are R700 per person, for further enquiries contact Ken Ainslie (tournament chairman) 031 205 3777.

ASFN, season 4 premiers on Monday nights on Super Sport 8 (channel 208) at 19h30 be sure not to miss it, there will also be six rebroadcasts during the week.

The Kingfisher’s trading hours are Monday, Wednesday to Friday 8:00 to 17:00, Tuesday 8:30 to 17:00 and Saturday 8:00 to 13:00, closed on Sundays.

Please send any info about fishing, fish caught or competitions in your area to or fax 031- 368 4007 and for the latest KZN fishing news presented by O.J., tune into East Coast Radio at 5.40am Monday – Friday.

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