With more good results from competitions and social angling, fishing seems to be extremely good at the moment, leaving only anglers who stayed home with no fish. Paddle Ski anglers had a ball over the weekend, as did the Ski boaters and Rock and Surf anglers. Bass anglers had a bit of a tough session at the Inanda Bass Classic, but still had a great time.

Rock n Surf:

North –

Most anglers who visited Kosi Bay last week left with smiles from ear to ear. Fishing in this area has not been this good since last year and impressed even the fussiest of anglers. Kosi Bay was also THE spot to be over the weekend as anglers proceeded to carry on with the week’s success and managed to land some excellent Honeycombs, Sandies and also Kingfish up to 30kgs. Smaller edibles were also plentiful and were caught on a variety of baits. Wave Garrick making up the bulk of the catches, with Pompano coming in at a close second.

Cape Vidal also saw some smaller Inedible such as Honeycombs and Brown Skates, but had an even better run of edibles. Stumpies, Pompano, Grunter and Wave Garrick to name a few, and to top it off, the sizes of these fish were impressive too. Most of these fish were caught on either Red eye or Sea lice.

For the week to come, anglers can definitely get excited for what is expected!  Anglers spinning off these areas also had a fantastic time with some extremely respectable Wave Garrick and Kingies. These were landed on a variety of spoons and drop shot lures such as the McArthy 3″ paddle tails, the Iron Candy Spoons and also Maria Spoons. The water has cleaned up nicely in most areas besides Maphelane where the river has been reopened.

Richards Bay saw a good number of Brown Skates, Milkies and Grey Sharks which kept many anglers busy, particularly over the weekend. The stretches between Richards Bay and Zinkwazi saw very little attention which resulted in very few reports from the anglers in these areas.

Zinkwazi did manage to give anglers something to report, which was an excellent Grey Shark run and also produced many Pompano.

Ballito produced some nice Stumpies and Pompano in the beginning of the week and although catches slowed down substantially towards the end of the week, anglers still did well to catch a good number of fish. Anglers spinning off the rocks did some serious damage with some very nice Kingfish, Garfish, Wave Garrick and also a few Shad.

Central –

Umdloti had anglers fishing with live baits very excited as larger fish moved through and left nothing but stretched line and hook less traces.

Umhlanga was consistent with Grey Sharks as usual, which fed well throughout the week. South of the Light House on the sandy beaches of Umhlanga, a few anglers caught a decent amount of Pompano on Sea lice on Monday and Tuesday. There seems to be no sign of the Pompano slowing down, which means anglers have been targeting them on a daily basis.

Blue Lagoon has been on and off with lots of Snoek action in the area too. Plenty of undersize Shad have frequented the waters and have been a bit of a nuisance to anglers targeting Stumpies etc. with Sardine baits. Smaller edibles such as Wave Garrick, Bonefish and Black tail have been caught in the shallows daily.

Durban beachfront has had a really good run of Pompano and a few other species such as Grunter and Grey Sharks. Ushaka has been the most effective spot to date. Most of the Grey Sharks have been caught on Mackerel in the evenings. The Piers have seen hundreds of smaller Shad throughout the week, as well as the odd Garrick which have not been large, but a good sign of the winter fish.

South –

Brighton Beach has finally woken up and has begun to produce good numbers of Black Tip Kingies, Shad and Stumpnose. These fish few throughout the week and on the weekend.

Toti is also getting plenty of Stumpies as well as Pompano.  The Pompano have been in full force and reports are increasing daily. There are still a few flatfish being caught in the area on baits intended for Pompano, which are welcomed as the fight keeps anglers busy for a while.

Warner Beach anglers have been harassed by smaller Shad and Snapper Salmon.  In the evenings, Grey Sharks have been moving in to feed on the Shad and Snapper Salmon, so the use of live Shad or Shad cutlet has been by far the most effective bait.

Umkomaas has been busy with anglers who have been targeting Kob, Grunter and some fairly large Snapper Salmon.  The fishing at Umkomaas as well as Scottborough Point has improved drastically and despite a pack of anglers at Scottborough over the past week and weekend, plenty of fish were reported.

Port Shepstone has also had a fair amount of Kob which were caught mainly over the weekend. Bronze Bream and other edibles are beginning to come on the bite now, which is exciting news for anglers planning trips to these areas.

Trafalgar is starting to produce better size Bronze Bream already and they seem to be plentiful at this point too. These fish have been found in their favorite spots, ledges being battered by choppy water which has become oxygenated. These fish have also been found feeding well on the low tides.

Orange Rocks has seen some nice Shad as well as Kob and Bronze Bream.

Further down towards Port St John’s, good numbers of juvenile Garrick have been caught, along with better sized Shad and also Hammerhead Sharks up to 15kg. Most fish have been caught off the deep points. The water is very clean and has limited catches further down from Port St John’s.

For the anglers who participated in the KZN Fishing Casting Competition, well done to the winners.

“Registration soon was completed and the first batch of thirteen was on the grounds. There were different rods and reels and line as they were all allowed to choose their own on this round robin section. As the guys were going to cast in a zone of 25 meters there were several casts outside the boundary. Each person was allowed three casts and the average was taken the top three casters in this group were Ishaq, Azgar and Paul with averages of 123, 119 and 115 respectively.
The next thirteen was next with several people entering again. The only one over a hundred in this series was Paul with an average of 122.6 mts. Leon V had a good single cast of 132mts and Zain a single of 148 mts.
The next thirteen took to the field and we had a very mixed bag. From an average high cast of 152.3 from Zain to a very low average of 18 mts. We had the most number of out of range in this section. The last lot of twelve has a surprise late entry of Mukthar with an average of 149 mts. We also had a single cast 196 mts by Imraam Rakin which was the longest for the day in the zone. In between the seniors we had the junior event. It was sad to note that we only had three entrants. We always get asked to have junior events but it is not supported.
The calculations were done for the senior cast off with tackle supplied by The Kingfisher. They would all use the new Poseidon Coastline 13’6”, 3 pc, Medium, 4-6oz rod matched with a Daiwa Grandwave GW- 40SHVX filled with Kingfisher Giant Abrasion .40mm line/25lb . After a few test casts they became used to the backbone of the rod.
The three Finalists were
1.0 Zain   avg 152.3
2.0 Mukthar    avg 149
3.0 Ishaq     avg 123.3

The three were allowed 15 minutes to get used to the new rod and reel. After a few training cast they were taken to the mark and the final casts were made. We had a minimum cast of 105 and a maximum of 177 mt.  Great going on a rod that has never been used by the guys. The presentation were started with six random casts .There were allocated to different averages .The gift of Kingfisher line were donated for the event by The Kingfisher. The junior award of an average of 29.3 went to Antonio.

The Senior Winner was announced
1st   Zain     avg   157.
2nd Ishaq     avg 115.
3rd Mukthat  avg  99.3.
We also awarded a prize for the longest cast of the day which was won by 196 mts by Imraam Rakin

Ski Boat:

Over the weekend, many anglers partook in the UKFC competition which was held at Beach Bums. The competition was a huge success and plenty of fish were caught. Weather conditions were good and all of the anglers had fun. The results are as follow.

Markus Potgieter: Cuda- 20.9kgs
Dillon Phiel: YFT-16.5kgs
John Maslett: YFT- 16.4kgs
Bruce Brauteseth: Cuda-16kgs
Alwyn Oberholser: YFT- 16kgs
Mark Saunders: YFT- 15.2kgs
Dylan Wuth: YFT- 14.65kgs
Jono Grant: Cuda- 14.45kgs
Cliff de Klerk: YFT- 14.45kgs
Dylan Wuth: YFT- 13.9kgs
Julian Dalton: YFT- 13.8kgs
Gavin Meyer: YFT- 13.5kgs
Julian Dalton: YFT- 13.35kgs
Dylan Wuth: YFT- 13.35kgs
Darren Taylor- YFT- 13.15kgs
John Lessing: YFT- 12.4kgs
Markus Potgieter: YFT-12.35kgs
Walley Ley: YFT- 12.3kgs
Angus Lindholmes: Cuda-12.2kgs
Jonothan Jackson: YFT- 11.95kgs
Wayne Biljoen: YFT- 11.8kgs
Mark Shum: Cuda- 11.1kgs
Gert van Staaden: Cuda-10.55kgs
Andrew Birkett: Cuda- 10.2kgs
Cliff de Klerk: Cuda- 10kgs
Peter Walsh: Cuda- 9.95kgs
Andrew Birkett: Cuda- 9.35kgs
Glen Ashton: Cuda- 8.8kgs
Justin Rademeyer: Cuda- 8.5kgs
Julian Dalton: Cuda- 7.9kgs
Mark Linnington: Snoek-7kgs
Glen Ashton: Cuda- 6.3kgs
Dylan Wuth- YFT-4.95kgs.

Well done to all of the anglers, the amount if fish that were caught was outstanding.

Anglers fishing up north near St Lucia and Cape Vidal had a good time and managed to boat a variety of game fish.  Maphelane experienced tough fishing due to the dirty water, which meant only a few Bonito were landed slightly deeper. Zinkwazi fished well and saw good sized Couta in the cleaner water.  Bottom fishing off Tinley Mannor and Westbrook was good and anglers managed to boat some lovely Red Fish and Rock Cod.

Fresh water:

Bass – The weekend of the 2nd and 3rd of May held the Inanda Bass Classic, which as always, was great fun and had anglers fishing from all corners of the country. With bad weather moving in on Friday and Sunday, fishing was extremely tough and many anglers found themselves struggling to make any progress in their quest for a winning fish. Well done to juniors for their participation and to all of the families who sat on the shorelines holding thumbs for their partners on the boats. The results are as follow.

1- Leon Haggard – 3,812kgs
2- Garth Leifeldt- 3,690kgs
3- Michael Cannon- 3,412kgs
4- Ronnie Thomson – 3,194kgs
5- John Easton – 2,252kgs

1- Brady Smith- 0,818kgs
2- Keagen Horner- 0,756kgs
3- Brady Smith – 0,750kgs

Ladies –
1- Ingrid Carlyle – 0,962kgs
2- Jade James- 0,910kgs
3- Angela Haggard- 0,664kgs

Carp – With Inanda full of Boats for the Bass Classic, not much Carp angling was done in this particular fishery. Albert Falls however had quite a few keen anglers along its shorelines fighting fish the entire week and weekend. Smaller fish were caught on conventional tackle at the day visitor’s sites and larger fish at Bon Accord and Ntuli during the evenings. With water also a tad colder in these areas, the fish seem to be larger and more common than the smaller specimen. Shongweni has reported a fair number of fish during the week and far less over the weekend. Smaller baits seem to be working during the day and larger baits with strong flavours have done well at night. Boilies have worked particularly well for anglers.

ASFN, season 4 premiers on Monday nights on Super Sport 8 (channel 208) at 19h30 be sure not to miss it, there will also be six rebroadcasts during the week.

The Kingfisher’s trading hours are Monday, Wednesday to Friday 8:00 to 17:00, Tuesday 8:30 to 17:00 and Saturday 8:00 to 13:00, closed on Sundays.

Please send any info about fishing, fish caught or competitions in your area to or fax 031- 368 4007 and for the latest KZN fishing news presented by O.J., tune into East Coast Radio at 5.40am Monday – Friday.




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