That funny blue, green, white thing aka the sea – has more resembled a washing machine on a triple rinse and spin cycle. Strong winds, yet fish have still come out. Conditions haven’t been fantastic yet those that put the time in have been justly rewarded with various species. Before we get into the fishing report, a reminder that the Crayfish season is closed and only opens on the 1st of March and those who ignore this restriction will face heavy fines as it is illegal to even be in possession of any of these. Hopefully the warmer water should start moving in as it has been on the chilly side lately. When this happens anglers should start seeing off the tail end of the winter fish and the start of the annual summer fish.


Rock and Surf:


At Kozi and Sodwana Bay there were lots of Bonefish landed this weekend. These are incredible fighting fish for their size and on light tackle can be incredible fun. The Laguna light range of rods from Daiwa are perfect for this type of fishing and these can be matched with a light spinning reel like the Daiwa Laguna 2500. With 10lb Kingfisher nylon or Triple Fish braid one can have hours of enjoyment either flicking small Prawn or Chokka baits for these fish or alternatively trying the McArthy Dropshot range.


Summer flatfish seemed to have entrenched themselves as there are various reports of some sizable Sand Sharks and big rays being caught all along the KZN coast.


The Toti and Warner Beach areas in particular have produced some very big specimens when the right conditions prevail. Edible fish are also still to be found but with the decline in Garrick catches lately many anglers are changing their focus either to have fun with some flatfish (make sure your Saltist BG reels are serviced, these fish are strong) or target Brusher and other edible species. Brusher in particular have been feeding well on both North and South Coasts.


In the North Coast areas the bays and rocky outcrops along the La Mercy stretch has proved to be most productive and the Twini ledge on the South Coast has been a steady producer of some really quality fish.


The Kwa-Zulu Natal common venue league for the year has come to an end with all the clubs fishing the South Coast over the past weekend. A fair amount of fish where landed with the majority of clubs opting to fish in the reefs. Several Kob, Bronze Bream, Rockcod and Stone Bream came out as well as some Grey Sharks and Hammers. The social anglers caught Garrick and Hammer Head Sharks at Splash Rock over the weekend and some nice size Bronze Bream around Spiroes.

The South Coast Bass Association held their annual Bass compo over the weekend with over 100 Bass been weighed and a fish of 3.3kgs taking top spot. Let’s hope the fish carry on feeding, till next week tight lines and have fun. Info supplied by Craig Pretorius from Tacklenet in Port Edward.

Durban Bay

With the harbour haven always providing an alternate spot no matter what the conditions, this area has meant light and ultra-light tackle anglers have been able to do their thing no matter the weather. Whether it be casting hard plastics, smaller drop shots such as 3 and 4-inch McArthys or fishing the usual running bait trace with a no. 6 Mustad Big Gun Hook and Cracker Shrimp for Grunter, it is always game on in the Harbour. For those fishing from the side, there are various Kingfish species which are easily spotted/heard when targeting smaller bait fish on the surface or up against the side. When working a top water lure give it a tweak or two and let it rest for a few seconds before retrieving again, this will often result in a big swirl and smash onto your lure.


Ski Boat:


The Zululand coast is producing good catches of Wahoo with most of the catches being made between 50 – 100m of water and fast trawling lures producing most of the bites. There’s also a couple of Tuna species being caught as well. Tuna also loves fast trawled lures and feed in similar conditions to the Wahoo. Both these species will feed better in warmer water (24 – 26 degrees).


Down the coast between Zinkwazi and Tinley Mannor there has been decent catches of Queen Mackerel (Snoek) and the best way to target these is to trawl smaller lures / fillers on the backline.


Durban to Toti is still producing decent catches of Amberjack in the deeper water, these fish are extremely strong so be sure to use strong hooks like the Mustad hoodlum 11/0 when targeting these fish. Lower South Coast is producing a few Yellowfin Tuna and decent catches of bottom fish. The Dorado should start making an appearance soon on places like Aliwal Shoal and Protea Banks.





For those not in the know, our local waters have seen Bream getting much more aggressive in the warmer weather prior to breeding. Small Crank Baits are readily eaten and a good sized Red Breasted Tilapia can be fantastic fun on really light spinning tackle. The Laguna 5’ 6” Rod and Laguna 2000 Reel, fitted with light line, ensures light weight tackle so that you don’t get tired and an excellent fight for these excellent fish.


Fly-fishing –


Lots of fish being caught despite the low pressure coming through. Across the Midlands, the reports were that a lot of smaller fish or stockies were caught, as the bigger fish were probably being put down due to the lower pressure. The summer patterns such as Dragons, Damsels, Hamills and Mrs Simpsons seem to be the flies of choice. Some nice Bass were caught in the river above Inanda Dam using Clouser Minnows and Flippers in the early morning. The flying Ant activity has brought Carp to the surface at both Inanda and Alberts so we can expect some exciting fishing soon. Now is the time for Sterkfontein, the fish are very active as the weather warms up and we near the breeding season. Due to the windy conditions of that area, a neutral density line is the ideal line to fish. This line sits just under the water and eliminates the bow. You will find you will get a lot more strikes. Take a veracity of flies such as Sciflies new foam wing hopper and some unbeaded Nymphs. Also look at Sciflies variety pack of Sterkfontein Yellow fish flies.




Hot and lovely, we are talking about the summer weather that we have been experiencing, this has led to some good fishing with Albert Falls keeping conventional anglers busy with more persistent bites on the bank. Inanda Dam has had specimen anglers smiling with fish in the 9 to 12 kilo range, fish favouring Tigernuts and particle baits. Fishing has been good except for the fact that the size of the Carp are decreasing and the amount of Barbell coming out is increasing. Using small amounts of feed is crucial to avoid the Barbell as best you can, also avoid any fishing oils or flavours. The margins are still producing but the open water seems to be increasing in productivity. I’d even go as far as saying that open water has been producing bigger Carp than the margins have. Tigernuts are preferred over boilies as Barbell tends to prefer boilies.


Productivity has increased in Inanda Dam immensely over the past month now that the seasons are changing and the temperature is increasing. Quantity is increasing but quality is decreasing. Bags of small Carp in the 8kg region are coming out on almost any bait. Triple XXXL tigernuts critically balanced with some cork in the tigers have still produced some nice Carp in the 14kg region; preferred ground feed is a handful of tigernuts with crushed hemp amongst the tigers in deep water. You can expect a long wait for a pick up but it’s well worth the wait if you land the fish.


Bass –


The Bass are coming out of spawning season now and our bigger dams are really producing. Some bigger fish are being caught in the deeper parts of Inanda and Albert Falls. A lot of anglers are opting to use the “wacky” rig, fishing a Senco worm in the deeper areas, bouncing the worm ever 3 – 4 seconds with erratic movements, often the Bass will strike the worm, let go, and hit again.


Tiger – fishing


Jozini Dam is on fire with good reports of excellent catches. Some of the specimens have tipped the scales at over 5 kilos. These fish were subsequently released. Choice of bait has varied between Sardine, live small Bream, as well as Chicken livers. The StrikePro Top water range of lures such as Tiestick and Gobi Poppers have been used to good effect as well.


Calling all Fly Fishermen / Fly Tyers, the Durban Fly Tyers Society will demonstrate the art of tying and will be hosting a clinic on Saturday the 14th November from 9 – 12 noon, at The Kingfisher, 53 Hunter Street, Durban. A variety of fresh and salt water patterns will be tied and any questions will be welcomed and advice openly offered.

The latest series of Hier Gaan Ons Alweer with Petri de Wet premieres Monday evenings at 17:30 on kykNet, channel 144 and there are a number of repeats during the week. Series 14 runs for three months, ending on the 28th December 2015. As most of you know, Petri and his guests cover various angling styles in and around Southern Africa.

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