Plenty of good catches along the KZN coast of late, which has given many anglers high expectations for the upcoming fishing competitions such as the Durban Ski-Boat Club Festival which is being held on the 25th and 26th of April.

Rock n Surf:

North – Wind patterns and rough seas affected the fishing in a rather negative way, as with most areas. A few anglers fished when possible at Kosi and have landed a few small edibles along this stretch. The odd larger flat fish was also landed on heavy tackle with heavy sinkers to stay out in the big seas.

St. Lucia and Cape Vidal have reports of small Kingfish and Shad which have both been taking baits fished in calmer,  shallow waters on the inside of the sand banks. Along with these smaller species, there have also been plenty of Bonefish on the bite and a few larger specimen too. Reports indicated one angler managed to land a lovely Bonefish of 6kgs on a Poseidon Power angler 11″ rod paired with a Daiwa Laguna 4000 spinning reel whilst targeting Wave Garrick. Sometimes these are good areas to target as the smaller fish move into these areas to escape the rough seas.

Richards Bay produced a few small Milkies, Grey Sharks and a few Diamond Skates throughout the week, with most fish being landed at a break in the wind. Zinkwazi produced a few small Brown Skates and small Shad and with no shortage of anglers, was fishing rather slow.

Not much fishing has been done in the Ballito area and the Salt Rock area but a few anglers managed to catch small Stump nose on Sea lice, the odd Shad and a few other bits and bobs around the rocks. The tides at Umhlanga Rocks were perfect for junior anglers to target juvenile Black tails, Stumpies and Karanteen in the shallow gullies, which they did and had great fun.

The species count when doing this is incredible and children have the opportunity to catch anything from Black tail to Rock Cod, Sergeant Majors to Blennies and everything between. Nothing more than a small Mustad size 18 hook with some thin monofilament is needed, with a tiny bit of Squid or Sardine.

Central – Blue lagoon produced a Raggie of about 80kg during the week, which is highly unusual for this time of the year and for the water temperature which we have been experiencing. Small Shad were also being caught during the early morning sessions, as well as a few smaller species such as Cave Bass on McArthy 3″ Paddle tails.

Good Pompano were caught on Sea Lice and Mustad 4/0 Kendal rounds at Thekwini Beach during the week too. The popular beachfront beaches had limited access and fishing trips were often put off due to the high volume of holiday makers which took over the fishing spots.

South – Bluff is starting to produce more fish with Shad and a few Kingfish being caught on live baits. Toti and Warners have not produced many fish other than a few Greys and few Shad. Winklespruit is reportedly still producing Shad in the mornings.

Small Kob and Snapper Salmon are being caught at Umkomaas mouth. A few non-edible anglers have also had luck with Brown Skates and Diamonds in the area and have been hugely successful with lighter spinning setups. Scottburgh Point produced a few Grey Sharks and Diamonds before the big seas came later in the week.

Hiberdene has only produced a few Shad in the mornings. Margate has produced Shad as well as Bronze Bream which have been taking smaller baits and have fed better on traces made up with Fluorocarbon. Splash Rock at Port Edward saw an angler fighting a fish for over an hour and a half before the line was cut on a rock, the species is unknown.

Port St Johns in the Transkei has produced big Grey Sharks as well as a number of small Garrick. Most of the deep water points have produced a mix of Raggies, Greys and some Shad.

Harbour – Durban harbour saw very few boat anglers due to the oil spill which lead to the public slipway being closed off to the public. Anglers who managed to launch with the charter boats and from Finland Angling Club, managed to get some lovely Grunter.

Charter boats saw some good Grunter, some of which weighed in at 5,5kgs. There have also been good numbers of Brown Skates on the banks which have taken Cracker. Game fish have slowed down being few and far with the odd one around the Coaling Wharf during the intervals in the North East winds. Maria stick baits have produced most of the bites fishing close to the surface.

Ski Boat:

North – Sodwana Bay has been producing numerous Marlin in the last week when the weather permitted a launch, mostly on fast trawling lures such as larger Konas and the odd smaller fish on either Halco or Rattler lures. A few Marlin have been have been caught on live bait in the deeper water around 400-700m deep between Sodwana and Richards Bay. The best live baits for these fish are Bonito and Dorado, which are always best bridled on a Mustad Demon Circle.

With the capsizing of a Ski boat in the Sodwana area, anglers are reminded to respect the sea at all times and make sure never to take an eye off the swell.

Zinkwazi is still producing good catches of Couta with dead bait working best most of the time. Walla Walla is always a good bait on the North Coast and has also accounted for many of the larger Couta catches. The Yellowfin Tuna have been feeding well from Tinley Manor down to Durban. Both live and artificial baits have worked well, and have managed to produce the odd by catch of Couta and Dorado.

Central – Wahoo are still on the loose and most boats heading out deeper, have hooked into a few of these speed freaks. Pink Rattlers have once again produced the majority of the reported catches.

The Cutting on the Bluff has produced a few Prodigal Son on lures and live bait too, and as most would agree that this fish is close to impossible to target, a good way to target these fish is with a live bait on the surface. Most of the reported catches have been on lures or live bait on the surface and very few in deeper in the water column.

South – Aliwal Shoal has had decent activity over the last week with Wahoo, Couta and Tuna being caught. Live and artificial baits are working well. Some excellent Tuna up to 25kgs were landed on poppers off Shelley Beach earlier on in the week.

Fresh water:

Carp – Shongweni dam has seen a fair amount of action over the last week as it seems to be improving with the pollution levels.  A higher number of fish have been landed and the size of the fish being reported is much larger as well.

Even the conventional anglers have managed some lovely fish up to around the 7kg mark fishing far right of the camp sites. Heavy winds have decreased visibility due to the uplifting of sediment in the shallow water, which has meant anglers have taken a different approach to their bait presentation.

Carp are willing to scrounge around in the shallows when the sediment is churned up in order to found newly exposed food, which is usually replicated by the angler in form of tiger nuts or maize.

Inanda has also been fishing well and as no surprise to the anglers, has produced a fair number of fish over 10kgs. Specimen anglers have also opened hooks on larger fish around the river mouth, which stands as a reminder that these are powerful fish and only the best quality components should be used.

Mustad Carp XV2 Curved shank Specimen hooks are amongst some of the strongest hooks available on the market and are excellent for these conditions. Available in even the larger sizes like the size 1, these are unbeatable value for money.

Bass – Inanda dam had a good run last week and despite the wind, many anglers made the trip worthwhile fishing in protected bays using frogs, crank bait and flukes.  An average 5 fish bag of around 5-6kgs was seen for most anglers fishing around the upper sections of the dam. Anglers have a reasonably good idea of strategies to be used for the Inanda Bass Classic which is coming up on the 2nd and 3rd of May.

Albert Falls went from zero to hero in a matter of days, where anglers have gone from catching only a few grams, to cleaning up with 7kg bags. Kick boat anglers fishing around the slipways have had huge success, particularly in the Python Bay area.

Brush hogs and finesse worms have been the most productive baits. The river section has also kept anglers busy. Anglers pitching into the reeds with jigs and texas rigged craw patterns have been very successful.

The 18th “Inanda Bass Classic” angling tournament will be held on the Inanda dam which is situated 42 km from Durban in the Valley of a Thousand hills, on the well-known (dragon dam). It will be held on the  2 & 3 may 2015.  Friday the 1st May is a public holiday and our registration day, the captains meeting will be held at 7pm that evening.

This popular bass fishing tournament is one of the biggest in South Africa and has attracted anglers from all over South Africa and neighbouring countries.  In past years some features of our classic event are free “t” shirts and clothe badges for each competitor, tackle and all fishing gear on display and on sale in our giant marquee on registration day, full catering and bar facilities are available.

The first prize of R60,000 and many other prizes will be on display on registration day. Weigh site to handle and weigh the bass which are released immediately back into the dam, specially organised split starts for quick get a way’s each morning, split finishing times to ease congestion and delays. Efficiency and good organising is planned throughout the tournament.

The competition is for the largest bass and prizes will be given down to 15th place, the main prize for the largest bass will be R60,000. Total prizes are valued at approx. R140,000 and include sneaker motors, generators, fish finders, camping equipment, fishing tackle and many other fabulous prizes. Prizes will also be given for team bag prizes.

Ladies and juniors will also qualify for all prizes, spot prizes and raffles are also to be won.  Boat live wells are required on all boats to keep the bass alive and in good condition only live bass will qualify and all bass will be released after weighing. Camping is done by booking with Msinsi. There are plenty of camping sites available with plenty of room for everyone at the Msinsi Mahlabathini camp site which have the usual toilets and showers for your convenience.

Book early to avoid disappointment. Entry forms are available from our web site & entry fees are R700 per person, for further enquiries contact Ken Ainslie (tournament chairman) 031 205 3777.

The Kingfisher’s trading hours are Monday, Wednesday to Friday 8:00 to 17:00, Tuesday 8:30 to 17:00 and Saturday 8:00 to 13:00, closed on Sundays.

Please send any info about fishing, fish caught or competitions in your area to or fax 031- 368 4007 and for the latest KZN fishing news presented by O.J., tune into East Coast Radio at 5.40am Monday – Friday.



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