Promising reports indicate some good fishing on the way! With a bit if good weather, the sea will allow anglers to get the hours in to land what has been lurking beneath. With the weekends weather looking excellent for fishing, we should see many anglers along the beaches and on the water.

Rock n Surf –


Kosi bay is fishing well at the moment and is producing a decent variety of fish. Black Rock is seeing a good few anglers who have managed a few decent Kingfish and Shad. These have been landed on spinning tackle as well as bait. For those who have continued to fish with decent sized ground baits, the larger species such as Sharks and Flat fish have been trickling in, but are relatively quiet compared to the smaller edibles such as Wave Garrick and Shad. Chokka and Red eye baits seem to be doing well across the board.


Vidal saw few anglers over the past week but managed to perform fairly well, producing good numbers of Shad and surprisingly enough, Black tip Kingies. These fish are not uncommon, but have been shoaling in extremely large numbers and have been caught more regularly by the day.  Any small bait that these fish swim past should be taken readily, as well as Spoons, Dropshot and even plugs. The smaller 1oz Chaos plugs have been known to work better for these shoaling fish.

The Flatfish bites have also begun to increase in this area, as well as the Snoek,  which have preferred chrome coloured Spoons of late.


Richards bay had an excellent run of Inedibles over the weekend, with the Diamonds,  Honeycombs and Sandies making a huge appearance.  This provided hours of fun for anglers, on heavy and light tackle. There were also a few Raggies in the mix, which were also of decent size, being landed on throw baits as well as larger slide baits.


Tugela had a few surprises throughout the week,  with some days producing nothing and other days going wild with fish. A few good sized Garrick and Kob were landed, including a lovely Garrick of 17kgs which was taken on live Mullet. Kob have been caught on a variety of baits but the larger specimens seem to have fallen victim to Shad cutlet baits. This, as fresh as possible, rigged on a Mustad Big gun 5/0 or 6/0 will do the trick. If there are Grey Sharks in the area, a short section of Carbon coated steel can be added to avoid getting bitten off.
Ballito has fished well during the week, seeing many anglers going home with fish. Snoek have been landed on spoon, with most of the Shad coming out on bait.  Grey Sharks have been taking Shad traces, which have left the Shad anglers breathless for a few seconds, leading them to believe they have beat the top ranked angler in the Kingfisher Shad Competition.


Blue Lagoon had a gem of a Kob being landed, weighing in at 27kgs. These fish have been in the area for a good few weeks now and have also been caught on Paddle tail at night on the north bank and south banks. The Shad seem to be back on the bite at Blue Lagoon, feeding mainly in the mornings.


Along the Durban beaches stretch, the fish have been full to the brim, with Shad coming out off the Piers, off the beaches, in the basin and off South pier too. Grey Sharks, Blue Skate and Grunter have seen the hooks of many anglers.  The Blue Skates have been quiet so far, but seem to have turned on fairly well recently, which may have been due to the amount of Sardines in the area, which were netted in huge numbers off Durban.


Toti saw a fair amount of game fish in the mornings and afternoons, Snoek and Garrick being top contenders in this category.  Once again, spinning has produced the goods. All of the popular Shad spots have also seen good numbers of Shad, as well as the odd Garrick. Stumpies have been a popular target species in this area too; coming in at between 3 and 6kgs, there has been no shortage of size and numbers.


Scottborough saw good sized Shad at night, Grey Sharks in the evenings and a few Garrick and Snoek in the mornings. For the anglers targeting Inedibles, Blue Skate and Grey Sharks were on the menu. A lovely Prodical Son of 15kgs was landed off the point too.  With one more month to go for the shad season to end this year, fishermen are making the most of the abundance of these much sought after fish in our sea.


Terry Nel from Port Edward reports that many fishermen have become outlandish poachers and are pulling shad out the sea like there is no tomorrow. The laws regarding size and quantities are totally being ignored and many questions are being asked about the lack of control over all this by law enforcement. Please stick to your limits guys on size and quantity. The reason that laws are passed limiting the taking of fish out of the sea are for conservation reasons meaning that efforts are made to preserve fish stocks for the future. Over the years much research has been put into this and, unquestionably has had an impact on preserving the fish stocks in our water.


Further South at Port Shepstone, some lovely Garrick have been landed on Spoon and Plug. Kob have been slow over the last week but have been taken on the right tides on fresh Shad.  Port St John’s had better numbers of Kob to show, however their size lacked.  The Bronze Bream made up for the size loss, with quite a few specimens over 3kgs. Garrick were also plentiful in these areas. South of Port St John’s, the Shad were found in massive numbers and we’re caught by many. Kob were also larger in these areas and we’re caught on Paddle tail and live Shad. Two very good fish of over 20kgs were caught on live Mullet.


An excellent week of fishing has gone by and it has not slowed down at all, going into the new week. Over the last week, reports have been received daily by proud anglers happy to show off their catches of Grunter. One boat managed to land three Grunter between 1,5kgs and 2kgs, and another two of 3,5 and 4kgs. Another boat managed two fish over 4kgs on drift Sardine fillet on the banks at night. One can only imagine what is to come in the next few days with the amount of Sardines being netted off Durban. Many of the more experienced anglers will stick around the Harbour mouth and make use of Sardine baits, and even whole Sardine n hope of catching a few Geelbek.  Grunter will feed readily on Sardine fillet, as well as a variety of other species such as Kob, Rock Cod, Stumpies, Rock Salmon and Perch. These species can all be caught in the same areas in the harbour, particularly in times like this when they can be pin pointed close to bait.

Ski boat –

The northern side of KZN has seen some excellent fishing recently, setting the target high for the rest of the coast. Sodwana had a few anglers running far for fish as there didn’t seem to be much happening close in apart from a few early morning Snoek. Anglers had decent Sprat showings in the deeper water and fished them heavily with poppers, spoon, Dropshot and also live bait which all seemed to do the trick for Bonito and small Tuna on this bait. Out deep, the odd Sailfish was landed, a few larger Tuna and also a few Wahoo.

Further down at St Lucia and Cape Vidal, fishing was good and most boats that launched hooked into some decent Couta and Snoek.  A Snoek of 8kgs has not been uncommon recently, and in decent numbers too.  Spoon still seems to be the best tool for the job, with Clark spoon coming in at a second best. On the North Coast, the larger Clark Spoons have worked well.

Two good Prodical Son were landed off Maphelane during the week, as well as a few decent Kingfish, which were caught on poppers off Lighthouse area. The Couta have been up to their usual, taking Bonito around the 50m mark downrigged almost all the way to the bottom.

Down at Richards bay, fewer boats launched than usual, however results were pleasing and most went home with fish. Bottom fishing was the way to go last week, with anglers seeing the best of the best on certain marks. Good Cracker and Geelbek were landed daily, along with Half Kob and Daga. General bottoms were also plentiful and kept anglers busy. Game fishing seemed rather slow for some reason, but still put a few fish on the table. Most of these fish were Snoek and small Tuna.

Tugela river mouth saw a few boats which were out for Garrick, however very few were caught during the week, and the weekends weather did not allow for another attempt.

Durban saw some Snoek action around Blue Lagoon during the week on the afternoon launches, which have been by far the more popular times to catch a quality Snoek.  In the deeper water, some anglers managed a Sailfish or two, a few Tuna and also good bottom fish.  Some excellent Amberjack were landed whilst bottom fishing off Durban on Saturday.

The spots along the upper South coast saw some good fishing during the week, with boats landing Garrick and Snoek almost daily. The river mouths have been the spots for Garrick and Snoek, particularly in the slightly off coloured water recently.

Paddle Ski anglers have done well with Snoek around Winkelspruit in particular. Fishing off the lower South Coast has been Good, however has seemed to slow down slightly since last week. Bottom fishing continues to impress,  producing good numbers of Cracker, Geelbek,  Trawl Soldiers and Yellowtail.

Fresh water –

Bassing around Kzn has been much better over the last week, with many anglers fishing doing the damage at Albert Falls, Inanda and Shongweni.  Albert Falls still produced good catches, of which the majority reported started at 2,5kgs. Crankbaits and flukes told many stories from last week, producing most of the decent fish. The deeper water is definitely still the way to go at Albert Falls.  For those who are fishing off the banks, there are certain spots which become more productive than others in these times of low water.  Losers bank is extremely deep and has many random drop offs. This area fishes very well with Jigs, Dropshot, Crankbaits and Carolina rig. Junebug lures have always been a firm favourite in this spot. The old river bed at the back of Pelican Bay is also a producer, with massive dropoffs and cut backs. This spot is muddy, unlike Losers bank which is Shale, so baits such as Dropshot and Texas rig are preferred.

Inanda dam fished well and saw decent bags. Bank anglers struggled somewhat but did find that taking a walk through the bush towards Dusi Point made life easier and produced fish more often.  Jerk Baits have been effective in this area, which offer the angler the ability to let the bait suspend in front of a cold and fussy Bass. Early in the morning and much later in the afternoons, weightless lures can be used to catch smaller Bass in the shallows around the camp sites. This is good fun for the whole family and only requires a light spinning outfit with a few flukes.

Shongweni had kick boat anglers happy yet again, with quality fish from the reed line close to the Canoe locker and the river inlet. Pitching creature baits has worked well.


Campers at Shongweni have had a good time with slightly smaller carbon conventional tackle during the evenings,  provided they are able to endure the bitter cold. Banana and Almond flavoured mielies have worked extremely well. Specimen anglers will be smiling, with the good reports from the anglers at Shongweni, plans will definitely be on the cards.


Nagle dam has been in top form and is producing extremely good fish on both specimen and Conventional tackle.  Once again here Banana seems to be the best flavour for the larger fish. Two fish over 12kgs have been landed by the same angler in one day on Boilies at Nagle, and another with a beauty weighing over 16kgs. This is a lovely dam close to Durban, with a world of quality fishing to be had so if you need a change in scenery, head down to Nagle for some fun.


There is a new TV channel that has just been launched called Wild TV. This is a dedicated 24 hour Outdoor Channel/Network on Open View. Open View is the opposition channel to DSTV and this is what we have all been waiting for as there will be no monthly subscription whatsoever, just a once off purchase for the HD decoder and the fitting. These decoders offers a total of 18 channels and is available from most big retailers including, Game, Checkers and Makro. Wild TV Africa will cover:


Mountain Mondays – Covering Mountain Biking, Mountain Climbing etc.

Target Tuesdays – Archery, Shooting etc.

Wet Wednesday – Diving, water related sports etc.

Turbo Thursday – 4×4, Quads etc.

Fishing Fridays – Fishing

Saturdays – Fishing and Hunting in the mornings

Sundays – Fishing and Hunting in the mornings


These shows will be aired from 18.00 to 20.30; the balance of the 24hours will be repeats of the previous shows.

The Kingfisher’s trading hours are Monday, Wednesday to Friday 8:00 to 17:00, Tuesday 8:30 to 17:00, Saturday 8:00 to 13:00 and closed on Sundays. Please send any info about fishing, fish caught or competitions in your area to






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