After a long week of extremely tough fishing and unhappy anglers, a new week is here and anglers have refreshed hope for their next fishing trip. With a whole week of calm seas and moderate winds, anglers will be back on the water hoping for the best.

Rock n Surf:

North – Amongst one of the very few spots which produced fish over the last week, Kosi Bay was good to anglers and out fished all areas along our coast line. Chokka baits with a hint of Prawn added to the mix, were the bait responsible for many of the catches along this stretch. Wave Garrick, Bonefish, Pompano and various Rock Cod species were seen throughout the week.

Cape Vidal had some good catches of Wave Garrick as well as two good sized Blackfin Sharks. The larger Sharks were all caught on big slide baits. Richards Bay has been quiet with nothing more than a few Shad and smaller Kob being caught at night. Garrick was spotted by divers slightly deeper off backline but they have been slow to the bite.

Ballito had some Shad coming through, some of which were of decent size and were caught early in the mornings. Pompano have been caught throughout the week around midday on Sea lice or Chokka baits. During the evenings, the odd Shad and Grey Shark of around 8-10kgs.

Central – Umhlanga saw some very large fish that were hooked but unable to be landed, on Sunday evening. Shad are making a positive appearance and have been present early in the mornings.  Durban had a good run of Shad during the nights and most days.

Strange enough, anglers fishing off the Piers also managed to hook into some decent Pompano during the evenings, which is very unusual. Pompano are usually day time feeders. They have been caught on Sea lice and Sardine fillet baits during the evenings by anglers targeting Stumpies.

Anglers fishing for Shad off the Piers have had good success with glow stick tied on just above their Sardine fillets, as well as with the Saltwater Sport double hook traces.

South – Toti has been very quiet, with only small Shad, Stumpnose and the odd Garrick being seen occasionally. Live Shad has been the best bait for these Garrick so far. Umkomaas had Shad feeding all day throughout the week although most have been undersize.  Grunter has been caught on the low tide near the mouth on Cracker and smaller Chokka baits.

Scottborough Point had only a few Grey Sharks at night on Mackerel head. Nyoni Rocks / Shad Place had a bit of a decent run for some anglers, with one angler managing three lovely fish in one session. The fish included a Brown Skate of 77cm, a Sand Shark of 179cm, and a decent Honeycomb of 131cm. Three awesome fish, especially for one angler in one session – Well done!

Port Shepstone had an average week with a few Kob and Garrick coming out, with plenty of Shad 24/7. Terry Nel from Tacklenet in Port Edward sent in this report, “There has been much Shad activity along the shoreline here more of the fish now making size. Other news of bigger fish about are the odd Garrick and Hammerhead Sharks. Bronze Bream are also on the bite with a number of good sizes coming out. No news of any Sardines yet as June approaches although there have been some very late runs in the past”. If you are in the area and want to find out what’s happening with the fishing, pop in and have a chat to Terry, he’ll put you in the right direction.

Port St John’s north had a decent week with a few good sized Brusher being taken, along with Kob, Garrick and Bronze Bream on a regular basis.  Port St John’s south saw some very large Sharks during the week, of which very few were landed due to the sheer size and strength of these fish. Mazeppa Bay is fishing very well and can be expected to fish well in the week to come, producing plenty of Kob, Sharks, Garrick, Yellowtail Albacore and other edibles such as Brusher and Bronze Bream.

Harbour – With a generally poor performance from most of the popular rock and surf areas, many anglers had a go at harbour fishing to see if they could boat a few Grunter. The result was pleasing and many an angler has had their faith in Durban Bay restored. The variety of fish was not spectacular, however the sheer number of anglers who caught decent sized Grunter was astonishing. One angler fishing around the mangroves had more than 20 Grunter landed in the space of three hours on Cracker on Friday morning. The Grunter varied in size but no less than 10 of the Grunter were more than 40cm. The N-shed area is still producing good fish on Cracker as well as on Sardine fillet baits.

No reports of Kob have come through this week, however there have been a few reports of anglers spitting Garrick on the center banks. One angler who was unprepared managed to hook into two Garrick but lost both being unprepared in terms of tackle and rig.  It is important for anglers to keep an outfit on the boat ready for Garrick at all times during this winter period in the harbour. Each year anglers find themselves missing out on the Garrick action because they only start fishing for them once the fish are plentiful.

Anglers who carry a live bait rig on the boat with them and set it up each time they are on the banks fishing for Grunter will catch more Garrick on than others. Small live baits are relatively simple to catch around the mouth and can be kept alive for the entire day in a simple 10L Seathru Live Bait Bucket, available from most tackle shops. This can be hung over the side of the boat where “fresh” seawater will constantly be running through, keeping the bait fish happy.

The tackle needed for Garrick is nothing fancy. The average angler will opt for a small spinning reel like the Daiwa Laguna, between a size 2500-4000 loaded with 12-20lb nylon, depending on your preference. Some anglers have been successful using reels such as the Daiwa Emcast 4000-5000 bait runner reels. This system is foolproof and will allow the Garrick to make off with the bait and detect no pressure on the line, which will give the angler time to click over and set the hook. A light to medium action rod is all the angler will need and should be between 7ft and 8ft, here again the Daiwa Laguna rods will work very well.

A standard balloon float rig is used and has been extremely effective for these fish in deep or shallow water. A small balloon (or other inflatable product) is tied onto the leader between 2m-4m above the hook, which is usually either a single hook such as a Mustad Kendal Round or Red Tarpon in a 4/0. Some anglers prefer a double hook trace, others a treble hook, all will work, as long as the fish is left to feed once detected.

Ski boat:

The Ski boat anglers had a bit if a tough time over the last week, and at some stages it seemed that the only fish being landed were the thousands of Mackerel off Durban. If it were not for the efforts of a select few anglers along the Natal coast, last week would have been bleak for Natal and its excellent reputation.

North – On the North Coast from Sodwana to Cape Vidal fishing was average with catches of Couta, Tuna and a few Sailfish.  St Lucia down to Richards Bay had a few Couta of decent size being caught.  Stuart Blesovsky had an excellent specimen of over 30kgs at Mtunzini. Well done Stuart! Just a reminder that these bigger fish will not hesitate to take a larger bait such as a 2kg Bonito, which has been a very effective bait for these fish over the years. Large Wala Wala up to 1m long have also proven to be hugely successful.

Spear fishermen have also had good success in this area with fish shot up to 39kgs as well. Zinkwazi has been relatively quiet apart from a few smaller Couta and some decent Snoek. Along with these, anglers have had good success with bottom fish such as Slinger, Rock Cod and even Geelbek. Tinley Manor also threw a respectable Couta of 30kgs, which means that there are definitely a few good fish around.

Central – Westbrook down to Umhlanga has been relatively quiet. Durban had tons of bait which kept anglers busy, but unfortunately had a slow start with the game fish. A 22kg Tuna was landed by an angler fishing for bait off Limestone Reef, and another angler managed to land a Snoek of over 5kgs on a Sabiki bait rig on a bait mark. The game fish seem to be right in close with the bait. Bronwen Singleton of Warnerdoone Ski boat Club managed to miss the new ladies record by a mere 700g when she landed a beast of a Couta weighing in at 28,03kgs on Sunday.  A very well done! The Pumula Comp was held last weekend and saw very few fish caught. A nice sized Couta of 27kgs as well as a few Yellowfin Tuna and a few Snoek.


Bass – Many anglers fled to Inanda dam over the weekend to try out their luck in the clean water. Most anglers had fun with the smaller fish up to 1kg, but struggled to out any decent fish on the boat. All areas close to Durban and Barbel Bay produced fish, as well as Taxi Bay and Donkey Bay.  Top water lures seemed to operate the best with many reported fish being taken on weightless flukes. Crank baits produced a few decent bites closer to the river mouth. Horny toads were the more productive of most baits and had fish smashing them all over the dam. These are fished most successfully on a light braid, along the lines of 4lb which helps tremendously with the bite detection and hook set. These also work well when used with an added scent such as YUM Garlic spray.

Weightless Senkos have also worked well in the dirtier water, particularly with an added glass rattle or two glass beads ahead of the hook. Shongweni fished well and left many anglers smiling.  Again, Horny toads worked well here along with hollow bodied frogs. Once the sun had risen, flukes and spinner bait worked a charm. The water is starting to drop in temperature and the fish are starting to slow down substantially.  The last of the bunch who are still stocking up for winter have not fought very well and are extremely fat.

Carp – Carp fishing around Albert Falls has been decent over the last two weeks and has begun to show anglers that this dam does in fact hold many a large fish. Anglers fishing the river channel at Pelican Bay hooked into three Carp between 5-11kgs during the week, as well as quite a few between 2-5kgs.  Cinnamon flavoured Mielies have been the trick in this area according to the anglers.

Many anglers have not done as well around the dam in terms of size, however numbers of Carp between 2-5kgs at all slipways and day sites have been good.  Shongweni had a good run with anglers fishing at the opposite reed lines, using Boilies and tiger nuts.  The fish have been slow to bite but have all been good sizes.

Nagle Dam has been surprisingly good to anglers and has produced good catches of Carp as well as some huge Barbel for those who are keen on some good sport. The Barbel seem to be taking specimen carp baits but have also taken chicken liver and heart.

ASFN, season 4 premiers on Monday nights on Super Sport 8 (channel 208) at 19h30 be sure not to miss it, there will also be six rebroadcasts during the week.

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