Windy and rainy conditions have applied the brakes to most fishing over the last week, seeing far less fishing than what is usually expected. After the winds settled, both fisherman and fish came out to play and some lovely catches were made.

Rock n Surf:


North –


Good fishing all round for the Kosi stretch, but particularly impressive was the Banga Nek area producing excellent numbers of flatfish and a fair amount of Sharks such as Spinner and Black Fin Sharks. Most anglers who fished through the heavy winds managed to land a few good fish.  Best of all was the number of Honeycomb Rays caught towards the end of the week which ranged from around 50kgs up to 90kgs. It is good to hear that most of these fish have been landed on grinder outfits with a firm favourite being the new Saltist Nero 6500 matched with a Saltist HMG Spinning 6-8 Oz rod. For the more budget conscious there is also the Poseidon Coastline which is an excellent all-rounder that can take a beating from a larger fish.


A fair number of catches have been seen north of Vidal bay on small Chokka baits. The bulk of these catches have comprised of edibles such as Stumpies and Wave Garrick.  Some smaller inedibles have moved in around the Vidal area, most of which are Browns and smaller Honeycomb Rays.


Some light at the end of the tunnel through these tough conditions which have been experienced lately, with plenty of choice for anglers in the Richards Bay area.  Most anglers targeting Sharks have been lucky with the amount of Sand Sharks in the area, which have ranged between 30kgs and 120kg.


South of Richards Bay has produced some bigger flat fish, predominantly Browns and Honeycombs.  Bigger Sand Sharks have also been landed on bigger fleshy baits. Although these larger Sand Sharks enjoy nothing better than a fleshy Shad bait,  when out of season, no Shad is too he used as bait. A decent alternative to Shad is Mackerel or Sand Mackerel which can be attained from your local tackle shop.


There have been decent showings of Grey Sharks in the Ballito / Salt Rock area, as well as some small Sand Sharks. Shad have been caught on baits thrown for other species, which have been returned to the water.


Local –


At Blue Lagoon there have been small Sand Sharks caught on the days which have presented better fishing conditions, caught on small baits and spinning outfits, with some bigger Shad caught accidentally as well. In the bad weather experienced over the last week, many anglers had an extremely good time catching a variety of inedibles from the Durban beaches, including a few Sand Sharks. Some large Shad were caught close to North Pier all over the weekend, with many of these weighing in at over 3kgs.




Toti has fished well, with plenty of Shad teasing anglers throughout the day, being caught on spoons used for other species such as Snoek and Kingfish, which have also been present at most beaches along the Toti stretch. Baits used for edibles have also produced some good Shad catches and even a Garrick. There have been Sand Sharks caught on bloody baits and Brown Rays on smaller cutlet baits.


At Scottburugh there have been a fair number of Grey Sharks off the point, caught more frequently by anglers casting further with Grinder setups.  The Blacktail and smaller Stumpies have been on the loose, cleaning up most baits in the water. Small Kingfish have been landed on the smaller Kingfisher Anchovy spoons and McArthy dropshot.  Shad have been caught whilst targeting Kingfish on a variety of spoons.


Some very nice size Kob reported from the Port Shepstone area. The Garrick have been scarce but with the weather expected for the next week, we will be sure to see some more action shortly.


At Port St John’s, Garrick and Kob have been prolific in most of the popular bays and off points, and a surprisingly high number if non edibles such as Raggies, Bronze Whalers and large Grey Sharks. Some extremely large Sharks have been spotted swimming around off the deeper water points, so if multiple rods are being used, a good idea would be to have a shorter cast with a large bait to try catch one of the sighted Sharks in the shallower waters.


Mpolompo has been producing good catches of Albacore as well, and most often rivers are fishing very well for species such as Kob, Garrick, Springer and Kingies. Most of these fish are being caught in small Strike Pro Poppers, Rooster poppers, Thai Sticks and suspending stick baits such as the Sprat Stick.


Harbour –


Durban harbour has been the centre of attention for spinning enthusiasts over the last week as many have been forced to give the surf a break due to big seas and strong winds. Kingfish, Pick Handle and even Springer have been caught every day of last week in the harbour, around the banks and off the piers. A reported 9kg Black Tip Kingfish was landed off the Batt Centre Pier last week, which is an absolute monster for that particular species of Kingfish and also an exceptional catch in the harbour on light tackle. Grunter have been around as well, but has taken the back seat since the arrival of the Game fish. Light outfits and smaller lures will get many more bites. A Daiwa Crossfire or Laguna rod between 6′ and 7′ will be perfectly matched to a size 2000 grinder such as the Daiwa Laguna or the new Exceler 1500HA. 10-15lb Braid will do the job for most of the species found in our waters, with the exception of species such as Rock Salmon and Rock Cod which are notorious for reefing the angler in any structure they can find.

Ski Boat:

North – The Cape Vidal and Sodwana areas at this time of the year are possibly one of the better areas to fish as far as game fish are concerned. There have been dribs and drabs of Couta over the last month or so, however the first of the shoal Couta have made their presence felt from Sodwana down to Maphelane which is a good sign for the local Couta run. Apart from these fish there are also Dorado, Wahoo, Tuna and a number of Sailfish being landed. Billfish have moved their way down the coast early and have been caught all the way down to Durban already. Snoek have been Plentiful in the Maphelane areas and have been rather large too, with specimen of 10Kgs being reported, caught on Strike Pro Magic Minnows. For these larger species, it is advisable to add a small length of steel trace to the front of your diving baits as well as spoons, as they have been known to feed more aggressively and bite a few lures off.

Local – The North Coast and the Durban area have also reported some fairly decent catches of Tuna and the odd Dorado has also been landed off the deeper water marks and off floating debris. Areas that should start producing soon would be the Highpoint, Ballito and Seabelle marks. As far as bottom fishing is concerned, anglers are still finding some significant catches of both Geelbek and Daga Salmon. General bottom fishing with regards to ‘Redfish’ and Rockcod has also been quite productive in most areas, when weather permits. Durban has seen a few Snoek off Blue Lagoon over the last week, from anglers who wanted to avoid running far and being caught out by the westerly. All round, general bottom fishing and Tuna fishing has been productive in the Durban areas.

South – Much the same can be said for the Ski Boaters on the South Coast but the Shark problem here has recently become a growing concern. Aliwal Shoal has started producing some good catches of Yellowfin Tuna with a few good size Wahoo being reported. There have also been quite a few nice Sailfish being landed here and the Park Rynie areas. Fishing further south, the Protea Banks at Shelly Beach are also yielding some good catches of Yellowfin Tuna.


Fresh Water:

Carp – With the seasons changing and the temperature rising, the fishing has begun to really take off. Lots of Carp in the 2kg-6kg range have been coming out in the shallower waters on conventional tackle at Albert Falls. Specimen Anglers have also had good success with flavours such as FX, Juana, Almond and Bunspice. Sweet and Fruity flavours seem to be working really well for any method, including margin fishing. Specimen anglers have targeted larger fish in the deeper waters with larger baits, specifically larger boilies. These larger fish have been coming out but can often be days apart. Inanda Dam is picking up nicely with a few fish in the 8kg range being caught within 80m from the shoreline. Specimen anglers in the deeper waters are being rewarded greatly with fish up to 14kgs. An issue at the moment with the larger baits has been the Barbel, which seem to be feeding on all of the larger baits. It is a sacrifice that many anglers have been willing to take, as the larger Carp have been feeding on large baits.

Fly fishing – With many of the rivers in Natal being extremely low at the moment, anglers will be waiting patiently for the rains. In still waters, there have been some exceptional catches, particularly in the Swartburg areas. In a recent competition held in this area, a double digit fish was weighed in, as well as a good number of fish in the 4-6lb range. Unfortunately there has been an increase in the winds and fishable days have been few and far between, which is why anglers are urged to fish every window in the forecast. Patterns such as the Dave’s Hopper and foam winged Hoppers have been used with great success, which have been fished on floating lines stripped slowly along the surface and mistaken for food by a number of the larger fish. This pattern is extremely effective over grass and weed beds which are submerged by rising waters or sunken by sheer weight. The fish sit in the pockets and wait for the food to come to them, which is why anglers should target the holes in the grass slowly and allows the fish to come up and take the fly.

Tiger fish – Over the last few weeks, Jozini Dam has been producing some lovely fish ranging between 2-5kgs with the odd fish close to 6kgs sneaking in. Most of these fish have been caught on live bait and have been caught on either thicker gauge Bass hooks or on the Mustad Tarpon Duratin hooks, known for their strength and ultra sharp point. A point to remember when live baiting, it is important to fish on a very light drag. The fish should be allowed to run under no pressure once the bait is taken, this will allow the hook to line up for the strike. If the angler strikes too soon, the fish will be lost as the hook pulls out of its mouth.

Calling all Fly Fishermen / Fly Tyers, the Durban Fly Tyers Society will demonstrate the art of tying and will be hosting a clinic on Saturday the 14th November from 9 – 12 noon, at The Kingfisher, 53 Hunter Street, Durban. A variety of fresh and salt water patterns will be tied and any questions will be welcomed and advice openly offered.

The latest series of Hier Gaan Ons Alweer with Petri de Wet premieres Monday evenings at 17:30 on kykNet, channel 144 and there are a number of repeats during the week. Series 14 runs for three months, ending on the 28th December 2015. As most of you know, Petri and his guests cover various angling styles in and around Southern Africa.

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