The windy season is here, and so are the fish. After an excellent week of fishing in the North Easterly winds, we have only good fishing to look forward to.

Rock n Surf –

With Spring on its way along with the fish, anglers have been experiencing some excellent fishing during the North Easterly winds.

Kosi bay started off with some good sized Honeycomb rays and Sand Sharks on larger baits.  Bloody throw baits and slide baits seem to be doing well. The smaller fish are also available for light tackle anglers to have fun with.
Cape Vidal has seen plenty of Shad that have been keeping anglers busy for hours on end. This is one of the most popular spots along our coast during this time of the year as just about anybody can expect to catch Shad along with other species for most of the day. During the evenings, there have been quite a few Rock Cod and Cave Bass caught close to the rocks. For those spinning, some good reports of Snoek have been reported.  The Kingies are also starting to turn on slowly but surely, with more and more being reported by the week.

Good catches of Raggies have been seen in the general Zululand area too, which is nice to see for this time of the year.

Richards bay was up to its usual tricks, having dozens of Diamond Skates and a fair amount of Honeycombs being landed. Shad baits have worked best for these larger species. Shad head is a firm favourite for many anglers, rigged on a Mustad Circle hook and you’re ready to go.

South of Richards bay saw the usual species being Milkies, Shad and a few Diamonds.  Lucky anglers also managed a few Raggies in the area.  Tugela mouth had a fair amount of action, not only at the river mouth but also north and south of the mouth. These areas saw quite a few anglers over the weekend and had catches of Kob and Garrick reported.

Salt Rock saw a few anglers trying their luck on spoon, only some of which being successful.  Snoek being the main target species in this area.

Ballito had a good run of Non edibles over the weekend with Competition anglers making good use of the water conditions.

The Durban area has seen good activity over the last week, with the bulk of which being mainly Shad. The beachfront saw a few Grey Sharks, Blue Skate and Diamond Skates during the week in the North Easterly winds. Most of the fish were caught on Mackerel.

Grey Sharks, Diamonds and Honeycombs were taken off Toti during the week, and a few more during the weekend. Many anglers will eagerly be awaiting the Brown Skates which are extremely popular in the Toti area from later on in September through to April or so.

Scottborough point saw a fair share of action over the last week, with quite a few fish being landed. Shad, Grey Sharks, Blue Skate and Diamond Skates were landed fairly regularly by anglers on throw baits as well as slide baits.  Many of the spots around Scottborough have been producing Grey Sharks as well.

In Port Edward Terry Nel has given us the following: August and September are normally good fishing months in the year, this year certainly being no exception to the rule. Reasons could be the extreme shad run we have had over the past few months and in very favourable weather conditions, larger fish have come into our waters to feed on all the bait fish and shad around. Kob, Geelbek, Garrick, Yellowfin tuna and various shark species have all made a great appearance and anglers lucky enough to have been here can all take home the Port Edward fishing experience as one of the best it has been.

Activity is still at its peak and over the week a number of Garrick, Hammer head sharks and Blue skates have been caught and in one evening, three Ragged tooth sharks were landed at Splash Rock here. Estuary fishing has picked up, so river fishermen can expect yet another good season

Port Shepstone has been relatively quiet recently, producing only a few Bronze Bream, Shad, Kob and the occasional Garrick.

North of Port St John’s, Shad are so plentiful that they have been considered a pest. The odd good sized Raggie has been landed on slide baits.  Further south, Shad and Garrick have been fairly large and plentiful.  Raggies and Hammerhead Sharks have also been caught here and there.


The Harbour fished well during last week’s North Easterly winds, producing decent catches of Grunter. Charter boats managed to keep clients happy with good catches of Grunter, Stumpnose and Perch, most of which were caught on the high tide around the mouth. A small group of anglers fished the mouth along the coaling wharf and had good fun with the smaller Kingies on small Strike Pro jerk Baits on spinning tackle, many of which were Blacktip or Big eye Kingies.

The best technique on the day was to cast the Jerk bait of Popper against the side of the Wharf or as close to it as possible, and let it settle there for a few seconds. When the ripples have disappeared, a fast stop and go retrieve is used, letting the jerkbait float up slightly or allowing the popper to lie motionless on the surface. Most of the strikes occur on the pause when the fish see an ambush opportunity.  There are a variety of species that can be caught like this and in the same areas. Moving into Spring and summer to follow, the Harbour comes alive with smaller Gamefish species such as Torpedo Scads, Kingfish, Garfish, Pick Handle Barracuda and many others. So for those days that the bait fishing is slow, move through to the wharfs and try your luck at spinning.

Ski boat –

We have had a fairly good week of fishing from the Boats and Skiis along the KZN coast over the last week, much of which seemed to be the summer fish slowly starting to move through.

The Northern side of KZN towards Kosi bay and Sodwana saw very good catches of Tuna in the 5-7kg range, caught on Charter boats by some very happy clients. Some smaller Shoal Couta in the 5-8kg range were also brought home for the table.

Moving down to Maphelane,  St Lucia and Richards bay, a variety of Gamefish were caught, including a few Sailfish.  Tuna seem to be the most abundant species around at the moment. Bottom fishing off Maphelane and Richards’ bay was superb and saw a number of large Daga Salmon, Cracker, Rock Cod and plenty of Half Kob.

Tugela mouth saw a few anglers boating Garrick, which should be on their way back down the coast within the next few weeks. The bottom fishing off Tugela was extremely productive and had many boats limiting in a few hours. Here again the Daga Salmon, Cracker and Half Kob were plentiful.  The standard 3 hook bottom traces work well in these times, with the two top hooks being the strongest 2/0 available, such as the Mustad Big gun, Oshaunessy Commercial or even Kendal rounds, being baited with slightly larger Chokka baits and the 7/0-10/0 bottom hook being baited with a larger bait such as a whole Sardine, Mackeral or a combination or Squid head and Sardine. This trace, made up with Kingfisher 0,90mm leader line or 1mm maxima Ultragreen,  will be strong enough for any species and is versatile enough for even smaller Red fish.

Durban had seen its fair share of good fish, including three Cracker over 20kgs, Daga over 30kgs and many other quality bottom fish.

Blue Lagoon had a decent run of Snoek during the week but tapered off towards the weekend with only a few fish coming out on Saturday and Sunday. Most of the fish here were feeding in Clark spoon, Strike Pro Magic Minnows and a small Sprat spoon retrieved as fast as possible along the surface.

The south coast had as many Sharks as it did fish, with many of the reported catches being half of what they originally were. Some excellent Tuna were caught around Rocky bay, some of which weighing in at over 20kgs.

The Yellowtail from Shelley Beach and south were also plentiful and seem to be making a good appearance this season. Many of the Yellowtail have been relatively Shallow and have been caught whilst fishing for Cracker on the Shallow reefs. The catches of Copper Steenbras have not dropped and many boats have continued to catch their quota for the majority of the week on the fishable days.

Freshwater –

Carp fishing in KZN has been decent over the last week and weekend with the exception of Albert Falls which had many Bass anglers fishing the Classic, making it a bit tough for carp anglers to do their thing.

Shongweni dam has been fishing well and has seen a fair number if Carp being landed primarily off the margins using very small hook baits. A swim of very fine particles has been therefore approach for many as well. Smaller Tigernuts were the preferred bait for most, with Boilies taking top spit for the larger fish which have been coming to the net consistently.  For those who would prefer quantity over quality, Tigernuts are definitely the way to go. Many anglers prefer sweeter or berry flavoured Tigernuts at Shongweni, some if which are the jumbo type.  Being boiled for an hour in a mixture of water and Brown sugar, the tops are cut off and allowed to soak in the angler’s favourite flavour. Colourants and flavours can be bought from any tackle store, but remember, the more expensive,  quality options such as Korda Goo will be more effective and last longer than most.

Inanda fished well too, seeing quite a bit of surface activity at around mid day. Spots closer to the river mouth produces some fine Carp towards the end of the week on Boilies and Tigernuts. The Barbel were making their presence known during the week, which caused many if the anglers to pack up in frustration. Those who sat through the punishment with smaller hook baits managed to come out on top.


The Albert Falls Bass Classic has just taken place at one of our countries most beautiful dams. Albert Falls Dam once again proved us what it is capable of, producing some serious catches even under heavy tournament pressure. The winning fish was caught by Barry Blunt and weighed in at an impressive 5,3kgs. Second place was not too far behind at 4,8kgs, which made for exciting times. All in all the Classic was a great success and has had many anglers find their love for Albert Falls after so many years. This beautiful dam has the world to offer to Bass anglers, Huge fish, Safety, tranquility, it is the ideal spot to go camping for the weekend and take the family along for a fishing trip.

Inanda seemed Baron of Bass anglers over the weekend but still managed to pull a rabbit out of the hat and showcase a fish of 4,6kgs caught late one evening off Duzi Point just to the left of the camp site. Many anglers have been fishing the Shallows in attempt of catching a few early spawning fish and have done well. The new Range of McArthy fresh water plastics is now available and is doing extremely well. These baits are available in Paddletail/spanky style baits, Senko style baits, Frog Style baits and also Fluke style baits. Made from the best quality plastic and moulded to perfection, these baits are the best value for money available in the market to date.

There is a new TV channel that has just been launched called Wild TV. This is a dedicated 24 hour Outdoor Channel/Network on Open View.


Open View is the opposition channel to DSTV and this is what we have all been waiting for as there will be no monthly subscription whatsoever, just a once-off purchase for the HD decoder and the installation. These decoders offer a total of 18 channels and is available from most big retailers including, Game, Checkers and Makro.


Wild TV Africa will cover:


Mountain Mondays       Mountain Biking, Mountain Climbing and related

Target Tuesdays          Archery, Shooting and related

Wet Wednesday           Diving and water related sports

Turbo Thursday            4×4, Quads and related

Fishing Fridays             Fishing

Saturdays                     Fishing and Hunting in the mornings

Sundays                        Fishing and Hunting in the mornings


These shows will be aired from 18.00 to 20.30; the balance of the 24hours will be repeats of the previous shows.


The Kingfisher’s trading hours are Monday, Wednesday to Friday 8:00 to 17:00, Tuesday 8:30 to 17:00, Saturday 8:00 to 13:00 and closed on Sundays. Please send any info about fishing, fish caught or competitions in your area to