Just as we thought the action was over, the Sardines are back and in full force once again! With netting taking place throughout the week, the catch rate of game fish and Sharks has yet again increased with special notice of the amount of Garrick still around. This July has featured some of the best fishing and will be remembered by many fishermen to be the best they have ever had. Every day in all weather conditions the Shad spots are buzzing with activity with Shad on the bite almost all the time. The deep water points are full of fishermen with rods out on the wait for bigger fish on the go as well. Kob, Garrick and even Yellowfin Tuna have been hooked, the angler ‘taken to the cleaners’ with the Tuna, yet some landed. Colder weather from the south could bring more Sardines up with it which is not unusual.

Rock n Surf:

North – Things have settled towards the weekend but saw some good action during the week. Kosi Bay had plenty of Shad catches daily, along with good numbers of smaller Kingfish which were caught on artificials such as Jerk Minnows, Paddle tails and small bullet spoons. These spoons are designed for ultimate casting distance, good action and class leading affordability. These top shelf spoons which are available in a variety of sizes, are designed for Snoek, Kingfish, Bonito, Shad and Garrick and will be a definite item to have in your arsenal of lures.

Shad have been the bulk of the catches further along the coast all the way to around Richards Bay, where the species count improves slightly. Besides Shad, the lucky angler out of every few has managed to land a few good edibles such as Rock Cod, Cave Bass and Stumpies.

At Richards Bay, Grey Sharks have made a good appearance and have been present the whole week. The good news is that there has been a drop in the amount of Milkies being caught, which has meant that more anglers have found themselves catching better quality edibles as well as larger Sharks. Garrick have been coming out around the Richards Bay area and although not as plentiful as down the coast, they are decent size and should be increasing in numbers shortly,  taking into note the cold weather we have been experiencing. The Harbour itself was relatively productive and yielded a few Kob, Kingfish and some very nice Grunter.

Tugela mouth saw action yet again, with Garrick and Kob taking up the catch records. Apart from the Kob and Garrick, other species to be noted include Pompano, Shad and Grunter which all made up a substantial portion of the catches at Tugela over the past week.

Umdloti had a good run of larger Grey Sharks during the week, some weighed more than 25kgs. These were not as abundant as the 5-8kg models which were in a full on feeding frenzy on some days, but were there none the less and provided good fun to anglers using larger slide baits. Spinner Sharks were also present along with the Shad.

Local – Umhlanga saw Shad in the mornings for those willing to brave the cold to get some fish for dinner.  Pompano were also around but did not stretch the scales to more than around 4kgs. Grey Sharks have also been caught in the evenings on throw baits.

Virginia Beach saw the odd Snoek on spoon during the week on some of the quieter mornings, as well as Shad and Grey Shark during the evenings.

Blue Lagoon has started to produce some nice Shad later in the afternoons and with the rains coming down, there is also a better colour in the water which seems to have helped the fishing somewhat.

The banks have produced good Pompano on either Sea lice or Cracker. The Durban beachfront area has started to produce good numbers of Blue Skate after the North Easterly winds, and has been more productive in the evenings for anglers using fresh Mackerel or Red Eye baits. These fish are between 4-15kgs and are being landed with 11ft spinning outfits with relative ease. This power angling approach has been most successful and has been an excellent alternative for fun when the spinning is being unproductive.

South – The Bluff has seen some good Brusher which are being caught on Muscle Man Crab or Ghost Crab, as well as some good size Kob and Garrick.  Larger Blacktail have also been found more regularly.

Toti has been on and off with results. Very few Shad were seen but the smaller sizes did make for good Garrick baits and did the trick.

Winkelspruit has been far more productive and has seen crowds of anglers trying to get in on the action.  With the Sardines being netted at Umkomaas and around Scottborough, these areas will become even more productive in the days to come.

Illovo has seen good numbers of Garrick on live Shad, plug and spoon. Anglers fishing with the new Daiwa D Minnow casting lure have had good success in the action not only with Garrick but also Kob and larger Shad.  These lures weigh in at 31g and cast extremely well on most spinning outfits between 10 -11’6″.   Available in a variety of colours including pearl white, these are extremely effective for winter game fish.

Besides the netting of Sardines in the Umkomaas area, fishing has been slow and will only begin to pick up now with the arrival of the Sardines.

Scottborough point saw plenty of Shad on bait, although most were undersized. Grey Sharks and a few Blue Skates were caught on throw baits as well.

Port Shepstone had the usual species around, including a lot of decent sized Kob too.  There were also a few Garrick off the block in favourable conditions.

Margate had a good run with the Pier producing everything from Skate to Tuna, Black Tip Sharks to Black tail.

Port St John’s has still had good Garrick fishing but the main attraction has been the large Shad and Kob. Bronze Bream have also been of notable size. Most of the deeper water points are a bit quiet but this is probably due to the amount of Sardines slightly deeper.

Mazeppa Bay has seen good catches of Raggies which is at least some action for the week.

Harbour – Just as the Garrick smash ended; another cold snap pulls through and hopefully drives the Garrick back into the banks for another week or so of live baiting. Anglers fishing on the banks over the weekend saw a substantial amount of action and Garrick smashing Mullet and Garfish,  which lead to a few of the more decent specimen up to 10kg being caught.  Grunter have not been as abundant as they have been in the previous week’s however the off decent sized fish has been landed and made up for the lack of quantity.

Ski boat;

North – For the Offshore anglers on the upper Natal Coast, fishing has been relatively productive with a few species such as Yellowfin Tuna and Snoek. Other species such as Couta have been slow and only a few boats managed to pull a rabbit out of the hat and surprised us by boating a few decent Couta of 23kgs and 28kgs.  The ever so plentiful Yellowfin Tuna have been caught on poppers around the bait balls and also on live bait in some cases.

Umdloti has seen some good action as well, with some good Couta being reported off the boats as well as Skis. Yellowfin Tuna have been scarce in this area but the odd one to find itself on the other end of an anglers line has been fairly large and in most cases has been close to 20kgs. Live bait again being the weapon of choice for these fish. Live Mackerel on a Couta trace has accounted for the majority of Couta catches.  Bottom fishing has been good to most anglers over the last week.

Local – Amberjack, Cracker, Geelbek and even Copper Steenbras have been taken off Durban over the last week. These have all been caught on deeper wrecks on live baits or large dead baits such as Mackerel or Sand Soldier flappers. A reminder of the tackle that should be used for these fish, if your hooks and other terminal tackle is not up to scratch  many fish will be lost. Make sure that good quality line such as Shogun or Kingfisher leader line us used to ensure optimum strength. Closer in, the Snoek have been on and off around the Blue Lagoon area and with the water conditions changing heavily from last week, the fish have been unable to settle.

South – Amberjack have begun to show face at the Pumula area of late and have been seen in large numbers by various anglers. These fish are extremely strong fighters and should not be attempted on light tackle. These fish have been caught mainly in 100m of water on jig and on live bait. Further down, at Hiberdene, Couta up to 29kgs have been landed, as well as good numbers of Cape Yellowtail.

Fresh water:
Carp – Most of our dams have seen very little action over the last week, largely due to the lack of anglers present. Fishing was good and reports suggest that those who did spend time on the water found themselves showing off with impressive catches indeed. Local Carp whisperer “Oom Danie” managed a great Carp weighing in at 16kgs at his favourite spot. This is one of the many good fish reported from various dams throughout Natal. Albert Falls had anglers busy with smaller fish at the river mouth as well as all the way around the very low water line, particularly at the slipway sights. Nagle Dam saw two fish of 11kgs and 15kgs caught on FX flavour tiger nuts close to the dam wall. These fish were caught in broad daylight and took the baits after being in the water for only 15 minutes.  Inanda saw good numbers of smaller Carp for a few anglers who decided to spend time to the right of the camp sites towards the cabins. These fish were caught on light conventional tackle with the reel of choice being the Daiwa Black Widow 5000 filled with 10lb Daiwa Sensor, bun spice mielies and tiger’s produced the goods.

Bass – On the Bassing front, cold weather pulling in means one thing only, dress warm and prepare for slow fishing. These cold snaps are usually used by Bass anglers as resting periods to recoup from the previous weeks or days of angling. Take this time to get stuck into your tackle and sort out the old from new, used from unused and the good from the bad. This will help the next visit to the tackle store as it may save you from buying unnecessarily, as most anglers so often do. It could also help you to see what you do require on your next outing to the tackle shop so get stuck in, get an inventory going and make your Bass fishing more organised.

If you are craving a tight line and bending rod, head down to Albert Falls for some of the action. Deeper water areas are still producing excellent catches of quality fish on Crank baits as well as Drop shot being fished slow on steeper banks. The fish have become extremely territorial in this low water and will smash just about anything that is kept in the strike zone for long enough. This is why Drop shot has been as effective as it has. The lures can be kept suspended in the Basses territory and wriggled in front of the  fish until it decides it had been irritated enough to feed. Inanda will be much the same in the deeper water and off the cliffs, particularly in these colder conditions.

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