With relatively erratic weather patterns predicted for the upcoming week fishing, anglers will be attempting to cram in as much fishing as possible in the next few days. With weekend fishing not looking too bad, anglers will take the opportunity to sneak in a few hours of fishing on Saturday and Sunday morning, which is a great idea considering the amount of fish coming out recently. Boaters too will enjoy the morning reports of clear weather for a few hours on Saturday and Sunday morning.

Rock n Surf:

North –
  A fair North Easterly spell of winds has passed, which made for excellent fishing on the North Coast in particular, with a number of anglers landing larger inedibles such as Sand Sharks, Raggies, Diamonds and Honeycomb Rays.

On the Kosi Bay stretch, a good number of Kingfish were landed too, mainly on bait such as Chokka blob baits or slide, and whole Mackeral slide baits. Lures which did the damage include the Daiwa D minnow, Maria Blues Code and other spoons which can be cast a decent distance. For the best distance attainable, be careful not to go cheap on the braids available to you. A good quality braid that will cast further and last longer will always be slightly more expensive than its equivalent breaking strain in another brand.

The long awaited Daiwa J braid has finally hit our shelves and has been getting some amazing reviews so far. This 8 Weave ultra smooth, Ultra strong casting braid is Japanese made and developed, and has put the latest technology behind its production to ensure it is one of the best braids for spinning available on the market , and at a reasonable price too! Leading tackle stores to be stocking the entire range which include 20, 30, 50, 65 and 80lb, ideal for a variety of applications.

Further South at Maphelane, there have been numerous Snoek caught from the surf, which is exciting for the anglers who have been trying their hand at spinning. A few good sized Kingfish have also hopped onto the lures thrown for Snoek, but have preferred a much slower retrieve in comparison. If there are rocky ledges in the area being fished, a different approach can be taken in form of a Dropshot lure or diving Minnows which can be fished far slower around the rocks. A heavier braid is generally preferred around the rocks if the anglers has an option to swap onto a spare spool. Having a reel with a spare spool will be a cheaper option in the long run, as less braid will be purchased over the years, as well as being more convenient when targeting a variety of species. Snoek fishing is made a lot easier when using a 15 or 20lb braid instead of a 25-30lb braid. Many anglers will increase their casting distance by at least 30m when downsizing on a braid. The problem comes in when the angler decides to target Kingfish or Kob in the rocks and the braid cuts too easily and no pressure can be applied to stop the fish from cutting itself off. In these situations, a spare spool of 25-30lb braid would be welcomed. Not many reels these days come with a spare spool, however there are a few gems on the market such as the Exceler range of reels, which have two spools throughout the range.

Maphelane has also seen a few big sharks such as Zambezi and Ragged Tooth Sharks.  Stumpnose seem to have been caught throughout the week, and should feed well in the week to come going by the weather and sea predictions.

Richards Bay has been an incredible spot over the last week, producing some good edibles for a change. Stumpies, Pompano, Wave Garrick, Queenfish and Shad have been caught throughout the week and have showed no signs of slowing down. The Harbour section was incredibly productive and had many anglers happy with their catches which ranged from Grunter to Stumpies, flatfish and Sharks to some really nice Kingfish and Pick Handle.

Zinkwazi has seen more Paddle Ski action and boating action than from the surf, however there have been a decent number of Sand Sharks and even Raggies at night. More towards Salt rock, Spinning enthusiasts have been getting in on the action as the Snoek and Kingfish come onto the bite, the deeper water ledges have been productive however, the less popular spots seem to be producing more fish.

Anglers using baits off Sheffield have hooked into a few nice Brusher and Bronze Bream, however these have been few and a bait fished in the right spot will be picked up by a Stumpie before most other fish.

Local – With the rains predicted, the rivers should begin to flow by Friday and the conditions should be perfect for Snoek, so Beachwood, La Mercy, Virginia and Blue Lagoon should begin to firing on all cylinders. Stock up on some Kingfisher Bonnie or Anchovy Spoons and some Chase spoons to get in on the action.

Durban has seen its fair share of Shad, Stumpies and Grunter, mostly coming out in the basin close to Ushaka.

Addington has not been doing too badly with a good grunter of 4,5kgs caught on a Sardine fillet bait along with a few other good catches in the same area.

The Bluff has been fairly quiet recently but has been full of action over the last week, spinning or throwing baits, the fish are there. A good number of Snoek have made their way through from the South Pier towards Cave Rock and have been feeding on smaller spoons and diving baits. Kingfish have been on the loose and are taking no prisoners. Be sure to stock up on lures to ensure a pleasant trip with something in your tackle box for next trip. Heavier braided leaders are also recommended if the mainline is of a thinner breaking strain than will be sufficient. Inline hooks on your diving baits such as the Daiwa D Minnow will be a great help in putting pressure on these fish, as many stock standard trebles can open on a large fish. The Mustad Kaiju inline hooks seem to be doing a good job under these conditions.

South – Umkomaas has seen a great showing of game fish on the north and south side of the River, mainly Queenfish, Kingfish and Snoek on lure, with the odd edible on bait or larger inedible on a slide bait.

Scottborough Point saw good action over the weekend with the Snoek and Kingfish, along with some good Shark and flatfish action throughout the week. This spot is definitely an area to look out for over the next few weeks with the action increasing week by week.

The South Coast has been on fire and has seen good Shark fishing the entire week. Raggies and Blacktip Sharks have made up the bulk of the catches with a few good Grey and Zambezi Sharks in the mix too. The edibles have been plentiful and apart from supplying plenty of fun for anglers, the food supply for the larger fish has been more than sufficient.

Harbour – After the previous weeks of incredible harbour fishing, the harbour seems to have settled somewhat and has seen the same quantity of fish, just not the same quality. With various Grunter in the 2-3kg range coming out in the deeper waters, and plenty of fish coming out in the shallows around St Ives Channel, anglers have not gone without fish to take home. A few anglers have been lucky enough to hook into decent Kob in the Bay, which is surprising for this time of the year as most of the fish would have moved down the coast by now. These Kob are not to be confused with Snapper Salmon which have different restrictions and catch limits. Only one Kob is too kept, also remembering to respect the size limits. Snapper Salmon are clearly distinguishable by their front teeth which stick out like Vampire teeth and are by far one of the better eating fish in our waters. The delicate flesh of a Snapper Salmon is excellent fried, baked or battered. The limit is 10 per angler and does not have a size limit. A double hook trace is often preferred for these fish as they are shoaling fish and will often present a double hookup. On the spinning front, angling has been a bit quiet due to a lack of participation. This is the perfect time to head down and have the waters all to yourself. More area can be covered and there are effectively more fish available per angler. There have been plenty of fish sighted along the Yacht Moll and Batt Centre Piers, which is a teaser for an angler with no spinning tackle. Always carry a light tackle spinning rod with you in hope of a chance to fish popping up.

Ski Boat:

North – A week of superb fishing has passed along the coast, starting off in Sodwana where Shaun Visagie has pleased all of his clients putting them into plenty of fish ranging from Yellowfin Tuna to Wahoo, with a few Dorado in the mix too. After some heavy seas, the waters seemed to settle later on in the week and quite a few boats managed to launch around the Maphelane and Cape Vidal areas, all of which had great fun with the Dorado and Snoek. There is a bit of colour in the water and a few colour lines to work, which means that most anglers can travel short distances to get to the fish. Trawling lures such as small Konas and Rattlers through the colour lines and along the current lines will get more bites than most presentations.

A few anglers have had excellent fishing with live bait off the shallow reefs and have been getting a few Dorado and Wahoo along these spots, a single treble hook or a size 6/0 or 8/0 Mustad Tuna circle works wonders for this application.

Richards Bay has seen plenty action over the past week, with Marlin making many appearances in the deeper waters. For those targeting Dorado, it was an excellent week with some large fish being caught on Konas and on Rattlers.  On the South side of Richards Bay there have been good catches of bottom fish and Couta, both along the 50m mark. For those willing to venture into the deeper water, there have been a few Marlin traveling down, as well as some Snoek for the anglers who have kept to the shallows. Clark spoons are working well, with small Kingfisher Anchovy spoons coming in second best for these fish.

Zinkwazi has has been on fire and has produced good fish such as Couta up to 30kgs.

Local – The Paddle Ski anglers have made the best of the Croc run and have been fishing on most days fishing with live bait and pulling a few lures for Dorado. Durban has seen a good run of Snoek recently, which runs all the way from Beachwood through down to the Bluff where the smaller Snoek between 1kg and 2kgs. Blue Lagoon has had a good run of decent sized fish between 2kgs and 5kgs, whichever been caught on Strike Pro Magic Minnows and Sprat Spoons.

The Bluff was top performer for the guys spinning, where plenty of Kingfish were caught on smaller Rattlers and Halco’s as well as poppers. Avid Durban angler Shaveer Bhoopal hauld a monster Dorado bull of 17 kg off Durban. He also landed a 11kg Bonnito on the same day. These great fish were caught on 29/12/15 off his friends boat called Haraka.

South – Further south at Scottborough Point, a few of the Paddle Ski anglers had a good time with Snoek and some larger Shad. On the coast towards Port Edward, there were a good few anglers hooking into Yellowtail and some large Shad up to 8kgs, in the deeper waters there have been some good catches of Dorado and a trickle of Couta.


Fresh Water: For the Bass fishermen that had an outing to Inanda Dam over the weekend, they found condition not great and wind unpleasant, but staying close to the edges and using a variety of small Strike Pro and Rapala Cranks, this produced numerous fish but all on the small side. The Strike Pro Cranky X produced the most bites by far, a real deadly little crank that is a must in every tackle box. There are 8 different colours in the range and all stunning, the lure casts very well, swims beautifully with a distinctive rattle and at the price of crank baits available today is very affordable.


Carp fishing in Shongweni Dam fishing has been dead, the water level has dropped and the water looks like green paint. Fishing at Shongweni would be a waste of time until we receive lots of rain, for days on end. Even after this happens fishing can still be expected to be slow due to the fish needing time to recover and there being lots of natural food in the water that will be wash into the dam from the surrounding mountains and hills. Fishing in Inanda Dam is a very different story and has been a lot more productive due to more anglers fishing there and there being more food in the water. The D-ring and the KD rig are nice rigs to use on the slit at the dam because they are well suited for pop-up bait and critically balanced baits (which is recommended). Inanda has been known to produce big carp overnight but it’s not likely. Spending long periods of time next to the dam will definitely result in more and bigger fish. Particles and boilies both seem to be doing the job as both have produced some size carp throughout the past four weeks.

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