Half way through the year already and the excitement has only just begun. The main hypes including the winter game fish such as Kob and Garrick,  the masses of Shad and of course the Sardine run are yet to happen and with these are getting closer by the day. Anglers days seem to be filled with preparation and excitement. With positive signs of the Sardines on their way, the excitement of many anglers has shot through the roof, and thumbs are being held for this year.

Rock n Surf:

North – Anglers throughout the coast will be cramming as much fishing in as possible in the early parts of this week with extremely rough seas and strong winds coming through. Seas are predicted to reach 8,1m in some areas and winds up to 100kmh can be expected from the Cape. This will rule out much of the fishing over the weekend.

Kosi Bay and Cape Vidal fished well during the week and had a few good catches over the weekend as well. Despite the colder weather creeping in, a few of the summer species are still hanging around and have been widespread from the border right through to almost Richards Bay. Honeycombs and smaller Sand Sharks have made up the bulk of these catches, with Pompano, Stumpies and Grunter being caught regularly as well.

Weather conditions were good and after three days of the North Easterly, the fished turned on the bite nicely. For anglers spinning in and around Cape Vidal, the weekend proved productive with catches of Green spot Kingfish around the 55cm mark on 1,5oz Spoons. These fish are a popular sport fish all year round in these areas and can be caught on spinning tackle as well as bait. These fish patrol the shallows in search of small shoals of baitfish such as Sprat and will ambush their forage around shallower sand banks in the white working water.

Richards Bay north had good catches of Stumpnose and Pompano with the odd Grey Shark, with the south side of Richards Bay having plenty of action with many Spinner Sharks and Kob. These fish have occurred right the way down to Tugela River mouth. The Kob have made a good appearance and will become larger from this point on, particularly in the Tugela area, where anglers usually congregate to fish for not only Kob in winter, but Garrick as well.

Salt Rock has improved somewhat and has become the week’s top destination, with reports of Shad, Grey Sharks and a few Honeycombs.  The Shad have been good size for bait, and many anglers have taken advantage of this when targeting Grey Sharks.  Shad cutlets fresh are irresistible to Grey Sharks, and over the weekend, it worked wonders. 10kg Grey Sharks seemed to be the norm, so anglers using lighter tackle had great fun off the rocks.

Ballito was much the same, with competition guys doing extremely well in this area.

Central – Virginia has been a bit quiet apart from a few Pompano and Shad off the new pier.  Blue Lagoon had good action with quite a number of Hammerhead Sharks, Grey Sharks, Pompano and Shad. Smaller species such as Stone Bream and other rock fish were landed closer to the river as well. Anglers spinning in this area managed to land a few smaller Black tip Kingies on Drop shot. The beachfront produced an unusually high number of smaller sized Pompano in the mornings on Sea lice.  Reports of Shad in their hundreds off Addington have been received, but the majority of the fish have been undersized.

South -The Bluff has been slow with only a few Shad and Kob being caught.  Toti has been on and off with Shad of varying sizes, and a few anglers have reported Garrick taken on live baits. This area usually begins to produce good numbers of Garrick on plug at this stage, so keep the live baits in the water and plug in the same areas to attract the fish to the bite.

Umkomaas pier has produced a few smaller Shad and a fair number of Snapper Salmon during the week. The mouth saw Shad, Kob and Grunter. Anglers spinning in these areas have caught very little apart from the odd Shad.

Scottborough Point saw Grey Sharks, Shad and a few Stumpnose.

Umdoni failed the Snoek spinning enthusiasts with plenty of chases but no fish committing to the bite. Other fish such as Shad were landed but were few and far between.

Trafalgar came on the bite and saw good catches of Bronze Bream, Kob, a few Brusher and a truck load of Shad in certain parts.

Port Edward has seen Sardine action with a few smaller pockets moving through. No netting has taken place as yet; however boaters have managed to catch bucket loads on Sabikis. These are confirmed Natal Sardines. With the massive cold front coming up from the Cape this weekend, the temperature should drop even further and hopefully drive the Sardines further north.

Port St John’s has been a winner and has produced excellent numbers of many species. Kob have been plentiful, along with Garrick, Shad and other rock fish. The weekend hit a low, but still produced good catches of Kob.

Harbour – The Harbour will most probably be the only spot that anglers will be able to find shelter to fish this weekend with the bad weather coming through, but luckily there has been some excellent fishing over the last week and anglers can look forward to some good Grunter, Kob and maybe even Garrick over the coming weekend. Saturday and Sunday will be the days to fish, with surface temperature dropping over the weekend, as well as the wind subsiding somewhat from Thursday and Friday.

Grunter have continued to feed well over the last week, preferring the deeper water over the shallower banks. A 6kg Kob was also boated during the week deeper in the Channel on a Sardine belly bait. A few other smaller Kob have been landed near the mouth on Cracker as well as Sardine baits. It is usually at this stage of the year that many of the fish in our waters will readily feed on Sardine.  Good catches of Stumpnose have also been seen around the Mangroves on Cracker.

Ski boat:

North – A relatively tough week has passed with very little reported throughout the week. Anglers on the North Coast have done fairly well with catches of Couta, Tuna and a variety of Kingfish. The odd Sailfish has been landed far North on Kona’s in the deep but apart from that, few billfish have been caught on our coast. There are still a few Dorado hanging around in the deeper water off Sodwana but is now beginning to move off slowly. Further south in Richards Bay, anglers are beginning to boat a good number of larger bottom fish such as Daga, Geelbek and also Cracker. These are being caught in good numbers already, which is slightly early on in the year, but anglers have welcomed the arrival.  Other general bottom fish have been feeding well as well, which is a sign of an excellent winter on its way. Most of the action has happened down locally with Paddle Ski anglers racking up the numbers with anglers like Marcus Potgieter hooking into some lovely fish including a Couta over 30kgs, and Jason Pretorius with good Couta as well.

Central – Closer to Durban, Snoek have been few and far between but have been present on the right tides early in the mornings. Bottom fishing off Durban has been good as well, with good catches of Cracker off the slightly deeper reefs.

South – Anglers down the coast have been getting a far better catches of Geelbek and Daga which usually come on the bite at this stage of the year. The Sardines have been moving up and a few lucky anglers have managed to catch a few Natal Sardines on Sabiki and have had good success with these as bait for bottom fish. Yellowtail have also been plentiful on most of the reefs down the coast.

Trout fishing –  At this time of the year it is important to add a bit of colour to your patterns and do away with your standard Trout flies like Pancora Wooly Buggers, Hamills Killers and Mrs. Simpsons with standard colours, and start to use the same patterns with orange tungsten beads and chartreuse Marabou tails. Fishing smaller orange flies like Red Setters are a deadly fly that are not always available all the time but are extremely effective due to the bright orange.  These can be used as a deadly dropper fly behind a DDD. Another very successful way to fish is to go smaller.  We must remember at this time of year that Trout are moving into spawning mode so they do not have that aggressive feeding pattern but they must still feed, so suspending a San Juan worm or Beaded Blood worm under a chunky DDD or other buoyant dry fly will be extremely effective fished slowly.  This is the perfect time to take out your Snowbee neutral density fly line which performs like a floating line just under the surface of the water, the beauty of this is that you are fishing with direct contact with your fly, so that if there is a wind there is no bow in the line from being dragged across the surface.

Bass – Inanda fished well over the weekend, producing fish of up to 2,8kgs. Spinner bait got the job done and produced many of the larger fish on wind battered shorelines which plays home to most of the Bass’s forage. With the winds coming up heavily this weekend, anglers will yet again be forced to continue with this approach in order to keep catch rates as high as they have been. Albert Falls will have a bit of a rough time this weekend with winds going up to 30 knots. Anglers are advised to find other waters to fish which have more protected bays such as Inanda.

ASFN, season 4 premiers on Monday nights on Super Sport 8 (channel 208) at 19h30 be sure not to miss it, there will also be six rebroadcasts during the week.

The Kingfisher’s trading hours are Monday, Wednesday to Friday 8:00 to 17:00, Tuesday 8:30 to 17:00 and Saturday 8:00 to 13:00, closed on Sundays.

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