With the Shad season closing it’s not all doom and gloom as it will be open again before we know it. There are lots of other fish to target as there have been whisperings of summer fish already so let’s hope we have a great run.


Rock and Surf:


North – Black Rock is seeing a few anglers who have managed to land a few decent Kingfish and Wave Garrick, landed mainly on spinning tackle as well as bait. For those who have continued to fish with decent sized ground baits, the larger species such as Sharks and flat fish have been trickling in, but are relatively quiet compared to the smaller edibles such as Wave Garrick and Kingies. Chokka and Red Eye baits seem to be doing well across the board.


In the Vidal area, a few Black Tip Kingies have been caught, these fish are not uncommon and any small bait that these fish swim past should be taken readily, as well as spoons, dropshot and even plugs. The smaller 1oz Chaos plugs have been known to work better for these fish.


Richards Bay had a good run of inedibles over the weekend, with the Diamonds, Honeycombs and Sandies making an appearance.  This provided hours of fun for anglers, on heavy and light tackle. There were also a few Raggies in the mix, which were also of decent size, being landed on throw baits as well as larger slide baits.


South of Richards Bay there has been a few Diamonds and plenty of Milk Sharks.


Ballito has fished well during last week, seeing many anglers going home with fish. A few Snoek have been landed on spoon and Grey Sharks have been taking baits.


Local – After a relatively slow start to the week, anglers got off the mark and managed to land a few decent fish.  Inedibles have been relatively quiet apart from the odd Spinner Sharks off the piers and a few Grey Sharks.  Blue Rays and Brown Rays were landed far less than in the previous weeks, with the only reports of catches being from anglers casting over the banks with grinder setups and braid. Grunter showed face mid-week, with reports indicating Cracker or Sealice to be the bait of preference.

Small Kingies were caught at the Bluff on dropshot as well as live bait towards the Station over the weekend, all of which were released to fight another day. Good catches of various Rock Cod species were reported towards Cave Rock and off the Tidal Pool. These were landed on big Sardine baits, Mackerel head and also live bait.

The Kingfisher’s “Biggest Shad Competition” has now finished. The heaviest Shad for September received a Daiwa SL 50SHK reel, valued at R1625.00, the second heaviest Shad received a 13’6” Kingfisher Coastline Medium, three piece, 4-6oz Graphite rod, valued at R1145.00, and third heaviest Shad received a Daiwa AG 6000 reel valued at R598.00. Well done to all who weighed in Shad for the September Shad competition, the current standings as at 11am on the 30th September is as follows:

1 – Carl Newman 5.58kgs

2 – Nazeer Suleman 4.44kg

3 – Bryan Reddy 3.44kg


South – In the Toti area the odd flat fish has been landed but in Scottburgh quite a few Grey Sharks, Brown and the odd Diamond Rays has been caught, with the summer flat fish around this looks to be an excellent year for them.


Port Shepstone has been quiet with the odd Bronze Bream and small Kob in the 2 to 3kg range landed.


This report sent in from Craig Pretorius, Tacklenet in Port Edward. “What an exceptional weekend for anglers, with visitors coming from all over the country they were shown the lower South Coast at its best. Shad were plentiful at Splash Rock and Lucky Dip. Anglers putting Shad out as live bait were rewarded with Garrick and Yellow Fin Tuna. A total of seven Garrick and three Tuna landed with many more been lost. Bronze Bream are also eating with some nice specimens of around 3kg been landed.


The Bass also seem to have woken up with the local Bass anglers report good catches of better size fish. With Shad season now closed, live Karenteen will have to suffice for the live bait anglers. Let’s hope the good fishing continues till next week, tight lines and happy fishing”. Give Craig a call on 0393 113 3013 for more info about fishing in lower South Coast.


Durban Bay – We are nearing summer where fishing in Durban Bay will pick in. An abundance of white Shrimp including Ginger Shrimp, start making an appearance,  huddling against the banks, which entices fish like Sea Pike, Grunter, Sand Gurnards and other hungry fish to feed on this tasty snack. Getting your hands on a Ginger Shrimp definitely gives you an advantage due to it being deadly bait for the fish mentioned above. Many people use cast nets and scoop nets to catch them near the edge of the banks.


In the meantime, fishing is picking up at a slow rate which gives the angler sometime to prepare the tackle needed when the fish are wild. A few shoal size Grunter have been caught near the Wilsons Wharf bank, on Cracker Shrimp. Anglers fishing with artificials like McArthy minnows and Stike Pro suspending Shrimp (available at The Kingfisher) have persevered and successfully caught Kingfish, Sea Pike and Sand Gurnards around Centre Bank as well as off Batt Centre. Preparing yourself is crucial; as you need quality tackle to catch quality fish during spring and summer. Persevering near the mouth in deep water is worthwhile during the incoming tide, as Grunter from offshore enter the Bay and could pick your bait up.


Ski Boat:


North – Cape Vidal to Richards Bay is starting to see some Dorado catches being made, even though it is still early in the season. The water temperature in the last week or so has gone up so we should start seeing more Pelagic game fish on the Zululand coast line in the next month or so. The Kingfisher has just launched a new range of trawling feathers that will prove deadly for Tuna and Dorado.


Zinkwazi to Westbrook is still producing a couple of Garrick, most of these catches being made on live bait. Once you have caught your legal limit you can have some fun and change over to a Mustad circle hook to prevent the fish from swallowing the hook and this will ensure its survival.


Local – Umhlodti to Durban, there has been some Snoek in this area, but it seems that the fish has moved right into the backline area, so when targeting Snoek on the backline one should always have a person behind the wheel at all times in case a wave pops up unexpectedly.


South – Bluff to Pennington has produced one or two Yellowfin Tuna. Most of the Tuna are being caught on trawling lures like Kingfisher Rattlers and are being caught on the 50m depth contour.


Port Edward to Transkei has seen some decent bottom fishing; fish like Geelbek and Dageraad has been landed. For the fortunate few there has been a couple of Copper Steenbras, these fish are extremely strong and one should use extra heavy tackle when targeting these fish.




Sterkfontein Dam has always produces good fish, not necessarily big fish but a lot of fish. Yellow Fish seem to be coming out on almost any bait whereas the Carp tend to lean towards fruity flavoured mielies with a dough backing. The specimen guys are getting some nice Carp here and there in between the Barbell. Casting further isn’t always better but in this case it seems to be the winning option.


The bites at Erfenis Dam have been consistent for the conventional guys throughout the winter but have not produced any big fish. Erfenis is not an easy dam to fish for the specimen guys but does occasionally produce a few big Carp. Strong big baits are usually the choice for the conventional anglers in order to avoid the large amounts of Yellow Fish. Plain kaboem mielies and plain tiger nuts have been doing the job for quite some time now for the specimen guys.


Trout – A few strategies to consider this time of year, there is an abundance of food in the form of Minnows and Frogs. Trout will be feeding on Minnows and you will be amazed how many they will feed on if you hook a fish you will see the Minnows floating in the surface when the Trout spits them out and some can be as large as 85mm. The Frogs are also on the large side, so it makes sense to try imitating what the fish are feeding on so use minnow patterns, woolly buggers, etc. and if you can find a good Frog pattern all these will be eaten by the Trout. However with the abundance of these around sometimes it’s worthwhile presenting something much smaller and more finesse like using small nymph patterns, the GRHE flashback and a blood worm pattern fished on a static neutral density line will produce more bites then the larger flies. Like all of us, fish also want a variety of in their diet and if something else is presented it will be eaten in no time.


Bass – During this time of the year a lot of Bass are being caught on soft plastics and jerk baits, fishing a soft plastic is relatively easy, as you can fish it straight as is, or you can fish it with a weight. The new Mustad fast catch worm weight works incredibly well on worms and flukes as it uses the fast catch systems. This system gives the plastic the ability to move around in a natural motion. This will be ideal when targeting the big Bass that are hanging around on the floor protecting their nests. The use of the fast catch system also helps with the turnaround time of changing over baits, as all you do is unclip the hook; this means you can get your bait back in the water a lot faster.


There is a new TV channel that has just been launched called Wild TV. This is a dedicated 24 hour Outdoor Channel/Network on Open View. Open View is the opposition channel to DSTV and this is what we have all been waiting for as there will be no monthly subscription whatsoever, just a once-off purchase for the HD decoder and the installation. These decoders offer a total of 18 channels and is available from most big retailers including, Game, Checkers and Makro.

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