More big Shad around and plenty of other fish to keep anglers busy. Things seem to be heating up in KZN, with plenty of reason for anglers to get on the water and see what the sea has to offer them.

Rock n Surf:

North – Kosi Bay saw a mixed bag of smaller edibles in the beginning of the week and a much better display of size towards the end of the week. A fair amount of inedibles were taken towards the end of the week too, however the fishing has been far from consistent. The largest fish reported from the Kosi area over the last week was a GT of 93cm fork length.


St Lucia and Cape Vidal saw plenty of Shad and Three Spot Pompano as well as some good Diamond Skates during the course of last week. In the mix here and there, were a few Grey Sharks which were taking the larger baits intended for the Diamonds.


Richards Bay had good reports of quality Shad and Sharks such as Grey Sharks and Hammerhead Sharks. The Harbour has also picked up with catches of Kingies and Half Kob.


Tugela mouth has produced some serious sized Kob recently and last week saw numerous catches of Kob around the 10kg mark and above. There were also good catches of Sharks for the inedibles anglers.


Tongaat River mouth has seen a number of anglers along the north bank stretch, most of whom are targeting Shad and Pompano. For the better half of the week, most anglers left with good sized fish.


Sheffield had fairly large waves rolling through and a massive backline. Spinning was not easy and throwing bait was close to impossible on certain days. Sunday morning saw some good Shad on chrome Sprat spoons and a few good bites in the gullies hidden away from the rough seas.


Central – Umhlanga Lighthouse has produced some bigger Grey Sharks on slide baits at night. In the Virginia area, there have been good catches of Shad and Grunter, particularly from the Pier.


Blue Lagoon has been the best spot for spinning enthusiasts to target Shad on spoon recently, mainly in the mornings at first light. Live baits have seen the odd Garrick on the north bank and further down the south bank.


Durban Piers have had a mixed bag of Shad, Geelbek and Grunter throughout the week and for the lucky anglers, a few 6kg+ Stumpies. Most of the Geelbek have been taken on whole Sardine drift baits or on Shad traces.


The beachfront has been a bit of a hit and miss affair, with the lack of North Easterly winds. That is all set to change this week as Thursday and Friday should be great with the North East winds pulling through. Addington has been the most productive stretch for Shad along the beaches, being the most consistent at night.


South – The Bluff started the week off with a bang and saw many Bronze Bream on Prawn and a few Shad over 2kgs. One Shad of 2,7kgs was landed at night, by an angler throwing McArthy Paddle tail for Kob.


The Kingfisher Shad Competition is a few days from closure for August and top three spots are as follow: 1st – 5,496 kgs, 2nd – 3,320 kgs and 3rd – 2,920 kgs. If the Bluff keeps producing quality fish as it has been, there is a good chance that the standings may change.


Toti and Warner Beach were much like the Bluff and saw excellent Shad coming out during the week but saw little action during the weekend. Illovo has still got a few Garrick on offer for anglers throwing plug and anglers using live bait.


Umkomaas river mouth offered up Grunter and smaller Skate during the week. Scottborough was far more productive and had fish being landed throughout the week and weekend. Good Shad activity in the mornings, Snoek on spoon and dropshot plus Blue Rays on a regular basis, caught on fresh Chokka and Red Eye baits.


Umdoni Point was quiet with Shad on and off in the mornings. The odd Snoek was seen during the week on spoon. Port Shepstone has had good catches of Kob at night, Garrick in the mornings and Shad pretty much throughout the day. Many smaller Kob were taken on paddle tail.


Port Edward saw lots of Shad and good sized Garrick off Splash Rock, as well as Bonito for the anglers spinning. Bronze Bream and Kob have also kept anglers on the water in surrounding areas.


Port St John’s has plenty of Kob on offer as well as Bronze Bream. Brazen Head has had excellent Hammerhead Sharks feeding daily, as well as a few bigger Grey Sharks. Mazeppa and Hole-In-The-Wall saw dozens of Shad, Grey Sharks and Hammerhead Sharks. The Edibles in the gullies were also plentiful.


KZN Fishing together with their Partner The Kingfisher, is proud to announce the first ever Shad Release Competition. With all the social media focus on the wholesale slaughter of these species and anglers not keeping to the regulations, KZN Fishing aims with this competition to create some awareness amongst the angling fraternity and the public at large. It is a simple competition with some great prizes from The Kingfisher.


The Prizes    1st Daiwa Grand Wave 40 SHVK reel

2ndPoseidon Coastline 13.6 Medium 3pc Rod

The Rules:

  1. One rod per entrant;
  2. Bait and Lures (no treble hooks);
  3. All fish must be safely released after being photographed;
  4. Photos must be sent to the Competition Officials on the same day;
  5. Scorecards to be signed off by another angler within the comp or an Official;
  6. Score cards to be handed into the Officials by 11:30 at the gazebo/table.


The Details

Venue                             Sunkist Beach

Time                      6.00am to 11.00am

Date                      5th September 2015

Entrance Fee         R50.00 per person.


Harbour – The Grunter action continues in Durban Harbour, along with a few Geelbek and Big Rock Cod. It has been a common occurrence for a few boats to have excellent catches and others struggling. The fish seem to be concentrated in certain areas and need to be found on the day.


Most of the reports have arisen from the deeper waters close to the mouth up to the N Shed and T Jetty.  Sardine fillet has been king for many anglers, with Cracker Shrimps coming in second for everything.


Many anglers have been making use of double hook traces with either two Cracker or one hook baited with Cracker and the other with Sardine. Circle hooks, preferable the fine gauge wire variety, are very effective. The Mustad Demon Circle in the smaller sizes are the best for the job. A reminder that striking is not required when using Circles. The double hook is preferred for the deeper water as two different depths can be fished on the same trace. This is important when trying to locate fish.

Ski boat:

North – Sodwana down to Cape Vidal has produced good catches of smaller Yellowfin Tuna over the last week, the majority weighing around 4-6kgs, which make for the best eating. The majority of these Tuna have been caught trawling Rattlers, Halcos and feathers around bait balls and over shallower pinnacles etc. at a high speed.


The Tuna bite has extended to Maphelane where they have also been smaller, but as abundant. Also in the mix have been a few Snoek and Couta, which seem to be of much better size.


South of Maphelane the Tuna bite has started to taper off in numbers, however the odd larger fish above 10kgs were caught. Zinkwazi is producing good catches of Garrick, a lot of which have made good size each day. Fish of 12kgs and above have not been uncommon. Many anglers have also been having a fair amount of success with dropshot and plugs on the backline.


Local – Durban has produced decent Snoek over the last week in most areas including Blue Lagoon. Some of these fish have been in the region of 7kgs and were feeding on spoons and Clark spoons. The Cutting has also produced excellent numbers of Snoek of a larger size. Fillet baits seem to be the way forward in this area.


Isipingo down to Rocky Bay has seen decent bottom fish recently. Geelbek, Daga, Copper Steenbras and Cracker have all been coming out in various depths. Greenpoint produced some excellent Snoek and a few Couta surprisingly over the last week, with a few Bonito and Tuna coming out too.


With the North Easterly winds blowing for most of this week, offshore angling will be extremely uncomfortable if not impossible. The best bet at a launch will be this weekend on Saturday / Sunday if the Westerly does not pull through early.


With the good fishing that we are experiencing in the harbour lately, it may be an idea to spend some time in the calmer water and catch a Grunter or two. Early mornings may produce a few Snoek on the backline if the anglers launch early enough and are assisted with the offshore winds.


Trout – For those anglers who have not been doing fresh water fishing for a while, there is a rule of thumb for successful fishing when it comes to freshwater fishing and Trout fishing in particular. This rule states that fishing in the months with the letter “R” in them will produce more fish than the months without.


For example, May, June, July and August will be far less productive than September, October and November. For some of us, the thought of the 1st of September looming, means a lot of excitement and preparation for the months to come. The 1st of September is the opening of the Trout Rivers that had been closed for the last 4 months for the wild Trout to breed.


In the Eastern Cape, anglers have had some of their most productive days fishing in September, partly due to the fact that the previously closed season opening and the fish becoming less shy. So cancel all plans, get the tackle out, stock up on flies and get down to the water to get in on the Trout action on the 1st of September.


Bass – The only thing on Bass angler’s minds at the moment is the Albert Falls Bass Classic coming up this weekend. Every angler will be going through tackle, sorting out rods, reels, lures and discussing tactics.


From experience, a very important bit of advice is to change all the line on your reels if possible as the newer line will have less memory, better casting ability and much better knot strength. Fitting new line can be the difference between landing the winning fish and having it snap the line a few feet from the landing net.


Many of the newer lines on the market need no additional stretching when fitting, but can be stretched after a few weeks of being on the reels to relieve memory. Lines recommended are Daiwa Sensor, Maxima Ultragreen and Siglon which are excellent to cast with light lures.


Braid does not need to be changed as often but it is important to make sure that there is no fraying at the lure end, which may cause breakage when striking, even on heavier breaking strains. If the angler is using a Fluorocarbon leader with the braid, then this should too be replaced. If the line is new and the rod has been left with a trace fitted, this should be retied and hooks sharpened.


For those who are not fishing the Albert Falls Bass Classic, you will be able to enjoy Inanda all to yourselves, with the up and coming pre spawn Basing. Remember to release the fish where you caught them and handle them with care, these are the future of our Bass population and need to be looked after.


On the 1st August, The Kingfisher started their “Biggest Shad Competition” (so a few days left for the August competition). This year it will be run over two months, being August and September, with three prizes each month.


The heaviest Shad for each month will receive a Daiwa SL 50SHK Reel, valued at R1 625, the second heaviest Shad will receive a 13’6” Kingfisher Coastline Medium, three piece, 4-6oz Graphite Rod, valued at R1 145 and the third heaviest Shad will receive a Daiwa AG 6000 Reel valued at R598. Please note that all Shad (fresh) must be weighed at either, The Kingfisher, 53 Hunter Street or Tackle Centre, Old Fort Road or The Fishing Tackle Shop, Warner Beach during trading hours.


Please remember there is a bag limit of four fish with a minimum size of 30cm; that the season closes on the 30th of September and re-opens on 1st of December 2015.


There is a new TV channel that has just been launched called Wild TV. This is a dedicated 24 hour Outdoor Channel/Network on Open View.


Open View is the opposition channel to DSTV and this is what we have all been waiting for as there will be no monthly subscription whatsoever, just a once-off purchase for the HD decoder and the installation. These decoders offer a total of 18 channels and is available from most big retailers including, Game, Checkers and Makro.


Wild TV Africa will cover:

Mountain Mondays       Mountain Biking, Mountain Climbing and related

Target Tuesdays          Archery, Shooting and related

Wet Wednesday           Diving and water related sports

Turbo Thursday            4×4, Quads and related

Fishing Fridays             Fishing

Saturdays                     Fishing and Hunting in the mornings

Sundays                        Fishing and Hunting in the mornings


These shows will be aired from 18.00 to 20.30; the balance of the 24hours will be repeats of the previous shows.


The Kingfisher’s trading hours are Monday, Wednesday to Friday 8:00 to 17:00, Tuesday 8:30 to 17:00, Saturday 8:00 to 13:00 and closed on Sundays. Please send any info about fishing, fish caught or competitions in your area to

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