The Sardines have extended their stay! There have been many sightings of Natal Sardines off areas such as Umkomaas, Tongaat and even Durban beachfront.  We can expect good action with these pockets in the Durban area in particular, with Shad and Kob moving up steadily.

Rock & Surf:

North – Kosi Bay has been a bit quiet with a few Kingfish only being the main species.


Cape Vidal is sanded up and there are a few small Shad and Wave Garrick. The ledges are fishing well but the fish aren’t that prolific.


Richards Bay north has had Catface Rockod, Stumpies and Cave Bass. Richards Bay south had good Shad, Snapper Salmon and Spinner Sharks.


Tugela North Bank also saw a few Garrick on live baits.


Zinkwazi has also had sporadic catches of Grey Sharks. Early morning has seen some Shad as well.


At Ballito there were Greys and Diamonds with the odd Garrick at Shakas High Rock. Well done to Larry who caught a 65kg Grey on a swim bait at Umhloti. There have also been smaller Greys and the odd Diamond as well.


Umhlanga has had some big Greys on slide baits although not many fish were landed.


Central – Durban beachfront has had some good Shad catches in the late afternoons. Some Pompano are still to be caught during the early mornings.


Bluff has also started to get Shad more frequently.


Toti has had very good Shad fishing on spoons and baits.


Winkel – well done to Michael Rodgers for catching a 6kg Snoek from the beach. Garrick have been on the run on live baits in the Illovo area.


Scottburgh also had some action with Shad and Garrick as well as some smaller Grey sharks.


South – Umdoni Point was good to Shaun Numes and his friend who both got Garrick on Sunday.


Port Shepstone has had good Shad fishing although not many Garrick have been caught.


Shelly Beach / Margate had good catches of Shad and Garrick in the mornings.


Port St Johns lots of Garrick and Kob have been caught. The non edible anglers have also hooked up with a few Zambezi Sharks. Most of the other points are also producing Garrick, but Mazeppa Bay is a bit off the boil with mainly Kob being caught.


Harbour – With the water still very much on the clean side, game fishing has been fairly difficult on the banks with only around six Garrick being reported throughout the week. Other species such as Rock Cod, Stumpies and Perch have also been on the bite particularly well around the Mangroves and old Royal Zulu area. Grunter have been on the large side and one boat reported a catch of two fish in one morning weighing in at 5,5kgs and 6,6kgs in the deeper water close to the mouth. These were caught in the early hours of the morning on Cracker.

St Ives channel was fished regularly during the week and produced good Grunter on Cracker and Sardine fillet. On the incoming tide, anglers on Paddle Skis have drifted over the banks and have had excellent success on weightless Cracker or Sardine fillet fished on a size 2 Mustad Demon Circle. The hook is snelled onto the 10lb leader and the Cracker pinned lightly in the tail. A loose drag is to be used and only tightened once the fish has begun to peel line off the reel. A small section of 50lb braid can be tied onto the bend of the circle hook and threaded with 3 luminous beads, to which the Sardine fillet can be secured. The beads are held up with either a knot in the last bead or with the addition of a swivel on the end of the braid.  This method can also be used when using Octopus tentacle for rock and surf angling. The tentacle is simply sliced open half way and bound tightly around the beads to stop slippage.  This method has proven deadly with Grunter as they feed fairly shyly particularly in the shallower water on the incoming tide. This rig simply drifts along the bank with the current and does not drag along the ground thanks to the extremely light but strong Demon Fine Wire Circle hook. Preferred leader for this application would be 10lb Fluorocarbon or Maxima Untragreen. It is important to snell the hook to ensure a decent hookup ratio, if you do not know how to tie the snell, head down to your local tackle shop’s knot specialist to familiarise yourself with the different tying options.

Ski boat:

North – The Ski Boaters and Jet Ski anglers had a good run over the last week along the North Coast, with good results for their efforts. Having a fair amount of good weather to work with, boaters set out to their favourite spots in search of various species such as Couta, Tuna and Snoek. The water was good for the Snoek anglers and to add to the decent fish being caught from the surf.

The Cape Vidal/ St Lucia areas, boaters managed to land a good few of these fish between 4-8kgs alongside the shoals of baitfish and on other spots with strong rips and current lines. Red Eye fillet baits have caught some of the larger fish on a slow trawl. Couta have been taken on the deeper marks around 40-50m deep and have been mostly over 15kgs. The odd “dart” has been caught as well, making short work of the hard to come by Bonito being used as bait. When the smaller Couta are in the area and feeding on most baits, revert back to the good old Sardine. This is the simplest option and works wonders on the North Coast.  When the bite goes quiet again, stick the Bonito further out.


Tuna anglers will be happy to know that there have been far greater numbers of large Tuna around lately and many boats have managed to put a fish of 20kgs or more on the boat. Richards Bay has been fishing well with anglers hooking into good numbers of Snoek and also Kingfish.  After quite some time of very few Snoek catches, Richards Bay has started to fish well again and has seen not only good numbers but also good size fish up to 8kgs on spoon and Strike Pro Magic Minnows.  Fillet strip baits have been taken by Shad on most days.

Tugela has seen Garrick action on the back line and seems to be producing more and more fish with the dropping temperature. Live Pinky and Maasbunker have been working well. These smaller baits, rigged on a Mustad 8/0 Circle hook have been doing some serious damage and are yet to be beaten.

Zinkwazi, although slowing down somewhat, has seen a few decent sized Couta and Tuna both on live bait and Kingfisher Rattlers. Bottom fishing in this area seems to have taken over and many anglers can be seen on anchor, catching quite a few decent bottom fish such as Geelbek, Daga Salmon and Yellowtail. Fishing has been just as good further south around Ballito / Salt Rock area with bottom fish being landed as well as some good size Snoek and Tuna. Spear fishermen have shot a few good sized Snoek around these areas as well.

Local – Deeper off Westbrook, bottom fishing has been fairly decent and anglers pulling lures have hooked into some excellent Tuna. The Umhlanga area has been fairly quiet apart from the odd Snoek here and there; with the action only picking up again from around Durban where at Blue Lagoon the Snoek came on the bite for a few days last week.

South – On the Bluff near the Cutting, Tuna have been caught all week and some rather large Tuna at that. With the Sardines off Durban, the Daga and Geelbek have been feeding exceptionally well from Glen Ashley down to Shelled Beach and many reports have come through. Along with this larger specimen, a variety of other bottom fish and game fish have been landed too, including two Rock Cod over 15kgs and a respectable Cracker of 27kgs.

Fresh water:  

Carp –
Most of our waters saw very few serious anglers over the last week, with the exception of the die hards and the eager. With plenty of holiday anglers around, there have still been a few good reports sent through. Inanda dam saw the least of the lot with small fish taking up the bulk of the angler’s time. Very few of the anglers at the dam were using specimen tackle which meant the average fish was smaller than outlier dams such as Shongweni, which produced some excellent catches during the week and over the weekend. The weather played its part and anglers managed to stay relatively warm throughout. Tiger nuts and larger Boilies worked well for most anglers. For those who fished conventional tackle, the smaller fish were fairly close in and seemed to enjoy bun spice and anything flavoured similar to pink sweets.

Albert Falls is always busy at this stage of the year and has many anglers fishing not only at the Slipways, but also at the Ntuli camp sites and Bon Accord. Many of these anglers are conventional anglers and are after the slightly smaller, yet more abundant Carp. A few anglers will be spending a week at a time at water’s edge, strategically placing particle by particle into the feeding zone which by end of the week is crawling with fish and almost every cast is a Carp in the net. Often two or more rods are used, which furthermore improves the chances of getting good numbers of fish. This method is time consuming but is deadly at Albert Falls in particular, mainly off Pelican Bay point where fish have been coming out on a regular basis over the last month. Other dams such as Nagle and Hazelmere have not seen much action over the last week, with Hazelmere in particular fishing slow with very little water and accessible fishing spots.

Bass – The main talk around town is Albert Falls when it comes to Bass. Albert Falls has continued to produce good quality fish over the last week and has gradually become a favourite of many anglers. Fishing slowly on the deeper drop offs with deep diving crank baits, Senkos and Jigs is definitely the technique to stick by,  and has produced many of the good quality fish which have come out in the recent weeks. Two fish to note over last week’s run include a fish of 5,2kgs and 4,7kgs. Both fish taken on a large Paddle tail swim bait off a drop off in 3m of water. Inanda has seen far less good fishing recently but is still on the board with a few fish over 2kgs coming out during the week and an even better specimen of 3,4kgs over the weekend. These fish have all been taken from Taxi Bay fishing heavy tungsten being pitched into offshore reed beds. Crank baits have also worked extremely well in these areas but often get snagged on the reeds which is a common occurrence in this particular type of soft reeds. Heavy line should be used to assist with the removal of the lures, failing this; a lure retriever should be used. These lure retrievers can be purchased at most tackle stores.

Shongweni dam has seen quite a few attempts from shoreline Bassers, but very few results. Kick boat anglers willing to get their legs cold have hooked into a few fish late in the afternoon in the shallower water.  Surprisingly, top water baits such as frogs have still been the go-to baits for this time of day.


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