It seems to be busy season again with many anglers stocking up to hopefully encounter the shoal of Sardines which has been progressively making its way up the coast, getting closer and closer to Durban, day by day. It seems that the Sardines have reached most of the South Coast, as spotted by the Sharks Board who took a flight down the coast earlier this week.

More good news is that there has been massive Shark, Dolphin and bird activity between Umkambati and Waterfall Bluff. This is reported to be the most activity sighted in years, so keep your eyes and ears open for the Sards, they could pop up any time along our coast.

Rock n Surf:

North – Much like last week, this area had a fair run with Kingfish and Stumpies being caught regularly due to the clean and calm water throughout the week. Conditions were perfect for fishing and many anglers had a go along the sand banks. Anglers spinning at Kosi Bay found themselves hooking into a few Wave Garrick and Kingies plus one or two Springer were landed as well.

Further south at Cape Vidal, most of the action happened on spoon or smaller baits. Kingfish are still frequenting the shallows and have taken smaller Spoons in the clean water. There have been far less edibles in this area and even smaller Chokka baits are being picked up by Kingfish instead of Stumpies etc. more often than not. The rest of the areas between Cape Vidal and Tugela have been relatively quiet apart from the odd Pompano, Grey Shark and Shad.

The good news however, is that Tugela mouth has been fishing extremely well with most anglers paying a visit to this area hooking into some quality Kob. Garrick have also been spotted in this area too and will start coming on the bite soon. Chokka baits, live Shad and Sardine baits have all worked for these Kob which ranged between 2-10kgs. These, along with some decent Shad, have all been coming out on the North Bank in the slightly dirtier water.

Ballito has produced a few Diamonds, Grey Sharks and Pompano. The Greys and Diamonds were more active at night than during sunlit hours.

From Ballito down, the sea was extremely rough towards the weekend as the cold front moved through.

Central – Umhlanga also had a few Grey Sharks and Diamonds, however the average catch was larger and anglers saw a few fish over 10kgs. During the bigger seas, the bite went dead. Blue Lagoon had plenty of action with anglers catching Kob, Snapper Salmon, Pompano, Shad, Grey Sharks and also Hammerhead Sharks. A lot of the action seems to be happening during the evenings and far less during the day when more lines are in the water.

Durban Piers have been seeing good catches of Pompano and Shad. Although the Shad are not large, most are making size and have kept anglers happy. After the big seas experienced over the weekend, the bites slowed down to a halt and anglers were left with baited hooks dangling.

With the water temperature dropping quickly, the Garrick will soon be on the bite here and anglers will get back into things.

South – The Bluff has experienced big seas and was unfishable for most of the week / weekend up until this point. The early stages of the week and moving into the bad seas, were fairly productive and saw a few Brusher, Kob, Garrick and Shad.

Certain areas have also started to produce a few early Bronze Bream on Chokka and Prawn baits. Toti has seen its ups and downs over the last week and has gradually started to improve. Anglers have caught a few Garrick and Kob in certain areas, and with the drop in water temperature, we will be expecting more action soon. Winkelspruit has had a few Garrick come out on live baits but very few on artificials. Illovo stretch has seen good numbers of Garrick and a few Kingies on certain days, however most days were quiet.

Umkomaas mouth had some good catches earlier on in the week, with anglers spinning for game fish but mainly for anglers using bait. Kob, Kingies, Shad and now Garrick too have been landed in the last week. Live bait has been the best so far, with artificials being ignored by most fish so far. Scottborough point produced nothing more than a few edibles, a fair number of Shad, and the odd Garrick. Grey Sharks have also been landed during the evenings in the right conditions.

Port Shepstone has had a bit of Sardine action and the larger fish that go with them. Kob have been a very popular target species at night and many have been caught throughout the week. The sardines netted at Margate last week were mainly the pilot shoals which have been moving through regularly. At the moment there are very few game fish with the Sardines but there has been a little activity in terms of Shark and Dolphin showings.

Terry Nel from Port Edward was talking of Sardines last week, the very next day they made a show in Port Edward and the following day several small pockets were seen close to the shore. Then with the big winds and seas, the shoals moved up and were netted off Margate Beach. On Tuesday, news came in of big shoals further south and if trawlers are kept out of limits, many will see for the first time in their lives a true Sardine run.

Nat Govender from Toyota Angling Club (TAC) sent in these results.

TAC held its second round of fishing for the 2015 League on the 07/06/2015. This was an open boundary and fishing times was form 06:00 am until 11:00 am. We had an attendance of 125 anglers for round two. A total of 20 fish was landed which is rather surprising considering the sea conditions.


Breakdown of catches by Anglers:

Anglers Name                                           Weight Points

Dean Naidoo – Maintenance                        39.40

Rajan Auther – TDM/LPS                              10.52

Kumaren Munsamy – TDM/LPS                    8.16

Ugan Pillay – TDM/LPS                                 7.82

Malcolm Moodley – TDM/LPS                        7.64

Keleshwar Lalman – Maintenance                 3.00

Dean Govender – VDC                                 3.00

Ishan Bunsi – BPlant                                    2.88

Sanjee Elliah – TDM/LPS                              2.36

Rishi Premjith – TDM/LPS                                      1.98


Harbour – The Harbour found itself busy with boats throughout the week and over the weekend as anglers attempted to avoid the bad weather. They managed to avoid the wind and big swell, but one thing that was unavoidable was the cold. The water temperature has taken a dip and was sitting at 18.5 degrees on Saturday morning. This will drop further but is at around 18 -18.5 degrees average around the bay. This drop in temperature will improve the quality of fish in the bay and bring the Garrick and Kob right in.

The Kob have been feeding well in the deeper water towards the mouth and around T Jetty. One angler managed to hook into a few smaller sized Kob further up towards Finland’s Angling Club. Be sure to know the differences between Kob and Snapper Salmon, as the mistake is often made and undersized Kob are kept. The easiest method of telling the difference is to check for the vampire like teeth on the Snapper Salmon. The teeth on a Kob are not visible unless they are exposed by the moving of the lips.

Apart from the masses of Kob around the Harbour, there have been catches of other species all over. The banks saw plenty of Sand Gurnard (Bar-tail Flathead), smaller Stumpies, Grunter and Mullet. No Garrick were reported last week but could be expected this week if the water temperature remains low. With the massive shoals of Mullet around, live bait will not be an issue. Maasbunker are also available closer to the mouth.

Ski boat:

North – The Zululand coast has produced decent catches of pelagic species over the past week, some of which include Sailfish, Yellowfin Tuna and also Couta. The majority of anglers are making use of live bait. A new hook on the market which has been uses with great success is the Mustad Circle 39944 which is a medium gauge hook with the power to land a big fish. The most popular sizes in this have been the 6/0 and 9/0. With the Geelbek and Daga on the coast, this is the perfect hook to replace the likes of the well-known Z Steel Circles.

Further down the coast between Tinley Manor and Umhlanga there have been the odd Snoek and Kingfish. Winter generally produces larger Snoek and it seems that the larger specimen have been trickling through one by one. A 6-8kg Snoek is not uncommon in these areas during winter, so be sure to stick a line in the water and do not be scared to make an afternoon launch as the Snoek will often turn on the bite in the afternoon.

South – The last week’s weather made fishing fairly difficult further south, with the sea being on its head for most of the week. There have been a few pockets of Sardines scattered all over the South Coast and anglers using Mackerel jigs have had a few takers last week. There has been a lot of action with these pockets but mainly Sharks and Dolphins.

There has also been a fair amount of bird action so far but there has been very few game fish with the Sardines. It is recommended to carry a Salt Water Sport Jig and Drop trace with you on the boat as the possibility of passing a shoal of game fish in the Sardines is high at this stage of the run.


Fly-fishing – Fishing the Kokstad area this time of year would involve using a variety of flies. The main flies would include Hamills Killers, Walkers Killers, Mrs. Simpsons and Woolly Buggers. The winter colours are in full swing and leading the pack is the colour olive. Sinking line will be the way to go if fishing during mid-day sessions and a floating line would be more effective in the late afternoon.

If using floating line for a surface presentation, the more popular flies are normally your DDD’s, Dave’s Hoppers and your larger nymphs in olives. Egg patterns also come into play at this time of the year as Trout begin to spawn. The more basic orange or white egg will do well as it is instinctive for Trout as well as Bass to feed on eggs. Stocked dams at this point of the year normally explode with activity as the cold sets in.

Using a 3-4 weight floating setup with a DDD, Pellet or White Death will have best results. Lycra longs as well as neoprene booties to make fishing more pleasant.

Calling all Fly Fishermen / Fly Tyers, the Durban Fly Tyers Society will be holding a clinic on Saturday the 4th July from 9 – 12 noon, at The Kingfisher, 53 Hunter Street, Durban. A variety of fresh and salt water patterns will be tied and any questions will be welcomed and advice openly offered.

Bass – Inanda saw a few good fish over the weekend but struggled over the last week, producing smaller fish throughout. Larger fish were taken on spinner baits and crank baits closer to Barbel Bay and across at Durban Bay. The dirtier water closer to the river mouth saw the odd large fish but other than that, very few fish.

Albert Falls has started to take the back seat again as very few fish were reported. The river section produced a few fish but no fireworks to speak of. Shongweni has some decent catches off the kick boats, however the bitter cold meant that anglers spent very little time on the water. Anglers are urged to dress warm and make use of Daiwa Lycra longs as well as neoprene booties to make fishing more pleasant.


The Kingfisher’s trading hours are Monday, Wednesday to Friday 8:00 to 17:00, Tuesday 8:30 to 17:00, Saturday 8:00 to 13:00 and closed on Sundays.

Please send any info about fishing, fish caught or competitions in your area to or fax 031- 368 4007.

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