Good reports from many anglers along the KZN coast over the last week who have caught a wide variety of species including some very impressive Sharks and flat fish.

Rock n Surf:

North – Kosi Bay was the spot to be over the last week, particularly towards the end of the week.  Kingfish in the 20kg range as well as Sand Sharks up to 80kgs were present in certain areas. With the water temperature hovering around the 22 degree range, edibles were feeding well and kept anglers busy for most of the week. The usual catches of Stumpies, Pompano and Wave Garrick were reported, along with a few nice Rockcod being landed in the rocky areas. Anglers who treated themselves to some spinning in the northern KZN areas such as Kosi Bay and Maphelane had fun with smaller Black Tip Kingies and Wave Garrick.

Anglers will begin to see more action in these areas with Garrick and Kob as the water temperature drops a few more degrees so get ready for a good season, as the boats have already started to catch Daga Salmon, or Kob as it’s known to shore based anglers.  Most anglers will prefer the use of soft plastics for Kob, which include paddle tails, jerk minnows and also curly tails.

Anglers targeting Garrick will prefer either plugs or a wide S-bend spoon.  A slower retrieve with the spoons will not only attract the attention of Garrick, but also Kob, Shad and also the odd Kingfish. For the above mentioned species, no more than an 11ft medium action spinning rod like the Exceler Elite is needed. A rod with a 2-3oz casting capability and Triple Fish braided line between 20-30lb will suffice.  A reel with a retrieve ratio between 6 or 7:1 is preferred but a slower 5:1 can be used with a few changes to the angler’s style of fishing.

St Lucia has been one of the north coast’s best spots for Kob, Shad and Garrick historically and is starting to show signs of increased activity with the winter species. Kob have started to show face in the last week and although not the biggest, have added excitement to many an angler waiting in anticipation.  The Shad have also been on the increase and anglers have also started to see slightly larger specimens being landed as well.

Richards’s Bay north has been relatively quiet and apart from a few Rockcod and Stumpnose has seen very little action. This is also an area to target Kob and Garrick in the months to come, so be sure to keep an eye on reports to get in on the action.

South of Richards Bay has been slightly more productive and has seen more Shad, Snapper Salmon and also a few small Kob. The odd Bonefish and Stumpnose has been seen in the area too.

Ballito was a bit difficult to fish due to the sea conditions, which resulted in a lack of reports from anglers. Grey Sharks and Bonefish were the only two species reported this week. The Grey Sharks have been larger than before and have fought well, indicating an abundance of bait fish in the water which they have been feeding on.

Central – Umhlanga Lighthouse had an average week with only Grey Sharks in the evenings and the odd Shad about.

Virginia is where things start to heat up slightly, producing a number of Pompano, Snapper Salmon and the odd small Kob.  Towards the end of the week when the sea got big, reports dropped and many anglers decided to fish elsewhere. Blue Lagoon has seen its fair share of Shad and smaller Grunter at random times of the day, both on Sardine baits. Mackerel has also been accountable for a few catches of Grey Sharks during the evenings.

Durban Piers have only managed to produce the odd Stumpnose and Shad in the beginning of the week. Anstey’s Beach on the Bluff produced a few larger Shad in the mornings with some slightly cooler water moving through. These Shad have been a little larger than the Shad caught in the Durban area.

South – Toti was lucky enough to see a few Shad and Stumpnose throughout the week, as well as some Snoek for the anglers spinning.

Winkelspruit had quite a few undersized Shad being caught towards the beginning of the week, along with a few Brown Skates late in the afternoon.

Scottborough saw a few Grey Sharks on live Blacktail, Mackerel and also Shad baits. Spinning enthusiasts had some Snoek action in the mornings as well as one Kingfish reported at 4kgs.

Umkomaas has had a few Grunter, small Kob, Snapper Salmon and the beginning of the Garrick with a small specimen of 4kgs.

Port Shepstone was another spot which had few fish, and apart from the few Bronze Bream, Shad and Grey Sharks, nothing much was reported.

The Transkei coast had some good Kob coming through, along with some better Garrick and Sharks.

Some lovely Hammer Head Sharks and large Grey Sharks were caught consistently throughout the week by anglers, along with some very nice Zambezi Sharks on larger slide baits in the Mazeppa area.

Harbour- The Durban Harbour had yet another decent week of Grunter fishing for boat anglers spending some time around the N-shed wharf side. A slow drift on the North East winds has proven deadly in this area and has produced a number of decent sized Grunter. The sand banks fished a lot slower and had less fish than the deeper water, however a decent variety if fish were caught. Anglers managed a few Brown Skates, Sole, Grunter and one angler who had been trying his luck for a Shark managed to hook into a Zambezi Shark of around 100kgs which managed to bite through 150lb Nylon coated wire.  Charter boats had a bit of fun too with catches of Grunter and Snapper Salmon around the harbour mouth. There has been a definite influx of winter species over the last week, including a fair number of Kob as well. These fish have been taken on Sardine baits and occasionally on Cracker.

Ski boat:

North – Sodwana Bay has produced good catches of Kingfish (GTs) over the last week, some of which has been fairly large and has been great fun on lighter tackle. Big open-faced poppers and live Bonito are working best at the moment, but they have not been fussy and have taken even Couta baits at times.  Ensure you have enough pulling power when targeting these fish as they will always try to cut you off if hooked shallow and near a reef structure of some sort. Couta have still been plentiful on the North Coast, along with Tuna and large Bonito too. The odd Marlin has been reported as well, but rough seas limited the amount of launches in this area.

Richards Bay has seen good Couta fishing over the last two weeks with decent size fish being caught. Catches average between 20kg to 30kg. Big baits such as Bonito and Wala Wala are working best. Spear fishermen have had huge success with the Couta and hauls of 4-10 fish are not uncommon. Bottom fishing in the Richards Bay area has also been productive, with hauls including Rubberlips, Geelbek, Rock Cod, Slinger and other Red fish too.

Central – Westbrook down to Durban has produced decent bottom fish in the last week with decent sized Reds, Rockcod and the odd Musselcracker being caught. Sharks are proving to be a problem though.


Durban has seen a few Snoek in small shoals which have been difficult to target with only a few of the more patient anglers being successful. Smaller strip baits and spoons casted extremely long distances and fished at the correct speed have been successful. A report of a great mornings fishing sent in to us by Mike Dyer. “Yesterday morning I decided to go for a paddle at Ushaka with the intention of restocking my bait supply. The night before I decided to pack a trolling rod in…just in case. After smashing the maasbanker, I put one out under a balloon…just in case. I was about 300m past the shark nets in front of Addington, just starting to catch a few nice mackerel when “just in case” came to visit. To cut a long story short I was towed to the shipping lane, nearly fell overboard when i was gaffing it, nearly lost the gaff (luckily it floats) but eventually landed my first YFT off the ski (14.1Kg weighed).


Tackle used:

Rod: Kingfisher Strikeforce PSF12 rod

Reel: Daiwa Firewolf 40H

Line: Kingfisher GA 0.45 (no leader)

Trace: no. 6 wire, 1x 4/o single and 1x no.4 treble”


South – The South Coast has been relatively quiet over the last few weeks. Greenpoint is still producing the odd Snoek on fillets, Aliwal Shoal is still producing a few Wahoo on live Bonito and fast trawling lures. Protea is producing a few Yellowfin Tuna although they are not too big. These fish have been caught on Rattlers and also chunking on the bait marks.

Bass – Bass anglers have had a bit more success at Inanda Dam over the last week having produced the goods at a few of the social comps. The heaviest reported fish came in at 3,4kgs taken on a top water lure, but many fish between 1kg and 2kgs were brought to the scales.  The majority of anglers who caught decent fish have been making good use of crank baits in various sizes and running depths.  Smaller crank baits such as the Strike Pro Cranky X 50 and smaller shallow running Rapalas have worked very well on cleaner shallower water.

To continue with the mass of lunkers being taken from Albert Falls, yet another big fish was weighed in at 5,3kgs in the beginning of the week. There were also three fish between 4-5kgs which were all taken on crank bait closer to Tim’s trees towards the end of the week. A fish of 6,80kgs was also caught off the slipway 4 as well, which is a massive fish for the banks.

Shongweni Dam fished well over the weekend with guys fishing on the kick boats having more fun by the day. Larger fish are beginning to come out on frogs lures in particular late in the afternoons. Anglers have found it easier to camp over the night to be able to fish later into the evening.

Carp – Carp angling has been slow recently and unfortunately not much can be said for any decent catches. With the weather changing the way it has been, pressures have fluctuated heavily, resulting in very few catches. Inanda Dam has been the better of the lot of late, producing a handful of half decent fish. Once the weather settles and the water temp lowers to a constant temperature and pressure, the fish will return to their winter pattern and anglers will find the fishing a lot easier. In these times, the more effective baits will be high protein baits which are needed by the fish as they will be looking to spend as little energy as possible. Tiger nuts, high protein boilies and similar baits will be a lot more effective.

ASFN, season 4 premiers on Monday nights on Super Sport 8 (channel 208) at 19h30 be sure not to miss it, there will also be six rebroadcasts during the week.

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