Happy New Year and all the best to all of our readers! Most of us will move into the new year with new hope and motivation to better our previous years fishing, hopefully with some brand new tackle to try out and more time to spend on the water. With the beaches beginning to clear up as holiday makers begin to start their travels home, things will start to return to normal for the locals and we can start enjoying the peaceful fishing that we are used to.


Rock n Surf:


North – On the upper North coast, anglers have had a bit of a tough time finding decent waters to fish, but with perseverance and determination, there have still been good reports from areas such as Maphelane and St Lucia. The sea has been clean, and with the clean waters anglers have been forced to target either smaller species such as Shad, Stumpnose and Bonefish in the bays, or go big and target larger species on heavy tackle casting over the banks and hoping for the bait to set a good enough smell into the water to entice a fussy fish.


Larger baits such as Yellowtail head and Bonito head have been getting more fish, mostly large Blackfin Sharks and a few Zambezi Sharks. Sand Sharks have made up the majority of the flatfish catches and have been caught on Chokka slide baits or large Chokka throw baits. Second to the Sand Sharks have been the Diamond Rays, which have taken Shad cutlet baits and Shad head.


Richards Bay has been slightly better and has had better fishing than the Northern Zululand areas, and has also been very productive for anglers fishing in the Harbour. Good catches of Grunter have been reported as well as good Perch and Snapper Salmon. The surf side has also fished well enough to keep anglers busy most days of last week and should continue to produce good fish for the week to come. Some very nice Diamonds of 60kgs and above were seen off Richards Bay during the week, most of which were landed on spinning tackle.


Zinkwazi had a good flatfish run over the weekend, with some good Sand Sharks, Browns and smaller Honeycomb Rays coming out, mostly on Chokka and Mackerel baits.  Shad cutlets have worked well for the bigger fish, fished on Mustad Big Gun double hook traces.


Ballito was relatively quiet and experienced some dirty water earlier on in the week; however some anglers who spent time on the water managed some nice Stumpies and Cave Bass in the gullies.  It is nice to see a good number of juvenile Rock Cod being landed on smaller baits, but it is very important to release as many of these as possible to ensure a good future for the Rock Cod species. These are extremely slow growing fish and deserve all the respect possible when being handled.


Local – Umhlanga saw quite a few Shad being caught by the locals in the mornings on bait, a few of which were used as bait. These baits were jumped onto and most anglers managed to land a few Grey Sharks of around 5-8kgs. Good fun on spinning tackle and for the youngsters.

Blue Lagoon had plenty of action late afternoon and for the spinning enthusiasts early in the mornings before work. Some nice juvenile Kingies on McArthy paddle tails as well as bucktail jigs fished with a vigorous action. It is nice to see that all of these game fish are being released to fight another day.


The local anglers of the Durban beaches have reported few fish over the last week but the good news is that with the sea predicted to be big over the next two weeks, the Beachfront close to Ushaka and Addington will be hot-spots as they are relatively protected and fishing conditions are more favourable.  Be sure to grab your spinning outfits and head down, as there should be some good fishing to be expected.


South – Heading South, Scottborough Point had anglers on edge with various Kingies caught on spoon and dropshot, on lighter spinning tackle and heavier tackle too. The larger fish are still around and actively feeding, as some light tackle anglers found out the hard way, be sure to gear up correctly to save on lost tackle! An excellent catch needs mention from last week, which was a 17kg Couta which was landed on a Mackerel slide bait off the Point by Chris Van Rensburg.


Port St John’s has seen good catches of a variety of edibles such as small Kob, plenty of Shad and also excellent numbers of big Blacktail, Wildeperd and Eel-Tail Barbel. Do not write off the Eel Tail Barbel as a good meal, as once skinned, filleted and baked/fried, the Barbel will be your next target species for the years to come.


Hole In The Wall has had a lot of reports of big Black Fin Sharks and Raggies. The edibles have been wild too, being caught daily in large numbers. Prawn and Chokka baits have produced the goods on most days. Anglers have been using Mustad Demon circles in sizes 2-4/0 for these edibles and have had huge success.  Bronze Bream are hooked perfectly each time, and for those who enjoy the standard J hook, there are always the Chinu which is Mustads number one scratching hook.


Harbour – The Harbour will become a hotspot for anglers over the next week or two as the reports draw more and more anglers in, but lucky enough,  there are more than enough fish to go around. Grunter seem to have come back on the bite and there have been more positive reports daily, with Jonno Lavoipierre catching a monster Grunter of 85cm on a size 6 Mustad rigged with a Cracker prawn. Shortly after this, Jonno managed another beauty of just over 3kgs! Both fish were landed on a Daiwa Pro Caster outfit. Well done!  Catches of Brown Rays have not declined so far but Grunter seem to be finding baits before most flat fish. A decent variety of other edibles have moved in as well, making fishing extremely exciting for the children. Anglers fishing in the moorings have hooked good Rock Salmon but have unfortunately lost most of them to chains ropes and insufficient tackle. Extra strong Mustad hooks need to be used, a high abrasive braid such as Sunline super PE or the latest addition to the elite braids, the Daiwa J Braid, is always a good thing against the chains and of course, get your knots right by visiting your local tackle store for advice and a tutorial.


Kingfish have been caught on small live Blacktail off Batt Centre Pier on the high tides fishing on top bung, as well as a few Rock Cod and Pickhandle Barracuda.  The water has been slightly off colour but hopefully with the Westerly winds predicted, that will change. Again, the catches of Pickhandle have been out of this world and have been increasing by the day; a small live bait will also do very well for these fish.


Ski Boat:


The Sodwana area is producing some fine fishing lately and has recently seen an excellent run of larger Dorado and Sailfish. Charter boats have done incredibly well and have put clients on the fish each and every single day. With the amount of fish in the open waters which are not around any structure such as drop offs etc.  Most boats just trawling in the bush have had a good run of Dorado and Tuna, with the odd Couta jumping onto the lures. On the days that the water has been flat, boats have ventured into the deep and had a few good Marlin all the way down to Richards Bay.


Maphelane has seen good Dorado and Snoek with many anglers experiencing very little action in the deeper waters over the last week.


Zinkwazi has seen a load of decent sized Couta, but the one catch that really stands out is the beast of a Couta weighing in at 31kgs caught off the Paddle Ski by Rob Waites! What an excellent catch, well done Rob! Westbrook has begun to heat up and saw a nice few catches of Bottom fish such as Amberjack, Rock Cod, Soldiers and Cave Bass. On the game fish side of things, there were good numbers of Dorado and Tuna coming out on Konas and Rattlers. Recently tested is the brand new Poseidon Couta Light which comes in at 7’6″ long with enough back bone to land the most stubborn of Tuna but still has enough action for the smallest of Snoek or Dorado. An affordable, good quality rod in the Kingfisher range which will be the next rod on many an anglers shopping list.


Local –


Durban had also seen good action over the last week with the Snoek eventually showing up in good numbers off Blue Lagoon as well as the areas north of the mouth. Bottom fishing has also been decent on the backline and in the deep, with reports of large Rock Cod, Slinger, Geelbek, Soldiers and Rubberlips. The game fishing has been out of this world and has seen more Dorado this last week than in the last month.


South –


This action extends all the way down to Port Edward where Mike Wilson managed a good few Dorado on his trusty Daiwa SL50 and Poseidon Bonito outfit whilst fishing on his Paddle Ski. Bottom fishing has been fairly decent with some good Yellowtail and Cracker coming out in the shallower waters. The Couta have been scarce but have recently been showing up slowly but surely.





Carp – Nagle Dam, the fishing has picked up with the temperature   increasing but unfortunately the Barbel have started to take the Carp baits so there have been a lot anticlimaxes after some long and hard fights. Structure and margins are the preferred spots as the Carp tend to stay away from open water because of the big Barbel that are about. Critically balanced bait or even popped up bait is recommended due to the soft silty floor, plain baits seem to be pulling the bigger Carp, but after a long wait. Flavours such as Scopex, Banana, pineapple, FX and most of the sweet flavours are being picked up by the smaller Carp up to 12kg.


Bass –


It seems that Basing has gone the same way that Carp angling has gone over the last week, with Inanda coming out on top again. With more water to fish, and newly covered foliage, frogging has been the number one go-to presentation. For anglers looking at fishing open water around the algae beds and trees, Strike Pro Thai Sticks have been extremely effective. For the fish feeding more aggressively in the afternoon, Horny Toads have been a good option. In the algae, it is 100% necessary to downsize on your nylon or braid to ensure penetration.  Most lures do not punch through this algae and the ones that do, do not sink because of the drag on the line through the algae. Light penetration is also lower in these conditions, so colour selection makes a huge difference. Whites, blacks, June bug or electric blue are always winners.


At Albert Falls things have been slightly different, having had slower fishing and smaller fish. Most boats have managed some decent fish although fishing is tough and the big fish take a lot of perseverance. The river mouth has again produced more fish than most areas.

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