Many anglers will be recovering from a week of good fishing and planning for yet another week of fun at the same time, with weather conditions looking to bring even more good fishing for Rock and Surf anglers as well as Ski Boat anglers.

Rock n Surf:

North – All areas up to the Mozambican border have fished extraordinarily well and have seen plenty of action. Most of these catches have been in the mornings and have been feeding on Mackerel cutlets and Chokka baits.

Kosi Bay has had a good run of Wave Garrick, Bonefish and Stump nose with impressive numbers of Pompano moving down as well. Anglers using Sardine head as bait have been relatively successful with Pompano in particular.  The water has been slightly warmer and very little side wash.

Cape Vidal has seen fish, however the bay is still fairly sanded up and anglers found themselves catching fish north and south of the bay. The bay has produced a number of Wave Garrick up to 1,5kgs and a few Stump nose. The fish in this area have preferred Prawn and Chokka baits.  The later parts of the week and coming weekend look to be ideal conditions for those who are looking to catch Kingfish.

Richards Bay has been fishing well on the north side, particularly near Hlabane which has been producing excellent numbers of Rock Cod and Stump nose.  Larger baits have worked well for the Rock Cod and larger Stump nose, with smaller baits working a charm for the Pompano.

South of Richards Bay has seen fewer fish but has still been fairly productive. A few flat fish have been around and have fed in the North Easterly winds. The bulk of these fish have been Brown Skates and Honeycombs which have stuck around a bit in the warmer water. Some anglers fishing with light tackle for Pompano and Stump nose have accidentally hooked into some massive flatfish which could only have been large Honeycombs. Needless to say, most of these fish were lost, which had anglers running to their heavier rods to get a bait ready.

Tinley Manor also had a few anglers catching flat fish; however they were few and far between, Pompano being the main target species in this area.

Ballito fished well with some nice size Grey Sharks in the region of 20kgs. One angler using a Daiwa Saltist 4500 spinning reel and a Poseidon Coastline Medium 12’6″ rod managed to land two Grey Sharks over 20kgs as well as four  between 10-20kgs. Mackerel head did the trick for the excellent catch, as well as large Chokka baits when the Mackerel had run out.  Pompano have also been found in the shallows around Ballito feeding well in the late afternoons.

Small Shad have been caught off Sheffield and in the general Ballito / Salt Rock area.  Spoons have worked well as the sun is up, but the larger fish have been taken on bait.

Local – Blue Lagoon and the Durban Piers have had good Shad action and have produced numbers of Shad just making size throughout the week. Smaller Grunter have also been plentiful and of course good numbers of Pompano as have been the case over the last three weeks. With so many anglers targeting the Pompano in areas such as Addington and Blue Lagoon, there has been a fair amount of by catch too, which includes Stump nose, Grunter and also the odd flatfish.

South – Toit has been quiet apart from the odd Pompano, Thread Fin Mullet and a Shad or two early in the mornings.


Umkomaas saw many anglers spinning in the mornings, which have landed a variety of fish such as Wave Garrick, Shad and Kingfish. As expected, the ground fish have been plentiful and will continue to bite throughout the week. Grunter and Pompano have been caught on Sea lice or on smaller Chokka baits.


Scottborough has seen good action at night in the form of Grey Sharks and Bonefish.   The anglers spinning in the mornings have had good fun with Snoek and Kingfish on light tackle. The Shad have been around, but of the smaller variety.  Most fish have been taken on smaller spoons like the Pro Jet Spoons and the Shad on Falcon Spoons.


Port Shepstone has seen good numbers of Kob which have been caught on McArthy Paddle Tails early in the mornings. Most fish have been caught before the sun has risen and when the conditions are right, anglers have hooked into as many as ten fish per session.


Margate had much of the same and had plenty of action, aside from the Kob being caught; good numbers of Bronze Bream and Shad have been reported regularly. The Kob in this area have been smaller but have also been found feeding aggressively on paddle tails. The winter fishing season is on its way and signs are here with Shad on the bite well and a few reports of Garrick have also been received.


In the Port Edward area, Lucky Dip and the nearby beach area are the ‘hotspots’ for Shad. At this time of the year, people are on the lookout and town talk is all about our annual sardine run, let’s hope it’s a good one.


Port St John’s was fishing well with high numbers of Shad and Bronze Bream, which have been caught early in the mornings and on and off throughout the day. There have also been some lovely Grey Sharks coming out, most of which have been over 50kgs. These larger Grey Sharks have been coming out not only on larger slide baits, but also on medium sized throw baits and grinder outfits. The lower side of Port St John’s has produced a number of large Shad on Sardine, and also some good Kob on Chokka baits.

Harbour – Durban Harbour has had a fair run of Grunter during the week and had an even better weekend. One boat reported five Grunter caught with one being over 5kgs and the other four being between 4-5kgs. All of these fish were landed on Cracker in slightly deeper water off the sand banks.  A few reports of Grunter in the deeper water close to NSRI and N-shed have also been received. There have also been decent shoals of Wala Wala around, which a few anglers have been targeting late afternoon and into the evenings.  Small Strike Pro Jerk Baits have also been a popular bait for these fish early in the evenings, and can be fished even by youngsters.  As far as game fish go, things have been a bit quiet. The only species coming out on a regular basis are the Pick Handle Barracuda which have been taken on small Strike Pro Gobi Poppers and small spoons. The Kingfish have not been abundant and only a few have been reported.

Ski Boat:

North – Ski boat anglers had a bit of a disappointing run over the last week, with very few reports throughout the coast. The anglers up north at Cape Vidal saw the majority of the action with Snoek, Couta and some nice sized Yellow Fin Tuna. There were also a few good Sailfish to write home about. The fish reported have been caught mainly on live baits fished around bait shoals and on bait marks with the use of either Maasbunker or Shad as bait. Larger Shad have accounted for the bulk of Couta catches over the last week as well as a few Sailfish which took Couta traces.

Zinkwazi is still going well and has seen better Couta being landed. Live baits and Kingfisher Rattlers have done well for these fish and have also accounted for a variety of other species as by catch. Tuna being the bulk of the catch over the last week, along with the odd Sailfish and even a Dorado or two in the deeper water.

The Imperial Nissan Zululand Couta Classic was held over the week end of the 25th & 26th April 2015. They had a total of 142 anglers fishing from 43 boats and 3 jet-skis that participated in the competition. The fishing was generally tough going due to the strong wind that prevailed during the competition weekend. Never the less a great time was had by all. The winning fish went to Ronel Hully (lady angler) with a Couta of 33.2 kg (R30 000 cash + R 1 701 in prizes) an “absolute crocodile”, 2nd place 28.1kg Andre Joubert, (R10 000 cash + R 2 701 in prizes) 3rd place 25.5kg (R5 000 cash + R 5201 in prizes) Ettiene De Villiers and 4th place 22.3kg (Prizes to the value of R8 280) Ross Nicholson. Total value of prizes for the competition was R142 787.00 which gave them an opportunity to provide an excellent collection of prizes for well-deserved angling.

Local – Closer to Durban, anglers fishing on the Barge managed to land some good Tuna, anglers fishing at Umhlanga on Backbone managed to pick off a few Snoek and at Umdloti the Couta came out to play towards the end of the week, these were caught on dead Mackerel trawled behind Skis. With conditions looking good this week, we should be expecting a whole lot of action in the Umhloti area as well.

Durban saw a number of anglers having a go at the Snoek which have been plentiful of late, and found themselves hooking into a number of fish between 2-4kgs on spoons and on fillet traces off Blue Lagoon and Hyper By The Sea. This was the case for the majority of the week and left the weekend anglers something to look forward to. The weekend proved less productive but still managed to swing a few fish between 3-7kgs in the afternoon sessions. A few of these fish were landed on Maria Blues Code stick baits and others on Sardine fillet on small ice blue dusters. A faster retrieve was what the fish were after.

South – The Bluff produced a few Couta and a Wahoo earlier on in the week, and anglers fishing deeper managed the odd Sailfish. Further south, very few game fish were seen, apart from Yellow Fin Tuna off Aliwal Shoal and around Shelly Beach area.  Bottom fishing has not only been good off Durban, but also off areas such as Umkomaas and Kelso.


Bass – Inanda Dam is still producing a number of Bass, but more on the smaller side than before. The extremely clear water towards the wall makes fishing very difficult and anglers are urged to head up the dam in search of slightly dirtier water. It is close to impossible to have a successful days fishing when the water is clean enough to see the fish that you are targeting.  As a general rule of thumb, if you can see the fish, then they have seen you already. More fish are caught further up the dam in the slightly discoloured water which makes life a bit easier for anglers to sneak up on fish. At this time of year the retrieve needs to be slower and fat baits are preferred such as brush hogs and tab tail grubs. These are fished with a heavy Carolina sinker to help the angler get to the desired depth and to stay there. A reel spooled with braid is the best for this time of year as it has higher sensitivity, smaller bites can be felt and you can get a good idea of the terrain you’re fishing in, particularly when paired with tungsten weights which are a lot more sensitive and allow the angler to pick up on any change of terrain or structure.

Carp – There are reports of an extremely large carp being caught at Inanda Dam over the weekend. This fish was reported to be around 28kgs which is an absolute beauty of a Carp for South African waters. Large Carp have been seen around the shallows and drop offs by boaters who have been fishing for Bass. These fish have been seen feeding close to reed lines and structure, which means that anglers should be making an attempt to drop baits instead of casting baits. This will allow for more accurate presentations. Shongweni is quiet at the moment, but at this slow time of year you need to put in the hours and the feed to get the bigger fish closer to your baits. The anglers who have caught fish have persisted with bigger baits and have fished multiple rods in various areas. Areas to target will be primary points, old river beds, offshore drop offs etc. The fish will be moving out of the bays and into the deeper water and will feed heavily in the process.

ASFN, season 4 premiers on Monday nights on Super Sport 8 (channel 208) at 19h30 be sure not to miss it, there will also be six rebroadcasts during the week.

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