Exciting times for many as Shad season draws to a close. With weather conditions playing its part this week, everything seems to be falling into place for some massive fish to be landed this week.

Rock n Surf:

North –

The wet weather and wind together with the big seas has kept many anglers indoors over the last week. The brave few who did decide to make it down to the sea side managed to land very few fish.

Kosi Bay was quiet with some small edibles, most of which were Grunter, finding their way to angler’s hooks. Smaller flat fish have been around but were few and far between with the amount of anglers on the water.

St Lucia and Cape Vidal are still areas to target Shad and Stumpies, with fairly decent reports coming from these areas even with the bad weather experienced. The Kob have started to come on the bite in these areas and will definitely be a popular spot to take a look at visiting in the next week or so.

Richards Bay was also quiet but managed a few decent sized Shad in the mornings.  The larger baits or small live baits seem to be working particularly well for the larger fish. Spinner Sharks seem to be popular amongst the late afternoon anglers, even in the most horrendous of weather conditions.

Tugela North Bank fished particularly well through the bad weather and produced a fair number of fish on baits and lure. Kob were taken on paddle tails early in the mornings, followed by Shad as the sky filled with light. The Shad were caught on baits more so than lure.  Smaller Grey Sharks were landed south of the Tugela mouth towards the end of the week.

Ballito produced a Snoek or two for the anglers spinning, as well as some very nice Kingfish in the mornings on dropshot and spoons.  The McArthy 5″ Jerk Minnows worked wonders for the Kingies off the deeper ledges. Anglers throwing baits had fun with Grey Sharks; however the colder water seemed to scare them away towards the end of the week.

Local –

Umhlanga had quite a few Shad and Grey Sharks during the week. With some very nice Kingfish coming out on McArthy 5″ paddle tails in the low light hours of the day.

Virginia was relatively quiet apart from a few Kob of around 4kgs which were landed on bait as well as a few on paddle tail and even spoon. Live Shad accounted for a decent Kob too.

The Durban area saw a wider range of anglers along its shorelines, enjoying slightly smaller seas and lessened winds.

Blue Lagoon and Blue Waters Pier saw decent catches of Shad in the mornings as well as some decent Grunter and an abundance of Toby’s.

Snake Park Pier has been the place to be for the larger Shad in the mornings, having seen three large Shad being landed as well as one on live bait. With last week’s Shad competitions results having remained the same, this is definitely a spot to take a look at for a spot in the prizes. A remainder that the The Kingfisher’s “Biggest Shad Competition” finishes next week Wednesday, the 30th. The heaviest Shad for September will receive a Daiwa SL 50SHK reel, valued at R1625.00, the second heaviest Shad will receive a 13’6” Kingfisher Coastline Medium, three piece, 4-6oz Graphite rod, valued at R1145.00, and third heaviest Shad will receive a Daiwa AG 6000 reel valued at R598.00. Please note that all Shad (fresh) must be weighed at either, The Kingfisher, 53 Hunter Street or Tackle Centre, Old Fort Road or The Fishing Tackle Shop, Warner Beach during trading hours. Please remember there is a bag limit of four and the minimum size is 30cm and that the season closes 30th September, re-opens 1st December 2015. Well done to all who weighed in Shad so far for the September Shad competition, the current standings are as follow:

1 – Carl Newman 5.58kgs
2 – Nazeer Suleman 4.44kg
3 – Bryan Raddy 3.44kg

Kob and Geelbek are once again becoming popular target species at night in the same areas. The Durban beachfront in front of Ushaka produced some lovely Stumpies on Sealice and Mustad Kendal Round 3/0 hooks.

The Bluff saw a very good run of Bronze Bream on pink Prawn as well as spear. Spear fishermen managed to shoot some excellent sized Bronze Bream of up to 4kgs on some days. Remember to pack extra traces for these rock loving fish, as they are not afraid to make short work of a well prepared trace.


South –


Toti and Warner Beach had a few lucky anglers to get some Garrick on live Shad as well as on dropshot.  Live bait being the better of the two for the larger specimens.


Umkomaas has been a bit better with more decent sized Grunter coming out on Cracker and Sardine baits. Stumpies have been as plentiful if not more.  Some good sized Shad were also caught in the mornings on bait.


Scottborough saw a few small Blue Rays and Grey Sharks in the evenings, caught mainly on Mackeral head or cutlet.


Margate Pier and Port Shepstone are still producing the goods and have given up some lovely Kob and Garrick.


Craig Pretorius from Tacklenet in Port Edward sent in this report. “With the wind not knowing which direction it wanted to blow fishing conditions where less than ideal. The proverbial early birds caught the worm with the Shad biting before sunrise some anglers caught their four while the late comers missed out. Shad season is coming to a close soon so be sure to catch yours while you can. The conditions are looking good for the coming week so tackle up and enjoy time spent on the water. This area has seen a few good sized Yellowtail off the rocks as well as Hammerheads, Shad and Kob.


All Transkei reports are showing good numbers of Kob, Garrick and Shad with plenty of smaller edibles coming out as well. Mazeppa Bay being the top spot for the week.


Harbour – The Bay has been disappointingly quiet regarding Garrick and Kob fishing considering the amount of action we have been having out at sea and off the surf around the Durban areas, but, there is light at the end of the tunnel as a few decent (3-5kg) Spotted Grunter have been caught on the incoming tide in the Maydon Channel in line with the sugar terminals. There are also a few Snapper Salmon around as well as a few Sand Gurnard being caught on McArthy 4″ Jerk Minnows and 3″ paddle tails. The favoured colours seem to be ‘Goldfish’ and ‘Orca’ with a slow retrieve following a good twitch for that lively movement.  Many anglers have been successful with artificial lures like the Kingfisher Bucktail Jigs near the Bat Centre as well as on the drop off at Wilsons Wharf bank on the dead low tide.  Anglers have reported that the deep isn’t fishing very well and that there is an abundance of small fish, making short work of Cracker. Be sure to carry a Cracker pump and permit with you to ensure that your Cracker supply is fresh and kicking. Also remember to change the water in your Cracker well often if it is a wet well you choose to use. This will keep the Cracker alive longer.

Ski Boat:

North –

With the horrible weather we have had over the last week we are happy to see that there were a decent amount of boats to have launched in the Sodwana and Cape Vidal areas.

Sodwana Bay is still producing good catches of Wahoo and Yellowfin Tuna with the Couta starting to trickle in slowly but surely. Sailfish have also made an appearance and have been feeding extremely well on most blue coloured Konas, possibly due to the bait that they are feeding on. Most of the Wahoo are being caught on fast trawling lures. Another good way to target Wahoo is with live Bonito. The Wahoo have a tendency to bite you off so make sure you have a longer wire leader and also a slightly stronger leader wire if possible.

Maphelane to Richards Bay is starting to produce decent catches of Snoek up to 9kgs. Trawling fillets seem to be producing the most bites. Spooning comes in second and is the best way to catch a Snoek due to the excitement of watching the Snoek chase the spoon to the boat and experiencing the lightning fast first run in the opposite direction.

Zinkwazi to Tinley Manor has seen some decent game action for the last week or so. As always with game, live bait has produced most of the bites.

Local –

Umdloti seems to be picking up and has seen some excellent Snoek up to 10kgs on Strike Pro Magic Minnows and Halco Sorcerer diving baits. The greens and purples seem to be working best. Bottom fishing has been excellent and has seen many anglers taking a chance in rough seas in order to avoid missing out.

South –

From the Cutting to Greenpoint there have also been one or two Snoek caught. Clark spoons have been the best lure for the Snoek all around the South Coast; however have been performing particularly well in this area.

News from Markus Potgieter, our well known Paddle Ski angler is that he Garrick are returning to South After heading North to spawn and fest on the Sardine run. Garrick is often considered a clean fighter, which is true from shore based angling, on a kayak, however; this is a different because a Garrick is targeted close to the surf zone and once hooked will run inshore and pull you and you kayak with it. Make sure your hatches are closed and your rods are tied on. Its great fun to catch and this fish adds a new dimension to our sport. Also a great time of year to stock up on bait for summer, the wrecks off Durban have had loads of Mackerel and Red Eye Sardines as of late.



The fishing in Sterkfontein Dam has been quite productive in the past weeks. Not many big fish have come out in the last few weeks however there have been numerous smaller fish. Some nice Barbel in the 20kg range have been caught on Carp heads and Carp fillets, Yellowish heads and Yellowish cutlet. Remember that live bait from a body of water other than the one you are fishing is not permitted. The bait you use should be caught at the dam you are fishing.

Albert Falls –

Lots of Carp in the 1kg to 3kg range have been caught on conventional methods using high visibility baits such as mielies or fluorescent Tigernuts fished along the Pelican Bay stretch, or driven close to the Slipways. Not many big Carp have been produced but the odd 7kg to 9kg Carp has come out on boiled maize mix feed and hook bait. A few big Barbel have been caught in deep water on chicken hearts and liver. Albert Falls has once again been the king of big Bass over the last week, producing the goods throughout the week.  A few fish over 3kgs were landed during the week around the now very protruded center island. The shallow water around Pelican bay has been very good to anglers, making fishing an absolute breeze and fun throughout the day.

Nagle Dam –

Fishing has been very slow for the last week. The weather has had a negative effect on conditions and anglers found themselves struggling for fish. Not many fish have been caught on specimen methods but a few small Carp have been landed on soft and floating baits, mainly a floatie with a dough backing. Using more conventional methods, small Barbel have been picking up the smaller Carp baits. So if a small Barbel bait had to be put out, you’re sure to succeed.

Midmar –

Fished well for some, and horribly for others. The general idea is to get into the shallower waters and fish a deep diving suspending jerk bait with a very erratic action with long pauses between rips. Very light nylon will get your bait to swim with a better action and also be less visible.  Fluorocarbon is often the preferred one to use for these. Jerk Baits. 8lb Fluorocarbon is the best diameter as it is thin enough to allow lures to dive deep but also strong enough to haul up a lunker.

Shongweni Dam –

This area has had many kick boat anglers over the last week, some of who did extremely well on the northern side of the dam on smaller crankbaits and jerkbait. A McArthy paddle tail pulled slowly through the shallows has been deadly too.

There is a new TV channel that has just been launched called Wild TV. This is a dedicated 24 hour Outdoor Channel/Network on Open View. Open View is the opposition channel to DSTV and this is what we have all been waiting for as there will be no monthly subscription whatsoever, just a once-off purchase for the HD decoder and the installation. These decoders offer a total of 18 channels and is available from most big retailers including, Game, Checkers and Makro.

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