An excellent week of fishing has gone by, with many a good fish being reported. It is now one of our most exciting times of the year where the cold and the wind does not matter because the quality of fishing makes us forget all the elements working against us.


Rock n Surf:


North – With seas being rather large along the vast reaches of our coastline over the weekend, most anglers would have got most of their angling done during the week. Sunday morning was fairly decent in most areas until the wind picked up in the afternoon.


Kosi Bay had fairly large seas for the majority of the week, with only the odd Sand Shark and smaller edible being landed.


Down towards Cape Vidal, things started to get interesting with more edibles coming out than Kosi or the surroundings such as Maphelane and St Lucia. Quite a few Stumpnose and Shad were caught at Cape Vidal which is a good sign of things to come for this weekend at the Ballies and Babes competition. Weather for this weekend is also looking extremely good, with flat seas and mild winds, angling should be a pleasure.


Richards Bay has seen a rather poor performance over the last week and with large seas not helping the cause, very few fish have been reported. The majority of catches have consisted of Spinner Sharks, Kob and the odd Garrick.  The Harbour has been a more productive area for most, with good sized Grunter and Stumpnose coming out regularly.


Zinkwazi saw a bit of action over the last week with a variety of species including some good catches of Stumpnose and Shad of the larger sort.


Ballito had a good run of Diamonds and Grey Sharks in the calmer seas, as well as a few Snoek, Kingfish and a few Geelbek too. The Shad, needless to say, had an excellent run and continued to increase in size towards the weekend. Anglers using Maria spoons, to get better distance on their cast, managed not only a few Kingfish, but some decent Shad as well.


Umdloti had a good run of slightly larger Grey Sharks during the week and had even better sized fish over the weekend, mostly in the 15 -20kg range. These fish have been caught on slightly larger baits which are able to remain untouched by Shad during the time in the water, which allows for the Sharks to make their way to the bait.


Local – Blue Lagoon has fished extremely well and is continuing to bring happiness to anglers on a daily basis. A massive Shad of 5,496kgs was caught at Blue Lagoon on a live Shad, by Veron John using his Daiwa Saltist reel that he won at the Beachfront competition a while back. This is a sign of the quality fish still to come.  Many of the other Shad to have been landed have been taken on Natal Sardines. Garrick have also been caught at Blue Lagoon over the last week, which has put this area right up there in the top spot for last week. For those who are after something other than Shad, Snake Park pier has consistently produced good numbers of Geelbek during the week and weekend, which have been landed on fresh Sardine and also on larger Chokka baits. The odd Geelbek has also been landed on a Shad trace.


Towards Addington and Moyos Pier, anglers have also found themselves hooking into some good Grunter and Stumpies at night.


South – The Bluff has seen plenty of Shad and Kob, with the odd Garrick and Kingfish moving through from time to time. The Brusher have made a good appearance and following closely behind are the Bronze Bream which have fed on and off for the most part of the week.


Toti has had a relatively slow Kob run so far this year, but seems to have run into some luck with a decent haul of 20kg + Kob. Many of these fish have been caught on live Shad by anglers targeting Garrick or Sharks.  These fish prove to be excellent fun on light to medium tackle but care should be taken to get the fish back to the water as quickly as possible after a lengthy fight.


Scottborough Point has seen quite a bit of action recently, with anglers landing a few respectable Grey Sharks and a number of Blue Skates off the point.  Anglers weaving between the rods to get a spoon or plug onto the water have been relatively successful, managing a few Shad and Garrick. Anglers who have been throwing ground baits have seen good numbers of Smaller Kob.


Port Shepstone produced the goods over the last week particularly in the Sand Spit area, where anglers proceeded to pummel the fish on Rapala and Halco divers, McArthy Paddle tails and larger spoons. Again, the D Minnows did some serious damage with the Garrick and also large Shad.


Port St John’s north had smaller Kob frequenting the usual spots 24/7 and some fairly decent Garrick showing face early in the mornings. The south side of Port St John’s also showed good results, producing numbers of Sharks including some decent Black Tip Sharks and some large Raggies.


On the 1St August, The Kingfisher started their “Biggest Shad Competition”. This year it will be run over a two month period, August and September, with three prizes each month. The heaviest Shad for each month will receive a Daiwa SL 50SHK Reel, valued at R1625.00, the second heaviest Shad will receive a 13’6” Kingfisher Coastline Medium, three piece, 4-6oz Graphite Rod, valued at R1145.00, and third heaviest Shad will receive a Daiwa AG 6000 Reel valued at R598.00. Please note that all Shad (fresh) must be weighed at either, The Kingfisher, 53 Hunter Street or Tackle Centre, Old Fort Road or The Fishing Tackle Shop, Warner Beach during trading hours. Please remember there is a bag limit of four and the minimum size is 30cm and that the season closes 30th September, re-opens 1st December 2015.


Harbour – Durban Harbour has been hit hard by anglers over the last week, which means that there have been some good catches to mention.  On the top of the list is a magnificent Geelbek caught from the Wharf, which weighed in at over 7kgs. This is highly unusual and has only been seen a handful of times in the last few years.  With more decent sized baits in the water, anglers could see a few more of these Geelbek in our winter months.  The next fish which needs a mention is a monster Grunter which tipped the scales at 7,1kgs, which was caught on a charter boat, along with a fish of 4,2kgs on the same evening. These large fish seem to be coming out on a weekly basis and seem to be following no pattern. Those who fish more often have had better results which follows the mentality that the more time spent on the water, the luckier the angler.


Note must be taken that a large percentage of the fish being caught are taking KZN local Sardines.  These Sardines are the preferred baits and in comparison to boxed Sardines, have consistently produced a larger fish and a faster bite. There seem to be no more Garrick catches reported over the last week, but instead, something else from out at sea, when two anglers managed to boat two Snoek close to NSRI on spoon whilst trying for Kingfish and Pickhandle Barracuda, which were also caught.


Salt water fly fishing, now is the prime time to take out the 7wt outfit and try some fly fishing in the salt. There is an abundance of Shad all along the coast, so load yourself up with some Clouser Minnows, Bay Candy’s and Maxi Dogs Breakfast and take a walk along our local beaches and fish for Shad! These fish will give you a fantastic tussle on the tackle we’ve suggested!


Ski boat:


North –   On the days that the sea was fishable, anglers made good use of the conditions and managed to bring some decent fish to the gaff. With the North Coast being relatively quiet of late, it is refreshing to see that the fishing has improved somewhat.


Cape Vidal is fishing well with good catches of Tuna between 5 -10kgs being caught on the shallower marks. The larger fish are around but seem to be sticking to the more northern spots around Sodwana.  These fish have exceeded the 15 -25kg mark and have been taking poppers as well as Rattlers trawled over the marks and alongside bait.  In the areas between Cape Vidal and Richards Bay, there have been reports of larger Prodical Son all week. This species is an extremely difficult species to target, as they have no preference in bait, speed or location. Anglers who catch these fish could be considered lucky and can enjoy one of our oceans finest table fish. Between Tugela and Umdloti there have been some decent catches of Kingfish, most of which have been between 10 -18kgs.


Local – The Snoek seem to have come back on the bite between Umhlanga and Durban, and have been reported on every fishable day. At areas such as Blue Lagoon, it is important to fish with lures instead of bait, unless it’s Shad that you are after. Spoons are an excellent go-to lure when the Shad become a menace, as they do not feed on fast moving lures as they do on slow moving lures.  Off Durban and Umhlanga there have been excellent catches of bottom fish which include Geelbek, Daga, Rock Cod and many red fish.


South – Garrick have been caught along the South Coast, but have been particularly plentiful around the Warner beach and Hibberdene areas, live Shad has been best for these larger specimen. It is important to fish as close to shore as possible at the moment, as the abundance of Shad is drawing the Garrick closer in, meaning boaters who are fishing deeper are struggling for the bite.



Bass –
After hearing of the decent catches at Albert Falls over the last few weeks, many anglers have made their way to the dam to try their luck and patience. Many have been successful, and few have come home unhappy.  With the water level still dropping, many anglers are becoming increasingly concerned about the productivity of the dam in the future. Albert Falls has been known to produce record size fish in water as low as 24%. Fluctuations in water level have severe influences on water conditions as can be noticed with Hazelmere dam currently, which has become a cesspit of muddy water at 30-40% full. Albert Falls is known to retain its visibility and produces the goods even at low levels, where the fish are more concentrated and are in competition for food. Anglers at Alberts over the weekend fishing in the Y Bass competition did relatively well with most of the field getting a full bag of 5 fish, heaviest of which was Martin De Kok and Lee De Beer with a bag of 9,073kgs, with Barry Blunt and Kevin Naidoo coming in second with a bag of 7,433kgs. Many anglers are pleased with the fact that they managed to get some good practice for the upcoming Bass Classic which is being held on the 29 and 30th of August. The prize for this competition is a brand new Yamaha sponsored Terminator Bass boat with a 115hp Yamaha engine. Entry forms can be found in store, or on the SABAA and SABAA Natal Facebook page.


Fly-fishing – Winter style fishing is still producing the big fish but one can now start using neutral patterns as the weather starts to warm up. Fishing will really start to heat up again as spawning season is coming to an end. The use of neutral density lines will be carried through into the spring and summer months by many anglers.


There is a new TV channel that has just been launched called Wild TV. This is a dedicated 24 hour Outdoor Channel/Network on Open View. Open View is the opposition channel to DSTV and this is what we have all been waiting for as there will be no monthly subscription whatsoever, just a once off purchase for the HD decoder and the fitting. These decoders offers a total of 18 channels and is available from most big retailers including, Game, Checkers and Makro. Wild TV Africa will cover:

Mountain Mondays – Covering Mountain Biking, Mountain Climbing etc.

Target Tuesdays – Archery, Shooting etc.

Wet Wednesday – Diving, water related sports etc.

Turbo Thursday – 4×4, Quads etc.

Fishing Fridays – Fishing

Saturdays – Fishing and Hunting in the mornings

Sundays – Fishing and Hunting in the mornings


These shows will be aired from 18.00 to 20.30; the balance of the 24hours will be repeats of the previous shows.

The Kingfisher’s trading hours are Monday, Wednesday to Friday 8:00 to 17:00, Tuesday 8:30 to 17:00, Saturday 8:00 to 13:00 and closed on Sundays. Please send any info about fishing, fish caught or competitions in your area to




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